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  1. If your too busy to care for 1 dog then get 2. They keep each other company and destroy fewer things. More poop but that’s not a big deal unless you have a tiny yard. I take care of 2 Great Pyrenees and 2 little house dogs. Pyr’s are laid back and guard the yard with enthusiasm but they love people. The little dogs are worthless but the family likes them. I’ve always had animals and they’re really not much trouble if you understand what they require. First timers might be different.
  2. Bora Bora is fabulous. I went there on my honeymoon 19 years ago. Spent several days on a motu off of the main island. We stayed on several other Tahitian islands over the 2 weeks I was there but Bora Bora was the best. I got my one and only tattoo on Moorea which is also incredible. Hoping to go back next year.
  3. Ed is also a Gracie BJJ black belt.
  4. McDermott makes 1.4 mil per year and isn't ready to leave. Turgeon makes 2.6 mil per year. UNM can't even match McDermotts salary now after paying Neals buyout. Both of those guys are too expensive. Mark Gottfried is a possibility since he was just fired but nobody seems to really know where our AD is going right now.
  5. Don Rickles was one of the funniest comedians ever. The man was just ruthless.
  6. Neal was an NBA assistant before getting hired by Alford then had 9 years experience as an assistant D1 coach before getting the head coach job. Borrego could turn out to be a homerun hire but the chances are greater of him cratering the program.
  7. Noodles Nation is over. It's now Lobo Basketball...at least on the Lair.
  8. I like Star Wars, read all of the books and watched the movies. Read a few Star Trek books and watched most of the movies. Ive read all of Tolkien and watched LOTR. There is really no comparison at all for me. LOTR books and movies are on a completely different level and I don't have the words to show my appreciation. I read the first Harry Potter and watched the movies because the family likes them. I really don't get it or find it very entertaining. My 73 year old mother in law is an avid reader and just loves Harry Potter but doesn't understand LOTR.
  9. Jalen Harris is the freshman pg that may be transferring. Hunter is a sophomore and hasn't made a decision...yet. Harris has a bright future and I really hate to see him leave.
  10. I don't think she's made a decision yet which means she probably is considering running again.
  11. The senator from California is suffering from dementia at the least. She does not possess the faculties to competently question a man like Gorsuch. No doubt she'll continue to get re elected as long as she can draw a breath.
  12. Shia planted his camera in Albuquerque in a high crime area. High crime even for ABQ. I used to live near there and there was lots of late night traffic, homeless and plenty of gunfire. After his camera was redirected and spray painted he blamed it on the gunfire being unsafe to his followers. That troll job was spectacular though.