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  1. I think MASH has to take it, it was more than a show, it was a part of the '70's culture. However, I was a big All In The Family fan. Hilarious show that attacked stereotypes by imitating them. Cheers and Coach are definitely up there among my favorites. Yes. I too, am old.
  2. @Jeffkills, please make @4UNLV a mod. Don't ask her if she's interested, just do it. You couldn't find a better person for the job.
  3. Thanks for all you've done for the MWC fans @mugtang. @Jeffkills is walking into a pretty sweet setup, no matter what he paid for it. It's a heck of a legacy you're leaving behind. Now you're on to the next phase where @4UNLV will delete every other one of your posts.
  4. Let’s put it this way. We packed Hughes (even for late games) when McElwain was here and winning. Then came Bobo. Less apathy than frustration, but yeah, some apathy.
  5. You reek of jealousy to this day. I had hoped you would overcome that way back when we allowed you to join us. I’m disappointed. Serious question...what can we (your MWC family) do to help you address your mental health (don’t be ashamed, it’s common these days) issues. I’m here to help bro. I’m reaching out. This entire board is full of good folks. We’ve got you. Just open up.
  6. I would storm the McGraw Center if they tried to wear them for ever game. Coolest uniforms on the planet and I'm not even sure they should wear them every year. If so, I'd save them for the Poke game, and that's it. Gold pants, green tops, and the classic RAM helmet should be the standard, and we should stick to the standard.
  7. I think @Bob and I would get along just fine 362 days a year. You could read about the gunfight the other 3 days in the papers.
  8. It's the trend. Out of state tuition has become the new funding arm for paying professors.
  9. We're both in CO, close enough to make it to the games. We're both looking at options outside the Peoples Republic of Colorado. The state has gone to hell. I might be a Wyoming resident very soon.
  10. Oh, I agree. I'm not anti college by any means. In my day it was expected if you wanted to be successful. I just believe that there are other options that can be very rewarding financially nowadays, and I won't push my kids into going to college just to go to college like the old days. Figure out what you want, and if it requires college, then do it. If it doesn't require college, don't waste your time. That's where I'm at.
  11. Nope. There's no law that says it has to be done in four years. They can work their way through it. Honestly, I've told my kids that college isn't worth it anymore unless you want to be an engineer, a doctor, or a career grad student. I'm all for the the engineer or doctor route. I told every one of my four kids that the smart route was to get the basics out of the way at a community college (the credits transfer and they're cheap), then decide what you want to do with your life. Only one has gone the 4 year degree route. Of the other three, one has a successful company, one is the
  12. I got some help from the folks on occasion. $100 bucks here and there when things got really tough, but that's not the point. They expected me to make my own way in life, without charity. I did. I graduated college about $8,000 in debt. I paid that off pretty quick. I worked my ass off to pay for my degree. The government didn't get the chance to make me a ward. I'm OK with folks putting their kids through college, but I think putting yourself through college teaches you a hell of a lot more than college.
  13. Desperation? What a dumbass. Those are State Pride uniforms. They are flying the state colors. Other schools have followed suit. I prefer the traditional Green and Gold, but it's one of the most highly rated uniforms in CFB, and it exists to honor the state.
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