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  1. I think that the last thing any one wants to see is a poll about this election.
  2. You can google some of the cool stories that came out of this. But a couple of SJSU football players like ended up staying on the islands, getting married, etc. Very cool story in the history of the Bows-Spartans.
  3. ....Or the conference bottom feeders could just win a couple of games. Or better yet, just not play. Going into conference 0-0 is better than 2-10 or whatever.
  4. Who cancelled? Is there a P12 team with an opening?
  5. There's not a lot of witnesses willing to go under oath and say and corroborate that. I don't deny that there were likely a lot of small instances of voter fraud. But enough to overturn or significantly impact the results by more than 1% we are talking about things to happen on a massive scale. How much freedoms and voter suppression are you willing to give up to enhance election security? How much are we willing to pay for it? I think there's certainly a middle ground and a pragmatic solution.
  6. I don't live in Georgia--what are the Democrats campaigning on there?
  7. When you vote, look around, there's always 2 people doing everything. A Republican and a Democrat. That even goes to the ballot counting, two people feeding it in, multiple validating the results etc. When Wisconsin counted the ballots by hand, there was only like a 123 difference? (And it's the humans who could have +++++ed things up not the computers) How would you suggest they improve the witnesses? Several states have live stream viewing where you can watch them count ballots. Also the Democrats tried to pass an election security bill which the Senate wouldn't even look at. You s
  8. I know he left the Sun Belt in 2018, but Karl Benson was (mostly) a good commissioner and has helped set them up for success.
  9. I'm guessing the conference is taking care of the subs...
  10. Honestly, SJSU should just come here early and stay until your next game. (Almost two weeks). One of the best in the country as far as safe bubble locations and travel/hotels are pretty cheap on the islands now because regular tourists aren't allowed.
  11. Wait there's an ad-free membership option??!?!?!?
  12. Supposedly they are meeting today to come up with a plan--I'm guessing it will be announced tomorrow. Going to Hawaii last minute might be hard, so they might need to find a neutral site location.
  13. "How dare they match us up with an 11-0 BYU?!?!?! It's like a WAC game!"
  14. Their fans haven't really been able to complain about other teams in like a decade! Let them have their moment.
  15. They should have replayed it. Ah, maybe filler for the Holiday Season if other bowl games start getting canceled.
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