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  1. poke em

    Convince Me

    Because orange man bad
  2. That initial emotional response is exactly what the media was going for. . They do this repeatedly, and it works well for them. By the time the whole picture emerges, most people have already made up their minds and won't even consider taking a closer look.
  3. poke em

    Here’s an impeachable offense

    The guy was convicted and sentenced for 3 years in prison because he is a liar. Are we now supposed to believe him?
  4. poke em

    White Privilege

    Because she intended to pull out the race card for her first argument.
  5. poke em


    In Idaho you can choose any language you want, as long as it's English.
  6. I'll hold my judgement until Don Lemon reports on it.
  7. It's hard to build up the kind of pressure you would need when you have holes on both ends for wires and your pipe is PVC.
  8. I don't think that whoever built it intended for it to be X-rayed and photos released.
  9. I've never inspected a pipe bomb either. But I know what basic electrical circuits look like. The wires are not even stripped, they've been cut and just terminate between the clock and the pipe. The clock cannot set off the bomb for several reasons, but most obviously because it isn't even hooked up to anything. The little tiny watch battery in the clock doesn't have nearly the power required to set off an explosive anyway. This looks more like a movie prop than a bomb.
  10. Did I say I was an expert? Use your eyes, and you tell me what you see.