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  1. You're probably right, but vague allegations aren't going to be taken seriously by anyone with common sense. Why put it out there in public if your not going to explain? Just announcing that you're not happy with a situation, without describing the situation just makes someone look like a wannabe' victim. Actual victims suffer because so many self proclaimed victims turn out to be full of crap. If you're going to try your case in the court of public opinion, you need to make more than just a vague allegation, or just keep it out of the public eye.
  2. Tough call. I'd lean pretty heavily towards UNR winning this one, but...CSU is not lacking talent. They just struggle putting it together. Any given night and it's a whole different ball game. I'm not saying tonight's that night, just that you can't count them out until they show they're out.
  3. +1000. I've been saying this for years.
  4. There's a really good reason I don't gamble. I'd have bet the farm on UNM.
  5. FIFY. Yeah, they can decertify. I'm just saying that nobody will go down without a fight.
  6. The expanded playoffs, coupled with slightly stiffer eligibility requirements would require the elimination of a number of bowls. That's fine, but which ones? I'm sure nobody is volunteering. Maybe fans can agree on a few to get rid of, but I doubt the 'Tater Bowl attorneys would agree. This could get messy.
  7. Bill's packing up their equipment. It's over, and rightly so.
  8. I think the 5 minutes is just a more or less automatic decision without further information. I'll be shocked if it is played tonight, and I don't see where lawyers will be involved in that decision. The NFL will do the right thing, they have no choice. They'll wait until they get some facts, and it will be pretty much the teams' decision. Game is over.
  9. I'd think it would mostly have to be up to the players, and I just don't see them playing.
  10. It did not look like a scary hit. You're right, it just doesn't register.
  11. The best emergency medical care anywhere immediately on the scene, but damn!, this is scary. I'm praying for the young man.
  12. Not targeting. You can't target a guy's shoulder pads. C'mon.
  13. First team to 100 wins? Just like the old Dan Issel approach?
  14. TCU defense slipping a bit. I'd love nothing more than to see Michigan lose. Of course that's where I differ from the tool announcers.
  15. CSU is the 15th ranked Forestry college in the world. 10th in the US and North America. Props to Boise State for their work as well, but it's not even close. https://edurank.org/environmental-science/forestry/ More importantly, this is a stupid discussion. Congrats to Boise for the athletic fundraising. It is impressive, and we could all use a few of those donations.
  16. Let me get this straight. God created something that isn't exactly what you want. Therefore, God is either bad or just a myth? Got it. I do appreciate you straightening every one out regarding the actual facts of religion. Thank you. I think I'm clear now.
  17. It's the same everywhere. I think there's a handbook. Seriously, a playlist of music for game day available to "game day entertainment managers" along with recommended games to keep the fans busy during never ending four minute time outs. The best way to engage the fans is to play the game on the field/court instead of distracting them while you sell beer and boners on the network.
  18. Good point. I know a young lady who recently graduated from West Point who immediately went into law school at Boston College. Pretty sure it does count towards her service, but her service commitment does get extended as well.
  19. And therefore, the cost of "online" will continue to rise as the product grows to meet demand. The platforms change, but the cost of the presentation continues to rise. That has to be recouped somewhere. And I agree, I'll pay more to be picky as opposed to just flooding my TV with 50 options of the same thing.
  20. According to their roster, he was a senior this year. Would have to be a grad transfer with (probably) 2 more to play. Would still owe the gubmint for a four year education, or possibly a deferment to serve which I believe was available under the rules when he first signed on. I don't know?? It would be great if @ltcpilot could share some wisdom on this.
  21. Wait a minute. That was the year AFTER the last time Fresno sniffed The Dance. Are you sure about that?
  22. If the Pac 12 ever collapsed to just being WSU and OSU (and that won't happen), I'd just add them to the MWC. That would add a little revenue to our TV contract. Our contract is peanuts. Any additions not named Ohio State won't change that. You can build this big ol' best of the rest conference and see a small increase in revenue, but if you have to spend all that increase flying your volleyball and softball teams all over the country, what have you really gained. The MWC has a good footprint and is in position to already be pretty much the best of the rest after the AAC finishes getting gutted by the B12. Just build on what we've got.
  23. Ewww. No thanks. I always get a kick out of how the west coasters want to form a tidy little league with their favorite teams, and then separate CSU and AFA from their rivals and send us on long ass road trips and associate us with teams we have nothing in common with. Thanks for not including NM State and UTEP though, that's usually the first dumb west coast assumption.
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