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  1. Headbutt

    Darned cold

  2. Headbutt

    Darned cold

  3. Headbutt

    Competing boards?

    That's on me. I'm having a bad season and I paid Mug to hold off on reporting the results in order to give the media time to hopefully change them to what they should be. Give it a few hours and the CSU/NM results will show a CSU W. Then we can play ball.
  4. Two weeks till the Border War. It'll happen. Relax.
  5. Headbutt

    Competing boards?

    Dude. We can all see your end game here. No real point to make, just stirring the pot. Just like whining about pick 10 results not being up soon enough. You're a freaking rabble-rouser, even a Boise drop out can see that. I told Mug a long time ago "watch out for that Slapdad kid, he's trouble". Now you're trying to create a great big rift between somebody and somebody else (sorry, I didn't follow close enough to get the names) and next thing you know we're going to be looking at Mug's North Korea ties, and we'll be excoriating vegans, and... Um, yeah, it's OK to recommend other boards for reference.
  6. Headbutt

    CFP Mayhem

    Which just might be the catalyst to 8. If the B1G, Pac12, and Big 12 all get left out of the playoffs, then the shit will hit the fan. UCF won't change the landscape no matter how many consecutive years they go undefeated. Piss off Delaney, Scott, and Bowlsby all at once and you've got a tiger by the tail.
  7. Agree with this. I also think USU is a better team than SDSU. We may very well find out in the CCG.
  8. Headbutt

    Rank em

    Pretty much what Mug said. Move AFA to 7 and I think this is it.
  9. Headbutt

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    RAMS win!!!! Fire Bobo!
  10. Headbutt

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    Those are going both ways.
  11. Headbutt

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    They may have deferred, but I doubt CSU chose to kick. Doesn't really matter, I'm stressed out. We are making so many mistakes we are lucky to be ahead. I worry about our typical horrendous 3rd quarter.
  12. Headbutt

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    No. CSU kicked off to start.
  13. Headbutt

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    AT&T regional. 683 on Direct.
  14. Headbutt

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    They know our QB doesn't like to throw underneath. He's in love with the home run.
  15. Headbutt

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    ‘’Twas me and only 1 is a joke. If the RAMS get this one, I may start believing in this season again.