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  1. Things were really busy before Covid. Now it’s tough because so many suppliers are closed. I’m sure there are a lot of stalled projects. Timely quotes is one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from customers no matter the state of the economy.
  2. 2 coats should be fine.
  3. RedGard is fine for everything it lists on the applications but you have to apply it correctly. I’ve used it in showers in the past but haven’t used it in wet areas in 10 years because there are better options. RedGard has no effect on getting tile plumb if it’s applied evenly in 2-3 coats but that goop is messy to work with.
  4. This is an accurate drawing. You don’t want the drywall overlapping the tub or it will wick moisture up the wall. Moisture resistant drywall is usually good enough for a tub surround. If used for a shower daily then use cement backer board or wrap the drywall in Kerdi. Kerdi is waterproof and also doesn’t allow vapor transmission into the wall cavity. I’m a GC and have remodeled hundreds of bathrooms.
  5. NM population is about 20% more than Idaho with 403 cases tested positive, 15k tested at 2.5% of tests positive. Our numbers tested are better than most but I expect some rapid increase in numbers soon. Urgent care and hospitals are still very slow here now.
  6. Black bear can be very tasty. Most people who hunt them will eat them and lots of uses for the fat. Brown bears are different and I’ve never heard anyone say they are good to eat. I usually just hunt blackies when I have a tag while elk hunting. I would love to hunt the big browns with trad archery gear and I’m sure it would be a thrill but those are expensive hunts.
  7. NM has tested 1720 people with 23 confirmed cases. Like everywhere else we just need to be able to test more people much more quickly. This should get better in the coming weeks. In the mean time masks, gloves and cleaning agents are easy to produce and are much cheaper than spending trillions on getting us by for a few months.
  8. South Korea seems to have weathered the storm already. American basketball players will be arriving in SK next week to play in the KBL. It seems with enough masks, latex gloves, sanitary precautions and mass resting we could get back to our lives much sooner than than most projections.
  9. Bernie might be old and crazy but he’s far less addled than Biden. Biden will not look good in any one on one debate. I hope Bernie stays to debate old Joe but he may decide to take another DNC payout.
  10. Fury says he’s coming to the UFC now. He might be crazy enough to do it.
  11. Probably supposed to be a Great Pyrenees not a Golden Retriever. Pyr’s originated 5000 years ago as livestock guardian dogs to aid the shepherds.