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  1. Why? Will math skills become an important component in basketball? "Lord, I apologize for that there and be with the pygmies in Africa. Amen." Signed Larry.
  2. What did he do? 10 years is generally not from a misdemeanor.
  3. The guy that invented anal lube.* *Does anal lube get this much play on any other message board anywhere? Careful with your answers.
  4. Ummm, because they've already picked the school they want a degree from. They're not in the system to get drafted. They're "walk-ons", sports are not their primary reason for being on campus.
  5. Well Norm, it's a little known fact that the Fritatta originated in the Orient and was brought to Italy by Marco Polo on his third visit to that continent. Signed, Cliff Claven
  6. Sheeeet man. We sell 10K student tickets every year. Get off your high horse. Maybe not voluntary sales, but when you can go banana republic and force 10K in sales get back to me. Ya'll are way behind the curve on all of this.
  7. IMO, a Bay Area fan base would be all over a top men’s soccer team. Maybe San already has one, I wouldn’t know. In the long run, that’s the future NFL in America. San has the demographic to become Alabama/Ohio State ahead of the curve in that scenario.
  8. Great question sir. In my mind there are at most two tier 1 rivals for any team. With Wyo and CU there is vitriole. No problem selling out either team in our house (you'll see next year). Family members that claim the opponent as an alma mater don't speak for weeks because of that FB game. As you know I don't personally care as much about the CU rivalry as most of our fan base for a number of reasons, but if I'm speaking for The RAMS I get that it's extremely important to most and the most important to some. With AFA, it's intense but not at the same level. It's not like the Sonny/Fischer days anymore. Maybe that changes when CU goes away? The CU rivalry is tough for me because it takes two to tangle, and the game's just not as important to them. The series is forced by the legislature, and they have tried multiple times to walk away from it. In the new MWC CSU has a strong rivalry developing with USU and obviously desires enough results to make that occur with BSU. Too much history with AFA to not consider it a rivalry (BTW that RAM/Falcon trophy looks like it was made in woodshop but that's beside the point), but I just don't see the fanbases emotion for that game at the same level as the two I listed as tier one. Minnesota was a running board joke for a while.
  9. For CSU... Tier 1: WYO and CU (this is dying), and Minnesota. Tier 2: AFA (was tier one once), UNM, USU getting there in a hurry. BYU was big for us once, BSU is the one I'm hoping emerges. Tier 3: Nah, that's carrying it too far.
  10. Neal was a "good cop"? OK.
  11. SDSU at 14th. CSU not tied now, all alone in 4th. SJSU owning the show. Not a fair comment about viewership, all 12 of us are wet.
  12. Sparky kicking ass. RAMS in fourth. A distant fourth, but still in the conversation. Pretty course.