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  1. I’m already planning all my strategies and tactics to fight my wife over this beautiful piece of machinery.
  2. My dick won’t be going down tonight!
  3. This will be my next vehicle. Game. Changer.
  4. Shall we talk about all the dumb things people do with alcohol? I’m sure that list will far exceed yours. Probably time for me to start a new ban alcohol thread.
  5. Well, being that he has recently relocated, what do you guys think about “Florida Convert?”
  6. Haha — yep, course correcting to liberalism. The modern industrialized countries have enough economic power to penalize bad players from doing shit like ethnic cleansing, human rights violations, halfassed biological practice, and aggressive imperialism. Economic sanctions and recognizing Taiwan’s independence would be two warning shots for them to knock their shit off.
  7. I’d put it in my top 15: 1. Expression rights 2. Due process rights 3. Gun rights 4. Personal privacy rights 5. Personal property rights 6. Separation of powers + checks and balances 7. Equal justice under the law 8. Universal Basic Fry Sauce Disbursements 9. Term Sheet Deal enforcement 10. Greater Idaho 11. NO MOAR PREEMPTIVE WARS 12. Demilitarize police + end qualified immunity 13. Education 14. Infrastructure 15. Environment + climate