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  1. Jesus .... Might as well release the Kracken while you’re at it.
  2. Sadly BYU will nut punch and late hit their way to a 4 point win.
  3. I swear to God, between @Jeffkills, @Broncomare, @thespywhozaggedme, and a few other TBSUFs who don’t respect the MWCboard juju, most of my time spent on here during the football season is like this: Only a handful of folks seem to appreciate all I do to help the program.
  4. Already curbstomped Georgia. I personally would prefer a shot at Notre Dame.
  5. No way would Portland be able to successfully support an NFL team. No room for a stadium in the downtown area and the Oregon taxpayers are not going to open their wallets to build a palace in the suburbs, not that I blame them. San Antonio would be a more viable option. The Alamodome is really outdated however so that community would need to work on a plan to build a new cathedral.
  6. I haven’t visited @Dr. Dre's Mom in a while. I think I’m okay there.
  7. It’s too late @#1Stunner. @halfmanhalfbronco, @RogueStout, @tailingpermit, and I have gotten @BroncoOrange so addicted to microbrews and 151 shots, tittybar lap dances, and winning conference championships that he’ll never go back.
  8. Hazen Choates, Nate Sparks, and Montel Cozart.
  9. @mugtang -- can we vote on what the angry reaction emoji should look like? If so, I vote for this: