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  1. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    If you want the content, they will make their money one way or the other. The only true way to save is to stop watching most TV altogether. I cut the cord 10 years ago, never looked back. If it's not on netflix or one of the free movie apps, I don't watch it. I watch games on free streams or at the pub.
  2. BYU & MWC

    They do a great BYU impression
  3. BYU & MWC

    Whoops, the nut shot was so familiar I confused this for BYU.
  4. BYU & MWC

  5. BYU & MWC

  6. BYU & MWC

  7. BYU & MWC

  8. Final Nod to the Josh Allen Hype Train

    Anywhere but phucking Cleveland!
  9. Response from the #1Stunner

    Call it the aztecstalker podcast
  10. I'm a Josh Allen fan and if the Browns pick him over Darnold or Rosen I will lose it.
  11. The guy had 77 tackles vs the run this year. Could he improve his technique? Absolutely. His tackling has improved year over year, and next year should be even better.
  12. Wingard is a top tier guy who has a great vision for getting to the ball, and goes 100% every down. He would be a starter on any MWC squad, and will likely be playing on Sundays.
  13. You obviously don't know what you are talking about. You should try watching a few more games before jumping to conclusions like this.
  14. Stadium now has a Roku Channel

    I don't use a roku anymore, the Xbox does everything a roku can and more. Hope they will come out with an xbox app.