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  1. I think you and I went round and round about the GCC military before so I'll agree to disagree. This article pretty much summaries my thoughts on Iran VS Saudi Arabia. https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/05/07/the-first-saudi-iranian-war-will-be-an-even-fight/
  2. You're the one that said our country couldn't stand 4 more years, not me.
  3. I think you forgot that even in his first two years when the GOP had both houses he couldn't do what he wanted. They couldn't even get rid of Obamacare. And his EO's are challenged all the time in court. There are plenty of checks on his power. I find it funny that none of these concerns were brought up by liberals in the era of "I have a phone and a pen". Nothing is infallible, including the United States. Our country will last as long as we allow it to. The only way we collapse if we choose to do so. I'm a firm believer in the second amendment. However I',m not a firm believer in the will of the left, or many average citizens, to defend the Republic. Civil wars normally don't happen in a country where people are working and have one of the highest standards of living in the world. I actually don't think things are as bad as lots of people make them out be about how divided we are. I think social media and the media does a lot to stoke the anger machine for clicks and ratings. As a people we have more in common than not.
  4. I'm curious what you think will happen once Trump is reelected? What do you see happening to our country?
  5. This is hyperbole at it's finest. We are in no way heading down that path. Our system is working exactly the way it should. The nation is bigger than one man.
  6. Thinking Trump wouldn't get elected is totally fair. I didn't think he'd get elected. Thinking he conspired with Russia and all the other nonsense the left, and many people here, believed just because they hate Trump is more of what I was referring to. Many of you refuse to admit he's done anything well. He's just the racist Orange Man Bad to lots of you guys. In the last 2 years rational thought has abandoned the left. Everything is based on emotion. The left can't handle you lost. And instead of wondering why, you've spent the last 2 years making fun of your fellow citizens and just made things worse.
  7. Dude, I gave you a straight answer. I told you, no I don't think it was racist. It was a dumb statement but not racist. BTW, the Obama economy argument is hilarious.
  8. Maybe because his goals are to help ALL Americans. His policies have done more to help minority communities economically than any other president in the last 20 years. His economic policies have worked and you still want to say he's racist. Ok. Is it that hard for you to say he's done a good job in this area?
  9. You guys also knew that Trump conspired with Russians, and his family was going to go down for fraud. Not to mention you all also thought he’d never be elected in the first place. If I were you I’d start to revisit what you actually know to be fact and what you just hope and believe to be real. You can be snarky all you want but the evidence shows Trump has been good for black Americans. That’s why his approval rating among them is up 13% and rising.
  10. Please tell us more about how hundreds of thousands of people have died because of nuclear power accidents. I can back up my opinion. You just make shit up or parrot the other idiots you read or listen to. It’s better to keep your mouth closed so people only think youre an idiot than to open it and prove them right. You’ve certainly proved us all right.
  11. Russia got their hand slapped by us in Syria. They tested us and lost 200 men. If they are going to fight us it would need to be for a very good reason. This isn’t it. This isn’t about regime change.
  12. Possibly but I don't see it. I don't think Iran wants to fight us or the GCC. Iran spends about 16 billion a year on it's military. The GCC spends between 98-118 billion. The Iranians are good at insurgency and terrorism. Not so good at conventional war fighting. Iran can use speedboats to harass shipping. They may even try to block the Strait of Hormuz. But fighting a conventional war against us, the UK and the GCC? They aren't that stupid.
  13. How am I avoiding the question? I said I didn't agree with the "send them back" stuff and that a lot of the things he says are questionable and embarrassing. Do I think it was racist? No. I think there is a lot of fake outrage. The left called for Melania to be deported. Nadler wanted to get Seb Gorka deported. Hell, I even remember people on this board saying crap like that. I already told you I don't think he is racist and his policies prove that.
  14. Nope. Barring a serious Iranian attack on US interests this is just posturing.