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  1. New Mexico already allows abortion up up to birth as of 2 years ago. At 9 months it’s still a clump of cells isn’t it?
  2. I’ve driven crew cab diesel F350’s for 20 years. Hard to park for sure but it was nice to be able to put 2 tons in the 8’ bed and pull a 10 ton trailer. I sold my diesel last year and got a new crew cab Silverado 1500 gasser. The standard bed is 79” and it’s the smallest I would ever go. It doesn’t have near the capacity of a 1 ton diesel but I don’t need that much truck now. I don’t plan on ever having a diesel again. Next truck will probably be an EV if they increase range and capacity enough.
  3. I watched Breaking Bad about 18 months ago then followed up with Better Call Saul. I never knew what I was missing.
  4. Saul's office in Breaking Bad is about 5 minutes from my house. I assume he'll move into that office in season 6. I was in the parking lot when they were shooting several months ago. Lots of people trying to take pictures with security trying to run them off. "Saul" has been shooting all around the city the last year. I didn't watch Breaking Bad or Saul until last year and just finished season 5 this weekend.
  5. Almost everyone fly fishes the San Juan sub surface with droppers, weight, strike indicators etc. but I’ve had my best days there on a single dry fly. Not all days are good with a dry though.
  6. Chaco Canyon - Chaco Culture National Historical Park is worth the drive. Amazing place if you appreciate that sort of thing. Tomasita’s in Santa Fe has typical New Mexican food and drink at good prices. Maria’s in SF is also good especially if you’re a tequila connoisseur. Sandia Peak Tram is the one spot in ABQ not to miss.
  7. Not to worry. New Mexico has no abortion restrictions. Texans and Arizonans can get late term abortions anytime they want.
  8. I had Blake's on Monday because it was the only spot near where I was working. It's no better than McDonald's green chile cheeseburgers. Blake's has gone downhill. Whataburger has a better burger if you're looking for a drive through. Owl Cafe has a good GCC. Laguna Burger is a solid choice. Burger Boy in Cedar Crest (20 minutes east of ABQ is my favorite. Toltec Brewing and Nexus brewery have good options as well. In Santa Fe Bobcat Bite is the most famous GCC. They're good but a little expensive for what you get.
  9. Blake’s is nothing like it used to be. There’s 20+ places with better burgers and I wouldn’t waste my time. El Modelo is still excellent, carne adovada or chicharrone burrito with red is the best. Sadies on 4th street is still good and it’s not a dive like El Modelo. Santa Fe restaurants have a lot of competition and are very good with so many to choose from.
  10. Travis is only 38 but he's had 37 surgeries. The guy just has no respect for his body but he's fun to watch!
  11. Steel targets are fine at 50 yards or even less but they need to be angled. There’s a guy on YouTube that got hit with a Barrett .50 ricochet from less than 50 yards. He shot flat steel and it bounced back on him and hit him in the head but it didn’t do much damage although it could have been much worse obviously. I’ve shot an M82A1 once and I don’t think there’s any way it could be suppressed to .22 rimfire levels. Even Barrett’s proprietary suppressor can’t do that and it’s a foot long and weighs 5lbs. There’s too much powder in a .50 case to suppress it enough to not need hearing protection.
  12. New Mexico has a very high level of mask wearing and has had a mask for almost a year. NM also has had the most severe lockdowns of any state yet we’re 15th highest in COVID death rates per capita. Common sense says mask wearing will help but the mortality rates aren’t reflected in NM’s numbers.
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