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  1. Probably not in CSU's case. Our AD would be all for it again, but the boosters blocked it last time. I'm not sure that will change. Probably (hopefully) CSU will have a new AD soon and who knows where they'll stand on things.
  2. Harper fired Arroyo and hired some guy named Barry. He definitely isn't f-cking around.
  3. I don't know if he even had the shot, but whatever. I'm really, really glad he's at CSU. A very personable coach to boot. We're lucky to have him.
  4. They created shots. That D was smothering and Niko used it against them, but it was not soft D.
  5. That was a Charmin soft defense?? OK.
  6. Relax. You're not going to lose.
  7. I'm not arguing with your position at all. Yes, I do have SOME background interpreting medical studies, but no expert by any means and I don't save links or go trying to find where I previously found information. My only point is that there is nothing definitive out there yet, which is probably why the vaccine is still classified as experimental. From what I've read, and you do appear to me much more knowledgeable on the subject, there is a higher rate of myocarditis (and related deaths) although the information seems to vary in how much higher, in young men who have been vaccinated. I've also read where a lot of MD's are making the same recommendation as you regarding the spacing of the shots and it has seemed to greatly reduce the incidence of complications. My main point is that the risk of death in a healthy young man (while being extremely low) from vaccine complications is still probably higher than from Covid itself. Mostly, I think that decision belongs with an individual in consultation with their doctor, not the government. I listened to a podcast with one of the main developers of mRNA vaccines and it seemed he pretty much agreed with me (or at least convinced me) that we do not know all we need to know about this technology and that it is still experimental. My personal opinion, again just my opinion, is that if you are at extremely low risk of Covid complications and are unsure about the safety of the vaccine, don't get the shot but talk to your doctor for expert advice. If you are at risk of complications, then any risk from the vaccine probably outweighs the disease and you should get the shot...after consultation with your doctor. I'm over 60, overweight, and have a heart condition so I got the shot. My dad in his 80's got the shot. All of my kids (between 20 and 30 and in excellent health) declined the shot. They figured that Covid wouldn't be that bad and why mess with experimental medicine unnecessarily. I was in "everybody must get vaccinated" mode and encouraged them to get the shot, but they make up their own minds. They all got Covid and it was no worse than a bad cold. I got Covid twice. The first time prior to the shot and it was scary bad. The second time after the shot and I was just a little tired. Maybe because of the shot. It's an individual decision, not a panacea. IN MY OPINION. We're all entitle to one. As to the point of all of this though. Folks should wait and find out why the kid died before starting a political rally.
  8. I'm pretty sure it was either Covid or the Covid shot. Had to be.
  9. No. Not in my opinion. That crap happens sometimes. It's tragic and saddening. Years ago some would have immediately assume cocaine, now it's vaccines. Sometimes, believe it or not, it's congenital. He died. Nobody on here is the coroner. I'm a fan of waiting for whatever answers we can get and respecting the families mourning in the meantime. Edit: Lisa Marie Presley just died. Anyone want to speculate on her vaccine status or drug use?
  10. A "lay article"? Now that's definitive. There are plenty of actual peer reviewed scientific studies out there that make a claim one way or the other on this issue. I don't really care for a couple of reporters subjective take on what they choose to call disinformation. That redefines weak. The fact is that a lot of data is being accumulated on the subject, and plenty of it points to the risk of getting a Covid shot outweighing the risk of dealing with Covid, for most populations. In other groups, getting the shot appears to make a lot of sense. Nothing is definitive yet and the CDC has hardly been honest and transparent with all of their data (or lack thereof). Folks should probably research more reliable sources and make their own decisions. The AP? Now there's a reliable scientific source.
  11. Ask away. It’s a valid question. I just don’t think asking such an important question, and jumping to speculation about a kid’s death are remotely the same thing.
  12. Actually, no. I didn't know that. My request for defining the "question" was legitimate. I'm not a big Covid vaccine proponent, although I do see some value in it for certain populations. Nonetheless, I think it's a little early to try and diagnose a tragedy based on an article. Maybe we ought to just mourn the young man and leave the looking for blame to a future day. Yeah, @ph90702 was right. A little too early to ask questions. Especially if you don't know why you're asking them. Go ask his mom and see if she's in a mood to answer questions. It's just dumb to politicize the death of a young person. But carry on.
  13. Got it! I think. I'm still asking though, what question?? Is it a secret question?
  14. Released from the Cinci hospital, but transferred to a Buffalo hospital. Yeah, out of the woods but still hasn't made it back to the parking area. He'll get there pretty quick I expect.
  15. We're there. It needs to be made official, which is something they'll fight tooth and nail. Competition is always good for a product, unless you're the one selling the product.
  16. I would. Very surprised as a matter of fact. And it's nice to hear that the Bills did right by him.
  17. It is different in The Dance. You're just wrong on that. A much more physical game is allowed. I don't watch enough BB on a national level to say that is the East Coast way or not, but it is more physical in the post season. Way, way too much ticky tack BS is called in the MW. Not a real consistent call out our way either, but like I said, I don't watch much east coast ball. I can't say if that's special or just the standard. Post season is definitely a different animal though.
  18. Forced myself to watch the Broncos game today. I think they'll finally get better next year. Not that I'm at all impressed with Russel Wilson, or that they aren't up against a major handicap due to the downstream ramifications of that stupid trade. But they showed a shot of the owners box while the Donks were ahead, and I didn't see any smiles. I have a hunch that a pretty big (and long overdue) house cleaning is on the way. I thought I saw some players that still gave a crap about winning a meaningless game, and some that really didn't. I'm betting ownership saw the same. TBH, I've been a Bill's fan all year, but I wouldn't mind seeing the Broncos finally get their house in order. In college I'll live and die as a CSU fan, but NFL? I'll pick a team I'll have fun watching, but prefer it be the Broncos. It hasn't been the Broncos lately.
  19. I'm pulling for TCU, heavily. I would put my money on UGA though. Heart vs head.
  20. That's quite a bit faster than other folks I know that had it, but I'll defer to your experience. CSU has a player that has missed the entire season so far with mono. He played in a couple of games, but just couldn't get himself past about 75% and had to sit back down.
  21. Happening all over. Check out CSU's injury/illness struggles this season. 21 days for mono??? That would be rare. It's generally months.
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