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  1. I’ll just counter with my sister and her husband’s business. They’re in manufacturing and may go under if this situation lasts for another 2 to 3 months. They’ve already laid off over half their work force, and this is in a small rural town where they’re the largest public employer. Now it may seem shallow to say things like this matter during this pandemic where people are dying, but they do matter.
  2. So COVID-19 then. Appreciate your well thought out and eloquently articulated input.
  3. I'll admit to being one of those who loved Reagan when I was younger. Mainly for three things, he was a great communicator, I always felt he had the best interest of the public in mind, and I was a young boy in Idaho where he was idolized. Over time, with both maturity and evolution world view, my opinion of him deteriorated significantly.
  4. Time to get it out there in the open. If only provided these two options, what do you feel is the greater threat to you and your household. Yes, I realize the POLL is “if/only” but it’s qualified with the “greater” threat.
  5. You do realize that we’re a country that presumes innocence until found guilty right? So preemptively throwing mandatory monitoring and surveillance on people is a gross violation of civil rights.
  6. LOL -- you obviously don't know shit about the Cato Institute if you think a police surveillance state is something those folks would advocate. The Cato Institute would align to my view point of maintaining individual liberty even during a pandemic such as this. There are worse things than death, particularly "living" as a subject to an authoritarian state.
  7. Anyway, I’m going to bed. But this thread is exactly why I don’t refer to leftists as “liberals.” Real liberals do not believe in or support police surveillance states.
  8. Nobody with an illness should be subjected to 24/7 surveillance. Period.
  9. First, it’s AIDS. Second, state mandated tracking and monitoring of movement combined with identifiers of a trait, illness or whatever, is mother+++++ing authoritarian as hell. +++++ that.
  10. If people want to willingly volunteer or knowingly consent to that shit, that’s their own business. Have at it. I’m talking about compulsory tracking and monitoring.
  11. Knowingly infecting someone without disclosing their disease is not the same thing as forcing a big +++++ing scarlet letter on an HIV carrier. JFC
  12. I simply believe that anyone who believes we need surveillance and tracking like South Korea should move the +++++ to South Korea because I’m going to resist that type of shit here.