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  1. Green is definitely less slippery than blue. I looked it up.
  2. I like a 9/5/20 opener the best. That's looking pretty grim, but not ruled out just yet.
  3. Could be done, but far from ideal. "Spring camp" could easily be moved till fall, but that month before the opener (February) would be a son-of-a-bitch in the Rockies as well as the Northeast. I'd hate to have a zero week game. The March 6th opener in Laramie would make November look like a sauna. I can only see two positives to this plan. 1. It beats not playing the season at all. 2. Theoretically, bowl season would end about late June and we'd only have to deal with about a 60 day off-season. So many logistical issues with athletic departments, scholarships, bowl games, rescheduling venues, it would be a nightmare. But...see #1 above.
  4. Headbutt


    Hmmmm. That South Dakota State Logo is pretty cool.
  5. Thanks. I just left the zoo. In handcuffs. Way to go.
  6. Too much going on, too much progress being made for me to not be optimistic about fall football. Folks like to compare this to the Spanish Flu of 1918. That was 100 years ago. We've come so far since then. Not that they would have made a difference, but antibiotics were just a concept in 1918. This is 2020, we've got this. I see so many stories of so much progress that I can't yet buy into the narrative that Covid won't be under control by August. Their are a ton of reasons to believe we'll have things under control in time. I'd hate to try and predict the conditions that football will be played under, but the rush to normalcy will be overwhelming enough long before then that I really believe the season will happen.
  7. That was cool. We also do this. https://source.colostate.edu/csu-researchers-rapidly-developing-treatments-drugs-and-vaccines-for-covid-19/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=t0402-20
  8. It'll be a very, very long time until the debt is paid off. I agree that a huge part of the revenue is stadium related, but there's no way to know exactly how much or from which sources. College athletic departments tend to obfuscate their budgets a bit. The stadium debt was always intended to be an investment more than a liability. While we're holding our own right now, we really need that investment to start paying off. Anybody with a TV set can see that we've made a hell of a lot more money on opening day than in those final games of every lost season since Canvas opened. There's cautious optimism that the new staff will correct that. We can fill Canvas if we're a mere 6-5 going into the final home game, regardless of weather. 4-7 with an 8PM start and a snowstorm will always result in about 15K and cost us more than we make just opening the gates.
  9. Did you read that an unnamed AD wants to cancel the season in the fall, and play it in the spring? As crazy as that sounds, it might be a possibility. Logistical issues for sure, but might be an option.
  10. Gotta' be CU and Wyoming. We're going to find out what Daz is made of.
  11. I'm pretty optimistic that things will be stable enough by then to play the game. Stable enough to put 30K in a stadium to watch? I'm not so optimistic about that.
  12. We'll be OK in The Fort. Fortunately CSU relies mostly on the trillions of TV dollars that Boise brings in to the MWC. It's all good.
  13. Mug linked this in the sidebar, but I felt like I should start a thread so nobody missed the news. This is like a lifeline. https://themw.com/news/2020/3/30/at-t-sportsnet-to-show-mountain-west-football-and-mens-basketball-replays-starting-april-1.aspx
  14. Now, read that in your head in the voice of your avatar. Perfect.
  15. If it works, it would take a while to get the program to the level would have to be at but would be a huge game changer.