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  1. Khabib has never gone 5 rounds before and he has a tough weight cut. Still he’s undefeated and has never lost one round in the UFC. I think he could finish most of his fights when he wants but he seems to enjoy handing out the punishment.
  2. OT: Dolphins

    Gore is the only NFL running back to rush for 900 yards In each of the last 3 seasons. Hasn’t missed a game since 2010. Impressive for a 35 year old RB. Osweiler is backup only but if RT goes down he’s sure to get us a top 5 pick in the draft next year.
  3. Amazon Redirect

    Getting it constantly on iPad never on android phone.
  4. Utah State vs New Mexico

    Aggies seeing double Lobos out there. Passing to guys on the bench.
  5. #3 New Mexico #6 Wyoming

    10-1 Lobos up. We’re looking good so far.
  6. UNLV at New Mexico

    With the sweep of UNLV, Lobos are finally above .500 at 15-14. Overall record still isn’t great but it looks like we’ll finish in the top 5 in conference which I didn’t think was going to happen this year.
  7. UNLV at New Mexico

    50 fouls in this game. 29 on Lobos, 21 on Rebels. 18-8 in second half.
  8. I had a similar thing happen about 15 years ago flying into ABQ from Chicago in a 737. We were landing about 10pm and less than 50ft from the ground when the aircraft jerked, engines roared and we weren’t landing anymore. We then circled the airport for about 10 times for 30 minutes. During this time I could see lights from about a dozen emergency vehicles quickly exit the hangars below. I’ve flown a lot and know a bunch of pilots through skydiving the last 25 years so I figured it was a landing gear issue. The pilot never said anything during this time. Eventually we landed without a problem. I was sitting in the last seat in the tail and after we finally taxied to the gate the flight attendant in the back remarked to her coworker that she thought we were going to die and it was the scariest thing landing she had ever experienced. i never did find out what the problem was but figured it was a false emergency with our aircraft our another on the ground.
  9. CA proposes no tackle FB before HS

    I played YAFL football as a kid and also in HS. Never had a serious injury or diagnosed concussion from football although I’m sure I had several concussions that weren’t diagnosed back then. I have had 6 concussions that I was treated at the hospital before from kickboxing, fights and BMX crashes, one of which resulted in total amnesia for a few days. I’m 52 now and don’t have any issues yet and still have a much better than average memory. My kid played tackled footbal from age 7-12. He is an exceptional athlete, much better than I ever was. He took a lot of big hits as a RB and DB but never had a concussion or serious injury. He’s done with football now because he got tired of the punishment. I coached him for 5 seasons and coached other kids for several years. Coaching was fun but I’m glad he decided to quit football because the risk of significant injury is very real. He’s mainly focused on baseball now. Every team I coached had at least a few kids get concussions and one or more kid with broken arms, legs, ankles etc. For several years now all YAFL coaches are required to get certified in Heads Up tackling and concussion awareness. Kids are not supposed to use lead with their helmets but it is rarely enforced by the officials. I’m not in favor of laws that eliminate tackle football altogether but I don’t think it’s a sport that kids should be playing without some serious rule changes.
  10. People probably died over this.

    The contract was cancelled after 20 days. FEMA only paid 255k for 50,000 meals. It looks like the government signed a contract to the low bidder who wasn’t qualified. Slow pay to the contractor might have been part of the reason the contract wasn’t fulfilled.
  11. UNM @ USU...

    Down to 6 scholarship players now. Antino Jackson suspended and didn’t travel with the team.
  12. SOTU Thread

    I agree completely. I can’t remember a better SOTU address although most aren’t memorable. I didn’t think Trump could ever pull off a speech that well.
  13. Feel free to drop in

    You might have induced the malfunction on your main because of poor body position when deploying the canopy. Line twists are common and easy to fix if you have enough altitude. Belly mount round reserves haven’t been in use for student gear in over 25 years. Fun stuff. Modern skydiving gear is incredibly safe. Very few people die due to the gear, it’s almost always human error or complacency with experienced jumpers. I have about 500 jumps and a few instructor ratings but am mostly out of the sport now. On my first night jump I had a bad landing and broke my tibia but have seen far worse over the years. I was also at the DZ one time when a tandem went in without any canopy, didn’t see it but the aftermath in the desert was gruesome.
  14. New Mexico at UNLV

    First road win of the season for UNM! I doubt we’ll get to .500 for the season but this win is easily the best so far.
  15. First Gun - Question

    The Gen 5 Glock 19 is hard to beat. I just picked up a S&W M&P 2.0 in 9mm. I shot one at an indoor range and it was the only one I liked better than the G19. .357 revolvers are a good choice too but you probably won't find a good used Python for under 2k. Definitely not a good choice for your first gun. Lots of good pump 12's available with the option of shorter barrels and pistol grips.