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  1. Bruininthebay

    Boise still in the top - 25

    The best possible scenario is that the AP keeps backing the Cougars and the coaches poll keeps backing the Broncos so there would be a lot of national significance placed on the game between the two in October. Boise State played well and coaches who vote in the poll can evaluate a football team they see on tape. Conversely the writers who know very little about football were so impressed by the BYU wins over Arizona and Wisconsin that THEY are ranked but the coaches didn't see anything done by BYU that would be hard to prepare for. I have to believe that UCF will face SOMEONE in the AAC who can knock them off or that league is not as good as they say they are. The Sagarin ratings (still including a lot of data from last season) clearly show that the AAC and the MW are distinctly better than the MAC, CUSA and the Sun Belt. 3 PAC-12(NORTH) (A) = 78.49 78.39 ( 4) 6 78.51 ( 4) 4 BIG 12 (A) = 78.48 78.86 ( 3) 10 78.71 ( 3) 5 ACC-ATLANTIC (A) = 77.29 78.29 ( 5) 7 77.96 ( 5) 6 SEC-EAST (A) = 76.07 76.68 ( 6) 7 76.32 ( 6) 7 ACC-COASTAL (A) = 75.98 76.19 ( 7) 7 76.12 ( 7) 8 PAC-12(SOUTH) (A) = 74.50 74.04 ( 9) 6 74.13 ( 8) 9 BIG TEN-WEST (A) = 73.79 74.29 ( 8) 7 74.05 ( 9) 10 AAC EAST (A) = 68.05 67.10 ( 12) 6 67.71 ( 11) 11 AAC WEST (A) = 67.26 68.03 ( 10) 6 67.78 ( 10) 12 MWC-MOUNTAIN (A) = 66.51 67.30 ( 11) 6 66.88 ( 12) 13 MWC-WEST (A) = 63.09 63.71 ( 13) 6 63.42 ( 13) 14 MAC-WEST (A) = 62.49 62.26 ( 15) 6 62.32 ( 15) 15 SUN BELT-EAST (A) = 62.40 63.14 ( 14) 5 62.82 ( 14) 16 I-A INDEPENDENTS (A) = 61.35 61.87 ( 16) 6 61.59 ( 16)
  2. Bruininthebay

    MWC West Division goes 3-1 against the PAC-12 today

    Terry Donahue's Niner general manager time coincided with my return t to the Bay Area (He was ok in college because #wins but the offense was SO simplistic). Boy was that Niner era the definitive end of the Dynasty - Jeff Garcia is under-rated. Chip Kelly is just brutal at the press conferences. I doubt anyone subscribes to the UCLA athletics channel but his press colloquies are B R U T A L. The real question is whether our record will exceed that of SJSU. Until such time as our football team wins a game, I suggest this board focus on SJSU's 'little brother' to the south. Any one notice that US News rankings...
  3. Bruininthebay

    MWC West Division goes 3-1 against the PAC-12 today

    I'm also a 49er fan who watch his woeful coaching ruin one of my favorite teams already
  4. Bruininthebay

    MWC West Division goes 3-1 against the PAC-12 today

    The Bulldogs whipped our ass. I'm now worried about our undefeated streak against the Aztecs next season if we our administration doesn't recognize the game has passed Chip Kelly by. The lapses in discipline indicate that the Bruins have less respect for Chip Kelly than the 49ers players did in his last job. It's unbelievable that the Bruins are basically unwatchable.
  5. Bruininthebay

    OT: Long Beach State to change their mascot

    Calm down - No one thinks of the Gold Rush when they think of Long Beach. For years they haven't used their mascot because it's just not that emblematic of that particular part of California; their mascot needs to be ocean or beach related because that is what SoCal people think of when they think of Long Beach. So few people understand California history that they probably think they chose the mascot for the NFL team... I think posters are reading too much into the mascot style guide stating the obvious about non-human mascots. Of course someone on campus has made a postmodern analysis of the racial dimensions of their mascot - I hardly think that would be a significant reason the administration wants to have a more recognizable mascot or that students from Long Beach State don't want to have a cooler mascot.
  6. Bruininthebay

    New USNews rankings

    definitely an overly grandiose name for what they do. My understanding of their social mobility metric is they track the average income, etc. of students from that university who received Pell Grants and determine how that subset has done at one university as compared to another. Qualifying for a Pell Grant is strictly income based so it's a reasonable proxy to look at whether a student came from a humble background.
  7. Bruininthebay

    New USNews rankings

    US News appears to include endowment in their metrics. This allows comparison with public universities but it also distorts the rankings by putting private universities that aren't small liberal arts college (Santa Clara, Loyola Marymount Trinity, Gonzaga, Chapman, Portland, Seattle, etc.) above public universities that educate similar students. From what I can tell, private regional universities with high tuition funded endowments and law schools are ranked highly in the regional university list. My understanding is that these private schools are basically less crowded versions of public universities. Generally grades are inflated at these private universities where you pay more than at a public school. I don't think that these rankings changed dramatically due to de-emphasizing low acceptance rates but if the ratings changed then it may be the case that college graduates with better grades regardless of institution do better professionally in the five years after they graduate college (surprise!).
  8. Bruininthebay

    New USNews rankings

    I don't know how being ranked in the top 5 of public institutions classified by US News harms the MW but that is your bette noire @SleepingGiantsFan. I fail to see what is bad about the Spartans #33 regional university ranking. Yes, there are a ton of private schools ranked on this list at the top but somehow Cal Poly SLO, Long Beach State, Cal Poly Pomona, Western Washington University and SJSU snuck into the top 50 in Western regional universities despite US News criteria favoring private institutions over public institutions. For example, most of the WCC is ranked ahead of Cal Poly SLO but I think most people know that private universities inflate grades and don't have the competitive academics that Cal Poly, SDSU, SJSU, LB State, etc., have. Regional universities are not inherently inferior or bad - they just focus more on undergraduate education than national universities which focus on research and graduate education and measuring the quality of undergraduate education is much more subjective than quantifying research funding is. Instead of accentuating the negative, how about trumpeting the fact that SDSU is now ranked #60 ahead of (six way tie for 61st) Alabama, Kansas, Mizzou, Nebraska, Illinois - Chicago, and Texas - Dallas https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities/top-public Take a little pleasure it besting Alabama and Kansas where it really counts.
  9. Bruininthebay

    SJSU baseball sanctioned by NCAA

    Unfortunately this is definitely a situation where the coaching staff and the student athletes relationship was harmed by coaches overzealous 'voluntary' work outs. The line between mandatory and voluntary work outs is often unclear to student athletes so coaches can exploit the relationship of trust that they are in. I think at its core this decision affirms that voluntary means voluntary and SJSU should get the message (different AD than at the time of the violation). The penalties are enumerated beginning on page 8 of the draft penalty document 1. two year probation (probation is defined at length at the end of the list on page 9. Essentially, its self reporting that players are working out voluntarily when voluntary workouts/practices are held ). 2. $5000 3. head coach is suspended for the first ten games of the season for whichever NCAA institution employs him 4. Public reprimand and censure 5. reduced out of season mandatory practice time 6. reduced in season practice time No penalties for players because the players can still participate in voluntary workouts and will have more power versus their coaches about determining the amount of their participation.
  10. Bruininthebay

    AAC vs MW so far

    https://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaaf/sagarin/2018/conference/ The first week of Sagarin ratings are out today and reflect the first week of competition plus last year's finish (a problem with Sagarin methodology to be aware of). The Mountain is the 10th best division in FBS football, the AAC West is the 11 and the AAC East is 12. The West division is 15 but that mostly reflects SJSU being such an outlier that the mean used to determine the conference rating is skewed. If the West demonstrates greater depth this year, the MW should move ahead of the AAC overall because the AAC had a historically good performance in both divisions last year (ie. Temple).
  11. Bruininthebay

    AAC vs MW so far

    http://www.mcubed.net/ncaaf/tvc/mountainwest/americanathletic.shtml Mountain West is (9-7) against American Athletic Average score: Mountain West 31.8 - American Athletic 31.5 In bowl games: Mountain West is (3-0) against American Athletic Average score: Mountain West 36.3 - American Athletic 14.7 Per decade W L T Win % PFPG PAPG 2010's 9 7 0 56.3 31.8 31.5 Per year W L T Win % PFPG PAPG 2018 1 0 0 100.0 59.0 41.0 2017 2 2 0 50.0 29.0 32.5 2016 2 2 0 50.0 28.3 29.3 2015 1 2 0 33.3 24.7 26.7 2014 2 1 0 66.7 31.3 28.3 2013 1 0 0 100.0 52.0 51.0
  12. Bruininthebay

    Cincinnati 26 - UCLA 17 What the Hell !!!!!

    Chip Kelly is over-rated. He did nothing on the 49ers to convince me he was a good coach; now he has gone to my alma mater to suck there too. Our four down line man defensive front is just as bad at stopping the run as the 3-4 was. It's been at least half a decade since we could credibly stop the run. Mora was supposedly a defensive coach too!
  13. Bruininthebay

    Hawaii signs 2 for 1 deal with UCLA

    Hawaii > Rutgers
  14. Bruininthebay

    OT: University of Tulsa Athletic Dept budget cuts

    3:00 minutes in 'Why does Rice play Texas?" Huge pop
  15. Bruininthebay

    Money Magazine's Best Colleges 2018 Rankings

    There is a top tier but the Pac 12 does not do as well as the Big West under this methodology. Although I do like their results with the Bruins above Stanford and Cal ... 4. UCLA 5. Stanford 7. Cal 19. Washington 113. USC 115. Arizona State 149. Washington State 203. Utah 309. Arizona 312. Oregon State 434. Oregon 451 Colorado