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  1. It would also change college football in a way that the SEC couldn't tolerate.
  2. Hey @4UNLV, here's what I'm talking about. I'm not going to go into CSU and their potential in expansion, but look at #7 and a KState bloggers reasons for looking at CSU. Yeah, Land Grant matters to some. https://247sports.com/college/kansas-state/LongFormArticle/Big-12-expansion-realignment-OU-Texas-SEC-Oklahoma-State-Kansas-State-Iowa-State-Texas-Tech-West-Virginia-TCU-Baylor-168406444/#168406444_1
  3. Actually, that's not true. It's not something like AAU status that (at least on paper) elevates one school over another. It is however, a highly desirable status as viewed by other land grant universities. It does matter in expansion and realignment to the degree that land grant institutions in an inviting conference do have a vote. It's far from the "end all", but it is an important part of the resume when other land grant schools are picking a new member. Probably far less important than the overall athletic portfolio, but it does matter.
  4. I wish I could argue with any of that. I'll only say that I was surprised to see that New Mexico finished that high in per capita income.
  5. Don't shoot the messenger. That was from today. BTW, there is no D-1A and 1AA. Just Division-1, which encompasses the FBS and FCS subdivisions. I don't know what they're signaling, but I'm sure NIL and impending realignment have a lot to do with it. I wouldn't be surprised to see a contraction and renaming of the FBS to those who actually can and want to participate in an arms race vs amateur athletics. That'll be a tough row to hoe though when it comes to the oly sports and even BB.
  6. I think this is the big split that we've all been waiting for, and some of us have been hoping for. My biggest fear is that the non-amateur division that results will still retain control of the true amateur side of the house.
  7. Anyone want to venture a guess as to how this will turn out?
  8. You should go to Gillette, CO and meet the guy. There is no Gillette, CO. He lives in Gillette, Wyoming. He did grow up in CO though. Those are some ridiculously impressive numbers.
  9. I'll be very surprised if BSU gets an invite. I'm not knocking them, but location, market, and academics all work against them despite their athletic success. Politically, the MWC becomes a stronger conference without them, but I don't see it happening. BYU? As I've said before, they are an attractive choice for a conference but I just don't see BYU and any conference board sitting down and working out a deal that satisfies both. I can see a scenario where they are any conferences second phone call (after Notre Dame), and every conferences first "no thanks". BYU is just BYU. Not a k
  10. It could be, but not likely. If the B12 guts the AAC, we become the undisputed #6 conference and will be in the playoff pretty much every year. If the B12 guts the MWC, we are F'd. If neither happens, and we (unlikely scenario) pick up a couple of B12 teams, this conference just got a lot better and a lot more fun. Two chances out of three we are better. That second option? Well a couple of our teams will have scored, and the rest of us can rebuild intelligently to get back to relevance. Intelligently does not include panicking and chasing UTEP and UTSA. We are at 12, we can do gre
  11. Why. Are you convinced that the B12 will gut the MWC?
  12. Whoa! Why are we rearranging the pick order? Just start with @masterfrog and move on. You realize you just moved 8 and 9 to 9 and 10?
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