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  1. We pay good #kustramoney for that shit.
  2. Are all you jokers who didn’t believe in Swingin Dick Henderson ready to chow down?
  3. Thank God Hendo is playing. Bring on Bama!! Ya hearin me @tailingpermit?!?!
  4. Hendo Magic 👏👏 👏👏👏 Hendo Magic 👏👏 👏👏👏
  5. Yes, Kustra took care of it.
  6. Hendo Magic 👏👏 👏👏👏 Hendo Magic 👏👏 👏👏👏
  7. From exercise bike commercials to step-family porn ... this is some Class A MWCBoarding my friends!
  8. Hey Kalua -- what do you think of my enormous cock?
  9. Yeah, I was exposed to a whole new world after I became a widower. The paradigm of sexual behavior had shifted quite a bit from the time when I was a young man to when I became single in my late 30s. Before I met my second wife, I dated this one chick in Boston who did some serious crazy shit to me in the sack that I believe is illegal in most Middle Eastern countries and Utah.
  10. Decent theory. In any case, it’s still not as whacked and sick as this shit: https://www.fresnohottiesxxx.com/miss_december
  11. That shit is whacked. @halfmanhalfbronco and I have pondered the step- shit that has become so popular and have surmised it’s because of all the second and third marriage households nowadays.
  12. That’s usually after I’ve built my stamina up.