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  1. Needed that W. Against a solid team, on the road. We still have a long ways to go, but...FINALLY!
  2. I realize that Hawaii athletes travel more than pretty much anyone. I'm just saying that a lot of AD's feel like it's a pain in the ass to travel to Hawaii. Our former AD is on record that he would like to see Hawaii out of the conference for just that reason. I'm not endorsing that opinion, just pointing out that it does exist and that kind of travel is a burden on SA's. Yes, Hawaii more than anyone. Chang will need more time. I think he's got a real future, but he took over a hot mess.
  3. Yeah, we'd all prefer that. Other than the pay cut.
  4. What veto? The MWC went with CBS originally because they had bought our rights from Comcast. The Boise/ESPN deal was a carve out because Boise wasn't in the conference when the deal was made. Nowadays, CBS and Fox pay us more than ESPN was willing to. That's why we don't want to partner with ESPN, because they lowball in every negotiation.
  5. Every time a hypothetical chopping block comes up Hawaii will always top the list with most of "look at me, I don't know what I'm talking about" crowd because of the travel. Even some serious folks that do know what they're talking about put them at the top of the list, because of the travel. It's not just cost, but the wear and tear on SA's. They are a much easier target right now due to their recent struggles in finding the right coach, TV contract, and playing in a practice stadium. CFB is cyclical, and if the state ever gets behind the school Hawaii will be back. I'm not championing getting rid of Hawaii, just pointing out that they do bring unique challenges to the conference (despite the travel subs and 13th game) making them an easy target for the chopping block for observers outside of the conference.
  6. Has anyone ever seen OS Beaver and Cowboy in the same men's room at the same time?????
  7. I wouldn't give them bigger shares, just let them keep everything they get from the Pac implosion. I'm not oppose to unequal revenue as long as it's earned and not guaranteed. Take 14 schools and a media contract and divide the contract by 20 shares (random #, just making a point). Every team can count on one share. The extra six can be used as a post season bonus based on a predetermined formula. X share for the dance, X% of a share for a bowl, etc. You get to eat what you kill without harming the overall health of the conference. Put a little aside for Oly sports championships. Find a formula everyone can agree on and let the battles begin. Stable conference with incentives.
  8. I'm not sure on the voting rights. I do believe they have some say in FB matters. Anyway, I'm not saying you're wrong but I am saying that if she works to jettison Hawaii (or even doesn't work to avoid it) in order to better her position (or just the appearance of it) will be problematic.
  9. Nope. Can't leave Hawaii out. I get your point but it will have to be all or nothing. These decisions will involve Gloria (the lady you want as commissioner) and she has the responsibility of representing the entire MWC. She may agree with you, but she has a duty to fight any plan that leaves a MWC team out in the cold. Even just one. I think she opens herself up to legal issues if she becomes a commissioner of a conference that didn't take all of her teams. She can be overriden by the rest of the teams of course, but she has to walk a fine line if that is how it goes down.
  10. I trust that they are not in any way, shape, or form liking their new reality, but their leadership didn't get their jobs by being stupid. Their options are very, very limited. They'll try for extra media shares, and special treatment, but I don't think they'll get it. Hair isn't in charge anymore. No way in hell, IMO, they can rebuild the Pac without taking the entire MWC. Somebody will have to find $102 million, and that conference (regardless of the six who go there) will not be recognized by the CFP. Take a peek at current events, the CFP is replacing the NCAA. I'm not saying that they're in love with the new reality, just that they are aware of it. Barring some sort of acceptance into the B12, they don't really have a choice in the matter. Every single other option reeks of failure. Any MWC school choosing to make the jump without the rest of the conference is staring down defeat. I just don't see it happening, and I sure don't see it succeeding.
  11. We do not have to offer unequal revenue to O/WSU. They do not have leverage in joining the MWC. We'd be idiots to not recognize their financial adjustments though. We assume that whatever they can get from the Pac assets is theirs, and we get together in some form to move forward. As an aside, I'd put the odds of the P2 taking 9 MWC teams to dissolve the conference at 0%. It'll be an all or nothing merger. Any other approach will get way too ugly.
  12. I don't think they have any choice. As of now, they are complaining to the court as a competitive entity. Not a member of the Pac12. They surrendered that position without duress. They participated in setting the precedence in not having any say in the direction of the conference. In short, they went to work for GM and can no longer have any say in the future activities of Ford. Make your bed, and you sleep in it. It's a pretty comfy bed for most of them, I don't see where they get anywhere with their efforts. Assets can be settled over time. It should be quick, but it might not be. Control of the conference is laid out in black and white and that's the most critical part of the whole equation in the short term.
  13. Would you relax? You're way out over your skis on this one. The Pac 2 presidents know the current landscape much, much better than us armchair experts. They will find a way to combine with the entire MWC, or they will join the B12 (not likely) or they will die. They know their options, but none of their options matter until the courts say they matter. Nobody knows the ramifications of playing "dickball" more than the NW twins. They've just been the victims of it multiple times. This crap isn't going to happen yesterday. The departing teams appear to not want it to go easy. At the end of the day OSU and WSU have to join/create/revive a conference. They can't do that until they get some affirmation from the courts. Folks just need to slow down.
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