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  1. @Boise fan, I got this. OK. I just got word that @happycamper is tied up in New York at the United Nations pleading a case for using residual UFO traction power in the atmosphere as a backup for earth bound renewables. Until his return, I'm gonna' help out. @trl87 you've had well over 24 hours. You get Hawaii. Going forward, anybody that can't get their pick in on time get's Hawaii. Anybody with Hawaii on their roster can cut them and choose a yet to be selected team. @thelawlorfaithful you have until 6PM Mtn. time, 9-5-20 to make a selection or you get Hawaii. @master
  2. Not me man. This is @happycamper's team.
  3. I'd like to at least play Wyoming, just to keep that streak alive, but neither school is going to go through what it takes to start a season just to play one game.
  4. It's not the message. It's that the politics don't belong there. Put "Black Lives Matter" in one endzone, and "Protect the Unborn" in the other. Let's see how that goes. How about just MIchigan in one endzone and Ohio State in the other. Folks do politics all day, every day. Sports has always been a time away from that and a chance to get some common ground without the controversies. Kill that and sports becomes annoying.
  5. Got it. Fans and their support unnecessary. Sponsors will fund things, regardless of ratings. Thanks.
  6. That's irrelevant. If I go to a barbecue and it turns out it was a revival serving BBQ, I'm gone. If I go to a football game, and it turns out it's a political rally masquerading as a football game, I'm gone. It's not the nature of the politics, it's the fact that it's become politics. No thanks.
  7. I've always been a huge fan of the Central Arkansas (is it Bears?) and am excited to see them doing well.
  8. Pretty low. I doubt that I'll see much pro ball (probably watch a little Tampa Bay), but I'll take every college game I can get. Unfortunately, I don't see that season lasting long.
  9. The P5's will be fine. No doubt they'll struggle worse than the rest of us this fall, but they'll also recover a lot faster. I do think CFB needs this wake up call though. Need to start treating it like amateur football instead of a printing press for millions of dollars. If the networks really want to pay that kind of money, it could do a lot of good for non-athlete students and university research.
  10. Thoughtful to put those hand sanitizer stations next to the ashtrays. ­čśü
  11. Yeah, one has room for social distancing.
  12. Yep. Definitely not a safe environment for fans. Nothing like a good Covid proof Walmart or pot dispensary. Maybe they could play the games in Targets.
  13. Funny that you use the term "plandemic". After consultation with the governors office, the Colorado High School Athletics Association released their schedule for this years athletics, which included the following statement" "In anticipation of data from the state which shows a likely resurgence of COVID-19 cases in late fall, there will be a participation moratorium from Oct. 18, 2020 to Jan. 3, 2021." We're pretty good in CO. We know exactly what is coming, and when. When appears to be three weeks before the election. That's a pretty smart virus. https://chsaanow.com/2020-0
  14. Are you surprised?? WTF do you expect college kids to do? BTW, if there were 50 would it be a different story? They're going to do what we all did and they're going to deal with the consequences, just like we all did. There is literally no cure for youth (and thank God there never will be). This is exactly how the world moves forward.
  15. Please leave Stunner out of this. If he want's to comment, I'm sure he will. In the meantime, you are deflecting. A young athlete was treated like a pariah merely because dared to catch a virus. How is this in keeping with a promise to his parents to take care of him while he put out blood, sweat, and tears for the University of Wyoming? UofW is once again showing their true colors. I don't see any way y'all survive any sort of outside investigation. I'm a big Wyoming fan actually. I'm hoping the conference office hasn't caught wind of this.
  16. As did I. Great memories. Rode out on top of a pickup full of hay, rode back wrestling with my brothers trying to throw each other out of the pickup bed. None of us had Covid and were being transported to a personal internment camp. Damn Wyoming! I hope the school is bringing in an outside investigation before the NCAA has to step in.
  17. Actually CSU didn't make the news. Some nutcase in Loveland made the news a few months ago and unfortunately two CSU students took the brunt of it. Oh, yeah, they forgot to mention there was more than one victim, it's just that he wasn't an athlete.
  18. This is just another in a long line of U of W's failure to respect human rights. This might be the end of Wyoming football. The guy got sick, so they treated him like a leper and basically threw him in the equivalent of a jail cell. Even Mike Leach is horrified. The funding is gone, the abuses are coming to light, I question if the pokes can survive this unless they can somehow head off a federal investigation.
  19. So you either didn't read, or didn't comprehend my post. Edit: That was a little short of me, sorry. I'm not being callous about the deaths attributed to this virus. They are tragic and much more than just numbers on a graph. My complaint is with the empty headed evening anchor that looks into the camera and says "and the numbers keep rising". This get's everybody all worked up. Of course they're rising, they will continue to rise for the next 20 years long after we beat the deadly nature of the virus. It's not like the positive case count will ever decrease. Once your in the
  20. Well said. I really get irritated the most when people remind me that the positive case counts keep climbing, as though that's an emergency. Did someone anywhere expect the positive case counts to go down? Is math really that hard?
  21. If the 'tater bowl is the prize, I hope we rest our starters for the spring season.
  22. LOL! At this point I'm wondering if the state of Wyoming will survive, much less the state community college and their football program.
  23. Relax Bob. I haven't hit the Wyo tourist water in ages. I do have a few honey holes up north, but almost all are as a guest of a local friend. There are a couple I've unearthed myself, and yes you are probably aware of them. I just love the way Poke fans freak out when I mention I fish their hallowed waters. BTW, the fishing is just as good in CO if you know where to go. It's just tougher to avoid crowds.
  24. I felt like WJ was in for an amazing season, it's sad that we'll miss it. OTOH, no risk of serious injury. He'll have a solid combine/pro day and get paid. I'm really happy for him.
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