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  1. Bruininthebay

    Hawaii makes 2.4 million on its TV deal

    The BIG check is made out to the Big West conference for Hawaii's Olympic sports. Chartering four planes to and from Hawaii plus hotel for revenue generating football teams is not a seven figure sum and each charter and hotel stay probably is equal to or less than the cost of ticket sales for each game itself.
  2. Bruininthebay

    Is BYU ok with the status quo?

    $69 million in revenue for a 4-9 team may be inefficient but is a lot of money. I give BYU credit for 'scheduling up' their regular season as an independent after there first couple years of eight or nine G5 schools; it's unlikely they'll be bowl eligible with the front loaded schedule but if they are they'll be pretty good. Pay attention to the press reports Stunner - Holmoe responding to press reports stating they've had 'discussions' is the same situation Aresco was in.
  3. Bruininthebay

    Is BYU ok with the status quo?

    I thought that was the sole road game BYU had a chance in but then I noticed that score. Utah State will put the nail in the coffin at Homecoming if they celebrate Homecoming (?)
  4. Bruininthebay

    Is BYU ok with the status quo?

    http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa/indep/byu-cougars.php I doubt they will win a road game in football this year. I think that the church really only cares about home games (possibly road games in Utah and Idaho too) where people can gather together. California is going to end their chances of going undefeated at home and likely the possibility of bowl eligibility in the second week of the season. The obvious lack of talent football and basketball is very apparent now. The cheap shots and dirty tactics reflect how out classed BYU's athletes are. ESPN is broadcasting their home games now so they recognize how terrible BYU is on the field during their independent period. I think BYU has a very good chance of getting a deal with Fox Sports rather than ESPN in 2019-20, especially if they want any more money than they are getting now. Fox will be a player once they get all that $71 Billion from Disney for the right to Marvel (and divest themselves of their RSNs as well). Fox wants live TV that their audience will watch on their network and they probably think that a lot of "their" audience is in Mormon households.
  5. Bruininthebay

    Nice article about Stadium TV

    Stadium appears to be a viable secondary platform to ESPN Plus. More promising for 2019 Mountain West TV negotiations is that ESPN has already paid higher prices for the rights of two FBS conferences that are currently with Stadium. First and foremost, Raycom Media currently uses the Stadium platform for the ACC Digital Network (expected to be discontinued after 2019 when ESPN launches its own ACC Network ). Second, Conference USA uses Stadium until their ESPN Plus deal kicks in too; CUSA doubled it's right's fees so that shows an increase can be achieved. The Big 12 and the Mountain West are the two remaining FBS properties that ESPN hasn't already gotten an agreement to broadcast 'third tier' over a streaming platform. The Mountain West's rights are probably going to be negotiated a year from now, while the Big 12's media rights don't expire until the Spring of 2025, so ESPN can't really do anything but point to the American to set the 'market' value of the MW and that conference expects significant increases too.
  6. Bruininthebay

    Can Anyone Give Me A Good Answer?

    From the current SJSU AD http://www.sjsuspartans.com/genrel/061218aaa.html The size of the athletics budget can be interpreted many ways. Where does San Jose State stand budget-wise with its athletics program in relation to other Mountain West schools and of programs similar in mission and in scope. For the budget to increase, what has to happen and is it achievable? We're last in budgets in the Mountain West and everyone pretty much knows it. So, we can whine about it or roll our sleeves up and get to work. It is what it is and I'm not wired to be last in anything. So, as Coach Brennan says, "'Let's Go'...get off the bench and get in the game." Come support us and help us make a difference. We need people to invest in our values and our mission in order to be more competitive within the Mountain West.
  7. Bruininthebay

    AAC fans are a sensitive lot

    Thanks SGF. I developed my non-UCLA sports interest on the old SJSU board and recall your participation on that board. Hopefully you regain some optimism about SJSU because they find some way to demonstrate they are getting on the right track even if they aren't all the way to where they ought to be. Personally I try to take an optimistic spin (especially when posting on a board which is not 'mine') because so many people take a negative slant when they post and I don't want to go to someone else's 'home' to spread negativity. I'm also glad you participate here although I do sometimes disagree with you as well. I have no issue with people expressing their opinions but if a post has no basis in fact or any explanation of why someone has the opinion that they do, then I don't see a need to respond to it. Anyone who is reasonably objective will immediately tell that person's opinion is worth the underlying information used to formulate it, so if there is no underlying thought to an opinion then it reflects on the poster, not myself.
  8. Bruininthebay

    AAC fans are a sensitive lot

    Here is the Hair commenting to the press on what they told CBS and ESPN when those networks made an offer to renew their TV deals. Advance the viewer to about two minute and twenty seconds and watch the video. He states that they already declined to renew their offer under their current terms (CBS primary, ESPN secondary) and will "keep our powder dry" until 2019 at the earliest to see what develops. It will be much more certain what will happen with the AAC after February 2019 so the Hair appears to be pursuing the right strategy. http://www.coloradoan.com/videos/sports/csu/football/2017/07/29/mw-weighs-tv-digital-options-commissioner-says/104107574/
  9. Bruininthebay

    AAC fans are a sensitive lot

    Window 4 is very important because a specific commercial license is required in a bar throughout the United States if that bar has a single TV larger than 55", more than four TVs, or is sufficiently large in floor space. ESPN derives revenue from broadcasting college football in sports bars in addition to cable subscription fees and advertising. https://www.consumerreports.org/consumerist/copyright-law-why-your-favorite-bar-cant-show-the-game-on-a-60-tv/ If you’ve got a TV pulling broadcast signals from the air, it’s completely legal to have that TV showing something — even the Super Bowl or World Series — in a bar or restaurant provided that: You don’t charge an admission or cover fee, The bar or restaurant in question has less than 3750 square feet of space, No more than four screens are showing the broadcast, and None of the televisions are larger than 55 inches. Thank you https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Millennium_Copyright_Act The upshot is that these licenses provide additional revenue to the media right's holder. Viewer ratings don't account for more than a single 'viewer' per channel at a sports bar but every sports bar in the Central and Eastern Time zones that broadcasts college football until closing time at 2 AM has to pay for those media rights. Each state regulates this a bit differently. Boise State is a national brand because so many people in the East and Midwest have rooted for the Broncos until closing time at their local sports bar on at least one occasion. The MW has a number of teams that can just as easily capture the nation with consistent winning in the same way.
  10. Bruininthebay

    AAC fans are a sensitive lot

    I've been making educated guesses about how TV negotiations might play out for a while now. @UofMTigers might consider informed speculation 'peddling' but I'm not selling anything nor am I traveling from town to town in a wagon or cart. Yes, events have proceeded along the lines that I speculated that they would so if that is upsetting to you, get ready for a bit more. Personally I can't imagine a scenario where the AAC does better in terms of monetary compensation for their TV rights and the MW does not also do better at the same time. Conversely, if the AAC doesn't do well then the MW is unlikely to do well either because they are very similar television products. Either both will do better or both will not - there aren't any plausible scenarios where the AAC does well and the MW doesn't, or vice versa, because both essentially are 'peddling' TV rights for comparable conferences. The AAC is in a part of the country where more people regularly watch college football (but their games compete directly with games from the SEC and the ACC) while the MW is in a less populated part of the country which allows 7 PM + PST start times to be broadcast nationally in Window 4 at a time where the only competition is the Pac 12 (which is probably the worst 'Power 5' conference by a long shot right now). My opinion is that ESPN has less interest in the AAC than the MW because ESPN hasn't yet sought to have formal discussions with the AAC while ESPN already had discussions with the MW and the MW refused their offer. The more recent news reported in the article that I quoted is that the AAC has yet to even schedule talks with ESPN which certainly supports my speculation. The only thing that I'm saying that AAC fans could be justified in getting offended about is that I doubt that ESPN will be the sports network who pays the AAC the increased dollar amount they seek for their media rights. The MW is well positioned to take advantage of the AAC setting the market and re-upping with ESPN due to the MW playing Window 4 games, the MW hosting a number of Bowl games at their campus stadiums (more than any other FBS conference), and the Pac 12 network being a competitor to ESPN.
  11. Bruininthebay

    AAC fans are a sensitive lot

    AAC fans are trying to cope with the fact they haven't had any talks with ESPN yet. You might recall the Hair being quoted in public about how much further substantive talks have progressed with CBS and ESPN already https://www.coloradoan.com/videos/sports/csu/football/2017/07/29/mw-weighs-tv-digital-options-commissioner-says/104107574/ LAST YEAR Below I quote an article that board is trying to grock which includes one basic, uncomfortable fact that are making these folks so anxious about the potential size of their TV deal. I'm of the opinion that the AAC will get more money, but it won't be from ESPN because of the newly launched ACC network and the existing SEC and Longhorn Networks. I presume the MW will get a similar deal to the AAC after they reach agreement first but the MW will be able to get a deal with ESPN because that network really needs Window 4 content, broadcasts Bowl games from MW stadiums, and the Pac 12 Network competes with ESPN.
  12. Bruininthebay

    USA Today Athletic Department Revenue List

    While you mentioned this, the fact that the AAC average is only 7 of their 12 schools really makes their number the least relevant to calculate the true value of the average athletic budget of the AAC overall. Interesting that the AAC schools with the lowest athletic budgets are the ones who aren't reported due to those schools being private institutions. The Atlantic Coast Conference only has eight of it's fifteen schools listed as well, so their number is equally dubious. Yes, excluding Stanford and USC lowers the Pac 12's average significantly as the Cardinal have the largest athletic budget and the Trojans have the second largest so the Pac 12's true average athletic budget is higher than listed.. UCLA is listed third but is really fifth in the conference in overall athletic budgets.
  13. Given how much of the donations to the new Football Ops have been rolled over from the North End Zone, it's positive to see significant fundraising continue. My understanding is that the fundraising is slightly less the $22 million overall and the project requires $40 million total. It definitely can be done, but it doesn't appear to be likely to be completed in the next year or two as SJSU admin initially indicated it might be.
  14. Bruininthebay

    SDSU Plays Hide The Ball

    The article explains that the ballot initiative committee and the university are distinct. That is still irrelevant to a Public Records Act request. Perhaps SDSU is trying to broaden the PRA objection based on litigation to include actions taken in anticipation of possible litigation as well. Usually it's easy to distinguish between the present and the future. Usually there is a lawsuit which allows someone to determine the relevance of objecting to admitting otherwise admissible evidence based on that evidence being developed in anticipation of litigation because that evidence is relevant to a case filed in court. Way to go SDSU admin. This hullaballoo might sink the citizen effort lead by SDSU alums that created the initiative to compete with Soccer City! If there is no MLS team committed by the election I seriously doubt that many voters would be inclined to vote for Soccer City regardless of a competing initiative. At the very least more voters will be aware of the issue which helps when seeking to simultaneously defeat one initiative and win another.
  15. Bruininthebay

    Big Ten Revenue Distribution Hits $51M per Team

    The most cable subscription fees are generated in their market so quite a bit