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  1. Boise performed better than I thought they would because of how well the o line played tonight. With either Green Madsen, this game would have been a lot closer.
  2. Yep. Always do for OOC matchups. Too bad there are some twatwaffles on here who don’t do the same.
  3. The staff needs to bring in at least two quarterbacks. Not sure how good Annett is but Boise is desperately thin at the most important position.
  4. Nah. My team won the conference and beat the fcuk out of yours, wasn’t even close.
  5. Took you a while to weigh in Bob. You must have been giving your racist cousin a really long blow job.
  6. That guy has been a douche for a long time. He can go to hell.
  7. Kudos to UCLA for taking the game over in the second half.
  8. This isn’t Tiller’s fault. Tough ask for a true freshman against this defense.
  9. We’re going to get rolled now. But hey, the first half was great
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