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  1. Not hard to do if you're used to Wyo women. Just sayin'.
  2. Replying to the OP (I got bored with the thread), no. BYU won't join a G5 conference period. An 8 team playoff doesn't increase the need for expansion, so there is no invite in the future. The only way BYU joins a conference is if Hair pisses off the entire MWC and gives them something special. That won't happen.
  3. If we could get a decent fish wrap in The Fort, we'd be in the B1G overnight. Bank on it.
  4. Yeah, I think GoState was trying to have a little fun by creating his own headline. Serious, but not to that extent. And yes, the Coloradoan writers are beyond lazy.
  5. Headbutt

    CSU recruiting 2019

    Not sure of the situation at Cal or BSU, but CSU can legitimately talk about immediate playing time, just sayin. I don't know where we stand with him or anybody else, but you gotta' play your best cards and ours are playing time and facilities.
  6. Headbutt

    CSU recruiting 2019

    Definitely on another level. Agree with that.
  7. Headbutt

    CSU recruiting 2019

    Nice of you to ask. It appears that he's getting much better. Despite the rumors on the Eeyore board, this guy ain't done.
  8. Headbutt

    CSU recruiting 2019

    Wut??? We'll probably finish around 3 or 4 this year, or at least I hope so. No way we contend with BSU for the top after a 3-9 season and recruits wondering if our coach would be retained or even live (as recruiting goes). So far Bobo has done nothing spectacular, other than a PR thing. Still though, he's a good recruiter, I think things will get even better before it's all done.
  9. Headbutt

    CSU recruiting 2019

    Bobo has recruited well enough on the O-line that we should be rolling out some studs next fall...SHOULD. I can't believe some of those kids didn't get more time this season to work on things. Phillips and Brooks failed to impress me as game ready in the fall scrimmage, but I guarantee you that their feet were head and shoulders over Roundtree. Sherard was of course a freshman, but is the 8th highest ranked recruit CSU has ever had (if you buy into the rankings), I would have loved to see these guys get some game action to get them ready. It's not X-Box. You have to do more than just recruit, you do have to develop them.
  10. Headbutt

    CSU recruiting 2019

    Yeah, that would be cool but I'll believe it when I see it. I went and looked at both guys Hudl. Speed doesn't lack for either of them although it didn't appear to me to be "elite" speed. Bailey seems to play really smart and understands where he needs to be at all times based on his tape. Sanders plays a lot like his dad, but he actually hits (and hard). The point was made over on the Eeyore board (Ramnation) that even if they're just decent corners, the PR for CSU would be really nice.
  11. Headbutt

    CSU recruiting 2019

    Well, it's looking up. With the addition of a couple of 3* CSU climbed out of the basement and made it to middle of the pack. The addition of Champ Bailey's son is exciting (if he sticks). Looking at his Hudl he probably won't be the second coming of Champ, but he's got pretty solid technique for a HS player. One thing Bobo does very well is fly down to SEC country and bring home some solid recruits.
  12. Headbutt

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    Some gal's snatch. That was pretty cool.
  13. No, they are just folks with a certain belief. No higher standard, unless someone is not a christian and admires the belief. Just people, the standard is common. You are correct that they disrespected their purported beliefs and then try to excuse previous behavior. They made a claim regarding their standards, then proved themselves liars at the expense of others. I don't see it from a christian standpoint. I do see it from a character standpoint. From that perspective it is a major fail. You reap what you sow. Liberty has put themselves on a fast track, and will do well with it, until they hit the wall in turn #3. Not worth the sacrifice in standards, but they'll get that when the hookers get busted selling crack. It never works out.
  14. Headbutt

    Preston Williams... One and Done.

    Probably oughtta' take that to the other board. This one is for sports. Oh, and you're an idiot. Just sayin'.