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  1. I hope Hawaii destroys them. Something about Howdy Doody stressing over Air Force (officers) having to fly on a plane to Hawaii. Them poor sumbitches. A freaking plane trip to a far away state?!?! It's just not fair. I mean, you know, it would be different if all those civilians had to endure the same inconvenience. Oh, wait... I get it, AFA players go to class. Apparently, Nevada and CSU and Fresno and Utah State, and so on don't? Hell, even the Pokes have to schedule around Horseshoeing practice on Tuesdays and Buggy Repair 101 on Wednesday mornings. Unfortunately, I think the Haka takes an F-15 up the arse. I'll be hollering for the Chicken Chasers, but I think we all know the probable outcome. Howdy Doody will whine to the refs for a two hour nap break at halftime, lose the argument, and win the game because @Warbow will step in, call the refs cheaters, and the stripes will retaliate like the stripe union instructs them to. Hawaii D is not better than the Fresno D. Gonna' be a long night on The Islands. I'm taking the holding, cut blockers but will be pissed when I'm proven right.
  2. Cool. I only asked because I doubt many know who that guy in your avatar is, and I was really taken by the Sam Bass exhibit when I visited that place. They've got some great artifacts. Sam's pistol's and badge, Geronimo's bow, etc. Was definitely worth the visit, but mine got cut short. I'm hoping to go back.
  3. Wow! Kind of making assumptions aren't you. You must have missed the post where @UNLV2001 mentioned that he was about 10% Pygmy. Try to get your facts straight before you make accusations.
  4. LOL!! You obviously missed the CSU @ UNM game.
  5. Would love to explain how dumb that comment is, but it's just not worth it.
  6. You may be right, but I remember it slightly different. I think we were short on enough schools to sponsor a certain sport or maybe two. Either way, yes it was a panic move to keep the conference legit with the NCAA somehow. SJSU FB was doing pretty good at the time as well.
  7. Well, CSU doesn't have the money in the budget either but I think they'll find it if they want to. I'd say the same for UNM. I'm also not 100% convinced that Bobo is gone after this year. Should and will aren't always synonymous.
  8. If they were to leave, I wouldn't really mind. We had a great rivalry when DeBerry was there, but it's never really felt all that big to me under Howdy Doody. I'd take Montana happily, but I think I'd lean towards a 10 team conference and a scheduling agreement with Hawaii.
  9. Maybe, but Josh Allen had a lot of holes as a passer and he's found some opportunities. I just don't think you're offensive coaching favors training a passer. We have the opposite problem at CSU. We'd both probably be a lot better off if we swapped QB's for their sophomore year and then sent them back. I think Chambers could be dangerous with more training in the passing game. I'm not knocking your coaching. It seems to be focused on a very complete understanding of what the offense is designed to do, and that seems to include the forward pass as a tool only to keep the defense honest. This is a huge exaggeration but if I'm Tim Tebow I'm dying to play at Wyoming. If I'm Dan Marino I'm running away from that notion. You can't blame Bohl, he's coaching for northern weather and difficult conditions that favor the ball control game. That kind of sums up Laramie after about the first of October. It works. Still, I think Chambers could reel in some decent numbers. Not necessarily a 70% guy with a 12 YPA, but I do think he has the skills to add another serious dimension to the Wyo offense.
  10. Nice avatar. Have you ever been to the Bass Pro in Springfield?
  11. Look at your coaches, not the young QB. He's got tools.
  12. Just an outsiders opinion, but I think Chambers has a lot of potential. He's got a lot to learn, but still...lots of potential.
  13. Good catch. Most color commentators come off as irritating, so I'll agree with @Wyoguns. I do like Aaron Taylor more than most though.