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  1. They are saying over 400 players have now signed onto this. That is a lot of players.
  2. They want 50% revenue sharing. No chance they agree to that. Dang!
  3. namssa


    Keith Obermann reported that MLB told its TV carriers to have alternate programming ready as early as Monday. If more Cardinals players are positive tomorrow I think they shut it down.
  4. I didn't know that. Good for Wyoming. But my point is there are a lot of places where it is crazy cold in January including in the MWC and if you don't have an indoor football field it will be miserable.
  5. It will be pushed to the Spring, its just a matter of when they announce it. Does the MWC want to be first? I don't know. But all conferences will be moving to the spring. There is zero chance college football will be played in the fall. Conferences are moving games to late September, but that will do nothing. By then all the college kids will be on campus mixing in with the football players. The virus will spread like wild fire. You can't expect college students to be in a bubble or always be isolated. Professional MLB players can't even do it. MLB is testing every day, but for college football the current plan is for teams to test once a week on Thursday, then fly commercial and bus together as a team to games? Ya right, if someone has it they won't know until after they arrive and by then half the team will probably contract it with the way teams travel. I have no idea how they think this will work in any way, shape or form. Oh and then in the winter we get flu season so that mixed in with Covid-19 should be fun. As far as starting fall camp on 1/4, I'm sure Wyoming isn't to crazy about that. Man is it cold then. Can you practice during that time of year outdoors?
  6. Will Alabama fans vote for a former Auburn coach?
  7. If EVERYONE wore masks this would be pretty much contained in about 30 days as well. We can't even get people to do that but you think we can get everyone to not leave their house for 2 weeks?
  8. The statistics from death certificates collected by the CDC are very clear. Covid-19 is massively under-reported. Pneumonia deaths in April and May jumped by 650%. That is statistically impossible, especially when flu season is over and pneumonia deaths always go down. This was a result of people dying of pneumonia like symptoms but they were never tested for Covid-19. As such the cause of death was written on their death certificate was Pneumonia. They did not go back and test dead patients (especially in areas like New York) where the bodies were piling up fast. If you look at the data there are over 25,000 extra cases of pneumonia deaths over the average. That is clearly 25,000 Covid-19 related deaths that were undercounted.
  9. But what about the coaches, referees, and training staff who the majority are 50 and older? Those are the people who could die from it. Nick Saban, Rocky Long, ect. would not be immune to this.
  10. First, the graph above stops in Mid March 2020 (Week 10). That is right before the outbreak in the US. Second, I went to the CDC website in your graph and got a very different graph showing massive spike in April and May and the entire county above average level. https://gis.cdc.gov/grasp/fluview/mortality.html Here is the actual graph. Notice the MASSIVE pneumonia spikes in April and May. Also notice the raw data showing pneumonia spikes by 400-650%. That is showing you that pneumonia is WAY WAY overcounted because they died without being tested. There is likely at least 20,000 people that died of COVID-19 that instead got attributed to pneumonia. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/investigations/2020/04/29/far-greater-u-s-covid-19-death-toll-indicated-cdc-data/3048381001/?fbclid=IwAR2MclRhZUbm5U41vrw8SLRuzLaGkU-nS2g0d0-VLlgL53-AblYKthL0lTw https://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/weeklyarchives2019-2020/data/NCHSData24.csv
  11. Your talking about the percentage of people who have died. But I'm talking about the percentage of people who contact the virus that actually die. Two very different things. The thought is that eventually the majority of people will get it over time. So although a fraction of the population HAS died to date, it will continue to grow. You need to look at the death rate, not the total death count to know the danger of the virus. That in conjunction with the R0 (or R naught) number is the number to look at. To know the danger of the disease you look at the death rate times the R0 to know how deadly it is. Covid-19 has a really high R0, which is why it spreads so easily.
  12. Where in the world did you get the .0004%? Most put the death rate at .5% and as high as 1.5% for those who get infected. Sweden's death rate is 10%, but that is largely likely a testing issue. Sweden is one of the highest countries in the world in Covid-19 death rates. They only have 10 million people but have over 5K deaths. They are also a very healthy country, almost all white and very spread out (they have land mass greater than California). Now I agree that the young shouldn't worry about dying from this, but the US is general has a lot of obese and people in poor health. You can't be cavalier about this and you can't force kids who aren't even getting paid into playing a sport for our entertainment with an uncontrollable pandemic. We haven't even discussed coaches and staff who are generally older and how that will effect them. Rock Long is 70, how will it effect him if he were to contract it, for instance?
  13. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/alabama-football-at-least-five-players-have-reportedly-tested-positive-for-the-coronavirus/?ftag=SPM-16-10abi8e Shows you how easily this virus spreads and how hard it will be to contain, especially in a college football program. Being this is the SEC, I'm sure they won't be deterred and just isolate those players and move on, but it shows how difficult a task this will be to keep out of any program. Oklahoma State and Iowa State has had infections as well.
  14. Pneumonia deaths went up 650% in the month if April and May when it always goes down as flu season is over. That is statistically impossible. These deaths were attributed to people dying of Covid-19 but never got tested. That is over 20,000 extra Covid-19 deaths that were instead attributed to pneumonia. Check out the CDC statistics for pneumonia deaths, its shocking.