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  1. If it's just Wazzu and the Beavs left over, they'll take anybody they can get. Likely not enough to keep the conference viable. It would be MWC money.
  2. Yeah, that would be trying to force a small example into a large sample size. Conversely, if 70% of UNLV's transfers go to a P5 does that mean that nationally 70% of players in the portal will move on to a better level? I don't know how accurate those numbers are, just something I read, but they do seem to make sense. I think it's clearly fair that players should get a one time transfer without penalty, and I think the portal is the best way to facilitate that. That doesn't mean it's a good idea for everybody. Many (most?) will find that they were better off where they started if they're transferring purely for football reasons.
  3. No shit. Of course they want pro if possible. Most of them are smart enough to know that ain't gonna' happen. Otherwise they wouldn't have signed with an academy.
  4. What elephant? It's not big enough to be an elephant. Yes, the Denver media will fawn all over Deion and continue to just kind of notice that JN is at CSU. Big deal. That's nothing new. The only time I pay any attention to CU is when it comes to in-state recruiting and one game a year, every couple of years. I think the Prime Clown Show is going to be fun to watch, but no more or less fun than if he was at AZ or Nebraska. Folks in Fort Collins need to quit worrying about Boulder, we've got enough to worry about in our own house.
  5. Deion has hired very well. Why wouldn't you work there as a coordinator? You know he's gone when things get great and you either get to take over or follow him to a bigger paycheck. Kind of getting in on the ground floor kind of thing. As for comparing him to Norvell, it's a whole different game. Prime's playing in the spotlight of the big time P5. Norvell is just trying to find a winner in the G5. One is trying to find a quick buck as a figure in the big time, the other is trying to build a program. Who knows where either will be in three or four years, but for now the only thing they've got in common is cleaning out and rebuilding a football team.
  6. Yeah, especially in the MWC it seems. We don't lack for entertainment.
  7. He found a zone there for a while and showed why he gets the accolades. Put the team on his shoulders and kept us alive. Swoll, how about Kyle Evans development from his first game through tonight? There's some future there.
  8. I did not expect that at all. GO RAMS!!
  9. Yeah, I'm kind of expecting that, but we'll see. I'm curious about Green especially. With Hank in the portal, he's in the drivers seat in Boise and would be just greedy to move on. He'll get his NFL looks without moving on, but he might still do it. I'd like to see him stay. I'm sure plenty of Boise fans are not just interested like I am, but actually pretty damn nervous.
  10. Agreed. That makes no sense at all, especially if your a starter/regular rotation player.
  11. It's happening everywhere. The grass is greener. I read that 30% of the kids entering the portal will not get a scholly anywhere, and that another 30% will move down a level. If it's about chasing NIL, it's fools gold. If a player really can get a better shot elsewhere (even at a lower division) and still get the same quality of education, then I say go for it but I think there are big regrets ahead for the majority of them.
  12. Tavi Jackson out for CSU (foot), and Jaylen Lake a gametime decision (shoulder). RAMS are already struggling to find chemistry and rely heavily on those two. I think beating St. Mary's was going to be unlikely with a healthy roster, not much chance without one IMO.
  13. Unlikely. They're not dumb. They know if they can get to the pros or not, and 99% can't. The vast majority are there to serve their country and form a career. They're just playing ball because they can.
  14. Aware of those great stories, and many enlisted men that served and then pursued their athletic careers. It goes to my point though, those folks honored the commitment that they made first and then went pro. They were not excused from the investment that the country made in them. I just think that's a decision you have to make and stick to.
  15. Yeah. Been there. Like I said, it sucks in the winter. Fantastic in the summer.
  16. I'm with 4. That has to be a huge undertaking. I'd get a kick out of watching it, but damned if I'd ask for it.
  17. I couldn't possibly recall temps, but any late season game out here is frigid. I recall some nasty Border Wars, especially one where it was so cold the ground built up a fog and from 15 rows up I could barely see the field. One '90's game at AFA was about 10 or so below IIRC. It's unlikely that any game on the Front Range in late November is going to be above freezing and quite often is sub-zero. It's actually pretty doable unless the wind kicks up. Then things get real.
  18. Helluva game in the fourth. This is fun. Edit: Hell, that was just the third.
  19. I like the change, but agree that he should get grandfathered. He should get what he signed up for. Moving forward, if you commit to the military (especially an academy) you should be expected to honor that commitment.
  20. Northern NY sucks in the winter. Wait, I should have emphasized SUCKS!!! However, that's some beautiful country in the summer and some of the best fishing you'll find. Maybe Rocky's in to that. I'll be surprised it it happens, but who knows.
  21. Although, a recent change in policy (if I understand correctly) allows him to defer his service for some predetermined time in order to play in the NFL. Could still finish at the the USMA and would be on reserve status for a while but eventually does owe the Army his time.
  22. @lakesbison crapping his pants. Thought he had that MWC invite in the bag.
  23. I think I could make a pretty strong argument that CSU has the best resume for the NCAAT of all MWC teams right now despite totally shitting the bed so far. Or maybe Wyoming. WTF? Did the tBSUf app go off??
  24. You know what. I hope his attorney is right. That it never happened. Obviously that's incredibly unlikely given the reports, but it would be the good outcome. I suspect that he'll see probation and unemployment. Probably rightfully so.
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