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  1. NBA Dunk Contest - Like father, like son

    I don't follow the NBA at all. Those are some athletic moves and worthy of the accolades he's getting. Mostly, I think it incredibly cool that he had the opportunity to honor his dad like that and did it so perfectly.
  2. NBA Dunk Contest - Like father, like son

    Didn't watch live, so thanks for posting. That was cool.
  3. UPDATE: For CSU Stadium Financial Naysayers

    Or football period. Have you seen them play lately?
  4. I don't think you're sharp enough to know what to believe, so no. I have no expectations. I'm Irish. Phuck you. You misspelled hippie. Just sayin'. Maybe a semester in Boise could help.L
  5. college basketball FBI probe ...

    No. I argued earlier that this was an FBI issue, not an NCAA issue. Upon further review....it will become an NCAA issue. When it hit's the NCAA's plate, it will go away. "It's not an NCAA matter, the FBI has already handled what needs handled, and we are moving on". Congress is not interested, especially not the Dems. It ain't happening.
  6. college basketball FBI probe ...

    NCAA not involved here. This is FBI.
  7. Bittersweet victory tonight, emphasis on bitter

    In the limited time I've watched him, he gets away with a lot. I guess I should have said I'm not a fan of the refs being such a Drew fan. Nothing personal towards Drew I guess.
  8. Bittersweet victory tonight, emphasis on bitter

    Not a Drew fan. Really hope this is overblown though. Drew and UNR have absolutely earned the right to be considered the best of the MWC. Would be good to see him back by tourney.
  9. Not knocking those teams, but BSU and UNR are the new darlings apparently. Personally, I'm a fan of the change. I'm not hoping it's permanent, but the MWC really is a lot more interesting these days. I really wish it were the good ol' days when the selection committee gave a crap.
  10. Interesting. Thanks. The only part I was familiar with was the 1924 clash with the KKK. BTW, I'm Irish and that nickname is absolutely not racist.
  11. Kellerman is clueless as to the origin of the mascot, and is looking foolish to anyone who knows the story.
  12. Jase Herl named Interim Coach for CSU

    A minor fine. Nothing the university couldn't negotiate. I don't know if she shaves them anyway. We'd be OK.
  13. Jase Herl named Interim Coach for CSU

    Florida for sure.
  14. Jase Herl named Interim Coach for CSU

    Yeah, but there's risk. I believe she's absolutely up to the task, but if she fails then she becomes a publicity stunt. Not something I want to see. If she's in, then I'm in but there is some risk for her and the university. On the balance, go get Becky, but I understand why she might say no.
  15. Jase Herl named Interim Coach for CSU

    Word is that she's making low six figures as an NBA assistant. I don't follow that league, so I have no clue how accurate that might be. I'd take her in a heartbeat. Good pub, she obviously has the skills or she wouldn't have coached their D league team. Just being here, she'd sell out Moby and most importantly, I think she'd win. She's had D1 offers and rejected them, so I'm not sure we'd have a chance but the idea is interesting.