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  1. Yes we do. That's a framework. The federal government has enumerated powers, the states have reserved powers. The federal government per the Constitution has the power to levy taxes, declare war and regulate interstate commerce. The Necessary and Proper Clause gives the federal government the implied power to pass any law for the execution of it's powers. The reserve powers go to the states to make the laws fit for their populace in their state. As we know each state may have different views on how they want to live. The founders realized that it is not practical to detail le
  2. The answer is Federalism just like what was intended. You don't like abortion? Move to a state that doesn't allow it You don't like assault weapons? Move to a state that doesn't allow them. The 50 states should labs to figure out what works for them. The federal government has far too much power. More power to the states solves a lot of problems but adds a few new ones.
  3. The dems get lots of votes in California, New York and Illinois?
  4. Sure. I'm also all for giving him a vote. Then when he doesn't get enough votes this stupid talking point goes away. He was never going to be confirmed in 2016 no matter what.
  5. You are right. It’s 100% the woman’s body and she does make the medical sacrifice for those 9 months. Fathers make the financial sacrifice for the next 18 years. She can’t get pregnant outside a lab without a man. So yes the man has a right to offer his opinion in the situation. If a woman decides she wants the kid and the dad doesn’t then why is the father financially responsible for the next 18 years? Im not for deadbeat dads but I’m for equality. If a woman can unilaterally decide she wants to abort a kid against the fathers wishes then why should a man be financially respon
  6. Really? What if it was your kid being aborted? Does a father have no say in his own child?
  7. No way. Despite our disagreements I actually like you. Besides you have Bill The Goat as your avatar now, you can't be that bad a guy.
  8. Is that a bad thing? Maybe we don't need career politicians but more regular citizens cycling through.
  9. Agree 100%. We would be so better off if SCOTUS served 10 year terms and term limits were placed on Congress. I'd say 12 years for both houses.
  10. I disagreed about many of her decisions but I respected her and admired her. I do think it is a shame instead of paying respect to her life and career it instantly turned political but those are the times we live in. I did think tonight about her friendship and mutual respect she had with Scalia. It made me think of better times when we could be ideologically opposed but still be civil and friendly to each other. One day I hope that returns. Our future depends on it.
  11. That's the point though isn't it?
  12. Justices have been confirmed in lame duck periods after the president that nominated them has lost. American history didn't start in 2012. I know you won't, but if anyone wants to read a history of how things actually work this is a great piece. https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/08/history-is-on-the-side-of-republicans-filling-a-supreme-court-vacancy-in-2020/
  13. Toonkee, you know I like you but this is silly. And for the record I don't think this will happen nor do I want it to. But if it did... The right is full of veterans and people that think a great way to spend a Saturday is shooting guns at targets all day. The left is full of people that think a great way to spend a Saturday is to shop at a Target all day.
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