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  1. They did send us Rush though. Neil Peart goes a long way for my good feelings about Canada. He's so good I can overlook how much they love eating poutine.
  2. Those people are wrong. In 2016 Trump had a 120k lead by party. GOP is already well above that and growing. It's just after 5pm in most of the state and 4pm in the panhandle. Expect a new wave of GOP voters getting off work.
  3. Hillary carried far more hispanics and blacks in Broward and Dade than Biden will. Trump will pull Bush numbers with hispanics. The margins in South Florida won't be nearly enough to counter the panhandle.
  4. Wait until the afternoon. The lead will expand in Florida. The story no one is talking about now but will in the coming days is the ground game for Trump. That is turning out low propensity voters in mass in multiple states. That's where the campaign money went into. Biden didn't have a ground game until the last few weeks. Too late.
  5. That data is based on polls. I'm basing it on voter registration, early voting numbers, voter files, party votes left etc. Basing anything on the polls alone will not age well.
  6. Fair enough. Trump wins Georgia by 3-4%
  7. Florida will be called early for Trump. Biden may not even win Dade county. NC and Georgia will go Trump. Georgia will not be close. I'll bet you $500 right now Biden won't win PA by 5 or 6.
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