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  1. You waited 10+ minutes for them to move a dog. I'd have left after 2.
  2. Agree on Degenhart. He should move along. Has he seen Ft. Collins? Asking for a friend.
  3. It was always going to be the Eagles. The Bengals@Chiefs should be worth the watch if Mahomes is healthy.
  4. The Cowboys are a f'king joke. I've been saying for years that Dak wouldn't start anywhere else, and tonight they showed just how inept their coaching staff is. I have no idea how they made the playoffs. I haven't watched them all year, and was just flabbergasted at how crappy a playoff team can be.
  5. A brawl didn't ensue. It was very unlikely that it would ensue, except for those players that Leon used to coach that would start one (his words). Lesson learned. I'm sure that UNM will make sure to have the red carpet in the hallway for Leon next time.
  6. Absolutely. Unlike actually being on a court or field together. The only notable thing about this event is how much it has been blown out of proportion, and that is fun to watch.
  7. No idea, but I'm pretty sure the cop is Archie Bunker.
  8. Relax. The league is requiring additional hall monitors for teams hosting Leon. It's all good.
  9. He's got a medical redshirt locked up. Would they really bring him back this year? I'd be very surprised.
  10. Good game Pokes. Ya'll wanted it, we thought it was already in the books. Nice job.
  11. Every other coach in the conference would have taken it to the conference instead of the media. UNM didn't do a good job of sharing the hallway. The horror!
  12. Wow! This thread delivers. As to the OP, I'm very skeptical much happened. First of all, Leon is huge on whining and exaggerating and secondly, if there had been any sort of confrontation we would have reports of Boise players flopping all over the hallway.
  13. Pretty arrogant that the AAC is guaranteed to survive. I'd say that there situation is definitely more tenuous than the MWC. I don't see either folding, but the AAC piggybacks a ton on the markets that bigger conferences own. The MWC, while not in the biggest markets, certainly has less competition for those markets.
  14. Stop it!! First of all, that's not how spell Rammies. Secondly we don't need no positive energy pissing off Jobu. Life is hard already.
  15. The money doesn't come from the university. The university can't have any say in that money. I agree with you though that they should control the cash flow affecting their programs. I don't think the $$ have really changed all that much pre-NIL to post-NIL. It's just in the open now. Good. Now let's draw the line between amateur athletics and pro athletics. All this crap is bad for college athletics, but it does offer the opportunity to finally clean them up and make them stronger than ever. If the NCAA can't take advantage of this opportunity (remember that the P5 openly and legitimately runs the NCAA), then that body needs disbanded.
  16. Why. Technically it has nothing to do with sports. Just Name, Image, and Likeness. If that is indeed what the money is for, then no outside party has the right to manage the deal. If that's not what it's actually for, then it's pay for play and it's illegal. The NCAA does need to grow some stones and enforce the difference, or embrace pay for play. It can be either/or. It can't be both.
  17. I'm LFMAO. Sorry if that's wrong, but that's where this thing has been headed since day 1. As Swoll stated, the entire NIL process cannot be pay for play. Of course it is on all of the big deals, but this time it'd be pretty hard to prove it's not. That actually is one of the rare NCAA violations still left. I've been saying from day one that the way this thing will finally stabilize will be through all the greed and the (now legal) bag men f*&king it up. I'm loving this, other than the terrible advice that QB is getting in his life. I don't care how good he is, there are a whole lot of schools that just decided they don't want him for any price. That Florida collective? The article said that they "terminated the binding agreement". I hope he buries their dumb asses.
  18. Some states have that rule, Colorado for one. However, you're right about it being difficult to enforce. Who has the right to tell a car dealer that one commercial for $1,000,000 with the local QB isn't a fair amount? Really poor judgement if you're actually looking to advertise, but the market sets fair market value and that car dealer just upped the ante for "fair market value".
  19. I don't know. That's why I said "probably not". Things change, and so do opinions and attitudes. I think the current alumni would very much prefer to avoid being in some far flung conference, but if the current conference make up changed dramatically (especially losing some east side teams) then it could be a whole new ball game. We like being in a conference with Wyo, UNM, USU, and AFA. Being with SDSU and to a great extent Fresno matters to us. Boise is a little bitch, but we'd keep her before we'd choose to separate from her. Trading those teams for schools out east would be a hard pill to swallow.
  20. Shocking! I've never seen anything like this before.
  21. The music? As in over the top ratings? I'm pretty sure that's what the NFL exists for.
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