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  1. That's almost everyone (against late term abortions which no abortion provider will really do these days anyway unless there's huge medical risk) I think a healthier debate as to pro-life/choice should be "when" instead of "always" or "never". At some point, everyone recognizes it's a human life that shouldn't be terminated. The Catholic church taught us that life begins at conception. But 40-60% of fertilized eggs don't make it past the first trimester. If ensoulment happens at conception then heaven is filled with the souls of as many unborn as born, which makes no sense either.
  2. I don't trust USU in the NCAA tourney but Washington is pretty bad. (Arizona State didn't deserve to make it in either)
  3. Or we could go full on some socialist/communist countries route where colleges have only X slots open based on the need for those occupations. And if you aren't one of the Top 10 in Art History or Astronomy appointees, sorry you have to get a practical degree.
  4. You can't really use a national emergency to fix health something like health care or education anyway. Those things aren't really controlled at the national level. (Unless we had nationalized health care) In theory, we could use it on a massive engineering project to refreeze the polar ice caps or install O2 generators everywhere. I suspect that's what will happen one day--humanity will not kill itself--it will just wait to the last minute and fixing itself and the planet will be way more expensive than it could have been.
  5. 1. Health Care is a big priority. I actually think having socialized health care in the US would likely darw problems to the biggest issues that need fixing. Because then everyone will be involved and will see it. But I disagree with your priorities. The top health care issues are the top killers: (Old Age/Cardio Related Issues/Cancers/Obesity) 2. Environment -- I feel like everyone has realized--you can't save the environment by telling people to reduce things. That just isn't going to happen. But we can save the world by coming up with innovation, in energy and energy storage and other things. Energy *Storage* not energy production is the big issue. We can easily (and cheaply) produce energy via wind, solar, ocean, etc. But we can't effectively store and transport it. That's where the cost is. 3. This is important if we want the United States to be a top power. Other countries with bigger populations and bigger land masses have an inherent advantage. If we want to stay on top we need to be smarter. We can be smarter by educating our population better. But I think one of the issues is that we don't know how to effectively rate our educators. What makes a good teacher? What's the best way to test and prepare our students? 4. Yeah, I don't think this is a big deal. A healthy economy isn't necessarily related to our debt.
  6. To be fair, everyone thought the same thing about Hillary looking at the early/middle of the Republican Primaries in 2016.
  7. Basically, the conference has proven unable to monetize it's T3 rights, such that some schools (Hawaii and Boise) can bring in more than the entire conference is getting combined. If the conference can't get the appropriate value, then it's necessary to just give them back to the schools to do what they can.
  8. I'm hoping the extreme rhetoric on both sides is simply political posturing. I say this as a "liberal" (really, a moderate) -- while I think a wall will be ineffective and not worth it, it shouldn't be a non-negotiable position that the Democrats are fundamentally opposed to. I certainly hope that they are using it as leverage to get something they really want. (And to be fair, I don't think the Republicans have offered something the Dems truly want either) This *should* be a scenario that can be a win/win for both sides.
  9. Really, just Rocky Long. Both on the decision to go for 2 and the baffling play call.
  10. Yes we are still bitter. The WAC invaded and has conquered the MWC left-behinds. Nevada is probably the only school without a reason to be bitter since they got their lifeline when the MWC schools ran off. In either case, the MWC schools just need to buy the WAC-name and history/record books (and a new commish) and take it over and all will be right again.
  11. WTF Cal State Fullerton and LBSU have not thrived since dropping football. If you look at their overall athletic programs before and after football, it's pretty clear.
  12. Can't the people who own the new stadium (that was just voted in) prevent the bowl from using it? The MWC (or SDSU) should get a tie in--at least with the caveat that they must be a Top 10/15 team and not in an Access Bowl.
  13. Lots of ppl complained about Air Force under DeBerry back in the day too....
  14. I believe Hawaii can play in the Las Vegas Bowl if they win the MWC and don't get the Access bowl. Hawaii Bowl wasn't allowed to make a formal invite to Hawaii yet. Supposed to wait and see how everything shakes out.
  15. I don't know--It just flows better to me. Like UNLV is Nevada Las Vegas. It's was never originally an intended insult. (Except now that everyone knows that it bothers Nevada fans...)