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  1. This is after Beard quit. Read the rest of the feed. Lots of rebel support then. Now, he has one underproductive year and he's being thrown away? I really hope he does well at his next destination. It's sorry to see somebody loyal to the program be discarded like that.
  2. That's who I was referring to. Poyser got a terrible draw coming to UNLV, one of the few times that can be said for any player playing here.
  3. Those guys had to deal with a bad situation. Recruited by Rice, transitioned to Beard, and then left without a head coach. Rough days for the Rebels.
  4. There is a real danger here of Las Vegas becoming a Houston or Phoenix. A city whose professional athletics teams are consistently mediocre, and this rubs off on the city's reputation. Las Vegas should not expand professional athletics without a lot of thinking. Why would we want an NBA team when we have one of the most memorable CBB teams in the country? Why would we want baseball franchise when we already have two other professional sports teams? Expansion at any cost is fomenting disaster. Las Vegas might've already gone too far with the Raiders. I'll give the city a pass for the
  5. In fact, I saw LMU upset Gonzaga in 2010 at LMU's home stadium. Point is both Pepperdine and LMU can play 5 big home games at big arenas in Los Angeles. If they get their act together and start winning on a consistent basis then that will be possible. Also, LMU is near the beach cities and in one of the nicer neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Lots of people would want to attend school there.
  6. Yes, in the short term and in a modest way, returning more autonomy to the school level is a good thing. The problem is that CCSD faces long-term problems that can only be solved by serious investment.
  7. I think the "lousy teacher" problem is not that widespread. I've heard that 50-60% of people in education career tracks end up leaving within 5 years. Furthermore, teachers have to be highly educated and credentialed, and they have plenty of skin in the game with the fees and loans they have to pay off in the process. Unions only make workplaces stronger in the labor market. If you know you're going to get more salary and benefits you're going to attract a larger talent pool. Attacking unions and making it easier to fire people does not create a more robust pool of applicants, it only enc
  8. Breaking up CCSD will just have the effect of segregating the districts between rich, high performers and poor, low performers. Everybody pretends that they want to solve education but nobody wants to pay the price. Unless automation, online lecturing, and coursework gamification becomes effective, there is no low cost solution to education. You pay for talent or you get a bad product.
  9. There's no reason why the WCC can't be the big east of the west. People criticized BYU for leaving the MWC for the WCC, but it was, at worst, a lateral move. Places like Santa Clara and St. Mary's are interested in building competitive teams. LMU or Pepperdine having success would completely change the perception of the conference.
  10. Utah has a middle tier Pac 10 quality academic reputation and a major media market. They also were competitive in important sports. At the time, 12 teams were necessary for a championship game. Utah made a whole lot of sense as a backup plan.
  11. It's not only unnecessary, but unrelated, and perhaps a hindrance.
  12. Doing both football and basketball well is incredibly difficult and expensive. The only MWC team that isn't mediocre in football is Boise State University. They're the only team who competes against BCS teams and wins victories. SDSU is tier 2 in football, able to beat 50% of the worst BCS teams. Wyoming isn't much better. If you want to build football, or football and basketball, then go ahead. But don't pretend that football is necessary in any way, shape, or form to be elite in college basketball.
  13. North Carolina and Arizona aren't good football schools. Utah isn't successful in basketball. LSU hasn't been successful in years. Notre Dame is not very good at football or basketball. Michigan, Michigan State, Florida, Oregon, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Baylor, Louisville are the only examples of successful basketball schools who place football first and have success in that sport. Compare them versus Duke, Gonzaga, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Villanova, Georgetown, North Carolina (obviously a basketball school), Arizona (also clearly a basketball school), Wake
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