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  1. How can you say that he's wrong on both counts, and then verify count #1? SDSU stated that they could not afford the double exit fee, and Gloria said "too bad". That part is documented.
  2. I'd say you're correct. This board has gone to sh*t before and been rescued. I like the format over there of all western sports (can't remember the handle for that Utah/Montana fan) including the Big Sky through the Pac 12 escapees. Nothing wrong with an entire board just for the MWC though. I come here a lot, but also spend much more time on Ramnation. Having said all that, I think Jeffkills killed it. Sad.
  3. Ads only pay if people see them. Nobody sees them if they leave the board. I think Jeff needs to get involved with the board, sell it, or just bury it.
  4. I see it the same way. Not a proponent of it at all, but I do think that's how it would go down if it went down. None of us are really so attractive that the MWC can't live without us.
  5. Like 20 years of Hair, I think we know his M.O. I guarantee that he would have thrown the carrot and forgot the stick. May not make any difference, but yeah...she's an upgrade.
  6. I think Gloria's done all she can. Extended a carrot with a FB scheduling alliance and adding WSU as an affiliate member for some sports, then adding the stick of being able to bill the Pac for some millions if they tamper with the MWC membership. Yeah, she's dealing with some pretty disingenuous characters that are slowing things down, but there's not much more she can do.
  7. In the long run, I think we need both. There is no predicting where all of this chaos is going to be in 5-10 years. Strength in numbers is a pretty good answer right now IMO. I'm a fan of small conferences (9 in FB is perfect IMO), but that's just not a realistic approach right now. Whatever we put together in the next couple of years will likely see attrition shortly after. I think that's the trend.
  8. Well, we ditched divisions on the assumption that it would somehow get us into the CFP. Stupid idea. You're point is well taken though.
  9. Yes. Yes we do. It helps our credibility when we're hiring Wyoming grads.
  10. That's fair, I stand legitimately corrected. My point stands though that you can't pick any teams, (especially the ones you look down on) in the MWC and create a comparison to the most well funded of the P4. If you want to play that game you have to put some actual comparisons together between Rutgers, Vanderbilt, etc. and the G5. More than just a few P4 schools would wither in the G5 without the P4 coattails.
  11. Got it. We're going to compare the bottom of the MWC (and only on a financial basis) with the top of college football.. You should have maybe attended more classes at Foster. BTW, while my DNA makes me a Wyo hater, they bring far more to college athletics than some schools you failed to mention. Sans geography, they are more attractive than most of the G5. I only mention this to point out that the basis of your rant is fatally flawed.
  12. Well, I've learned a couple of things today and got confirmation on some others. Mostly that Wilner and Eisen do read the internet. Dang, who'da thunk it. Confirmation? Eisen is out of touch and Sankey does drive a convertible (because his head won't fit in a hard top).
  13. Holy crap. I thought it was a joke! Seriously, the NCAA actually went after SUU for tampering? SUU? Stranger than fiction. Somewhere in another universe, Tark is laughing his ass off.
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