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  1. Who says DRF is actually making the decision.
  2. Rebelbacker

    Fake Hate Crime

    He’s the guy that still buys into the Russian fantasy and trump is a Putin puppet and is being blackmailed because of a piss tape. He’s a clown.
  3. Rebelbacker

    Fake Hate Crime

    I’m not mad at all. You’re not capable of making me upset. Getting mad at you is like getting mad at a toddler. Neither of you have common sense or adult intellect.
  4. Rebelbacker

    Fake Hate Crime

    I have stopped posting because I couldn't take your(and people like you) stupidity. It was too much of a waste of time for me to converse with people that lack the ability to think for themselves. Just when I had some time and wanted to comment on a story you remind me of why it is a complete waste of time talking to you.
  5. Rebelbacker

    Fake Hate Crime

    After Kavanaugh, Covington and now this just in the last 6 months why should we believe media reports? They did a piss poor job vetting this and cared only about the narrative and not the facts. All three of these stories the bias has been clear as day. The left has shown they will lie to advance their agenda and the media is a willing partner. And idiots like jackmormon just follow along like the sheep they are.
  6. Rebelbacker

    Best 90s Band Tournament Nominations

    Alice In Chains Tool Soundgarden
  7. Rebelbacker

    Healthcare is not a Basic Right.

    Ask AOC and Kamala Harris. Those brainiacs have it all figured out.
  8. Rebelbacker

    Bad week for the media

    Between the Buzzfeed nonsense and now the truth coming out about the real story of what happened with the Kentucky high school kids in DC the media sure had a great week. More examples of trying to set a narrative and not the truth. It’s comical any of you still believe the media isn’t biased. Its also pathetic the actions of adults against the kids from Kentucky. Doxxing, threats of violence and banning from social media of these kids right after this came out was a complete rush to judgement and fit what those people wanted to see. Even more predictable was the reaction of some people on this board to the story. Of course the MAGA hat wearing kid was evil in your eyes. You people are constantly being played by the media and you are too stupid to see it. You rush to judgment in every anti-Trump story and you see everyone who doesn’t agree with you as evil. To you every Trump supporter is a Nazi and deserves to get punched or curb stomped according to some of you. It’s sad you don’t see how foolish and hypocritical you are.
  9. For you Mug. Here's a new one to put up. Because you are a good guy I am revising the terms of our wager. Instead of having to keep an avatar of my choosing until we play next season you can take it down after hoops season is over.
  10. I did give an opinion. If you want my opinion about this Manafort thing I usually wait 48 hours on stuff like this. There have been far too many times the media jumps out to a conclusion about a story that is wrong concerning Trumpworld. My initial reaction however is that polling data isn't collusion.
  11. Of course he thinks it does. The question is what doesn't he think is collusion?
  12. You are trying to be provocative and you really don't care what we think. That has been demonstrated over the years.
  13. A wall in high traffic areas would work and is needed in many places. This used to be an issue both sides agreed upon. A wall across the entire southern border is stupid and IMO should never have been the goal. Both sides are playing to their base here. 5 billion is nothing. The dems gave 150 billion to Iran with no problems.
  14. Rebelbacker

    John Kelly Piece in LA Times

    Because you need 60 votes to pass a bill. Some d's would have to vote for it and none would.
  15. Rebelbacker

    Rick Pitino to visit UNLV

    When you get a little older and experienced you'll learn that politics are bigger than what an AD or university president may want. They are beholden to people like anyone else. If the right people want something like this done it will get done.