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  1. All I'm saying is you don't know me nor my experiences so, don't categorize me.
  2. Not a boogeyman story for me. Personal experience. I go to a lot of away games. I've gone to games at RES when BYU is not playing. My worst experience was at basketball not football. I won't go to either one in the U campus again. And if you think I feel I am morally superior to anyone, well you're just wrong.
  3. I don't think it will be 49-0 but for the most part I agree with you old friend. The Utes defense is really good this year and the Cougs have pretty much no offense unless they are playing the likes of Hawaii. Most years it's close. I'm still mad at Kalani and Ty going for two in 2016. This year should not be close but I'll say more like 28-3, or 31-7. Unless BYU turns it over 7 times which is entirely possible.
  4. I had tickets offered to me for free by a friend who is a Ute fan. Told him I wouldn't go to a BYU/Utah game at RES. Told him if he gave me the tickets and a thousand bucks I'd take the tickets. Still wouldn't go to the game but I'd be happy to have the grand.
  5. Hope the Ags win. I have stated many times over the years on this board that I cheer for them. Mom was an alum. I won't be watching though. Today should be a blow out. Next week, don't get over confident like a lot of Fresno fans did. You do over rate those Facebook broadcasts. I've watched basketball games. Why on earth would you think I have kids sitting around to ask? Youngest is 30.
  6. I'm old. What numbers do I push on my DirecTV remote to get that?
  7. Where can I find the Aggie game on TV today? I have DirecTV.
  8. Apparently Boise is good at letting garbage teams come close.
  9. Just out of curiosity, does anybody that was there have an estimate of how many BYU fans were at the game Saturday night?
  10. I've already said I'm not a huge fan of independence. But for you or anybody else to tell true fans our games are meaningless. That is clueless. The games mean something to me because I am a fan of my Alma Mater and I love to watch them play. Fault me for that if you like, but it's true and it's honest.
  11. How about AFA vs UNM? Now there's a game with real meaning and a lot on the line. Good thing they are in a conference or the game wouldn't mean a thing.
  12. I am not a big proponent of independence. But I also don't see a whole lot of options when it comes to conferences. I will admit that could be because I don't want BYU to be back in the MWC. I have my reasons. That said, I really think that you can't understand what independence has done because you won't look at it from the side that it may have had benefit. Look at the exposure this year. One game on ABC and one on big Fox and in prime viewing time. And yes, I agree that is because of the opponent. But that is exactly the point. BYU would not schedule near as many of these kind
  13. Cal could win any of those games. I could certainly see Arizona beating ASU.
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