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  1. Simply take a glance at posts by @Akkula, @Rocket, @roscoesdad, @Boise fan, and @Orange. That’s a good sample for the radical authoritarian left. Also, I don’t lump all who vote Democrat in with this group. There are of course reasonable Democrats just like there are reasonable Republicans, including many on this board.
  2. 60 years from now, a UNR fan will be pushing her down some stairs.
  3. I’ve found it to be more prevalent with the radical left. Note, I draw a distinction between those who lean left and the radical left.
  4. That’s just the thing with the radical lefties. In their mind, you have to be 110% in lockstep with their team on every single issue or else they paint you as a right wing nutjob.
  5. You can use “I” twice in a sentence in this case.
  6. “Joe, Retro, Convert, and I.” Jesus, get it together toons.
  7. Remember Christ’s parable about not starting civil wars against your fellow man?
  8. Damn — Verlin was the lone constant in a volatile athletic department. https://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/university-of-idaho/article231438488.html
  9. Maybe if I send @AndroidAggie a dick pic, he’ll sign up as well ..... ?