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  1. They pretty much won as a cheating basketball team. They haven't gotten any NCAA punishment as a cheating football team yet. Whoops, that probably hit a little close to home. Sorry.
  2. Ummm, I was talking Boise relevance. Nobody was claiming The RAMS were relevant. Maybe that part of the conversation was moving a little too fast for you. Let me put this in your ball park, OK? What makes you think that Boise is still relevant to college football? By the way, "relevant" means that it is "closely connected to the matter at hand". For example, a glow plug would be relevant to the operation of the engine in your truck.
  3. Lobo's ain't a lot to look at on the football field. But they more than hold their own in almost every other sport. Very similar to SDSU.
  4. Ummm, no. Not only is he not ready for the NFL, there is also no way he would allow us RAMS to be cheated out of another year of tormenting this board with Kapri Bibbs posts. Team player that Bibbs.
  5. BSU is nothing special this year, but still better than any of those three. Probably better than NIU as well. CaffCoug was right, very unimpressed with either team in that game last night.
  6. First time I've watched NIU. They benefitted greatly from some bad calls and playing a D that prefers hugging to tackling. They will get killed in a BcS game based on what I saw.
  7. Some serious home cooking to boot. MAC really wants to see NIU pick up the BcS funds apparently.
  8. Refs seem to have a favorite, but damn...Ball State can't tackle worth sh!t.
  9. SOS is either hurting us a lot, or it's what's keeping us undefeated. I'm not sure. I just know that I'd be very happy as a top 15 team going into the tournament if that were to hold.
  10. Anything under 25K is pathetic. CSU is clearly in that group. This must change.
  11. Halftime stripper show with suites for the whales and comp the beers for everyone who actually pays to get in? Just trying to help.
  12. Very impressive. Sounds like every other D-1 QB recruit, except "needs to become a better athlete". You can get bigger, a little faster, and a lot smarter when you go to D-1, but you won't become a "better athlete". That's genetic. If he isn't athletic enough as a full grown 18 year old, he won't be as a highly trained 23 year old.
  13. I agree with all of your points but one. 90 miles? First of all Provo is 125 miles from Logan, about the same distance Laramie is from Denver/Boulder. That would be the home of the Broncos/CU buffaloes, and CSU and AFA are much closer than that. Back east, it is much more crowded for both pro and college programs. While I recognize the impact that the pro attraction has on CSU attendance, I don't accept it as an excuse. I'd say the same applies even more for USU since the closest real competition for the gameday dollar is a bottom PAC team. You're in the MWC now, no more excuses. With
  14. This is correct, with one caveat. A bad team that returns a lot of players that started as frosh or sophomores should be expected to have a lot of improvement, not just stay bad. A decent team with a lot of returning starters should be good, and a good team with a lot of returning starters should be dominant.
  15. Just for clarification, CSU did not get throttled at home by a 5-6 Big Sky Team. They got throttled at home by the FCS national champions. CSU had a very ugly transitional year in 2012, and were a pretty bad team. However, The Bison would've kicked a lot of D-1 arses. I'm not pretending that CSU has put quality football on the field lately, I'm just saying that if you really know as much as you claim about football you'd start with facts, instead of just a convenient fabrication for an argument. Sagarin sucks, partly because he gives to much credence to an FCS victory. The only redeem
  16. Excellent breakdown. I might add that the re-addition of Boise did generate the new TV bonus system, which was designed and implemented to bring Boise back and equals about the same $$ in TV revenue as what will be paid out to Boise. From a financial standpoint, the recovery of the Boise football program did not really add anything to the conference. It did however severely damage the AAC and allowed us to take our place as a (barely) clear #6. This is something we can build on at several levels. The re-addition of SDSU was anything from great to ho-hum depending on how you view the prog
  17. I think you almost nailed it. I'll put Wyo below USU and CSU in the Mountain, and definitely flip SDSU and Fresno in the west. I might even move SJSU up to #2 in the west. CCG will be in Boise, and the home team will beat SDSU.
  18. Ahhh, got it. I'm not on this board enough to get the more subtle stuff. For what it's worth, the only school in the MWC with a shot at the PAC is CSU. Not for football or anything, but strictly because it just adds one more school with legal weed.
  19. Boise will never be in the Pac anything. It will not happen. Get over it. They don't like Boise, and they sure as hell don't need Boise. Big 12 may happen, but I put it at about 200 to 1.
  20. I never met your dad, but I sure appreciated him. A classy guy that rose above the garbage the internet sometimes offers. He's been on this board for a long time, and we are all diminished by his passing. My sincerest condolences.
  21. UNM and CSU improved by attrition. We both lost coaches that couldn't get it done on gameday. However, we both lost good recruiters. Davie and JMac do not have empty cupboards, and I do expect improvement.
  22. At CSU we have upgraded our secondary, coaching, DL, QB, and have the guy that I believe is the best RB in the conference. We also have a very solid O-line. I have us ranked about 6th because we lack GREAT talent . My point is that SDSU overachieved last year due to some GREAT talent. You aren't replacing those guys with equal talent, therefore you won't be improved. SDSU is at roughly the same talent level as CSU right now. SDSU will struggle mightily in 2012. This is of course, just my opinion, but I have seen your coach make chicken +++++ out of chicken salad too many times at UNM fo
  23. So you won't miss a beat without Lindley and Hillman? Very Impressive!
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