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  1. I disagree, it just depends on where your bubble is. Things like the tan suit were blown out of it's mind. Both syndromes totally exists and is a sign of how broken politics are. The internet/social media wasn't quite the same with the Bush era, otherwise it would probably be similar. Ditto for the Clinton during the impeachment era.
  2. One issue probably is that stadiums are money losers, especially if you can't get other events there. (And when there are several other stadiums nearby, it's going to be hard to book events when there's no football)
  3. I can't remember any version of the MWC/WAC ever getting a #1. (I know UNLV did in the Big West) Utah got a #2 if I remember and there have been several #3's.
  4. Congress is capable of multi-tasking. If you look at everything on everyone's slate, they have time to debate and make bills for far more useless things than this.
  5. Hawaii really wants to win for the next couple of years until the opening of its new stadium. Graham still getting ASU buyout money until sometime in 2021. Assuming he doesn’t want to let ASU off the hook he’ll wait until then to jump. I think both sides do not expect it to last forever.
  6. Hawaii and SJSU are the only innocent ones.
  7. You can't have a high buyout when you're paying your coach peanuts.
  8. The MWC was built on treachery, and almost every school in the conference backstabbed a conference mate or attempted to backstab a conference mate. Who can blame Boise for looking after themselves?
  9. I would be fine with Boise receiving (in-perpetuity) the 1.8M. After time, that won't really be as much. (Which I guess is why Boise wants a %) Getting them to restructure revenue distribution based on performance seems the only way. After all, Boise is playing a risky game--if they get caught up on a scandal and go through a period of losing--what's going to stop the conference from saying "hey wait a minute..." and kick them out? Even the best teams in a conference go through a rough decade or so eventually.
  10. If you had moved to D1 and joined the WAC like 10 years ago, you would likely already be in. Now, we'll see...
  11. So I actually think Boise might have a case *if* the conversations with Thompson are true. Granted, he doesn't really have all that power, but if he was being two faced and such he could (and should) be out as commish.
  12. Stealing signs is *not* illegal. Using video tape to do it is. If a team can't disguise their signals properly then that's on them.
  13. the AAC wanted Boise State to establish G5 dominance and to get the G5 autobid every year. They've pretty much done that even without Boise State. They're not taking you, at least not for as good a deal.
  14. I think that's what everyone is hoping for. We need the next few years to be good so that we can have momentum going into the new stadium. The fear is that he'll overperform and he'll be gone in 1 or 2. I don't think this is VonAppen or Chow at all. He'll win at a decent clip, just whether or not he'll be out Dennis Franchione type guy.
  15. The 2nd and 3rd point is actually what I've heard many scientists say, but that point always seems to get lost between the extreme sides. It's actually really really hard to kill off all of humanity or civilizations or an entire planet. Deferring the problem could result in some deaths or making some things way more expensive, but we aren't talking Doomsday scenarios anytime soon. We also know that telling people to "just stop your emissions" or whatever won't work. Investing and coming up with technological breakthroughs is the right approach--we can help the environment and better humanity at the same time. (We may need some taxes or some other ways to make the initial investment, but I agree that Kyoto thing was just a way to tax rich countries)