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  1. Headbutt

    Rebel Fan Council

    Thank God CSU hasn't gone this route. Talk about a drama fest.
  2. Would we see more "could be" stars transferring to the G5 looking for a better chance? It doesn't make transferring any more desirable for a player anyway, it just keeps coaches from screwing with them if they want to be elsewhere.
  3. Headbutt

    Coastie Award - Final

    This is just what you get for wearing Boise uniforms when you play Boise. Karma.
  4. Now that would be chaos. Coaches can't contact the player until his name is placed in the database by his current school, which they're required to do if he announces his intention.
  5. They can play in up to 4 games and still retain an additional 4 years of eligibility. A great idea IMO, especially for G5's. Modern college football requires more players than back in the old days. 12 or 13 game seasons take a toll on roster health and you need a few more players available. The alternative to letting players get some time as a freshman, especially when being used to cover injuries, is to raise the scholarship limit. That would start pricing G5's out of business and further the artificial gap that has been created between the P5 and G5.
  6. Headbutt

    UA, Nike, Adidas: ¿How much is your school making?

    They misspelled Bazillion. #superiorqualityoflife
  7. Headbutt

    2018 Video Games (Not OT!)

    Well, there is that. For the record, I was unbeatable at Pong back in my day.
  8. Headbutt

    2018 Video Games (Not OT!)

    Well, actually, me.
  9. I think he's got about as good a chance of working out as any 4 star HS QB. Could be a bust. Could be a real diamond in the rough. Probably will be a serviceable G5 QB when it's all said and done, and that's about it. If Hill comes back from the 2nd ACL O'Brien may do nothing more at CSU than just get a degree. I think The RAMS picked up a pretty good backup plan, and that's all that will be expected of him. Anything more than that is a bonus.
  10. And that has what to do with a guy who won't be eligible for another year?
  11. Headbutt

    I suspect the 🐏 🐏 did it!!!!

    LOL. CSU went through the exact same thing under Fairchild. Turned out it was dorm dwellers doing the calling. Didn't like getting up that early.
  12. And nice dress shorts.
  13. Headbutt

    What a strange world we live in

    Very nice to see.
  14. Headbutt

    Pick 10 Sign Ups

    I pick @kalua pig. Who's next?