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  1. poke em

    Fire Colorado State

    That might be the actual score of the game, 6-3
  2. Here is a CNN link for the lefties https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/22/politics/kavanaugh-ford-accuser-nomination/index.html
  3. poke em

    One of the most savage political ads I've ever seen

    I had to google the one brother who is standing in the end zone of War Memorial stadium. Apparently Tim Gosar was a DL at Wyoming in the mid 80s.
  4. poke em

    Do You Read Your Rival's Homer Board?

    I tried to read the CSU board once.
  5. Koenning had decent offenses, terrible defenses. Wyoming will win another game or 2, and this season will be a bad one.
  6. poke em


    You think $10 an hour for specialized installation / electrical work is generous? Get out of here with that sh!t.
  7. poke em

    MP3 player

    Sandisk clip with rockbox firmware. Works great for mountain biking and snowboarding when I don't want to risk breaking my $800 phone.
  8. poke em

    Investing In Valuable Vintage Vehicles

    The 67-69 Z28 is a pretty unique car due to the 302 engine. It did not have much low end torque but it could rev to 7000 rpm and made a ton of horsepower. It was developed specifically to make the car legal for trans am racing.
  9. poke em

    Josh Allen Named Bills Starting Quarterback

    The Bills are going to ruin him.
  10. poke em

    Anonymous Op Ed from a Senior WH Staffer

    Not treason, it looks to be seditious conspiracy.
  11. poke em

    Anonymous Op Ed from a Senior WH Staffer

    If this story is true, then how does publishing all the details of their activities help them "resist"? It would be much more effective to remain hidden. And why would this person care about supporting Woodward's book?
  12. poke em

    Anonymous Op Ed from a Senior WH Staffer

    Why would this person publish this story? If they want to remain undetected, and continue working against Trump, why broadcast it? It doesn't make any sense. The timing is suspect as well.
  13. poke em

    Anonymous Op Ed from a Senior WH Staffer

    Have any of you considered that this could be a completely fabricated story?
  14. poke em

    In N Out or Not

    In n out is good, but Habit owns. I tried 5 guys once, and refuse to go back.