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  1. This UW game has me worried. No Lake, Cartier is doubtful, Tavi supposedly still out, no word on Mbemba's ankle, and CSU is due to fall to earth. That last point is the big one IMO. Despite the difficulties of going against UW's 3 big's without a healthy Cartier and Mbemba, the fact that every run has to end at some point scares me. Just gonna' have some beverages and brace myself for a tough one.
  2. Yes, and no. If you want to play an OOC during regular conference play, the conference attempts to accommodate. It does take some advance notice and planning though. BTW, every one of these WSU/OSU games will be OOC games. They are in a different conference.
  3. CSU would have probably been happy to rearrange our OOC to accommodate a home and home with OSU, during September. Most of the teams in the conference would have been willing to do the same. In September. Can't play 'em all in September.
  4. This is spot on. If OSU/WSU are looking to gut the MWC, they're going to try it whether we do this or not. This is all about forming a relationship but much more importantly...it's about $1.2 million per MWC school.
  5. Since it's now legal, who wouldn't buy Jeanty?
  6. Might've grown straight if it hadn't been leaned on so much. Just sayin'. That tree is on your head.
  7. If this guy finds the right DC, the one that understands Rocky's defense, SDSU is going to be a serious force. If he just wants to get into track meets, he'll load the stadium with fans for about a year and a half with nothing to show for it.
  8. "Sanders Tree" is definitely a red flag on the resume. What hype I've read out of San Diego only refers to his success at Kent State. Smart hype. I think he'll get past the MEion mistake.
  9. Budget. It was a hypothetical argument. The NFL does print money based on their athletics. UNM, CSU, etc. don't. Pretending that most college AD's are awash in cash is disingenuous IMO. Most are overextended just trying to stay competitive. Some are, and they are used as the basis of policy. Almost all policies. Alabama and Michigan can't be the standard for NCAA policies. Currently they are.
  10. I'll disagree on that. Show me the MWC team that is making outrageous money off the backs of their athletes. All while providing them with tuition and fees, meals, tutoring, a professional training and recovery staff, a professional S&C staff, a professional nutritionist, and personalized coaching to help them improve their skill set at no charge. Last I looked that stuff ain't cheap. SEC, etc. is making bank off the backs of their SA's. USU has to provide all of the above for their tennis team that nobody pays to watch. In the end, most college athletic departments would operate in the red without state and university subsidies. Like I said, I want to see SA's taken care of. They can't hold a job and but ought to be able to have the same ability as other students to go out on a date, or afford transportation. I don't for a minute buy that they are some sort of indentured servants. If you think that's the case, then pay them all $80 - $100K/year. Then have them pay for all that stuff I listed. Don't tell me they're not compensated.
  11. Yeah, sadly. The only way to unionize the players is to make them employees. So long amateur sports. I want the SA's to be taken care of, but I want them to play for the name on the front of the jersey instead of a paycheck.
  12. Oh Fkin' A yes!!! Much closer than it needed to be, but HELL YES!!!!!!!!
  13. Step 1 is for the NCAA to admit that it's pay for play and quit pretending otherwise. Then NIL contracts will require not skipping a bowl game to prep for the draft etc. Then NIL deals will have clauses for starting vs not making it off the bench. NIL has a lot of evolution along with the NCAA before we see the players union, which sadly will be the only thing to settle all of this down.
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