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  1. I think its more likely some in the PAC-12 (namely USC and UCLA) jump to the Big10 than the Pac-12 take any of the remaining BIGXII.
  2. https://oxblue.com/pro/videoRedirect.php?videoCamID=0fdc5b7e09245eaba289af7ba36d9a75
  3. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-06-14/california-defies-doom-with-no-1-u-s-economy Great article on just how incredible the California economy is compared to other states.
  4. California's economy is booming right now. And if you go by GDP California did better than Florida and Texas during the pandemic. Interestingly, Washington, Oregon and California where all in the top states based off of GDP. The reason people leave is really because of housing or politics. Some want a large house with a yard and they can't afford that in California. And some want a more "conservative" approach to government and leave on those grounds. But California still succeeds.
  5. SDSU's Darren Hall (CB) just got drafted with the 3rd pick in the 4th round by the Falcons. Congrats Darren!
  6. I don't see how this is successful. It's basically a minor league. The Baseball College Word Series, for instance, is much bigger than minor league baseball. People identify with their schools and root for them regardless of players. No one cares if a high school player goes to some random league for a year before heading to the NBA. The G league has proven than no one cares about minor leagues.
  7. Chol and Johnson did nothing at their respective schools and came to SDSU to get more playing time, back when SDSU wasn't quite the program it is now. Gomez came from a CSUN, and was really undersized. So there was always a risk if he could "step up" in competition. Bradley is a big guard that averaged 18 ppg for CAL. He's a proven stud. Big difference.
  8. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-basketball-top-ten-transfer-portal-players-available-2021-22-season--163859756/#163859756_1 Considered the #5 best transfer. Huge get!
  9. Gonzaga, Florida State, Baylor and SDSU... because why not!
  10. I forgot about the SJSU game where he sat out as a precaution (he would have played but it was SJSU). The first AFA game was the game after the injury and he came off the bench and played less than 15 minutes in the 2nd AFA game. I don't think you can take away much from those games. And he did get injured in the first Utah State game. SDSU was down 9 when it happened with about 5 or 6 minutes left, so sure SDSU likely would have lost that game, but the game wasn't "over". So yes he missed the ending of one of the losses and the entire games in the other. Make of it as you will, but its
  11. Mitchell actually only missed 2 games and half of 1. And SDSU went 1-2 in those three games. So of the only 3 conference losses SDSU had, Mitchell was out in 2 of them. I think Mitchell is very deserving. You can make a case for Queta for sure. How good would Utah State be without him? But to the winner goes the spoils.
  12. I don't think ESPN will allow them not to participate. What's the point of televising it if Gonzaga and BYU aren't in it. They could pull the money from the WCC if Gonzaga and BYU didn't participate. It's the same reason the MWC is doing all these makeup games in the last week, even if its not in the best interest of the MWC. TV said so, and if you want to get paid, you do as they say.
  13. Don't forget the make up games. Word is that SDSU will get forfeits for the New Mexico games and that CSU will have to make up the games at Nevada. Also looks like SDSU will get to bypass playing the games at UNLV. If SDSU can win both games at Boise State they will win likely win the conference, ditto for Boise State if they win. CSU can tie if they win out, or win outright if they win out and SDSU/Boise split. Nevada might still be able to get the 2 seed if they win out vs Utah State and Nevada and Boise State loses both games.
  14. This is actually untrue. If a forfeit is granted, the wins would count towards the conference standings only. The wins won't count to the overall standings (including net ranking or official NCAA record).
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