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  1. There is one woman who is even dumber and more radical than this one. And she just declared her candidacy for Idaho’s gubernatorial race.
  2. Build it. Leon Rice needs a new place to dance.
  3. Same situation with me. All the while I’m trying to convince my Massachusetts born and raised wife to be open to moving back to Idaho. This type of dynamic isn’t going to help my cause.
  4. It’s an ask and not a mandate enforced by gunpoint and extended stays at the gulag. I’m just a dad.
  5. I guess that’s the thing that I find so frustrating. I’m not crusading or shaming them to get vaccinated. I’m even welcoming a visit from them. Simply asking them to wear a mask and wash their hands before being with my girl. Yet you’d think I’m asking them to convert to another religion. Not sure how or why it’s offensive given that we’d prefer to keep her healthy and not have to deal with the logistical nightmare of having to pull her out of daycare for weeks if she tested positive. I guess masks and clean hands are just such a huge ask.
  6. Almost as low as getting a blood clot from one of the vaccines.
  7. It’s my pure anecdotal novice opinion that COVID-19 was leaked from the lab. I don’t think it was intentional, simply an unfortunate breach of security measures, a mistake. I also don’t think it was lab created, merely being studied.
  8. “Mostly” is not an accurate description. We’re still under 50% for even one dose of the adult population.
  9. We could have in the industrialized world while gradually bringing the third world into the fold, similar to smallpox. It was such an amazing thing how people got behind the smallpox vaxx campaign without politicizing it.
  10. I was DMing with @halfmanhalfbroncothis morning. Traveling back to Boise in a couple weeks for the first time in a year and a half. Will be the first time for my 10 month old. I’m going to take some heat from family and friends for my stance that anyone who isn’t vaccinated needs to wear masks and wash their hands around my little daughter but I’m just trying to be a dad and protect her. You’d think people would respect that but I’m already taking flak.
  11. We had our opportunity to reach herd immunity but it won’t happen due to vaccine hesitation. So now we’re going to have to live with seasonal flare ups of COVID similar to influenza. Moving forward, it likely won’t be as deadly unless a nasty variant takes hold.
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