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  1. Thanks for sharing my thoughts. Taking absolutely nothing away from SDSU because it's been an epic run that is actually a bit overdue. They're not a Cinderella, they climbed the ladder to get here. However, slaying the giant made me vote for Fiesta Bowl. Now...SDSU is hopefully not done, and one more win would easily sway my vote. Two more wins and it would be a no-brainer. Both accomplishments stand pretty high in my eyes.
  2. Beyond silly. Two final four teams on there that no one has a chance to even tamper with their roster yet. At least wait until June when things have settled down a bit.
  3. Actually, I did work in wording that it would be a Nevada helmet. I should have stuck to that.
  4. I could and should, but I took a sucker bet. You still can't convince me that UNLV hit that level of attendance. But only a fool would assume that they wouldn't report that level of attendance regardless of actual folks showing up. I screwed up. It's paid. I just hope UPS doesn't screw things up. Just end it.
  5. Yeah, I'm aware of that. I tried to post it in my DM to @Rebels18, but for some reason it wouldn't attach. I'll wait for the shipment confirmation to hit my inbox and see if I can make that one work. By the way, it's subsection 37-C. 38-B regulates the posting of Salma Hayek photo's. I'm working to get 38-B omitted as those pics should not be regulated.
  6. @Rebels18 is correct. I welched. Not on purpose, but got sidetracked right after I promised delivery and then forgot all about it. The public shaming is not unfair or unfounded. The helmet has been ordered. It's a minor deal that I let become something stupid. Situation resolved. mea culpa.
  7. LOL! If I want an intelligent opinion on college BB, I go directly to Swoll and no further. IF he is a tool, at least he's the sharpest tool in the drawer.
  8. I guess I'm with Swoll, other than the fact that he's late to the party. Murray was a tool long before UNR ran Norvell off. Not the sharpest tool, but still a tool.
  9. I think FAU is a little lucky to have gotten to the final four. They're good, and serious props to them, but I think they've hit their ceiling. God, what I wouldn't give for CSU to get to that ceiling.
  10. Tampering is expressly banned by the NCAA. Proving it is a bitch. Actually, it would be easy if someone would testify that they were contacted and given an offer prior to entering the portal. Somehow, no one wants to do that. You kill all of your options if you go official with the info. The NCAA has very small teeth on the enforcement side, and since they are run by the big conferences that have the most to lose with enforcement, there's not much chance they'll ever get serious outside of a bunch of empty protestation.
  11. I'm not writing them off. Yeah, I get it. I've watched both teams. I don't see SDSU having the offense to stay with 'bama. I also don't think 'bama has faced a defense of SDSU's caliber yet. I'm looking forward to this one. I hope SDSU plays their game and doesn't start trying to play the UNM turnover game. Just patience and stubbornness.
  12. I don't know. Word has it that she's into scrumptious bunnies. Just sayin'.
  13. RAMS on spring break. Camp starts Tuesday. 44 new players this year. Can't miss with those kind of numbers.
  14. I wish he was at Nevada. CSU could use him.
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