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  1. Boise State @ Nevada

    Till you get to Laramie. Have fun.
  2. Boise State @ Nevada

    A couple of folks on Ramnation are wondering why we don't get on ESPN. Cause we don't do this. Loving this game, and that was the coolest block I've seen in years.
  3. Today's Fresno State - Air Force Game Has Been Canceled

    C'mon man, you know better than that. Talking points don't always equal facts, especially in this case.
  4. UNLV at Colorado State

    We'll play in Vegas this year. Did they move the tourney?
  5. UNLV at Colorado State

    You don't know that.
  6. UNLV at Colorado State

    Sadly, I'm not bothered a bit by it. First of all, the only thing we're playing for is conference tourney seeding. Other than that the games don't really matter unless you're Nevada, Boise, maybe SDSU. Secondly, I know LE can coach like a mother but in Fort Collins he only coasts like a mother. Every stupid loss brings us one step closer to a coach that gives a shit.
  7. UNLV at Colorado State

    Good job Rebels. Good finish.
  8. UNLV at Colorado State

    But they are. Chill, it's CSU. You guys are in good shape.
  9. Maybe I'll run down and take my shirt off. Sounds like I'd fit right in.
  10. Let us know if they're topless or not. I guess I could run into town if I had to.
  11. Today's Fresno State - Air Force Game Has Been Canceled

    This couldn't have happened a few days ago????
  12. https://www.denverpost.com/2018/01/17/fort-collins-women-topless-ban/

    I'd have been happy to see either or both back at CSU.