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  1. See, this is the problem and why I'm so upset about my new neighbors. If my town is attractive enough to move to, why the hell do they want to change it to look like the one they ran away from? Welcome folks. Just embrace what you've gained, quit f**cking with my life.
  2. I'm looking forward to the coverage and introduction the stadium. That thing is ridiculous. I hope Chucky is more awake for Monday night than the fool in Denver.
  3. Has to be . It can't be enticing to go play there, imagine having to practice. It's actually dangerous right now.
  4. They're leaving in droves. I picked up about a thousand new neighbors in the last year. You're next.
  5. MWC will play a Nov. - Jan. season according to a guy on Ramnation. Won’t reveal his source, but this guy isn’t prone to bullshit. Cross your fingers.
  6. Maybe I read too much into this, but it sounds like you either get to pick spring or fall. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/football-oversight-committee-reveals-recommendations-for-pac-12-spring-season/ AFA got a waiver to compete for the CIC trophy. I'm not sure how that works.
  7. "A few games" would be nuts. You can have eight in the spring (yeah, I know that spring is not a done deal). If you go with a 3-4 game season in the fall, you're done. Not eligible for spring. I think we could all play right now, BUT the way things are being written we all lose if we try.
  8. I guarantee Hawaii is also out with their quarantine rules.
  9. I wouldn't be opposed to that. It might be fun to finish out but I don't see a lot of participation forthcoming.
  10. So Navy was so careful that they didn't even have contact in practice, and they still got BYU sick??
  11. @Billings then @masterfrog, let's try to finish what we started.
  12. LT came to The Fort and did basically nothing. Of course that was his frosh year and spent the game on the sideline, but by God he did no damage to our stellar defense.
  13. @GoState99755 is slacking. My turn. I'll take Colorado State. And BYU (I hate BYU). Go, @GoState99755
  14. And how dangerous is it? I'm assuming it's not something you'd want to fight through and play, but once it's healed it's no big deal. That just seems to make sense.
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