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  1. Just to weigh in as to why I don't think any of this happens. Calhoun has complained about being in the MWC. The reason for his complaint was the travel. If the command structure at AFA agree with him, they're not jumping to the AAC. Speaking of travel. Boise is no picnic for fans to travel to. Good luck getting a direct flight from Memphis, etc. Same goes for Laramie and Logan. Even CSU is a 45 minute drive or a change of planes in Denver. It's a lateral move for anyone in the MWC. Nobody's going to jump unless there is a true western division formed (at least 5 MWC scho
  2. I mean, you know, if you need some. It's cool to dunk corn in Glendo too. I didn't mean to offend. Sorry.
  3. This is BS. Why would the AAC think they had any chance competing with the Big 10 for CSU?? C'mon man!
  4. I doubt that the AAC will meet ACC covid requirements. No matter what they are.
  5. CSU is going to the Big 10. Seriously.
  6. It wasn't CSU, we're too determined to embrace mediocrity. It wasn't Wyoming, they don't like getting laughed at. SJSU had their phones shut off for late payments. I'm guessing that BSU was looking to play more of the blackmail game and once again got SDSU to stooge along for show.
  7. Brilliant. @fbpack, you're up.
  8. If you behave, I might share a couple of hotspots up there with you.
  9. I was thinking pheasant?
  10. Fer crissakes @Warbow, can you get it in gear?!? We'd like to get this done before the season starts.
  11. You know what, and this is just my opinion, I expect a little patience if a kid can't figure a play or gap responsibility out, or if he's got good attendance and still pulling D's. If a kid isn't attending class (virtual or not) then he needs an ass chewing. If that's my kid, I'm buying the coach a beer. Wake up calls suck, but sometimes they are definitely called for.
  12. The truth is...if you don't want to be here, you really do need to leave. I wish A. Hill had realized that. Him and the crybaby mental health counselor who went to the papers because the coach yelled at a player over academics and made him cry.
  13. That's not an issue. Our woke president who thinks athletes need safe spaces and some current and past staff upset about toxic masculinity are an issue. We've got major problems, paying for the stadium isn't one of them.
  14. Not sure who they'd compete against, but that was my thought as well. Give 'em the keys to the gym and let them hope somebody shows up. The Title IX argument in this has no legs.
  15. Anthony Hill, we're looking at you. You selfish son of a bitch.
  16. Bullshit!! UConn’s taken!!
  17. For me it's time to get back to the old days. The browns start spawning about mid-normal football season. They need a lesson. I've got a brookie spot that is kind of tough to get to, but they're fun as all get out in the fall. Hey fella's, I'm back. I think I might hunt Teal again. I haven't done that in years. They're a lot of fun being tiny and fast. I haven't followed the NFL much in years. I might try a little this year, but @halfmanhalfbronco nailed it. Time to get out of the house.
  18. Oh, man. One more step towards easy.
  19. What you’re missing is that COVID 19 is a nasty virus. Just plain Covid is a new socio-political concern. Kind of like disco.
  20. Just a thought. Give it a little pause to see who all the quitters are, then let effected players replace teams in order, then finish the 5th round and call it good. OR....switch the whole game to horse racing or bull riding. Edit: Wait, CSU has a polo team. Maybe we can pick college polo teams??
  21. I would be interested in the rate of this incidence. Many common viruses cause myocarditis. I'm not saying Covid is no worse than others, I'm saying that I haven't seen any reports that it is worse. If we beat Covid, we're still not going to be bulletproof.
  22. I've been wondering the same. If as rumored, we lose the entire P5 it's time to mail it in. If not, then I think we go to Pick 9, or Pick 8, or whatever we can salvage.
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