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  1. Rams without Thistlewood and Tonje tonight. Could use a full bench, but I think they still get it done.
  2. Yep. I can’t believe they require a government issued ID. SMH.
  3. I would bet he's not a fan of it...most years. I doubt that there is a single college HC that is a fan of the portal. I also doubt that there is a single college HC that isn't checking it at least weekly, probably daily. They're all competitors, that's how they got where they are. They're going to use every legal tool in their belt, even if they don't like it when somebody else uses it.
  4. Did you just wake up and discover that you're a MWC fan? There is absolutely nothing new in what you're complaining about. Wyo putting together a good season is hardly the time to bring it up. Where have you been the last couple of years when the rest of us were getting the same shaft?
  5. Should we exercise our option on Arceneaux, or do you think we can get Whitted back?
  6. 100% correct. Too much ball still to play to go any further than that.
  7. I suspect that the AD is actually on the mainland apartment hunting instead of coach shopping.
  8. To tell a coach that you have to approve his assistant hires is the height of stupidity and arrogance. If any coach takes that deal at Hawaii, they're screwed because they just hired a guy that's comfortable with somebody else being in charge. HC's cannot win if they're not in charge.
  9. If the offer to Chang is significantly different, and it will be public record if he takes it, then I don't see Matlin surviving this latest controversy. Not all of the issues are his fault (he didn't condemn the stadium), but he has put himself at the forefront of all of the negatives.
  10. What does he have to lose. Hawaii needs him a hell of a lot more than he needs Hawaii, and what they offered him was a slap in the face. I've got no issue with him going public with that.
  11. This is pretty much the approach CSU took, and it worked. Just a couple days off of a long Covid pause it really wore us out, but it was effective. AFA was usually at about 20 seconds before getting into their offense.
  12. How much do you think the lineup had to do with that. We certainly seem to be more talented with Jacobs in their right now, but there's a couple of years of chemistry on defense that he and Lake are trying to catch up on. I really, really wish Thistlewood and Moore could get their shots back so we could roll back to the pre-Covid rotation that was kicking ass.
  13. Pokes will cover. SJSU is reeling and it won't take all that much to take the fight out of them.
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