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  1. I'll think about it, but only if they get those quail with the saucers off of the floor.
  2. I am keeping a spreadsheet. Having a hard time getting it to post. Will try again tonight. Happy to PM it to anybody who is smarter than me and can make it work. I’d like to edit it in to the OP on this thread.
  3. The coolest thing about the Idaho arena IMO is that it will be timber construction. Should be beautiful as long as they don't paint something stupid on the floor.
  4. I think we actually started a little later than usual. Those "in-depth predictive sites" have never done me much good. I always finish in the bottom half. This year I'm pretty much winging it. Can't do much worse.
  5. It’ll go faster during the week. Always does.
  6. Sorry guys. Have been trying to find a minute to do some research. Haven’t been successful so I’ll go with IOWA on a hunch. @godogsgo you are up. @WYO1016 is on deck.
  7. Yeah, it went from 0-60 in nothing flat. Glad you finally got back on board.
  8. Appy State for Headbutt. @halfmanhalfbronco you are up and @masterfrog you get to follow with a double.
  9. Damn, ya'll are hustling along. I have been in meetings all week and have yet to even look for a first pick. I'll get on it and try to get a list going of who's been picked.
  10. Trying to give @SLCPoke every chance to get on board, but it’s been 36 hours. He gets to interrupt with his first pick as soon as he shows up. @Agent Orange/Blue you’re up. Followed by @blind_squirrel54, then @TheSanDiegan.
  11. @Agent Orange/Blue don't take the 24 hour window too seriously. I won't hold it forever, but SLCPoke hasn't been on the board since teams were picked so he doesn't know we've started and that it's his turn yet so I think we'll give him a little extra time if need be. Hopefully he checks in soon and we can get rolling. I know that everyone else has been adequately notified so this is the last hiccup.
  12. Well, I'm stunned. tdmonkeys hasn't been on the board since Friday. Hopefully, he checks it out tonight. @pokebball your on deck, @SLCPoke heads up.
  13. He's a lot of fun but it helps if you mandate that he only participates with a hall monitor watching. Call his warden and request some oversight.
  14. Pick the available team that you think will have the best winning record. They don't have to win the natty, just get the most W's on their record. Then watch how everyone else does it for a while. You'll have a system of your own by your second pick.