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  1. SDSU is limited in issuing PHD's. Every PHD they issue has to be in conjuction with another University. When CA set up the two tier systems between the UC's and CSU's, it granted UC's the power to do research and issue PHD's and the Cal States could not, which is why the Cal States do not have Medical schools or Laws schools.
  2. That is why rankings should not come out until the first week in OCT. This way we have a clue who is good and who is not. There is a stat like in 18 of the last 19 years at least one team in preseason AP top 10 ends the season unranked.
  3. The MW will be the 6th best league if everyone stays. The one team i could see leaving the MW is AF. AF could go football only and move their Olympics the the Summit, Big Sky, MVC or WCC. It would make Navy a conference game and allow them to recruit TX more. We will see.
  4. MIke Bohn USC's AD hired Fickell at Cincinnati. I gotta imagine he is on their short list to replace Helton
  5. Our kicker Matt Araiza had a great game and was the MVP for SDSU last Saturday. He does both the punting and kicking for us. Matt had 9 punts averaging 56.8 yards along with a net average of 51. 2 punts for over 70 yards with a long of 77, 4 were inside the 20. He flipped the field all night long. Every kickoff sailed through the end zone for a touch back and he made all of his 4 PAT and didn't attempt a FG.
  6. We are sucking it up this year as the only other stadium that is closer with adequate seating and set up for TV is in Tijuana . There is no way during COVID we would use a home stadium not in the US. I expect better crowds as most of the opponents are better and not on a holiday weekend. The lone exception is for the Boise game at 9am the day after Thanksgiving. Even though it is Boise that date and particularly the start time are awful and possibly have a lot of empty seats.
  7. Yes he is terrible, if you look at his formations we are in double tight end quite a bit. He needs to spread the field more with the formations and not let 8/9 in the box. It will open passing lanes more and make the RPO more effective. One of the few times he did spread the it was was on Brookshire TD run when he pulled it back and got to the corner and end zone. We are trying to tun the RPO form pro sets, not a good mix, and that is all on the OC.
  8. Here is Tark's quote: The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky they're going to give Cleveland State another year of probation.
  9. He was forced to withdraw because of the PGA tour safety protocols that were established when they resumed play last year. Rahm was not fully vaccinated, I believe he has had his first shot but not his second. He was exposed due to close contact with someone with COVID. PGA Tour requires testing daily and his test on Sat. came up positive. They checked the sample twice to make sure it was positive. It was an unfortunate situation as he was playing well, and likely would have been the winner but the PGA Tour has to follow its protocols so they can compete.
  10. Individual schools don't make the tourney bracket, the tournament selection committee sets up the bracket. Every team then plays the game on their schedule. Each team has to win and advance or they go home. Houston is a really good team and doing what they are supposed to do, wining and advancing. This is what makes MM the best tournament in the world as Cinderella's and Blue Blood's all have the same chance. Most people don't remember who everyone beat to get to the Final Four or the Championship, they just remember who won and got there.
  11. No the the Q is still upright but barely. We need to play there until the new stadium is ready.
  12. We won't know any actual voting data until after the polls close at 8pm. Most people think it will be close for Measure G to pass. The Measure E backers who have a competing initiative for the SDCCU site have heavily campaigned against Measure G. The Measure E polling data is low and that group's best chance at this point is if both measures fail. If both fail the city will start over again with an RFP process, and we go down this road again. We are hoping that city of San Diego residents see this tactic and Vote no on E and Yes on G, so the University can grow and prosper.
  13. Here is quick synopsis of both plans. Both plans call for a new smaller sized stadium, but the rift is who gets to control the development, and revenue streams along with how the surrounding space to the stadium is used. Measure E: SoccerCity The goal: La Jolla-based FS Investors wants to redevelop the Qualcomm Stadium property. Its plan emerged amid concerns about the Chargers’ departure. FS Investors is asking voters to force the city to lease the land — along with the Murphy Canyon site of the former Chargers headquarters — to it so it can build an urban district centered
  14. I expect the Soccer City folks to go crazy with ad blitzes all over these last 3 weeks. The SDSU West group needs to be ready and counter it to keep their momentum.
  15. I agree, the only reason ASU was ranked is they beat Mich St. which in my opinion was overrated. Both those teams will go bowing this year but they probably win at best 8 games and will not be rated at the end of the season. I am starting to feel better about our loss to Stanford, especially if the Tree wins their next two against Oregon and ND.
  16. The California Supreme Court has removed a major obstacle to new local taxes. Proposition 218, passed in 1996, requires two-thirds of voters to approve special taxes (on schools or a specific industry or for a specific purpose). But in a 5-to-2 decision, the justices ruled Proposition 218 only applies to taxes proposed by government officials — that voter initiatives need only a simple majority. This is why the "Friends of SDSU" is leading the initiative and not SDSU directly. Friends of SDSU makes the proposition a voter based initiative versus a government referendum for tax inc
  17. It looks like ESPN networks is code for ESPNU or ESPN3.
  18. You can rank them anyway you want. The reality is we are likely a 1 bid conference again this year. What matters now is which team can win in Vegas to get in to the NCAA?
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