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  1. Trump is pissed because he never thought of this! Why can't we have press conferences by Zoom?
  2. Is it finally squeezing? Went down to like $40 and now it seems to be inexplicably at $165 (was as high as $200 for a bit)
  3. I stayed at a hotel in Hartford Conn, right when I got there, they hotel front desk was bragging that Bill Clinton stayed there a week before! I was expecting it to be nice. The rooms were small and tiny, it was super simple. I would give it a 3-star hotel. I don't think Hartford has a lot of upper end hotels, but I could never imagine the President of the United States staying there, I'm not sure I would stay there again!
  4. Wow, I thought for sure the first post was going to be a parody post.
  5. Right haven't we learned from the Joe Paterno thing.
  6. People have been shunning family members for *being* Trump supporters, as well as superficial things like being gay or marrying a person outside of your race, etc. There are certain families you don't really want to be a part of anyway.
  7. I am 100% against banning guns. But, I believe Australia and other countries have done this. Obviously you wouldn't criminalize it, it's something that would take decades, if not generations, but if you stop selling them, have gun buyback programs and the like, eventually the owners die off and the guns get taken out of circulation. But America would never commit to this level.
  8. Or Democrats who were around long enough to remember who the sleazeballs were before they joined TLP.
  9. She was technically fired not necessarily for her beliefs, but for not following her employers directions. Also, the article in question only looked at her Twitter timeline and not her replies in other conversations, likes and her Parler posts etc.
  10. The way they handled Jennifer Horn's resignation was also abhorrent. Good that Schmidt also resigned.
  11. The Lincoln Project has been doing enough of a bad hatchet job on themselves lately. It's a reminder that they were still terrible people before Lincoln Project and are still that way now.
  12. There were a couple of bi-partisan things I was very hopeful for--negotiating drug prices lower and big infrastructure improvements. In both cases, he got talked out of it by his own party. Ditto for things like trying to push term limits forward. (That one I realize was a harder sell since he had both parties against him)
  13. Right you need Republicans agree to a rule change with a split senate. They're not going to agree if Dems break the agreement to not allow witnesses.
  14. Like MTG, Beutler fits the demographics of her district--she's been slowly moving blue along with it. There's a thought that that they could gerrymander her into a redder district as punishment though.
  15. Right so how to you stop the Republicans from also calling it witnesses?
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