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  1. 1. There is UNLV signage in the building. Not to mention there will be permanent signage outside the building stating it is the home of UNLV football. You are 100% wrong. 2. The scheduling problems were for the first year. The contract going forward isn't going to be an issue with scheduling. 3. Yes, we lost the Vegas Bowl and replaced it with a SEC-Big 12/Pac 12 matchup that should be two top 25 teams every year closer to NYE. Let's see what we also got. Up to 3.5 million a year for the next 10 years in compensation for non-UNLV events not held at Sam Boyd. Drastic increase in revenue with ticket sales and suite sales. Increased visibility with recruits among a number of other positives. To be honest I would much rather have had the on campus outdoor stadium. The Raiders are crappy partners and I've already grown to loath them. But even with the nonsense we've had to deal with we are still in a much better position than we were at Sam Boyd.
  2. Are you really going to say you didn't write multiple times you believed the pee tape was real? Really? I honestly can't understand why after all these years you can't be honest and just say you were wrong. It's not like we don't already know it.
  3. Retrofade said multiple times it was fact. Of course if he says it’s fact you know it really isn’t.
  4. Everyone that pushed Russian collusion and Trump was a Russian agent for 3 years. Just look at the idiots that post here that still believe the Steel Dossier is real and there's a pee tape of trump floating around.
  5. You should read the brief and docs with it. Won't take you that long.
  6. I know. I certainly don't expect anything from these people and I'm not in a forgiving mood. I don't think it's going to matter for most people at the end of the day. Look at what we see now with these transcripts. We now know WITHOUT DOUBT that Schiff and the left flat out lied about what they knew in those closed door hearings for three years. There was never any proof yet they said there was to damage Trump. Clapper, Rice etc. go on TV and make claims yet under oath say the exact opposite. It's astounding how people fell for this and continue to listen to these people.
  7. You are further than me. I get too pissed off reading what they knew and comparing it to the lies we were all told. Schiff looks really bad today but anyone with half a brain knew he was lying the last 3 years. He used the media to get out his leaks that were nothing but lies. I'm curious if now any retractions will be run and if the media will have any payback for him making them look so foolish.
  8. Which enemies has Trump tried to prosecute? Co-conspirators to what? If you are going to throw stuff like this out give specific examples.
  9. Did you miss the more than 3100 inmates released when Trump got prison reform done? https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/3100-inmates-to-be-released-as-trump-administration-implements-criminal-justice-reform/2019/07/19/7ed0daf6-a9a4-11e9-a3a6-ab670962db05_story.html Did I? Let's wait and see how this plays out. This isn't over yet. The first problem you have is you don't have the facts right. Read the brief. Flynn didn't lie. Second Mueller had this the whole time. Just like he had the 53 transcripts that were just released yesterday that NOT ONE PERSON form Yates to Rice to Clapper, etc. had any proof of Russian ties with the Trump team. The entire investigation was a fraud. The notes were always there. The public just never had access to them because they were classified.
  10. I didn’t say you were one of those people. Most of the time I don’t disagree with your opinions. I fully understand where you are with trust. I don’t trust any of our institutions anymore either. I guess the difference between us is I haven’t given up yet. Youll have to excuse me if I don’t take Popehat as gospel. I too follow him and read his tweets for a long time. He’s been dead wrong about FISA abuse and a number of other issues. He’s also wrong about this too.
  11. How did you possibly get that out of what I wrote? I was talking about term limits on Congress, eliminating the political class and no more political parties. Further please explain to me what political parties have to do with checks and balances or co equal branches of government? Are political parties in the constitution? Here’s a clue, no they are not. Responses like yours is one of the reasons I took a break from this board. There’s enough stupid in regular life to come here and have to read stupid takes like yours.
  12. My fight is against people that want to ignore our constitution and allow governmental abuse to occur. Ive barely been on this board the last two months. I don’t have the time or energy to argue anymore with people that don’t care enough about governmental abuse except when it happens to their team.
  13. Yes. My alternative is using the law as written and follow the constitution. When we find corruption we prosecute it. My alternative is not allowing a political class but having term limits for our congressional delegations. Oh and no more political parties. Each person stands on their own.
  14. I don't like either party, both are corrupt. I think parts of our government and many of our institutions are corrupt and too far gone to be saved. You tell me what institution do you have faith in still? Is it time to set everything on fire? Maybe. The only thing I'm a true believer in is the US Constitution. Enjoy your island. Maybe it's all for nothing but I'd rather fight for something I believe in than see it torn to pieces.