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  1. Yes, it is hilarious but we all have "that fan".
  2. LOL! Not according to the armchair experts over on Ramnation. Good game Lobos! It was a really good game.
  3. We've all got our opinions on how things should be done. Mine is that the Hawaii situation is no bueno. It needs to be done better and I'm not a fan of affiliate membership. Nothing at all against Hawaii, just the situation. The Pac2 are going to explore all their options, and they should. If they feel like they'd like to be here, then welcome aboard! They'll be great additions. If we're not their cup of tea, then it's best that we don't get together. The future of the MWC doesn't depend on OSU/WSU. That's a ludicrous sentiment perpetuated by fans of the twins. Gloria get that it seems. MWC fans need to figure it out.
  4. Sooo, another scheduling alliance? No thanks, I prefer that we have a conference as opposed to a bunch of teams just doing drop-in at the gym. If it includes WSU/OSU, then fine. If it doesn't, so what. I mean we could all just go indy and see what happens, but that would be stupid. Adding these teams for BB, and those teams for FB, and freelancing our track and golf teams, and so on is just a little less stupid. There are a lot of crazy ideas out there, but only crazy people chase them. Let's not act crazy.
  5. To be honest, we don't know that he didn't just decide to step down. Sounds crazy, but there have been rumors of him looking to retire for some time now. The thing about Joe is that while he wasn't the most successful AD, a salacious backstory is incredibly unlikely. He's Ward Cleaver without the hair. An attribute that probably led to him not being more successful as CSU's AD, but certainly excludes him from any suspicion of being the subject of a juicy newspaper article.
  6. Just when I thought wooshie couldn't get any dumber, then we see a whole new level. It isn't bad enough that they gave him a full box of crayons for graduating from UCF, he had to go and eat the whole box at once.
  7. Yes. Not a very glorious or recent list as far as the MWC, but yes.
  8. There isn't. However, the MWC does seem to get the bottom of the barrel as far as the quality of the officials in the broader officiating pool that we belong to. If you look at the NET rankings of the officials that are available in that pool, and look at the NET ranking of the officials calling MWC games there is a large disparity. Yeah, that's not gonna' change as long as we're the redheaded stepchild in the mix, but it's still a fact that we have to deal with. The teams that make it to the Dance will see different officiating for the most part than they're used to. It's just that they'll see more experienced folks in stripes, not that there is some great conspiracy in the MWC to place one team over another.
  9. A. You're 100% correct that there should be one common ball used throughout the conference, and it should be the NCAA tourney ball...no matter what that is. B. The whole issue is completely overblown. Every now and then somebody makes a big deal of it in the media, but when the players are asked they really, really downplay it. The consensus seems to be that if you practice with one ball and play with a different one it takes a good half of basketball to adjust, but if you just practice with the expected ball for the next game it doesn't bother them at all. Far more inconsistency in officiating in this conference than there is in the stupid ball.
  10. I believe CSU is undefeated in neutral site games this year. I believe every team is in trouble if they have to face Nevada on Thursday. As well as SDSU, UNLV, USU, UNM, BSU, CSU, and maybe even Wyoming. Somebody can make a lot of cash if their crystal ball is worth a shit in this tournament. Honestly it'll come down to the officials and who gets a good nights sleep as much as talent IMO. Just to damn close to call.
  11. Whoa!!! Everybody slow down. Let's back up to the OP and start over... When did women get rights??? I'm trying to catch up here.
  12. And? I mean neato and all, but based on that "trailer" I think I'll wait to order.
  13. RAMS may be a little shorthanded. Even if Cartier and Kyle Evans play, they will be playing injured. Get Mbemba into foul trouble and the game becomes pretty one dimensional. Will definitely be a hell of a crowd.
  14. You are wrong. Any other UCF fan, sure. But whooshie actually believes what he posts.
  15. No, it's not. It's been negotiable in many instances. Gloria couldn't allow that in this instance. I always felt that SDSU would end up in the Pac, just that it wouldn't be easy. JD Wicker stated publicly that they flat couldn't afford the penalty involved with giving short notice. Today is a whole new ball game.
  16. They did, but it was never going to be easy. That was Gloria's first real challenge as commish and she had to convince the MWC board that they needed to get their pound of flesh. Couldn't come in soft, so SDSU was going to feel pain upon departure as much as a statement as a matter of policy.
  17. That leverage is pretty absolute. The NCAA has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is completely up to the playoff committee, and they are legally bound to not only give the twins a vote, but also a veto right if there is an attempt to change the status quo. I'm sure they can be bought out, but make no mistake that they are holding the cards right now. Probably cheaper to buy them out as the legal ramifications of breaking the contract would be very, very expensive.
  18. The 6+6 wouldn't exclude the two team Pac. The first six bids go to the highest ranked conference champions. If OSU wins the Pac2 and is higher ranked than four other conference champions, they are in. If they go 5+7 and OSU wins the MWC (for example) and is one of the 5 highest ranked conference champions, they are also in. All the current format guarantees is a specific payout for each of the P5 conferences. Why would USC, et. al. bailing disqualify the remaining Pac teams from receiving a previously contracted payout? BTW. In the 6+6 or 5+7 the G5 is ensured only one spot in the playoffs. That part will not change.
  19. Yeah, I wouldn't go there just yet. There are two halves in BB. Still a ton of work to do.
  20. The condescending circle jerk is pretty much an apparent inferiority complex. You spend years running from a certain conference label only to wake up and find that they are still your peers. I get it, it's tough.
  21. Because it's Lunardi and he rarely gets any of it right until the dance is over.
  22. In basketball? Are you referring to $$ or performance?
  23. There will be one primary western conference in 2-3 years. Not a power conference, but likely a key player and leader among the non semi pro conferences. That will be the Pac/MWC conglomerate. Don't just invite folks because they're hot today and it feels right. I don't think anybody needs to be invited to be honest, but academics, culture, regionality all need to be taken into account if we do. Yeah, California and Nevada have a much different culture than the rest of the conference, but also a lot in common and generally a lot of history. Any additions need to help bridge some of the differences, not exacerbate them by adding an entirely different culture and lowering academic standards.
  24. How long since UTEP brought the Sun Bowl? It's been a low level ACC/Pac12 matchup for better than a decade now. We've all got our preferences, and I respect others opinions. However, my preference is hell no to UTEP and I don't see any real value in GCU or even Gonzaga.
  25. I'm pulling for the Aztecs. Just slightly, but I'd like them to be worn out and complacent when The RAMS visit them on Tuesday. So far though, Nevada looking really good and my wish of a wore out Aztec team ain't looking to bad.
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