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  1. Haha — I’m not going to get into a late night tit for tat with a batshit crazy mother+++++er loon who should be sedated and locked away in a padded state hospital cell.
  2. I’m not a Democrat so I’m not going to vote for one. Therefore, you can go ahead and suck my dick.
  3. We need a cure for every form of cancer too. Might as well wish for a bunch of rainbow and unicorn shit while we’re at it.
  4. The POTUS threatening to use executive order to shut down or regulate a private platform like Twitter should frighten the ever living shit out of every American.
  5. Sure. But Amash actually has principles and conviction.
  6. Amash would never serve a senile racist sexual predator like Biden.
  7. Plenty of whataboutism as well ...
  8. They’re both shit, he and Trump. I’m not going to vote for the perceived “less-shitty” candidate. +++++ Trump and Biden. +++++ the GOP and the Democrats.
  9. Joe is very good at understanding Indian accents when visiting 7-Elevens and Dunkin Donuts however.
  10. @bornontheblue, @Nevada Convert, @renoskier, @modestobulldog, @pokerider, @Rebels18 .... still think your Orange God is for less government regulation?
  11. I’m just sick and tired of being car-mask-shamed by @mugtang. His CMDS is way over the top. Not to mention his hypocrisy.
  12. I’m a little pissed at the NHL right now because they’re sitting on $1,000 I paid for tickets to a game that was scheduled to be played in early April. They’ve been dicking around with those fans with actual tickets to the games, still have those late regular season match ups listed as “postponed” and are not issuing refunds. They’re obviously not going to play those games at this point — so +++++ Bettman and the NHL teams for holding our ticket money without paying interest or granting refunds. +++++ them.
  13. I'm your huckleberry. I was outraged when those militant +++++ cops needlessly murdered Jack Yantis by shooting him 12 times outside of Council, Idaho.
  14. You seriously think these incidents are proportional between white and black suspects?
  15. TBH, I wear one in the car because I find it a pain in the ass to put on and take off while wearing glasses and a hat. Easier to just wear until I get back home. Also more sanitary because I can wash my hands before taking the mask off.
  16. Have you and @bornontheblue ever talked about doubling up on Daddy Donald? I'll give you both some time to respond as I know it's very difficult to type using just one hand.
  17. I can totally understand why the black community feels as if they a target of institutional racism. I mean hell, I highly doubt a white guy would have been choked to death by a knee to the throat on suspicion for writing a bad check. If this isn't an obvious case of a racial killing by a cop I don't know what is. It's time for radical change within the justice system, a deep clean to revamp and rebuild from the ground up. No more racial profiling. No more militant policing. No more "BANG BANG BANG, HANDS UP!!." No more dropping of charges or lenient sentencing because of a badge. No more +++++ing thin blue line.
  18. I see what you’re saying but it very well could come to that point someday. Seriously, if the Black Panthers were in close proximity and drew on those cops so as to deescalate and save Floyd’s life, I would be the first to applaud them. The problem is that those cops would probably open fire immediately when drawn upon. Sadly, a good number of these +++++s are not about deescalating and coming to a peaceful resolution, which should be priority one for any police officer.
  19. Exactly. I wish Kap could go kneel on that mother+++++ing cop’s throat right now.
  20. +++++ all these cocksucker cops. Not just the killer but all his accomplices. They should be arrested, charged, convicted, and sentenced to a long prison term in the general population. +++++ this pisses me off. I want to go piss on a thin blue line flag right now.