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  1. Promoting the content on NBC Sports network to USA indicates that viewer interest in sports content is increasing, not decreasing. USA earns a lot of money for GE/NBC through a high carriage rate and the shows on that network need to get live viewers to watch the ads. NBC Sports Bay Area, NBC Sports California and NBC Sports Pac NW will all continue unchanged. It probably does mean that NBC wasn't interested in a network primarily broadcasting NASCAR and hockey which have regional strength but not like basketball or baseball. When do NASCAR's rights come up? The NHL is up afte
  2. Seattle has got to be on the phone with the Big Sky right now. The Redhawks are an upgrade over Southern Utah.
  3. The budget deficits of the athletic departments for the land grant institutions is the actual make or break issue for the Pac 12. As of July 2020, Wazzou is projected to have a $102.7 million deficit for the 2022 budget. and Oregon State cut their athletic budget by 20% for 2021. The strategies of the schools are different (Wazzou is putting things on a credit card while Oregon State is cutting to the bone), but they both appear to make it more difficult in future years to fund their athletic program on par with the other ten schools. I recognize that how to address the dispari
  4. Jon Wilner is very concerned that the Pac 12 will diminish in standing enough that he'll cover the San Jose State Spartan program and be unable to transfer to a Big 12, ACC, SEC or Big Ten market at another media organization. Neither day has come. The melodrama of Larry Scott will continue through 2024 because of the huge asterisk a global pandemic puts on evaluating performance. Supposedly Mr. Scott acted well to address our internal issues with athletes.
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/why-a-move-to-10-game-conference-schedules-in-college-football-should-be-a-permanent-one/ This article from July advocates for a permanent change from eight or nine game conference schedule to a ten game conference schedule because it results in a more compelling regular season and bowl games. I think early season out of conference games diminish the bowl games that aren't part of the playoffs considerably and personally enjoy conference games or rivalry games (e.g. Boise/Utah/ Utah State v. BYU) more so I would like to see the Pac 12 go to
  6. Taxes in Mexico > taxes in the united states. Players get 'double taxed' in every state with income tax, including road games, way more than taxes from Mexico. The roster would likely have many international players from a third country who would pay 'triple' taxes.
  7. If the test is positive, the next step is to expand
  8. The reason to have a G League team is to support the roster of an NBA team. Only the Portland Trailblazers don't have a G League team and the majority of those G league teams are located within driving distance of an NBA teams practice facility. The creation of the G team means the NBA is hoping to have an NBA team there as soon as possible.
  9. Mexico City was being cultivated as an NBA market before the pandemic. The NFL and futbol are more popular than the NBA so they see the most potential growth there. https://www.forbes.com/sites/nathanielparishflannery/2019/12/14/the-nba-has-a-new-game-plan-for-mexico/?sh=433d36fe7822 An NBA team based in Mexico City (20+ million people) has an international Spanish speaking audience throughout Latin America. A number of NBA players are native Spanish speakers and it might be easier on their family to live in Mexico because their spouse/mom/dad/daughter/son/brother/sister is happier
  10. You are looking for the Big West Fan Forum. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/bigwest/
  11. I perused the AAC Board for old times sake and they have an active topic regarding ESPN's betrayal of their Power 6 movement titled "I can tell the recognition that P6 campaign didn’t work is sinking in on AAC fans". I'm not kidding. https://csnbbs.com/thread-913248.html
  12. Merry Christmas! I caught this rainbow at dawn with my morning coffee!
  13. I look forward to a championship game in this stadium in the Bay Area in the not too distant future.
  14. Lots of interesting speculation in this thread about the Pac 12. My best guess is that the Pac 12 wants as much broadcast exposure as possible so we'll offer a package to all four networks with the goal of having more people outside the Pacific and Mountain time zones see our games in window 3 on a national network. The Pac 12 network will probably be a digital network with, at most, a single cable channel that continues to be 100% conference owned. Fox and CBS both have weekly broadcast slots available over the air and production crews doing NFL games the next day so I see a deal
  15. Nice renderings. The designs echos both Art Deco and mid century modern designs that you see in and around San Jose in the immediate vicinity of the university. The ability to host the WTA's Amidala (sp?) Classic and other professional tennis tournaments seems to have resulted in a design for the entire block as an event space for live television which benefits football and other sports at SJSU. I notice the floorplan of the SAC has second floor meeting rooms along the entire second level that can easily become game day suites or camera locations. The afternoon sun is strong on that si
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