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  1. Kylo and Ren my 2 Great Pyrenees. Brother and sister from the same litter. 10 months old in this pic. Male is now 2.5 and 130lbs and female is 80lbs.
  2. NM has 441 Covid patients hospitalized and over 1100 deaths despite having a million fewer people than Utah. We’ve had a mask mandate since May, no sports of any kind, most schools closed and consistently in the top 3 most restrictive states. Of course NM is a very blue state.
  3. I know several people who have had it. Early April a good friend had his parents visit and after they went home they tested positive. Friend and wife are mid 40’s and tested negative. Their 6 year old son with significant health issues tested positive. Kid was asymptomatic and parents never contracted it despite being with the kid 24/7. Friends mom who got it has emphysema, diabetes plus more issues. She was sick for a few days but recovered fine. Her husband in good shape was in bed for a week but also recovered. My daughter 18 year old friend got it on visit to BSU this summer, asy
  4. Pence definitely performed better. Harris couldn’t defend her record or answer the question on packing the courts. Kamala’s biggest win was the fly on Pence’s head.
  5. Jill may be the one who infected Melania
  6. Nixon also won 49 states in 72’ with a higher percentage of the popular vote than Reagan.
  7. Not big protests but there have been some violent ones. Also the governor has directed state police to enforce face covering mandate so they have less time for real work. I welcome the feds coming in because albuquerque is a dangerous city. Local politicians are furious and don’t want help with the crime because Trump is directing the Feds.
  8. NM produces more oil than Alaska and almost 3x that of Wyoming. Texas produces far more than anyone else. Texas is also the largest natural gas producer.
  9. NM population is about 20% more than Idaho with 403 cases tested positive, 15k tested at 2.5% of tests positive. Our numbers tested are better than most but I expect some rapid increase in numbers soon. Urgent care and hospitals are still very slow here now.
  10. NM has tested 1720 people with 23 confirmed cases. Like everywhere else we just need to be able to test more people much more quickly. This should get better in the coming weeks. In the mean time masks, gloves and cleaning agents are easy to produce and are much cheaper than spending trillions on getting us by for a few months.
  11. South Korea seems to have weathered the storm already. American basketball players will be arriving in SK next week to play in the KBL. It seems with enough masks, latex gloves, sanitary precautions and mass resting we could get back to our lives much sooner than than most projections.
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