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  1. Think about that for a minute. How is that an endorsement?
  2. Got it. Like it. CSU won a "non-consenus" national championship in 1915. Same story.
  3. First of all, "multiple national titles" shouldn't warrant special treatment. That's a whole different thread. But.... would you please name Boise's multiple national titles?
  4. I'm far more excited than you are about this staff, but that's to be expected. One of the most experienced DC's in the business, an up and coming OC recognized for aggressive and innovative offenses, and a HC that's been there and done that. Daz has two natty rings as an assistant and before he got into head coaching was recognized as one of the top OL coaches in the industry. The resume's of the staff they hired is right there as well. They're unlikely to challenge for the conference this year as they need a little time to balance the roster that Bobo left them, but they're gonna' be good. They've also already put recruiting policies in place that will only make us better. It's about time.
  5. "Is MWC Commish Hair Thompson going to make a public statement re Boise State?" I'm pretty sure he already did. That's what got your trolling started in the first place.
  6. I really, really don't think CSU would be interested. BTW, football is finally looking up. Just need a D-line and Tua to transfer in.
  7. I don't think Boise wants to pay the travel costs to be in the AAC, and I'm really sure that AAC fans don't want to watch their team kick off at 9 or 10 PM local for Boise home games. IMO, not only will the MWC and Boise work this out, I think they already have. Hair should have shut the hell up.
  8. Apparently Hair has pictures. We'd likely need a complete turnover at all universities to ditch him. Never gonna' happen.
  9. Hair said the next time around the negotiation will not be separate. It was this time. It strikes me that if ESPN still wanted Boise, they'd have them. I suspect they offered ESPN+, not TV.
  10. CSU would have to give up a home game with the South Dakota State Jackrabbits if we were to pick that up. I don't think we should go there..
  11. He's got 1163, one shy of Jordan Caroline. He'll get that on Wednesday.
  12. I doubt they could. I'm sure they wouldn't. Hair said that this was no secret and Apsey was fully involved in the negotiations through the whole process. This is all just Hair flapping his gums and some folks in Boise feigning dismay.
  13. Yep. I wouldn't use too broad of a brush, but a few BSU fans need talked off the ledge right now. They've got a few years to figure it out. I think most of the fan base and administration see just how stupid it would be to have a knee jerk reaction and cut their nose off to spite their face.
  14. Well, not to stick my nose in, but he did say it would never happen.
  15. Being disappointed makes sense. Folks stomping their feet and threatening to quit without any knowledge of what actually happened in the negotiations is ridiculous. Is it possible that Boise is on FS-1 because they offered more money?
  16. They couldn't just rent BYU's HD truck?
  17. You give Hair a hell of a lot more credit than I do.
  18. So, this whole thread cracks me up. First of all Hair didn't say that Boise's deal would cease to be negotiated separately, he said it was likely. Boise fans getting their undies in a bunch over something they have almost no information on. It could be as simple as all parties including Boise agreeing that the conference needed to work towards a large enough contract that Boise wouldn't need an extra share. It could be (as some have pointed out) that they're anticipating a fully digital platform for the next contract with no TV. It might even be that the networks have indicated that they're no longer interested in paying Boise extra. Who knows. Hair should have kept his mouth shut, but Boise fans need to drop the 8th grade girl reactions. 12 pages of much ado about nothing.
  19. Nice series. It took a while, but was worth watching.
  20. 80/20? And yes, that total is way too much. A bonus for a championship may work, but it's stupid to mirror the mistakes of CFB overall and create a conference with haves and have not's. Oh, wait.