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  1. Just a thought. Give it a little pause to see who all the quitters are, then let effected players replace teams in order, then finish the 5th round and call it good. OR....switch the whole game to horse racing or bull riding. Edit: Wait, CSU has a polo team. Maybe we can pick college polo teams??
  2. I would be interested in the rate of this incidence. Many common viruses cause myocarditis. I'm not saying Covid is no worse than others, I'm saying that I haven't seen any reports that it is worse. If we beat Covid, we're still not going to be bulletproof.
  3. I've been wondering the same. If as rumored, we lose the entire P5 it's time to mail it in. If not, then I think we go to Pick 9, or Pick 8, or whatever we can salvage.
  4. Sounds like you have very little knowledge of the problem.
  5. So, Anthony Hill was on staff under Bobo (director of player development I believe) and left a pretty scathing letter behind when he was not retained by Addazio. It basically said that there was some culture of racism in the building with the Bobo staff, and he feared it would be the same under Addazio. He also complained about minority coaches being under paid. Upon further review, the minority coaches on the staff are paid about what a coach of their experience would be paid at a MWC school, regardless of color, and you can read what the players have to say. I wonder how many of thes
  6. I think that last line speaks volumes. Could be a lawsuit in someone’s future.
  7. My next selection will be... @GoState99755, you're up. And try to be quick about it.
  8. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  9. The MWC could easily schedule a full round robin, with the exception of AFA who would need an additional game to accommodate Army and Navy. I said "schedule". I think it's easy to schedule a round robin, but may be impossible to actually play one.
  10. OK. So any "waiver of liability" has limits. I know an attorney that laughs at the concept. However, it's still a necessary document. You and I should have to waiver liability for Covid just to enter a stadium. If a player can show negligence, then the waiver is void anyway. However, without one, it's almost impossible to proceed with the sport. If they're not already signing a waiver, sans Covid, then somebody is completely missing the ball. You just cannot offer someone an opportunity to take an obvious risk for a defined benefit without getting that waiver signed. Just how it works
  11. OK, one piece at a time. If Covid causes a hardship that disallows a player to perform, whether it be personal or institutional an additional year of eligibility should be granted by the NCAA. This is already on the table and has overwhelming support. How the scholarship is handled by the university is a different issue and should be. I'd suspect that none would be pulled if the NCAA allows a new (temporary) limit, but again I believe that should be up to the university. There is no specific whistleblower protection tied to Covid, but there are protections in place at public entities,
  12. What 50% rule? I saw nothing in their manifesto about a 50% rule. I'm not sure about a hardship waiver. If you mean the ability to sit out without losing a scholarship, I believe most teams have endorsed it and it is on the table with the NCAA. I absolutely oppose a ban of liability waivers, that is just plain stupid, and if you don't like the "whistleblower" policy at your current school, go find a different school. There are legal protections for any student at any school for "whistleblowing" already (as there should be). The notion of being able to make a school pay your medical bills
  13. Not really IMO. Most of these "demands" are already policy. Banning liability waivers and holding the university liable for five years is ridiculous. Should that apply to every student? Should that apply to every business in town. This is stupid. It's a case of demanding what you already have, and demanding what cannot be delivered. I expect better common sense from MWC athletes, or at the least a more aggressive approach to the ridiculous like the P12 got.
  14. No. It's favorable to restaurant reviews, sustainable lifestyles, and social justice. They're not just adversarial to CSU sports, they are adversarial to collegiate sports in general. It started with, and stems from, their very active opposition to CSU building the new stadium.
  15. By "verifiable" he means that they gave their names. A number of players and parents have gone public refuting these allegations, as opposed to the rumor printed by the Coloradoan. The Coloradoan gave no verifiable sources, therefore it is at best a rumor. Who knows how this will turn out, but for now I'll go with the players who offered their names when calling it BS as opposed to those who made allegations (some already proven false) anonymously, or at least according to the Coloradoan. And yes, the Coloradoan has a long standing agenda against CSU athletics. I'm shocked that the AD
  16. Normally I'd be opposed to bailing out BYU, but in this case it would be a mutual bail out. We both have 9-12 and 9-19 open now. I'd like to do this on one of those dates, preferably the 12th. An early tune up followed by a two week bye. That would give us some time to clean any unexpected issues up, as well as a potential two week quarantine if you infect our guys. I'll give Joe Parker a holler and see what he's thinking.
  17. Percentage. And I forgot to update my picked list and find two more teams. I'll get on it.
  18. Yeah, I thought of that. Fortunately I can guarantee that they won’t lose any games this year.
  19. I’ll get to it ASAP. I’m thinking about UConn, but not decided yet.
  20. With McMahon out, and hopefully a decent ownership group, it could work. It was fun to watch and with some tweaks showed a lot of promise.
  21. CSU planning on having fans in Canvas this year. Just limiting the number. I’m sure that’s the plan for every other MEC team. I’m not sure why an NFL team can’t manage it.
  22. The standards argument is BS. You don't need a medical school on campus to follow basic safety protocols. I'm sure every FBS school in the country has the same protocols.
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