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  1. San Jose State is building some not insignificant facilities improvements during this pandemic - plus the Cal State (and UC) systems can and likely will provide funds to cover emergency costs related to Covid. The universities in the MW in Nevada are the most affected because the state doesn't have as many funds as other states because there is no state without income tax. The news Nevada admin is providing emergency funds from the endowment is especially good and important news. I presumeUNLV has the resources to compete this year and moreover is a central part of any effort to diversif
  2. The San Jose City Council approved the expansion in January 2020 so I don't know if that expansion will actually take place due to the huge change in circumstance. The operation is closed due to the health order indefinitely.
  3. It seems pretty speculative to presume the San Jose Ice facility continues to operate due to people's aversion to indoor activities now and in the near future. Also. I really hope the end zone seating in the south end zone is renovated in a similar way to the north end zone seating because reducing the seating by a small amout would improve views of the stadium from Alma significantly.
  4. Credit @RSF https://theathletic.com/1870731/2020/06/16/college-football-television-contract-rights-power-5-big-ten-sec-big-12-pac-12-acc/ “The cavalry is coming.” That’s the message Navigate Research CEO A.J. Maestas would like to convey to major college athletic departments currently staring down the dual abyss of a global pandemic and deep-cutting recession. Though all signs point to an on-time 2020 football season, schools may lose tens of millions of dollars in ticket sales due to empty or reduced-capacity stadiums. And there is no certainty things will be back to “n
  5. Interesting to speculate about whether the MW will stay at 8 conference games or move to ten conference games like the autonomous "power" conferences other than the Big 12. At a minimum, CBS and Fox will broadcast three games each in 2020 but that is only the minimum so they can choose to broadcast more if ratings warrant. If CBS and Fox want to (I presume such discussions are happening right now) they can make the Mountain West able to earn as much or more with a ten conference game than what the MW would earn by playing out of conference games against available opponents. I g
  6. The Undefeated just posted a long article that is available through ESPN about the origins of this action. https://theundefeated.com/features/pac-12-followed-the-money-and-found-a-movement/ Best quote: “I learned how this system will never change from within. Ever.” And the other? “The only way a labor movement can be started is with a work stoppage.” I'm proud to see the legacy of labor organizing by students employed at universities to be lead, once again, by west coast universities like it was with teaching assistants and tutors.
  7. It seems hard to credit a list of urban universities with great architecture that doesn't include UCLA. Also, UCLA/USC > SDSU/UCSD in terms of raw female talent scored on a scale from one to ten.
  8. Clearly the world is not coming to an end (at least for the Pac 12 Conference) because student athletes want to negotiate their working conditions. I am distinctly not troubled that students pursuing a bachelor's degree at any Pac 12 institution are involved in the decision making about their working conditions. I was a tutor at UCLA's Academic Advancement Program beginning in 1996 while the UC regents repealed their special orders related to affirmative action as part of the ballot amendment campaign run by regent Ward Connerly to end affirmative action in California. Tutors wanted to
  9. Arizona is a member of the AAU while Arizona State is not. No way Wildcats leave for a less prestigious academic conference. In contrast, Arizona State has a huge online enrollment partially due to the Univ of Phoenix and isn't an AAU school so they might want to be in a geographically dispersed conference like the Big 12 because they have students throughout those areas. ASU to the Big 12 makes some sense due to a strain with the AAU schools who derive their revenue from research more than teaching like ASU.
  10. This is how Stanford padded their national championship total numbers. UCLA does sponsor men's volleyball but I don't think we have a big sailing/rowing program.
  11. Why does the OP title state there are multiple stories and link one? My hope of intriguing, relevant sports news are dashed. I don't think the conclusion the Pac 12 is falling apart is the obvious conclusion to reach after reading the article either. The academic cohesion among AAU university administrations is a powerful thing. It's second only to the Ivy League when you think of universities known for their academic reputations. Cal and UCLA are linked together by the UC system so Stanford's desire to be associated with those universities makes for a strong cohesion. U$C's ad
  12. I think that games on CBS rather than on CBS Sports will get higher ratings. A minimum of three games per year will be broadcast on CBS rather than on cable and I presume each of those broadcasts will have more than one million viewers as a result. Fox should be able to get better ratings for its Boise package with Fox broadcasts. Three games are also the minimum number of national broadcasts for Fox. I presume both CBS and Fox will broadcast more Mountain West games if the money benefits them. If the broadcasts are profitable then the networks should exceed the contract minimum a
  13. Interesting speculation. Personally I think that the Big Ten really wants to get Kansas as a member because it will improve their men's basketball conference considerably and they are clearly in the business of broadcasting men's basketball games to people living in the midwest. I think Texas isn't going anywhere while the Longhorn Network contract is in place and that expires in 2035. Oklahoma isn't leaving unless Texas does. Missouri is the more likely school to join Kansas because it would restore the traditional rivalry and Missouri is an AAU school. Keep in mind that Columbus
  14. I apologize for not recognizing that in the unlikely event BYU is bowl eligible you could appear in the Cheez It Bowl as a backup like the MW can and forgetting the Pac 12 agreed to play in Shreveport once too.
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