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  1. From what I understand those kinds of jobs get posted on boards like AFCA. https://jobboard.afca.com/jobs/ I have no idea how it got on Indeed.
  2. Lots of former HC's get quality control jobs, analyst jobs and recruiting coordinator jobs. I'm not saying that's his ceiling. Getting a P5 job is as much political and who you know as much as how much you know.
  3. It is a state job so it has to be posted publicly. Normally it wouldn't be posted on a site like Indeed, that was a mistake.
  4. It isn't the truth, it is your opinion. I've actually sat down and talked football with Sanchez. Have you?
  5. I would guess WR or DB's. But I think he would be outstanding as a recruiting coordinator.
  6. First off HS coaches go to be P5 assistants all the time. Second, Sanchez has been a D1 HC for 5 years. He has experience running a program, fundraising, staff hiring, recruiting and coaching. He was also a position coach at the FBS level before he was a HS HC. He also played WR at NMSU for 2 years. Saying he needs a staff to teach him the game is an insult.
  7. He's thought of very well in coaching circles from what I've been told. I think he will land on his feet as a position coach at a P5 school.
  8. I don't agree. College football rivalries should be played on the last weekend of the regular season.
  9. Yes, I know plenty of them. Tv too. I’m not saying everyone in the media is like this. But I’ve met more than my fair share that are.
  10. There is a difference between wanting the team you cover to do well vs being a homer. He has crossed that line on numerous occasions. Yes his coverage is UNR-centric because that's his audience. But you know as well as I do the line a beat writer straddles with access. On more than one occasion he's covered for unr instead of reporting stories. He's not the only writer that's done this of course. But to say he's 100% objective concerning UNR is false.
  11. I’m not saying Murray is biased against UNLV. I’m saying he is a homer for unr and is not as objective as he could be. I’ve read him for years. Talked to him in the press box and at the t and m. Plenty of other writers say the same thing.
  12. Of course no journalists are biased. They are all motivated by the truth and in no way slant a story for clicks or to lean public opinion the way they want. In no circumstance do their personal feelings enter into how they cover a story. This is what you actually believe? Lol!!! I have a ton of experience too. And you are wrong. And I don’t care if you believe me either.
  13. Wow. This is an unbelievably arrogant take on your profession. No wonder no one trusts it anymore. Thank god we have you journalists that are paragons of virtue to tell us unwashed masses what to think. What would we ever do without your wisdom to guide us?
  14. Well according to you there is no bias in the press so it’s not surprising you don’t see it.