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  1. Meh, the rich schools were doing this already and being creative to get around this.
  2. If He-Man came out today, we would think they were all assholes for lying to Teela about everything lol.
  3. They do have a right to cover it, but it really depends on how they covered it. In any case, reporting outlets get sued (and lose) all the time for defamation/bad practices etc. This is why we have laws. (I feel the same way about CNN and other people holding them accountable) I don't think CNN has pivoted left as Fox has pivoted right in the past 10 years (and then now we have other outlets that are even further right, but I digress that's a different topic altogether) The last I saw--where they did random fact checking of all the major news outlets--I believe all the news ou
  4. Note the Title of the series is: Masters of the Universe: Revelation. (Not He-Man) The conservatives are already getting triggered because there are strong rumors He-Man gets written out in Episode 1, and Teela becomes the lead character of the series. (Official Netflix synopsis seems to agree with this)
  5. As things get better in this country, as we get better with things like racism and lgbt rights, have a path to citizenships for dreamers etc, you'll start to see more minorities flip R. Right now, certain minorities are a monolithic voting bloc as a result of shared life experiences. One way you know things are getting better is that they start to not be monolithic voting blocks.
  6. NASA wouldn't put UFO information on it's website. (Which is what he supposedly hacked)
  7. They're looking at different spots to relocate it to. There's a chance it's not even in Hawaii for a couple of years.
  8. Or they'll have taken control of the country--permanently.
  9. Alex Smith is the MWC's only true Heisman Finalist is that correct? The rest were all WAC Heisman Finalists.
  10. Right this bill was passed with everyone (including the moderate Republicans who voted in favor of it) knowing it was going to be filibustered. Republicans can't have a commission, when they know what the results will be. Democrats however, want it on record.
  11. I have friends studying in Medellin and they said it's not bad, it's calmed down a lot there right now. The touristy areas are pretty normal. It might be ok if you're not going for a month or so. I would not go to Bogota right now.
  12. He's playing the game. That said, this isn't the right bill to nuke the filibuster over.
  13. Whatever Kevin Owens took him out at Wrestlemania.
  14. That 2007 Hawaii team actually wasn't very deep and having Nate Illaoa was a huge loss. A lot of people felt the 2006 team was actually the better team, that team just got unlucky by having to play Alabama, Oregon State and Boise State in the first 4 games of the season. Timmy Chang turning into a highly sought after offensive coach is crazy to me, just because he never played like how I figure a "smart QB" plays like. It always seemed to us like the problem was between his ears, he always had the talent. Colt being in the same air as Ty Detmer, Jim McMahon, Dinwiddie, Zabransky,
  15. That was my thought. Stop paying poverty wages. Most people who make 32k are likely on some other sort of federal assistance anyway.
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