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  1. Headbutt

    Niko Medved

    Larry firmly believed that he could dominate the MWC with transfers, which would then lead to blue chip HS players clamoring to be in The Fort. Whoops.
  2. Definitely a project, but he's got a ton of upside. I can see passing on him if your looking for the finished product. I'm also really excited to see this kid after a D1 weight room and D1 coaching take effect. If he sticks for the full duration, he'll be all conference at some point.
  3. Headbutt

    OT: Babies!

    First of all, babies are ugly. Face it, they're just not presentable when they first come out of the package. They do get cute pretty quick though. I'm with @SDSUfan on this one. I love my granddaughter. She's beautiful, smart, very active, and she goes home at the end of the day. Grandkids are so much better than the little devils you raised.
  4. Headbutt

    Slightly OT: Wyoming Enrollment declines

    Apparently you haven't seen the "bride prospects" in Laramie. It was a good thought though.
  5. Headbutt

    AAF Games

    Phuckin' kicker. You only have to do one freaking thing. One thing. Fire his ass!
  6. Headbutt

    Rivals got Duped by High Schooler

    You bunch of dumbasses. You sit here prattling on about this guy and doing nothing. CSU on the other hand, signed him! Now who's looking stupid. Oh hell yeah!!
  7. Headbutt

    AAF Games

    Yep. I'm surprised. Iron have the best QB and RB in the league, I was definitely skeered of them. I do think the Stallions have the best O and D line in the Alliance. That appears to be the difference. I do love me some off season football!!!
  8. Headbutt

    OT: NFL and Kaepernick settle

    Yeah, I can see that. For $10 million+, why not. He's not only just an average QB, he's also getting older by NFL standards. His QB career is essentially over anyway. To be clear, nobody is going to hire Kap to be their QB at this point whether he wears a Boy Scout uniform or drapes himself in an Isis flag. His politics no longer matter. As a professional athlete his career has gone the way of all professional athletes. He's done. Time to sell razors and beer and get a sideline gig with ESPN. I doubt he signed a paper saying he wouldn't pursue another job in the NFL, but I don't doubt he signed a paper holding the NFL harmless for not hiring him in the future. I really hope a Nevada education got him that far anyway.
  9. Headbutt

    OT: NFL and Kaepernick settle

    I wish we could see the documents the NFL didn't want found in discovery. That's the really awesome stuff.
  10. Headbutt

    AAF Games

    My Stallions are toast. Birmingham will destroy them. I'll still watch though.
  11. And everyone is assuming that our Tier 1 rights will result in TV viewership. Be prepared for the whole conference to land where you think you'd like to put tier 3. I suspect we are looking at another ground breaking, earth shattering, step into anonymity. We're the MWC, it's what we do.
  12. Headbutt

    OT: NFL and Kaepernick settle

    He's done. Would you hire him? He's a pretty average QB with a ton of baggage. He got paid and it's over.
  13. Headbutt

    OT: NFL and Kaepernick settle

    Was it really wrong if they were talking? Kap was a PR issue, no question about that. If there wasn't a formal agreement among all teams to keep him out of the league was it really wrong to "allegedly" discuss the impact of having him on your team? It is a legit discussion.
  14. Headbutt

    OT: NFL and Kaepernick settle

    You state "blackballed" as though it were fact. Nothing I've seen here supports anything more than assumption. Honestly, from what little I follow the NFL he didn't strike me as a QB that had a whole lot of value left in him. As far as "blackballed"... if a bunch of teams decide independently that he brings too much baggage without all getting into a smoke filled room and making shady promises to each other, it's hardly "blackballed". The NFL is not a public enterprise, they are privately held entities. They can hire and fire whomever they choose, for whatever reason they want. If any team felt his talents were not enough to overcome the political push back from the fan base, then they were right in not hiring him. Only Roger Goodell is there to be a social warrior, the team owners are there to make money. Apparently they didn't feel he was going to make them money.
  15. Headbutt

    OT: NFL and Kaepernick settle

    OK, I admit to not following it that closely. I'll defer to you guys that did. I was under the impression that he had a contract with the Niner's which expired and Denver offered him an opportunity (although a lower dollar opportunity) and he declined. Where am I wrong, seriously.