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  1. Does the clotting come before or after the autism and gayness?
  2. Bruins v Caps — 11 periods into the series and still neither team has led by more than one goal.
  3. And @Joe from WY- if you just want some r and r in a not too touristy place with amazing water, check out Kefalonia. Stay away from Santorini and Mykonos.
  4. You can get Mythos and gyros all over Greece. Maybe a fun area for you to check out that’s not too touristy is the Pelion peninsula. I spent a week there with a Greek family and it was amazing. Small uncrowded beaches and warm people. It’s a relatively quick drive to Meteora from there where you can check out some of the coolest monasteries in the world. One of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had was eating at a fresh daily catch only tavern that didn’t have any refrigerators in a small fishing village named Agia Kyriaki.
  5. What’s more important/interesting to you between history and relaxation? Or do you want a combination of both?
  6. If you went to Greece, what part would you travel to? It’s one of my favorite countries.
  7. There is one woman who is even dumber and more radical than this one. And she just declared her candidacy for Idaho’s gubernatorial race.
  8. Build it. Leon Rice needs a new place to dance.
  9. Bruins vs Caps. Three games, three overtimes. Neither team has led by more than a goal yet.
  10. Same situation with me. All the while I’m trying to convince my Massachusetts born and raised wife to be open to moving back to Idaho. This type of dynamic isn’t going to help my cause.
  11. It’s an ask and not a mandate enforced by gunpoint and extended stays at the gulag. I’m just a dad.
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