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  1. My guess si they will cancel most of out of conference basketball games and pre-season tournaments. That will allow conferences to play conference only starting in Mid-January. That allows for more time and a better shot at getting some kind of season in. We will see.
  2. The SDSU AD in his press conference yesterday not only reiterated that the bonds are secure and they will break ground in a day or two, but that because the interest rates are so low right now that they saved MILLIONS of dollars a year on the low interest rate they got on their bond loan. So Silver Linings.
  3. Nebraska isn't doing anything unless the President of the University gives the OK, no matter what the coach or AD says.
  4. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29633697/heart-condition-linked-covid-19-fuels-power-5-concern-season-viability This is a very big reason why they are canceling the season.
  5. By shutting down college football it gives the conferences more time (maybe a whole year) to figure this out. Who knows what the climate will be in the Spring or next fall.
  6. SDSU stadium is 100% being funded by donations and bonds. So its not affected by the CSU budget and it is full speed ahead. Bonds were already secured and bonds are a 30 year investment so worrying about year 1 or 2 is short sighted.
  7. They are saying over 400 players have now signed onto this. That is a lot of players.
  8. They want 50% revenue sharing. No chance they agree to that. Dang!
  9. Keith Obermann reported that MLB told its TV carriers to have alternate programming ready as early as Monday. If more Cardinals players are positive tomorrow I think they shut it down.
  10. I didn't know that. Good for Wyoming. But my point is there are a lot of places where it is crazy cold in January including in the MWC and if you don't have an indoor football field it will be miserable.
  11. It will be pushed to the Spring, its just a matter of when they announce it. Does the MWC want to be first? I don't know. But all conferences will be moving to the spring. There is zero chance college football will be played in the fall. Conferences are moving games to late September, but that will do nothing. By then all the college kids will be on campus mixing in with the football players. The virus will spread like wild fire. You can't expect college students to be in a bubble or always be isolated. Professional MLB players can't even do it. MLB is testing every day, but for
  12. Will Alabama fans vote for a former Auburn coach?
  13. If EVERYONE wore masks this would be pretty much contained in about 30 days as well. We can't even get people to do that but you think we can get everyone to not leave their house for 2 weeks?
  14. The statistics from death certificates collected by the CDC are very clear. Covid-19 is massively under-reported. Pneumonia deaths in April and May jumped by 650%. That is statistically impossible, especially when flu season is over and pneumonia deaths always go down. This was a result of people dying of pneumonia like symptoms but they were never tested for Covid-19. As such the cause of death was written on their death certificate was Pneumonia. They did not go back and test dead patients (especially in areas like New York) where the bodies were piling up fast. If you look at the dat
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