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  1. Part of it. But in your earlier post, you made an anecdotal assumption that the product line was obsolete. That simply isn’t true.
  2. This isn’t true. It’s been a very steady and profitable product portfolio for Hasbro. I know this for a fact.
  3. Dear lord. Dean Wormer was wrong. Fat, drunk, and stupid is a good way to go through life.
  4. @ph90702and @Rebels18not getting up from the couch until UNLV wins a championship
  5. Lol - remember not that long ago when Cuomo was the media darling?
  6. The most beautiful city I’ve ever been to was Prague. Best beer too.
  7. Boston is a fantastic city ... between the months of May and November.
  8. I’ve been to a lot of countries and some multiple times. I have to say the one that I’d go back to before any others is Greece. I love the people, the history, the food, the breathtaking geological diversity. This is a matter of personal preference of course, Greece isn’t for everyone.
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