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  1. I think Strong has a future in the NFL. Early draft pick? No way. He's a good college QB, but a project at the NFL level. I hope he gets there and shines though.
  2. An honest assessment. BYU has to finish top 4 in the eyes of the committee to make the NY6. Honestly, that won't happen.
  3. Wait...Wut??! Brown jerseys, with actual names on the back?!? The rest of us are struggling with UnderArmour and Nike, and you guys went and got Gucci? Damn!!
  4. I like Thamel's solution. Things are tough...just quit. To hell with the season, just play the tournament. Let the media seed it. Idiot.
  5. Hard to move up in the polls. Start fresh in the polls today, and I think Nevada is a top 25 team. They are playing that well. Honestly, I think they handle Hawaii pretty handily (I know, 10 Saturdays without Dr. Pepper for jinxing). If I'm a Nevada fan, I'm afraid to look forward to a CCG berth but since I'm not...I'm looking forward to seeing how they do in that game.
  6. I think that article is a bit on the skeptical side and makes a few assumptions that could be challenged (and I won't because this isn't the board for that), but is mostly in line with most of what I've read. I anticipate that medical workers and extremely high risk individuals will be vaccinated for the most part by the end of December. I don't think it's overoptimistic at all to expect the ability to immunize 90% of the population by the end of March. However, bear in mind that not everyone needs immunized. As immunization increases, the statistical probability of spreading the virus
  7. They will. A friend of mine's mom is some mucky-muck for a chain of nursing homes. She said they already have enough stockpiled for staff and residents. Just waiting for the go-ahead to start sticking people.
  8. Well, BYU either needed to take the UW game or make some PR out of refusing it. You can't just have some fans on a message board explaining why you declined it. If their AD would come out VERY publicly and announce that they were interested in a game but could not abide by the Pac 12 policy that they could cancel the game in favor of a different team after BYU had spent deposits on charter, lodging, and have the cancellation happen while their equipment truck was halfway to Seattle. A legit position IMO, but you fail if you keep it secret. If you're going to puss out, explain why o
  9. I almost agree. I'm pretty solid on SDSU at #1. The next four? Hell, it could just come down to Covid. CSU is already out until conference at least. Boise just played Hawaii with over 10% of their roster out, that's a much bigger hit in BB. The only sure thing in my mind is that there are more hits coming for all of us.
  10. Weld County also going red. The county commissioners announced that it won't be enforced.
  11. Yeah, I know. They actually skipped over orange to go from yellow to red. I was wondering if I was the only one that caught that they'd overplayed their hand. I'll point that out if they show up on Thanksgiving asking why I'm having an illegal gathering.
  12. Colorado does it by county, and if a county goes "level red" then they are under those exact restrictions (among some other really stupid ones). Larimer County (home of CSU) will go red on Tuesday, but El Paso (home of AFA) is not scheduled for the same draconian treatment.
  13. Agree. However it turns out though, it should be a good matchup to represent the MWC to the rest of the country.
  14. Fun game to watch. I picked Nevada in the pre-season to win the west (at the time there still was a west). You're making me feel smart.
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