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  1. BSUTOP25

    Sarah H. Sanders Asked to Leave a Restaurant

    Bullshit. After a few rounds of 151 and a dark room, you’d be all over that.
  2. BSUTOP25

    Border Crisis

    The moral of the story is that there needs to be a new immigration law that allows for an easy and streamlined process to allow people to move to the United States provided they 1. pass a thorough background check to make sure they don't have a criminal, radical group, or terrorist history, 2. ensure they have all the proper vaccinations and are not already carrying certain diseases and viruses, 3. are not involved with or a victim of any form of human trafficking. It's impractical to have a completely open border without any security or vetting system .. anyone who suggests that today is either out of their mind or they have a political agenda. Our country needs immigrants for many reasons. Not only do immigrants help fill labor intensive jobs that a lot of Americans refuse to do but many others also create new companies and spur innovation. If you look at the breakdown of startup companies in the Silicon Valley, a majority of them are owned or ran by immigrants.
  3. BSUTOP25

    Cool Picture

    I’m going to wait a few more years for the palm trees and tropical beaches to form before I visit Antarctica.
  4. BSUTOP25

    The "moral" majority

    Crooked lawyers sure .. but leave porn stars out of this. God bless porn stars.
  5. BSUTOP25

    Pick 10: Team Headbutt

    Man ... you are the master at finding good photos trl. That is f’ing amazing!
  6. Comrade fan is probably going through the roof with this decision. Makes it much harder to gulag people when you can’t monitor them.
  7. BSUTOP25

    My Ranking of European Cities

    Dublin is a poor man’s London. A few nice parts of town and Trinity University is cool but otherwise meh.
  8. BSUTOP25

    My Ranking of European Cities

    AA and I did enjoy a lot of tail, pot, and brews when he visited me here in London.
  9. BSUTOP25

    My Ranking of European Cities

    Really? I didn’t have that experience at all there. I wonder if something was going on while you were there.
  10. BSUTOP25

    In the words of Yoda, "There is another."

    I have to say, your poetry is improving.
  11. BSUTOP25

    In the words of Yoda, "There is another."

    Same ol Comrade fan. LOL
  12. BSUTOP25

    In the words of Yoda, "There is another."

    Who are your boys at the CPUSA nominating?
  13. BSUTOP25

    My Ranking of European Cities

    I would also argue that there are different eras of history that can be just as fascinating as the Roman Empire. For example, ancient Greece, the medieval period, and the renaissance.
  14. BSUTOP25

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    CSU hasn't offered him so he must be garbage.