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  1. There wasn't any dry humping in the main event last night, just 2 guys trying to give each other CTE and one guy leaving the octagon with a bad concussion.
  2. I think its more of a case of Reyes on a downward spiral. Jiri plods forward with his chin up and hands down. He relies on that granite chin too much and Jan will crack it if Jiri gets a title shot.
  3. My wife got her first Moderna on 4/8. Zero reactions for her, same as both of my Pfizer shots.
  4. I got my second dose of Pfizer yesterday. Slightly sore arm this morning but no other issues. Had my vax card laminated at Staples on the way home in case I ever need to start carrying it around.
  5. AR has never stood for assault rifle. It’s an Armalite rifle when they were the only manufacturer. Colt took over manufacturing when the DOD company couldn’t produce enough weapons.
  6. I would love to see big Rick at UNLV because of the attention and prime time TV money it would bring to the MWC. But looking at the history of the Rebs hiring coaches there is very little chance Pitino will get the job this time especially with that 10mil buyout.
  7. It will be tough to match daddy's success but Richard got his first P5 job at 30 with only 1 year HC experience and was Big 10 coach of the year in 2017. We weren't getting a Big 10 coach that didn't have a few bad years.
  8. I got Pfizered last week. No side effects or soreness. My dad has received both doses of Pfizer and didn't have any side effects or soreness. My mom had her second dose of Moderna on Friday and only had mild soreness on Saturday.
  9. New Mexico has a very high level of mask wearing and has had a mask for almost a year. NM also has had the most severe lockdowns of any state yet we’re 15th highest in COVID death rates per capita. Common sense says mask wearing will help but the mortality rates aren’t reflected in NM’s numbers.
  10. Miles has made the tournament 2 times in his career and has zero wins.
  11. Tim Miles has a career coaching record of 187-202, .481 winning percentage. That’s the definition of mediocre.
  12. I hope it's not Miles. I don't think he could win over the Lobo fan base plus he's a career mediocre coach. Frank Martin would be great but I doubt we could make the $$ work.
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