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  1. I belong to the camp that believes she did it to try and get a super majority in Parliament. While she had the votes according to most media reports, it was an attempt to put a stamp of verification on Brexit. The problem was that people were losing confidence in the movement and in her leadership after several missteps. She shot herself in the foot. I don’t know re Johnson. He’s a loose canon like Trump.
  2. May tried to build too large of a consensus by satisfying too many stakeholders with too many compromises. She had the votes that were needed initially but then called a shocking snap election that eroded all the Brexit momentum. She played her hand horribly.
  3. I don’t have an issue with Brexit. But I do have an issue with populists like BJ. May should have seen the process through like she promised. She would still have her job if she did.
  4. Pretty much your entire body of work commie.
  5. https://www.mwcboard.com/index.php?/profile/10536-orange/
  6. JFC https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-49084605
  7. No Val Kilmer in the trailer. I hope he’s doing okay with his throat cancer.
  8. Nah, I believe in a tax system that provides revenue for essential services and a welfare safety net for those with disabilities or who have a legitimate circumstance for receiving government aid. We part ways philosophically where you demand absolute authoritarian statist control over production, wages, prices, transactions, consumption, and possession/ownership.
  9. I haven’t noticed anyone on here who advocates for national socialism or extermination of a certain group of people. But I have observed those who strongly advocate for forced redistribution of wealth. Perhaps you should drop in more and pay attention
  10. ^ Another guy who should voluntarily lower his wage to the equivalent of the new hire at Burgerville USA.
  11. Yeah — but this is the same socialist moron that cries about income inequality on a daily basis. When he volunteers to lower his own salary to a $15/hr equivalent like those who slave under him, then I’ll give the guy a little credit. Otherwise, he should just STFU.
  12. When gods don’t live up to expectations: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/bernie-sanders-campaign-announces-it-will-cut-hours-to-pay-staffers-15-minimum-wage-prompting-mockery
  13. Hard to say. What we do know is that founding fathers like Benjamin Franklin could have never envisioned assault alcohol like Wild Turkey, 151, and Everclear.
  14. This. If anyone wants to see a polluted shithole, visit China or India.
  15. You clearly haven’t read any of the alcohol death threads on the OT forum. Alcosexuals constantly derail and politicize any discussion related to curbing alco-violence.
  16. You obviously don’t give a shit about people. You only care about your team and its ideology.
  17. That’s f’in funny right there. From now on @sean327, you’re going to be known as an “Uncle Juan.”
  18. Let’s stop the bullshit, you only care about the people on your team who agree with you. Consolidating power is what this is all about and we all know it. Removing checks and balances and providing the leftists in a handful of cities with unchecked authority is the objective. You just said you didn’t believe people should move in order to find a place that is more suited to their beliefs and needs. Those were your words, not mine. If you go back on this, you need to back off from your absolute majority stance. I’m not the one contradicting myself, you are. Yes, the Trump electorate is largely pasty White guys with dress shorts like Convert, I’m not disputing that. What I’m saying is not everyone who voted for Trump is a racist. His support base includes bigots but is not entirely made up of them. There are likely millions of people who voted for Trump who are not bigots, I happen to know a few. Umm, I provided three options to remove or get away from the evil EC. You only got triggered by one of them. What am I saying, we both know you got triggered by all three options. Lol Anyway, I’m traveling this week. Not going to be able to regularly respond to this tit for tat as if I were a Burgerville USA fry cook.
  19. This is how Wyoming fans dissuade BYU fans from parking in Laramie.
  20. Lol — can’t wait for the radical authoritarian right to splain this. https://reason.com/2019/07/18/rush-limbaugh-abandons-fiscal-conservatism/
  21. Here are a few more for your late night spank bank: But now for my pick, I’ll reluctantly go with Old Piss: @Rebel doc, there ain’t much left but yer up.
  22. Cool. From this point on, I will not refer to you as an American but rather a eunuch.