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  1. Militant blue pigs pick on a 14 year old kid: https://reason.com/2019/04/19/broward-county-sheriffs-deputies-bash-teenager-head/
  2. Yeah .. you want to talk about damage to children? Read this: https://americanaddictioncenters.org/alcoholism-treatment/alcoholic-fathered
  3. Rector thinks it had something to do with the temporary elevator system: https://nypost.com/2019/04/19/notre-dame-rector-says-computer-glitch-likely-started-cathedral-fire/
  4. Looks like a short circuit was the cause: https://www.idahostatesman.com/entertainment/article229404929.html
  5. Okay deal, I won’t demonize those socialists who advocate voluntary communalism. Those folks are great. But no promises for those other socialists who want to empower the state to seize my income and property by force.
  6. It’s easy to say most of us can agree on bad things. For instance, most of us will agree that child porn is immoral and disgusting or that cancer is a horrible disease. But the rub is how you go about dealing those horrible things. I don’t know how acknowledgment of we all are against bad things is going to somehow make everything better.
  7. I live in Massachusetts, I break plenty of bread with those on the far left. I made the point that libertarians and socialists can agree on problems but we are polar opposites when it comes to how to solve them. Then you came in and said nothing annoys your sister more than when you lecture her about acting like your mother. Maybe I misinterpreted that, read it as if you implying that I’m no different than a socialist.
  8. You win bro. There are millions out there who self-identify as socialist but not state mandated. I’m sold.
  9. Lol — okay pal, I’ll take your word for it. There are millions of socialists out there who champion voluntary communal socialism as opposed to statist socialism. You win.
  10. I’m pretty sure my passport has more visas and stamps than yours.
  11. I don’t believe he’s a socialist. A condescending ass for sure but not a socialist.
  12. That’s awesome. Unfortunately I just haven’t been fortunate enough to ever bump into one of these millions of folks who believe in voluntary communal socialism. Do they hang out in Denver with all the TCSUFs by chance?