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  1. ESPN host calls on Notre Dame to drop racist mascot

    A Catholic university with a significant number of Irish students/faculty/alumni calling themselves the fighting Irish is not the same thing as a university founded by men who killed hundreds of thousands of "indians" and then choosing the name "indians" as their mascot - ie. Stanford University. Yes, it is the case that at the time of Notre Dame's founding and through out the Irish Catholic immigrant experience in the nineteenth century very deplorable and racist things were done by "Americans" who scapegoated them. Notre Dame's independent football legacy is precisely because the other big universities wouldn't play them for many years. It's a big difference to chose the name as opposed to appropriating the name. It's not even a left thing; remember when right wing twitter all changed their names to deplorable ____ ?
  2. $J$U

    They need to take the upper stands in the south end zone along the street (pictured above) and the upper stands in the north end zone and use those bleachers for the new WTA stadium. It would be AWESOME to get a full view of the stadium from Alma Boulevard. Free advertising instead of this tinker toy structure / dog's ass
  3. $J$U

    http://www.sjsuspartans.com/sports/development/spec-rel/sjsu-capital-projects.html Here's a whole website that SJSU built prior to changing the plan to the eastern stands rather than the north end zone. I would expect the conceptual drawings of the Tennis stadium and the Eastern Stands Structure (ESS) will be on this site. I would expect that more conceptual drawings of the and they'll be much less expensive than the NEZ project. Hopefully it means Bud Winter Track will be restored to it's historic condition (not a parking garage structure). It's clever to take advantage of the earthwork that has been there since 1933. The real benefit is that you can just dig into the berm, set the foundation and the pour concrete easily. It's also easier to maintain than a regular building.
  4. $J$U

    While I'm not a Spartan alum, I follow them because I grew up in the bay area. The OP quotes one of the big donors for SJSU, Paul Lanning, who has been interacting on the Spartan board since this was announced. SJSU's athletic administration has turned over completely since the announcement of the grandiose North End Zone project. The announcement of this project is a turning of the page from that ill-fated idea. It's being debated whether the structure will extend from either the 20 to the 20 or from the 30 to the 30. The photo was just a concept; it's been stated that they could attach awnings to shade all the seating on the East side (which is sorely needed). The east side of the stadium has been untouched since 1933! Aside from football, SJSU has been a big facilities building kick for Golf, Softball and Tennis. Golf is done and occupies 2/3s of the block next to the old Speed City track. The new Tennis complex snagged the WTA's annual event from Stanford after the Cardinal hiked the price. It's likely that the new Tennis Stadium will be where the North End Zone project was planned which is why football and soccer's new facility will be located in the earth mound that the East Bleachers rest on top of rather than to the north of the stadium. It appears that the right people are finally in charge at SJSU. In a couple years, SJSU's south Campus will be MUCH, MUCH nicer.
  5. OP - MW needs to keep options open

    Huh? Rude would be posting about the Eustacy mess. The Coloradoan does good MW news coverage - note they are like flies on ish with the current boycott. I posted a classic link below. This video memorializes the MW definitively turning down a new deal with CBS as the primary rights holder. The American conference commissioner has made no similar public statement about talks with ESPN and it's six months since the Hair went on the record that both CBS and ESPN sought to renew the current deal and the conference said "NO". It's still likely that the American just renews their current ESPN deal because they can't do any better, although it would be good for the MW if the American signed a high dollar deal because the leagues are similar. http://www.coloradoan.com/videos/sports/csu/football/2017/07/29/mw-weighs-tv-digital-options-commissioner-says/104107574/ " So Thompson and the athletic directors of the MW's 12 football-playing schools are taking a closer look at all the options before agreeing to any new media rights deals. CBS-Sports Network and ESPN, he said, have offered to extend the current deals under the same financial terms, but the MW is in no rush to renew. Those discussions won't take place for another 18 months or so, he said, giving the conference time to better understand and explore the options. "The real key there is going to be monetization," Thompson said Wednesday at the MW's football media days. "We need the revenue."
  6. OP - MW needs to keep options open

    http://mcubed.net/ncaaf/tvc/mountainwest/series6.shtml Check the records on the field against all other conferences. While competitive, neither the American, Conference USA or NCAA independents have a + .500 on the field winning percentage against the Mountain West. The premise that CUSA is comparable to the MW is ridiculous. Mountain West records against other conferences TEAM G W L T WIN% PFPG PAPG Sun Belt 44 29 15 0 65.9 33.6 22.2 Conference USA 61 35 26 0 57.4 28.4 24.0 MAC 37 20 17 0 54.1 28.8 27.7 WAC 116 62 54 0 53.4 27.4 26.5 American Athletic 15 8 7 0 53.3 29.9 30.9 Independents 94 49 45 0 52.1 27.6 26.1 ACC 27 12 15 0 44.4 23.7 27.6 Big East 12 5 7 0 41.7 27.0 30.9 PAC 12 152 49 103 0 32.2 21.6 31.4 Big 12 66 21 45 0 31.8 20.2 29.9 SEC 27 7 20 0 25.9 20.5 36.2 Big 10 53 7 46 0 13.2 16.6 32.2 Last updated: January 9, 2018 Copyright © 2013 - mcubed.net Currently a team in CUSA aspires that their season will culminate by playing a third to fifth place MW school. No challenge series. Neither revenue, tv ratings or on the field results support your opinion that CUSA is comparable to the Mountain West. Don't know why you use "we" to refer to the MW but you forget that Window 4 is the eastern strategy. 7:30 Pm Pacific start time games keep east coast sports bar patrons drinking until closing time across the Eastern and Central time zones.
  7. Gonzaga is 59th in RPI and overrated. If they get in, it's based on national reputation because they aren't good this year. Same for UCLA this year as well.
  8. I met someone recently and told them I was from Mendocino County and they said "Isn't that where those mud slides happened?"
  9. You forgot about the wildfires. Everyone's terrified of being burned to a crisp in their car on the freeway or buried alive in mud now. Or after a tsunami from an earthquake.
  10. Nevada is IN. I guess you could argue Boise is on the bubble and SDSU isn't but there are still a number of weeks left in the season. https://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/standings/conference/MWC Per the RPI listed next to conference standings above, Boise State is 42nd in RPI and Wyoming is 59th so if Boise State faced Wyoming in the conference tournament final and Wyoming won, the MW would have three teams deserving NCAA bids based on RPI and other computer ratings like Sagarin.
  11. Nevada and Boise State are both getting in. SDSU is still on the bubble but lacks momentum. MW is definitely getting two bids St Mary's and Gonzaga are in, BYU on the bubble per usual...
  12. Georgetown + Villanova > Uconn.
  13. According to Sagarin the only thing that the American is between are the Pac 12 and the Mountain West. I'd say any the MW and the American are considered major conferences in basketball because being FBS conferences makes the sports media aware of them. https://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaab/sagarin/2018/conference/ Pac 12 is #6, American is #7 and MW is #8 according to USA Today. WCC is #11. If you include the Big East (which most do) in the definition of major college basketball then you should include the American, and if you are including the American then you should include the MW.
  14. Only challenge the MW should do is with the WCC