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  1. Who cares what the president of the NCAA thinks. His organization just became (officially) irrelevant. If the NCAA can't regulate NIL and player paychecks, then they have about equal standing to regulate eligibility (years or GPA), practice length and schedule, scholarship limits, and about 100 other things. Conferences will now be able to create their own set of rules. The greed of the SEC boosters is about to kill the opportunity for a higher education for 1,000's of kids.
  2. Grew up in PNW. Not sure what you mean by "heady", but not the sharpest knives in the drawer by and large IMO. Influential isn't always a good thing. A lot of good has come out of that area, but also a whole lot of bad.
  3. Hey, I wouldn't send my kid to Seattle to got to school either. They're still a better school than WSU both academically and athletically. My agenda? The notion that WSU/OSU are somehow head and shoulders above the MWC in any category is being pushed and couldn't be more wrong. It would be nice to have both in our league, but we wouldn't be damn lucky to have you. It's the other way around.
  4. OK don't answer the question Einstein. Are you talking academics or athletics, or just football? How did UW get more than 8 hours from Pullman. Are we talking driving time or x-country skiing? What exactly is the pool of universities that you are comparing WSU against?
  5. BPI punishes excessively for altitude. It is a crap system.
  6. Best school academically or athletically? I think Boise pretty much trumps you in athletics. I know UW trumps you in both. Just exactly how many schools are there in an 8 hour radius of Pullman and how big is the bong you're smoking?
  7. This could be a godsend to presidents and AD's. I think unionizing would actually decrease the SA's control over most universities, and would set some ground rules and standards that all could at least know what they're dealing with. Pandora's box is open. This would at least offer an opportunity to address it. What we have now is the slow death of college athletics. What we could get is at least a roadmap.
  8. The road itself is fine. Well maintained, plenty of 4 lane where it's needed. Some big hills, but they come with passing lanes. However, it invites bad decisions. Semi's that seem to need passed at the wrong place, etc. It's kind of a shortcut from Laramie to FC. One of those roads that students take back and forth between the two towns and get in a hurry. Focus for 30 minutes and it's not dangerous at all, but the scenery is fantastic which is distracting and the pace of traffic can be frustrating to a kid in a hurry to get to a party or see a boyfriend/girlfriend. Besides the fog and winter weather at the summit (which does tend to slow folks down) it's just a really bad luck stretch of road that has killed too many kids. It's not the road, it's the drivers. I'm not sure how to fix it. I wish I did. I had to take that route just two weeks ago and pulled off of the road to let some idiot do his business farther down the path. Would love more state patrol up there, but I really don't think it would make that big of a difference.
  9. I'm getting ads for Russian mail order brides and women's lingerie. Is this related?
  10. First of all, attacking someone based on their religious beliefs absolutely doesn't belong in any thread on this board. Secondly, he loves it. What are you doing?
  11. I drive that stretch too often. Always think of all of the CSU and Wyo students that have perished on that road. it's never a fun trip.
  12. https://swimswam.com/three-university-of-wyoming-swimmers-die-in-car-accident-amid-mountain-west-championships/
  13. That might have been the reason for the coaches and AD's to balk at the suggestion. I don't know. I do know that a deal was in the works and BB coaches put their foot down. I don't know why. However, my info comes straight from the mouth of our recently released AD. Joe wasn't always the most dynamic guy in a discussion, but dishonesty isn't in his DNA. He didn't make that up. In fact getting inside info out of Joe Parker was like pulling teeth out of a hippo. You just give up pretty quick.
  14. Maybe a little of both. Maybe the MWC would have asked for $500k if the coaches were on board. I don't know. I do know that the MWC BB coaches strongly opposed it and passed that on through their respective AD's. AD's make FB, etc. schedules. BB schedules are basically done by the head coaches so I can see why they would have a lot more say in the plan, and maybe the proposed plan was going to upset a lot of negotiations that were in the works. Just spitballin'.
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