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  1. McBride should have taken the Florida State opportunity. Tonight made Steve Fairchild look like a genius.
  2. No f'ing idea. Why didn't he put him in halfway through the first quarter. This is flat out embarrassing.
  3. I know, you didn't have a real chance at a fall camp, but WR talent isn't carrying you. Terrible coaching on the other side of the ball has that covered.
  4. Why is Rivers in the game? They don't need him. He could trip and get hurt. If I'm Fresno, I'm protecting my starters and putting in the backups. They can handle it. BTW, not impressed at all with Fresno, but damn are you playing the dregs of D1 tonight.
  5. Made the right call on review, no question. No PI call, well we got lucky. That was bad.
  6. Because you said recover. Not trying to be a dick, but I get tired of folks treating a cold like a life threatening malady. If he was 70, I'd worry. He's not. It's a cold. Seriously not trying to be a dick, just real.
  7. The evidence that CSU will be the absolute class of the conference this year is equal to... the evidence that we will suck. A complete unknown. I don't think we'll hit either mark, and suggest we'll trend more towards the top than the bottom, but who the hell knows. Just glad we're finally playing.
  8. They've been in Denver for a week, including some sub-zero stuff. 40 degrees shouldn't bother them. Spy Cordiero or you're toast.
  9. Whoa, that was close. Almost forgot to jump in.
  10. I just decided to start this thread. Thanks for beating me to it @mugtang. I think fans of both teams are sitting scared right now. Neither team can accept a loss to the other, and we both know that one of us is going to have to. If CSU can run the ball, we win. If not, good freaking luck. We lost Warren Jackson, Dante Wright is out tonight, and we're starting our dual threat guy instead of the pro-style guy at QB. It holds true in every game, but is much more important in the first game. We can't fall behind. We need Lynch to mandate our playcalling, not Fresno.
  11. That was always Bobo's approach at CSU. Maybe that's why he never beat a rival? It sounds to me like Arroyo is doing his best to diminish expectations.
  12. I'm not saying that Boise won't roll the conference this year, or that they will, I'm just saying their last game was meaningless. USU has an unbelievable amount of work to do to field a D-line, or for that matter, much of an O-line. I don't think it's talent, I think it's a learning curve. Montana State would've rolled USU that night. We'll have a better feel for both teams after this weekend. Boise may be that good. USU may have just needed some live action under their belt. Damn I wish we all got 12 games.
  13. I'll give the nod to SJSU on that one. Not to take anything away from Boise or SDSU, but neither one of them was playing AFA.
  14. They do. The P12 has their own, but the MWC, B12, and (I'm pretty sure) Big Sky work with a common pool.
  15. The incident command team has mentioned over and over how thankful they are that Rocky Mountain National Park has a policy of proactive fuel management and that has made all the difference in stopping the fire (so far) from getting into Estes Park. Hmmmmm?
  16. Hank. Hell of a night. Once again I wonder if he'll finish the season. I'll give him both awards.
  17. The county can't call the game off in a different state. They can just make it impossible to compete.
  18. 100% agree about the forfeit. As to your OP though. AFA did score twice on that stand. Very bad officiating. Nonetheless, they were no match for SJSU and agree with your assessment of their effort in that game. I was impressed.
  19. It's a stunt that Bleymaier learned in Boise and introduced in his tenure in San Jose.
  20. If you're hair isn't white, I guarantee it will be by the time the league makes any sort of comment on officiating.
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