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  1. When Kellen points down at the rug, you better believe Jerry is getting on his knees.
  2. The Bruins showed their age against Tampa. Chara needs to hang em up, Krejci and Rask need to be traded, and the focus should be on building the future around McAvoy, Coyle, and Pasta. Bergie and Marchand don’t have that many prime years left. The B’s simply can’t hang with a team like the Lightning in a best of seven as currently configured.
  3. Bruins showing their age. Not good. Tampa is just too skilled.
  4. Tampa with the win. This is a scary team.
  5. Now Tampa is going to bring their defensemen up and press hard. With an OT game and back to back nights, they cannot go down 0-2. Boston will just need to whether the storm and be opportunistic.
  6. Boston is getting a little long in the tooth. Last year will likely end up being a missed opportunity.
  7. I’ve never seen Vegas gear in Boston. For those who have even heard of them, the Knights are pretty much viewed as a farm team over here.
  8. The Lightening are a tough matchup for the Bruins. Their speed and skill is frightening. If Boston is going to advance, they’re going to have to use their brains and savvy playoff experience.
  9. I love Doc Emrick when he calls games that don’t involve the Bruins. But +++++ he can stress me out.
  10. His name is Kellen. https://www.ktvb.com/mobile/article/opinion/columnists/scott-slant/boise-state-football-kellen-moore-dak-prescott-dallas-cowboys/277-4092044c-be15-4c35-aefc-1626ee6f7ea2
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