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  1. Late starts seem to be all the rage with Covid.
  2. No, UNC does. Just saying I’d love to move UNC to the opener and get a two week bye.
  3. I don't think we'll get that. The pre-season practice schedule is governed by a formula based on first day of classes and first game. You'd have to look it up and explain it to me, it's pretty ridiculous. Anyway, I don't believe we can't start organized practices at the same time as everybody else and just pick up some extra training. Now, if Fort Lewis were to cancel on UNC, and we could move that game up two weeks.....
  4. CSU lost two PAC12 games. We apparently do not anticipate replacing them. The AD has said there will be no negative financial impact from losing them. Our season will now open Sept. 19. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.
  5. Well, that might explain a lot of our issues last year. Our DC apparently didn't understand the 3-4, what with him running a 4 man front all season.
  6. OK. I'll take your word for it. That still doesn't explain why any individual university can't use them if they want to. If they're that unreliable, smart universities won't. Others may see it different. Eliminating them is as dumb as mandating them.
  7. I'm confused why you are so set on not letting a university use SAT/ACT. Those are tests that indicate a certain aptitude. If a university wants to use those, fine. If they don't, that's also their business. It's up to the school. There's no ridiculous federal mandate on entrance requirements anywhere.
  8. I think getting rid of them would be a bad idea. It's up to the admitting institution to decide whether to use them as a tool, or a standard. The more competitive you can make your admissions, the more employable your graduates will be, and the heftier your endowment will be down the road. If your admissions staff is smart enough to put the right amount of weight on test scores, they might have a leg up. If they underrate or overrate standardized tests, they may be doing themselves a disservice. Don't ditch the tools, learn to use them right.
  9. It's not going to be easy on any school, including CSU. We're still in pretty good shape right now, but nobody's kidding themselves about what we're up against. We can skip this season and survive. It will definitely hurt, especially with the ongoing construction of the women's sports complex. I'm pretty sure we're still on the hook to complete and pay for that on schedule. The key is to play football and allow at least some fans in the gate. The Denver Post drastically overstates the financial necessity of the CU game. That's just a drama queen reporter in a back handed "CSU is cu
  10. There is a lot to consider with that proposal. It does cost quite a bit extra to disinfect the stadium after Wyoming visits, and we always end up in the hole for maintenance costs after they raid the bathrooms for repair parts. They do buy a lot of beer though, and don't seem to either notice or care that we water it down, so there is some plus side on the ledger. Then there is the cost of putting up the "BYU Wall". I do believe that is a conference mandate still. I'd be happy to take the idea to Joe Parker, but his first question is going to be in regards to who will cover security and j
  11. We can do that. @The Ghost of Jack Graham has no clue what he is talking about, however...we'd welcome North Carolina and BYU with enough notice to ensure proper security.
  12. Texas Tech Appalachian State University of Idaho Idaho State Hays State Ogden High Aims Community College Anybody That Will Answer the Phone Technical School Dre's Mom BYU is a great liberal arts university. They can spell "DESPERATE" as well as any school.
  13. The way I read it, he knows a guy at Fresno but is putting together a coalition to invite BYU to the SEC. Maybe others see it different.
  14. Maybe, I couldn't honestly say who has it worse. But yes, Wyoming is broke. They are hurting really, really bad. They live and die on energy prices. Those are in the shitter. Wheat, corn, and cattle are down. UW expects an almost 20% drop in enrollment due mostly to the states economy. That's an expected $10 million drop in tuition alone. They actually called all returning students to see if they were coming back, 1,900 said no. I'm not reveling in their bad situation at all, Colorado isn't exactly printing cash these days, just pointing out that it's the wrong fan base to jump up and
  15. LOL! Somebody told the A&M AD that BYU lost 5 games due to the Covid overreaction, and that somehow means BYU just picked up an SEC schedule? Yeah, looks pretty clear to me. Just read the article.
  16. Trash talk about finances from a fan of the most broke ass state in the union. I heard your governor on KGAB a few weeks ago state that if he fired every state employee and closed the prison, you still couldn't balance the budget in three years. Glass houses man. CSU will be just fine. UW is struggling to get students to even enroll. You can brag about a smaller budget, but it looks a little silly when you can't even afford that pittance.
  17. I now have to try and sell ice cubes to indigenous people.
  18. So, I'll try to be clear. I don't see Tuberville as a bad candidate because his resume is just college football coach. I don't know his politics, so I'm not in his camp or opposed to him. I don't see Cuban as a bad candidate because his resume is building wealth and owning an NBA team. I have heard Cuban's politics, and I'm not a fan, but that's an aside. I don't think we can measure a candidate on their previous job. I'm a no on Cuban. I'm indifferent on Tuberville. I'm opposed to judging Tuberville as a no and judging Cuban as a yes just based on their previous endeavors.
  19. Yeah, my point was pretty clear I thought. How do you diss a coach, while supporting an owner? Neither job makes them a candidate. It's a whole different world.
  20. He's rich. That makes him great? That right there would be the end of any anti-Trump discussion. I like the guy. I saw a few interviews and didn't like his position. The point is, I'll judge them on their potential as a politician. I don't think you can discount Tuberville because he's an ex-coach. I don't know his politics, but I think it's overly simplistic to discount him as a statesman merely because of his previous vocation while supporting Cuban for his. Give the guy a shot based on what he brings to the table as a statesman, not his previous job. If creating wealth were the mea
  21. That's great. My statement of "best of luck" was sincere. So was my statement that I'd hate to be an AD of a football program moving up right now.
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