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  1. Possibly, our website has gone downhill fast this year.
  2. Hank don't care. He'll run into a wall if that's what it takes to get beat up.
  3. Maybe the only one not returning is the person running the website? If UNR were barring anybody from entering the transfer portal, it would be a pretty severe NCAA violation. They know that, they're not doing that.
  4. So here's a CSU true frosh against a Wazzu transfer. We've got pieces, we just don't have them all yet.
  5. That area gets a little gray in my mind. Do those activities justify the amount of the paycheck? Do the companies collaborate with the AD regarding which athletes are the most important to keep on board? I'm not pointing fingers and making accusations. CSU is working on the same stuff. If I want to question the integrity of a university in NIL, I'll head over to the SEC, etc. I'm just questioning the integrity of the system. Not accusing, but definitely questioning.
  6. If NIL is supposed to be completely separate from the university, how does the U of H partner with a NIL company. Clearly they're far from the first, but I still wonder about the supposed rules regarding this new phenomenon. I love that the student-athletes are getting paid, I just question the involvement of the universities. Yeah, I know, 'old man yelling at a cloud'. I do wonder though where the line will (maybe) eventually be drawn between pay-for-play and a student getting paid for just their name, image, and likeness. A university partnering with a company whose sole purpose is to pay players seems to exceed the spirit of the ruling that started all of this.
  7. Where the hell else would he play??
  8. Nope. CSU will not win the conference or their division. Hopefully in a year or two, but there is too much stacked against them as far as rebuilding. The talent is there to surprise some folks, but the team is a middle of the pack group. We might be pretty salty after 5 or 6 games though.
  9. I kind of have. I just don't see BYU ever in the Pac, for multiple reasons.
  10. Agree, at least not this year, or even the next 5-10. My point is that eventually, if there is going to be a semi-pro conference, there will be splits and that's when the B1G (or whatever they call themselves at that point) will start rearranging membership. The dead weight will fall off as they pick and choose markets. Unless they decide to climb into the 20's, some teams will have to wait their turn for the big split. Some B1G, SEC, etc. teams will not survive this hypothetical big split. That's when the swapping I refer to could come into play.
  11. An excellent point that I hadn't thought of. I've spent some time in Phoenix, and you're 100% correct.
  12. Yeah, not now. Will Nebraska or Purdue make the cut in a real realignment and separation from the rest of the NCAA? I don't see court judgements having anything to do with that if/when things take that direction.
  13. Got it. So that's the price. Chump change in the long run. I'm not saying that's cheap, but it is affordable if bailing becomes necessary, and it very well may be if ESPN says so. I don't think the B12 is in a position of strength at all, I do think the P10 is. Hey, we're all just speculating but those are my speculations.
  14. Just a guess, but I don't think that CU, UU, ASU, and AU would bitch a ton about playing that early game. Frankly, a 1PM start in the Mtn time zone is prime football time. The content is there. If not, ESPN tells a couple of New 12 teams to pack their bags and head west. Just as likely as the four corner schools heading east, more so actually.
  15. We're all just spitballing here, but I don't think either of those scenarios is imminent. P10 is in the catbird seat now with ESPN and has very little to fear from a B12 raid. Obviously that could change, but for now the P10 is the most attractive TV conference of the two and I suspect that ESPN is on board with that. As far as Oregon to the B1G, not this week. The B1G is getting a little cumbersome. I think their next step is a slow one. When enough changes happen that they can jettison a Purdue to get a UW, then yeah, that will probably happen. Oregon would be high on their list, behind Washington, but I'm guessing that they'll first need to find a way to ditch a couple of weak markets in order to bring in new ones. ND is the wildcard that can change everything, but it looks like that hand is already being played. In due time, probably, but not today.
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