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  1. Ooh, then we could finally invite them into the MWC!
  2. They couldn't sign with a rival company. (Like Under Armor if they were a Nike school) So Nike would totally take over the University of Oregon for example.
  3. They could win against the "2nd group" of players. And in football, which is a big team sport that might actually matter. There's also some thought that this could cause boosters to "redirect" where their spending--instead of donating 2 million to the university, they might spend 1 mill on players, and the other one million to the university. So this could (in theory) cause some schools to lose money too.
  4. I actually thought Hawaii would go to Vegas if they won the conference championship.
  5. Yeah, I thought with Mumme, he really only has a handful of plays. And to some extent it doesn't matter if you know the plays or not because the will out-execute you.
  6. You realize that's the fault of most of the schools you are aligned with now--and not the current membership.
  7. Ditto. Shift came in 2000, when Bush ran as a moderate Republican and almost lost to Gore. Then, (the party) realized that far right voters were staying home in droves and began to actually court them. Then at some point they took over. Same thing is happening to the Democrats now.
  8. Honestly, they should. Trump winning the primary, this is a good chance for the Republicans to switch to Democrat and vote for the worst candidate.
  9. I feel like in the "old days", people would say, vote Vote One Party for President, and then moderate it by voting the other party for their congressmen/senator, etc. Thus ensuring that each parties extreme positions doesn't take hold. Really the President doesn't can't really do too much to enact things like the Green New Deal or Medicare for All or Gun Seizures without the Congress and the Senate.
  10. Hawaii fans will still need their heavy coats if it's 70 in Reno.
  11. I mean we all said the same of SJSU too.
  12. If you watch every single thing you did before, then yes. Even with all of the various things going to subscription/digitial models, It's still going to be a long way time away before I'm hitting $100+ that I did for my cable.
  13. 11 of the 14 are still alive and 8 of the 11 came to accept the apology. So it meant something to them.
  14. The end was awful. But really they don’t need a reboot. Maybe a story set in the same universe.