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  1. Does the clotting come before or after the autism and gayness?
  2. Might be a good thing if that welfare douchnozzle splits the batshit crazy vote with McGeachin so Little will win the primary.
  3. Bruins v Caps — 11 periods into the series and still neither team has led by more than one goal.
  4. And @Joe from WY- if you just want some r and r in a not too touristy place with amazing water, check out Kefalonia. Stay away from Santorini and Mykonos.
  5. You can get Mythos and gyros all over Greece. Maybe a fun area for you to check out that’s not too touristy is the Pelion peninsula. I spent a week there with a Greek family and it was amazing. Small uncrowded beaches and warm people. It’s a relatively quick drive to Meteora from there where you can check out some of the coolest monasteries in the world. One of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had was eating at a fresh daily catch only tavern that didn’t have any refrigerators in a small fishing village named Agia Kyriaki.
  6. Simpson and Crapo are decent human beings. So is Little. They’re closer to the old school Republicans than this new crop of dumb+++++ery. Like I said to @halfmanhalfbroncothe other day, I miss the days when Idaho Republicans were like Phil Batt and Idaho Democrats like Cecil Andrus.
  7. Republicans in the Idaho legislature are amongst the most disgusting people in our country. The current Lt gov is a nut case as well.
  8. What’s more important/interesting to you between history and relaxation? Or do you want a combination of both?
  9. If you went to Greece, what part would you travel to? It’s one of my favorite countries.
  10. I hope they keep the cigarette lighter and ashtrays however
  11. In terms of scale however, Ford will be able to churn the F150s out in a way that Tesla won’t be able to match. The price per unit will be influenced by acquisition of materials and components as well as automated assembly. Tesla might be able to keep up for a while but over time, Ford and the other big auto manufacturers are going to squeeze that space. Tesla’s competitive strength is going to be innovation leaps and lux, not the more commoditized market. And that’s okay.
  12. Ford is taking the lead in terms of innovation from the big American 3. Most of their fleet will be EV within the next 10 years and I’m sure that whatever is left on the combustible side of things will be extremely mission critical.
  13. No they can’t out produce Ford and your assumption is exactly right about niche lux positioning.
  14. Thanks hoss. Also, I love you too @Akkula, even though you’re polar opposite of me on most issues and a TCSUF.
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