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  1. The stupid Oceanic Cable needs to stop giving Hawaii the Pac12 network until they add Hawaii! If we're talking 200 years down the future, then eventually the size of the Hawaii and Nevada (and possibly Idaho) markets will be big enough such that they would warrant membership into the Pac-12. If their programs survive...
  2. Are you talking about Excess Mortality? We are tracking those numbers ( as well as we can track it) and the last numbers I saw, the death rate was about 28% higher than what it would normally be expected to be at this time. In any case, I think students (and coaches) want to win at all costs, and they feel invincible so I totally can see a group of the team getting together and deciding to give themselves herd immunity thinking it will be an advantage during the regular season. From a community standpoint, I know why herd immunity won't work quite the way people think it will (mainly because the demographics of the herd is always changing), but in a really short term scenario (like just getting through the football season)--it might work for the students that don't die or get long term repercussions.
  3. It is, but right now we kind of are in a bind. Imho, this is the worst time for me to be considering Libertarian.
  4. Hypothetically speaking, what would happen if any group of 8 or 9 states basically said "screw you, we're out" and stopped paying national taxes. I don't think we would use military power on ourselves, it would basically end the country, but the divorce and untying economically would be messy. It basically feels like we're in a cold civil war. It wouldn't shock me if the end result of this is that a couple of generations down the road we are 3 or 4 countries.
  5. Everyone that is part of the Democratic Establishment is a part of Antifa so....
  6. I feel like people are harping a mask now because they've given up on closing things down indefinitely. So the masks are a compromise so to speak.
  7. In 2016, Trump had a message. He was going to build a wall, he was going to be tough on immigration, he was going to cut taxes, etc. Right now he's just trying to fight fires. Read an article that attributed him losing a lot of moderates that he's pivoting in the wrong direction of coronavirus and BLM. Both positions are salvageable but he seems to be hoping it will just burn itself out by November. (and maybe it will) If I'm Biden, I'm just going to hide in my house and not do anything for awhile.
  8. The counter argument would be---because you have a lot of non-offensive depictions to go along with it. Back then, if you had a minority character, it was quite often in a not-flattering light. Things are obviously getting better these days, to where you can have both offensive and positive depictions. I know as an asian person, we would always be typecast as "the techie supporting character" type person. (Or martial artist) It's not necessarily a negative portrayal, but I wish they represented the diversity of the asian people that I knew.
  9. I have a black friend who loves Disney, but has made one of her life's crusades to get rid of all of the "Song of the South" references removed from Disney and Splash Mountain. (Even writing letters to make sure it would not be on Disney+) This has been going on for at least 10 years now so it's not a recent thing. A lot of these companies are choosing to make these changes on their own. It's their way of "helping" or good marketing or whatever. Most people want higher up systemic change, but if it helps change them then more power to them. In any case, what's different about today is that more people than ever have a voice. It's not that people didn't want to complain before, it's just that they were silenced.
  10. Why can't they be outraged after they *learn* about it? I feel like we're all learning about stuff we didn't before. I had no idea about the Black Wall Street or the Tulsa Race Riots before and am now disgusted it happened. I didn't know Robert E. Lee was a giant douchebag until I read about him. Are the statues/name changes, etc. really the hill to die on? Why not educate the rest of us on *why* they should be kept around.
  11. We know the average age of when people are supposed to die with frightening accuracy. (Actuarial Science -- for a group of people anyway) So they can plug in the data of those people who die of COVID and project when they would have died otherwise.
  12. Yeah, doesn't sound like anyone really cares about it being gone. That said, reading the story, UNLV was "rebelling" against the oppressive Nevada Wolf Pack? That makes it sound like you're admitting that you were the kid brother.
  13. Good, maybe then they'll let you use the name for cheap! (There's still the Rebellion concept in Star Wars that could make it work!)
  14. I say, keep Rebels, but go to a "Star Wars Rebels" theme. It's culturally modern and all the kids will want "The Star Wars Theme" to be their team!
  15. Bunch of Athletes from Texas releasing a statement saying they will no longer help with recruiting and/or donor events until the following changes are made: