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  1. Percentage. And I forgot to update my picked list and find two more teams. I'll get on it.
  2. Yeah, I thought of that. Fortunately I can guarantee that they won’t lose any games this year.
  3. I’ll get to it ASAP. I’m thinking about UConn, but not decided yet.
  4. With McMahon out, and hopefully a decent ownership group, it could work. It was fun to watch and with some tweaks showed a lot of promise.
  5. CSU planning on having fans in Canvas this year. Just limiting the number. I’m sure that’s the plan for every other MEC team. I’m not sure why an NFL team can’t manage it.
  6. The standards argument is BS. You don't need a medical school on campus to follow basic safety protocols. I'm sure every FBS school in the country has the same protocols.
  7. The only arguments here are first...with conference only games there is more latitude to rearrange the schedule in case of an outbreak. Secondly, each conference has certain safety protocols and by going conference only they know that all competitors have followed all the protocols. Both arguments are BS, but those are the arguments.
  8. I'm very aware that there might be some wrong turns. However, the vaccine, based on phase II results is already in mass production The assumption that we need to vaccinate everybody is a fallacy. The symptoms are mild in most of the infected. The goal is to vaccinate the most at risk and move down from there. Like I said, I don't think the vaccine is going to eradicate Covid, and it would be foolish to make that the expected goal. We can quickly immunize the most at risk. That really needs to be the short term goal. We'll be doing that very early in '21. Why do you want to ha
  9. It used to take two years at a minimum to map the genome of a virus. This one got done in a month. You seriously discount scientific advances in your negative scenario. We've got multiple vaccines being developed with new technology that have proven safe and effective on small samples. Just because this project is moving fast, doesn't mean it's doomed. To be fair, it is destined to be a failure by some folks standards. No vaccine will eradicate any version of a Coronavirus. That type of virus mutates too fast. A vaccine can help control it though, and one attribute of a Coronavirus is
  10. HIstorically it's been 24 hours, but I don't think @happycamper gets real strict about it. We've got lot's of time. Maybe way more than we want.
  11. Ask the governors. I don't think any conference will bail unless forced to do so. As was pointed out, the P12 has two public universities in CA. Both in Oregon and Washington are public. That's half of the P12 at the mercy of fairly (exceedingly) liberal governments. This whole Covid response has clearly varied to an extent depending on the right/left leanings of state government. I don't see any P5 shutting it down, but the biggest possibility is some state governments shutting it down for them. If that's the case, I'll say P12. If that does happen, I think it's a domino. Plenty
  12. And the gambling crowd has some sort of covid immunity. I've got nothing against gambling, I just wonder why it has a higher level of necessity than worship. It's supposed to be a free country, shouldn't we honor the rights of one group at the same level as the other?
  13. What would you have done different? Be fair. Hindsight is 20/20.
  14. Years ago I lived in Windsor, CO when the big tornado struck there. I was in Durango on business and heard about it on the radio. It hit my kids school. No injuries there, but KOA wouldn't (couldn't) broadcast that and between phone lines being down and cell towers being tied up, I was north of Denver before I found out that everyone was safe. Durango to Windsor in just over 5 hours. I cut two hours off of that trip and would've made it in under 5 had I not gotten word that folks were safe. A lot of my time on the interstate was over 100 MPH. My kids were in the 3rd grade. I can live w
  15. There was minimal wall funding. Not enough to do squat. Your second point....sure, OK.
  16. Yes. Yes it would. I saw this one in the liquor store the other day.
  17. No, there was never a deal. The dems wouldn't fund the wall, so he didn't give them their list. It was that simple. Trump, nor anybody else, had a policy of separating children from their parents. Both Trump and Obama had a policy of separating children from the adult they came in with until it was determined for a fact who that adult was. The media likes to scream about Trump fighting immigration, he clearly has been just managing it. What he's been fighting is the cartels.
  18. FBI memos make it clear that they knew they didn't have any "goods" on Flynn. Flynn had info on Obama era DOJ corruption, and had to go.
  19. I'm moving a little faster than I'd like here, but I might as well get it over with. I'll take the Cincinnati Bearcats. @GoState99755, it's your turn again.
  20. I'm gonna' take Utah. @Headbutt is up.
  21. LOL! I don't care how dumb a QB plays, his physical health will always be credited to his protection. Good or bad.
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