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  1. RAMS won by 20 on Saturday coming off of a 3 week hiatus and playing an extremely rusty 1st half. They SHOULD beat that spread easy. Swoll is wise to not bet on "should".
  2. Mug has had this site for something like 10 years and he has a garage that would make Jay Leno hang his head in shame. That's all you need to know.
  3. Helluva game. Shame on the Aztecs for letting BSU back into it. You gotta' step on them when they're down. Saturday is Boise's to win. Don't spot 'em more than 6 and things go a lot different. MWC BB rocks this year.
  4. BSU shooting from the freezer. Some good ball from the Broncos, they need to make them go in.
  5. Nothing but respect for Leon Rice from this quarter. He waited almost 3 and 1/2 minutes to start crying to the refs. His self restraint is improving.
  6. I think some of that has been the rearranged scheduling system making more games available without going up against each other in the same day and time slot. However, FS1 has not been a disappointment. They've done a good job with coverage and exposure.
  7. Not exactly. They avoided playing us twice. CSU was ready to rumble...on schedule. This setup has a different flavor, but we'll be ready. Barring some assistant trainer getting the sniffles.
  8. You're working another trade with NMSU?
  9. Well, I completely agree with your second paragraph. I don't think it's about CSU fans wanting to avoid games so much as an unhappiness with the conference office working to pick winners. UNR has just gotten better every week so it's going to be a big challenge and hopefully a really good game. I don't want to duck you guys at all, it only counts if you play the games IMO. So let's play. I would just like a couple of freebies if the conference is handing them out.
  10. I'm at UNLV 99% chance of winning. Not that they won't have to scrap for it, but I just don't see them not sweeping.
  11. How important is it to get USU in to the NCAA's? Maybe we can work a forfeit if you can make a compelling case.
  12. I'm in. But then we miss NM. Can we just call those forfeits then? I mean, not for NCAA purposes, just for conference standing and tourney seeding purposes. Then again, UNR wasn't in Covid protocol on 2/22 when we were supposed to play them. Can't we just call those forfeits? You know, just for conference standing and tourney seeding purposes? That's obviously dumb, but is there any semblance of a universal standard for these things in the conference office? I'm looking forward to the UNR game. It might be the best game of the season. I just wonder about the Craig Thompson m
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