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  1. Exactly. No one is ever found innocent in court. The very basis of our law is that everyone is presumed to be innocent until proven otherwise. No one should ever have to prove their innocence, the accuser has to prove guilt. That's what separates us from Venezuela and China.
  2. You’ll get nothing and like it. A good shot at Bryant and New Mexico. That’s about all I can see for’23. Who’s the 12th game?
  3. You’ll get it. Supplier is still out. You want a UNR helmet? I’ll order that tonight.
  4. If history is any indication, this thread will still be rolling in 2025.
  5. Disagree. Freaking morons for firing a coach that was on the upward trajectory without a better option already lined up.
  6. An excellent summary. The NMSU player didn't break the law, other than perhaps a campus ban on handguns, I don't know those particulars. All he broke was curfew and the concept of good decision making. It is an incredibly tragic situation.
  7. Yeah, with SEC talent. He doesn't have that anymore.
  8. You know why they always seem to be building new high schools? Because there are more kids. The HS player pool isn't shrinking. The number of D1 prospects is only expanding. G5's will never keep up with the P5's, but then again we never have. What the G5's can get is their fair share of good HS players, and the higher rated kids from the P5 that were overrated, didn't get to play, and move down a level. A smart G5 coach can do just fine in the portal by picking up that 4* that turned out to be a high 3* after all.
  9. Nah, that's a pretty typical new coach speech. Doing it in public was definitely low class. He comin'.
  10. I'm not sold on Deion the coach. I'd take his recruiting class in a heartbeat though.
  11. Yes. I caught that. Snake oil. Boulder is going to be fun to watch for a while. He also never said "Go Buff's", or "I'm happy to be here", or any of the usual coach speak for "I can't wait to be a buff". Just "they wouldn't take no for an answer" and "I'm comin'". He picked the right place to hold a shit show, they're real good at it down there.
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