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  1. Does Rypien get to start on the throne for Boise's next home game?
  2. Below are the break downs, with five slots essentially being at large. I have not read anything about having to win a conference championship to play in an access bowl, and I don't think any of the at large selections have ever been a conference champion. Rose Bowl — Big Ten #1 vs. Pac-12 #1 Sugar Bowl — SEC #1 vs. Big 12 #1 Orange Bowl — ACC #1 vs. SEC #2, Big Ten #2, or Notre Dame Cotton Bowl — at-large or "Group of Five" (committee selection) Fiesta Bowl — at-large or "Group of Five" (committee selection) Peach Bowl — at-large or "Group of Five" (committee selection)
  3. Can't argue against such strong logic Bob! Thanks for sharing!
  4. BYU is not going to go 11-1, but I'd like their chances at a NY6 at large spot if they did. They are playing for the same thing every one else is, to win. Best of luck to Fresno St. in the 2018 Hawaii bowl.
  5. Argue whatever you want. This was a good win for BYU, and would be a highlight win for any MWC team, including Boise.
  6. I wish BYU still played Wyoming. One of my favorite games of the year. The first game I remember BYU playing was against Wyoming. The fans that would come down to Provo were always alot of fun.