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  1. This fella' seems to think your OC is pretty darn sharp.
  2. CSU winning on D, despite the prevent offense. Ugly as hell, but I'll take it.
  3. We got our one TD. It's a FG game from here on out.
  4. Quit yer damn whining. You beat the dirtiest team in football last week.
  5. Poke fan, not a Boise guy. Keep up.
  6. Your spelling is off. It's The CSU RAMS! Work on that.
  7. Brennan blew a hell of a chance.
  8. I have to agree. San Jose play selection isn't helping them any though.
  9. Thanks. I almost sat through the whole thing. I guess we're all entitled to our own opinions.
  10. I'm sure we'll make it up against UNM this Saturday.
  11. UTSA is having a great year. That hasn't been the status quo. Far from it. A rental stadium, a crap BB facility, commuter school with community college academics, and zero market penetration in San Antonio. I really do wish them the best, but they're not at a MWC level. I really think the conference's standards have to be higher than fogging a mirror to add numbers.
  12. Bummer. Why do you think anyone outside of Boise cares? We all started playing short handed as soon as our first game started. Tough shit. Deal with it, the rest of us are.
  13. I agree, but are there any TX schools that actually improve the MWC? I mean schools that we can realistically consider. SMU ain't coming. We're sure as hell not going to poach the Big 12. We'd be better off losing SDSU and Boise and forcing a stronger 10 team conference, than adding just anybody to keep numbers at a certain level.
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