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  1. BSUTOP25

    I give Donald Trump an A+

    When did cringing WTFs become “entertainment?”
  2. BSUTOP25

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    More like a horse’s ass.
  3. It's a good thing the Saudis are filthy rich or the US would have invaded them by now to "free" the oppressed folks.
  4. Yeah right ... LOL https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/major-women-apos-groups-silent-192215781.html Go ahead and serve up the "Can't get the Clintons out of your noggin" comments from the radicals.
  5. Dances With Facts Warren may self-identify as a Cherokee but the Cherokee Nation wants nothing to do with that lying ++++.
  6. BSUTOP25

    Darned cold

  7. I haven’t made fun of communists all morning.
  8. Your ignorant stereotype of my people is inexcusable.
  9. I have an actual Indian (dot not feather) ancestor from about 6-10 generations ago so now I’ve been given the green light to exploit that for career advancement. Thanks Lyin’ Liz!!
  10. Authentic liberals like myself appreciate Carin's critical thinking and creativity. I agreed with him on many things and when I disagreed with him I never pounded my fist and screamed "OFF TO THE GULAG!!!!" like some radical far left authoritarian.
  11. BSUTOP25

    Nevada vs Boise State

    It’s already 12:56 am here. I’m hoping this abortion ends before 3:00.
  12. BSUTOP25

    Nevada vs Boise State

    Enough? I don’t think he has any.
  13. BSUTOP25

    Nevada vs Boise State

    If you haven’t been watching this clown show, don’t start.