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  1. When my wife was pregnant we found out our son was going to have major medical issues. We knew what a few were going to be but not all. We had testing done to see if he was going to have Down Syndrome or Trisonomy-18. Both doctors brought up the topic of abortion at this meeting. The test results weren't back for a week and it was the longest week of my life. I had time to think about if I was strong enough to be a dad for a kid that had down's. I thought about my wife's health if we knew the kid wouldn't survive and what that would do to her mentally if she carried to term. I thought about her health because we didn't know what health risks she would have. There was a lot to think about and talk about. In the end my wife was adamant she was not having an abortion no matter what. After taking a long look at myself I knew that no matter what the results were that I would be the best dad I could and I couldn't terminate that pregnancy unless my wife's health was at stake. As it turns out my son didn't have those issues. The pregnancy was very difficult for my wife and my son was born a month early but survived. My wife and I both think abortion is murder and we couldn't do it. I think it should be only be used in cases of rape, incest or the health of the mother. But I do have empathy for women that are alone and feel this is their only choice. I have empathy for parents like us that had to make a choice. I don't have empathy for women that use abortion as just another form of birth control. There are too many other options to prevent pregnancy.
  2. "Several hundred million Euros"? Bill and Hillary sold us out for only 145 million.
  3. I should have said 24 hours. This story already has fallen apart. Why some of you never learn your lesson with the media I'll never figure out.
  4. Congrats Joe. I'm very interested on the cannabis venture. With it being legal here I see it as a huge growth industry nationally. Only a matter of time.
  5. Wait 48 hours and this will turn out to be wrong just like most things having to do with the Mueller investigation.
  6. We collected MORE federal income tax revenue this year after the tax cuts. You don't understand how taxes work.
  7. No, I think the GOP as a whole is pretty crappy too. I don't like the establishment of either party. I'm for strict term limits and an end to career politicians. I just don't like progressive policies for the most part and I certainly don't like the dems slide towards socialism.
  8. Really? Do I really need to go over the dems history of ignoring offenders in their party? As for Moore none of those allegations were proven true. In fact there was a disinformation campaign run against him that is being investigated. https://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-alabama-moore-disinformation-20181227-story.html
  9. The only people who still cling to this are the same dopes that cling to every other conspiracy theory. Likes like you're one of them.
  10. No, what I hate is not telling the truth. I asked where your condemnation was in those cases. Judging you from this quote I took you to mean that Antifa isn't responsible for their actions, or it was justified, because how they view Trump. My larger point is that people like Alum93 and many others, continue to peddle the lie because it suits their cause.
  11. I didn't know the truth was whataboutism.
  12. Of course I'm not defending the guy who drove the car. All I said is that Alum93 and people like him spread a lie about what trump said about Charlottesville. The truth has been shown to them over and over but their narrative works better and they don't care about facts.
  13. There isn't a monopoly on rhetoric. The left has been calling conservatives racist, sexist homophobes for years. Now we are being called terrorists. Where is the condemnation from you for creating a sense of validity for those words and actions coming from the left against conservatives?