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  1. Hey @happycamper, since they're not kicking off till March can I have a few weeks to think about it? So many teams to choose from.
  2. More than anything it refers to the time in 1924 that the KKK came to Indiana to demonstrate against the Catholics and got their asses whipped, literally. Not a slur at all.
  3. Oh, I don’t think anyone was going to accuse you of being careless. 😎
  4. Probably. I don’t think the POKES would fare very well though.
  5. I had to give you a like just because it was a well done effort. Bravo. You even got me to google Golden Circle Knighthood. The Knights of the Golden Circle appear to have been an interesting group, bent on the preservation of the south from the industrial north, and their aspirations to annex Mexico were certainly ambitious. However, they far preceded the KKK from what I can tell, and no member of such organization was ever identified. I'm gonna' give you an A+ for the composition though.
  6. I've also heard of a poll in 2016 where over 75% of Native American respondents were not offended by the name. Go figure. I guess you're offended by what you choose to be offended by. For the record, I'm fine with changing the name. I vote for Warriors.
  7. That looks like a good thing, for now. I'm not sure if I'd prefer some herd immunity or a healthy football team right now. Or to restate that, I'm very glad we're healthy but I'm afraid health now just predisposes us to disaster later. It's really tough to take a side on that issue. I don't want folks being sick with this stuff, but I'd personally prefer to get it today when the health system is not overrun if I knew for a fact that the alternative was to get it in October when the medical systems will be stressed. I hope none of them get it, but that's just not realistic. Anyway, I really just wanted to ask if anybody knew how their teams were faring.
  8. Yeah, I knew that. At some point I really did. My point stands though.
  9. A very minimal number. What are the odds those are inconsistencies with the accuracy of the testing?
  10. Meh, you and I get to define the difference between racism and PC any way we want, as does everybody else. Some see no difference, some see a very wide gap. Scalley works for a university as a coach and therefore he gets to live by their definition. No personal choice available as an employee and representative of the athletic department. Unless we are in some way in a position with BYU to determine policy on this, we don't get to agree or disagree, we just get to observe. It's not meritless to have an outside opinion on it, but it is meaningless. From my very limited knowledge of the situation, I think the pay cut is excessive and over the top, but then again I'm pretty sure that BYU couldn't give a shit what I think. It does set a pretty severe precedent though. I would have expected more of an approach of apologize, correct, and move on from BYU. Then again, like I said, I don't have all the facts.
  11. What does his education have to do with it? He didn't say it was a good idea, he said he wouldn't put it past them. It's the SEC. Highly unlikely this is indeed a strategy, but it's not unbelievable that it's considered an acceptable side effect of necessary off season conditioning by some. In fact their is some merit in the school of thought that they are not going to be able to prevent these kids from catching the virus, one way or the other, so just go about your business and let the chips fall.