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  1. I honestly don't think much will change. The people in rural red counties will vote for whoever their teams and shit leader is next election. So if the GOP goes back to a more mainstream candidate like Rubio, they'll line up and vote for Rubio. Just like your team did with Biden.
  2. I predict that Trump will tweet out about having a larger crowd at his inauguration than Biden.
  3. How much Quantas stock does Bill Gates own?
  4. That my penis is larger than @madmartiganand @AndroidAggie’s combined. Otherwise, I have a beautiful wife and daughter. My latest CT scan came back with good news. I have a steady income and roof over my family. I’ve never truly been hungry or in need. I get to watch East Coast SportsCenter.
  5. @Did I hear a WOOSH? — was this on East Coast College Gameday?
  6. The sport has never been the same since that 5 star blue chip came in and transformed it.
  7. That punter, or any punter for that matter, couldn’t do jack shit without the long snapper. It’s time we gave long overdue and just recognition to the forgotten heroes of the gridiron. May God bless all you long snappers out there.
  8. I’d also question CSU’s brand perception being ahead of Fresno or UNLV. Even though UNLV has been down for a while, the average Joe still knows who they are due to their basketball history.
  9. LOLing at you calling anyone or thing batshit crazy.
  10. Yeah - kind of takes some of the credibility shine off that table.
  11. It’s a circus show with fake animals yet his death cult religious devotees are foaming at the mouth while screaming “FRAUD!!!”
  12. I think Moderna is going to come out as the big winner here. But we’re going to need more than one cocktail.
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