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  1. I was thinking Miles too. Should be a good fit in Reno and would want to stay awhile.
  2. Word on the street UCLA is now focusing on Rick Barnes or Lon Kruger, after not reaching a buy out price Dixon.
  3. FYI, Those fall rankings don't include football.
  4. Most Aztec fans are not salty over Reno. We know Reno is a really good team of seniors, and time will tell how they fair in the tourney. If anything we are frustrated at the inconsistent play of our hoops team, especially when we are on the road. However, if you are going to let one or two posters define your perception of a fan base, then every fan base is going to be crazy/salty. Besides message boards would be boring without the crazies or trolls. it keeps them going.
  5. We won't know any actual voting data until after the polls close at 8pm. Most people think it will be close for Measure G to pass. The Measure E backers who have a competing initiative for the SDCCU site have heavily campaigned against Measure G. The Measure E polling data is low and that group's best chance at this point is if both measures fail. If both fail the city will start over again with an RFP process, and we go down this road again. We are hoping that city of San Diego residents see this tactic and Vote no on E and Yes on G, so the University can grow and prosper.
  6. Here is quick synopsis of both plans. Both plans call for a new smaller sized stadium, but the rift is who gets to control the development, and revenue streams along with how the surrounding space to the stadium is used. Measure E: SoccerCity The goal: La Jolla-based FS Investors wants to redevelop the Qualcomm Stadium property. Its plan emerged amid concerns about the Chargers’ departure. FS Investors is asking voters to force the city to lease the land — along with the Murphy Canyon site of the former Chargers headquarters — to it so it can build an urban district centered on a Major League Soccer expansion team. It’d demolish the current stadium and replace it with a smaller one plus build thousands of homes, retail space and 450 hotel rooms. The group has also committed to provide $20 million to $40 million for a 60-acre river park, although the park that San Diego River Foundation has long wanted isn’t guaranteed by this initiative. Measure G: SDSU West The goal: The SDSU West plan would require the city to sell much of the Mission Valley property to San Diego State, meaning the land would remain public and be owned by the state. SDSU has itself produced a plan for what it would do with the land, should it get control of it but the university is not allowed to take a position on Measure G. SDSU has not agreed on a sales price. The measure also says the university would be required to cause to be developed a riverpark should the measure pass. SDSU’s plan for Mission Valley involves replacing the stadium formerly known as Qualcomm with a 35,000-seat stadium. And then, after a series of environmental reviews and campus planning, it would build some amount of student housing, academic buildings, a river park, offices, retail, a hotel and housing. As with the SoccerCity initiative, the city attorney said park plans aren’t guaranteed.
  7. I expect the Soccer City folks to go crazy with ad blitzes all over these last 3 weeks. The SDSU West group needs to be ready and counter it to keep their momentum.
  8. I agree, the only reason ASU was ranked is they beat Mich St. which in my opinion was overrated. Both those teams will go bowing this year but they probably win at best 8 games and will not be rated at the end of the season. I am starting to feel better about our loss to Stanford, especially if the Tree wins their next two against Oregon and ND.
  9. The California Supreme Court has removed a major obstacle to new local taxes. Proposition 218, passed in 1996, requires two-thirds of voters to approve special taxes (on schools or a specific industry or for a specific purpose). But in a 5-to-2 decision, the justices ruled Proposition 218 only applies to taxes proposed by government officials — that voter initiatives need only a simple majority. This is why the "Friends of SDSU" is leading the initiative and not SDSU directly. Friends of SDSU makes the proposition a voter based initiative versus a government referendum for tax increase and lowers the threshold to pass to at 50% +1.
  10. It looks like ESPN networks is code for ESPNU or ESPN3.
  11. You can rank them anyway you want. The reality is we are likely a 1 bid conference again this year. What matters now is which team can win in Vegas to get in to the NCAA?