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  1. Absolutely. Equality is not a one way street, you have to take the bad with the good. I would personally like to see more equality in family court system.
  2. The guy sent himself fake anthrax powder. I don't see how that is any different than the magabomber guy with the fake bombs. I would think that would be a federal crime if he used the USPS.
  3. She was at the gym. Its leg day.
  4. I haven't been following this story. Sounds like Pitino giving UNLV fans blue balls again?
  5. Because orange man bad
  6. That initial emotional response is exactly what the media was going for. . They do this repeatedly, and it works well for them. By the time the whole picture emerges, most people have already made up their minds and won't even consider taking a closer look.
  7. The guy was convicted and sentenced for 3 years in prison because he is a liar. Are we now supposed to believe him?
  8. Because she intended to pull out the race card for her first argument.
  9. poke em


    In Idaho you can choose any language you want, as long as it's English.
  10. I'll hold my judgement until Don Lemon reports on it.