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  1. I am not in favor of cross division conference games on the last week of the season. As you may have teams playing against each other in back to back weeks in the conference championship. However, this is going to make for an interesting last week of the season with all the possible scenarios.
  2. Thank you to all who have and continue to serve our country!!!
  3. My understanding and I could be off as I don't live in Bizerkley... Berkeley city COVID protocols for those in close contact, vaccinated or not have to self quarantine for 10 days, have negative test during that time. So even if they are vaccinated , they still can't play and must quarantine. They have some of the strictest COVID protocols in the country.
  4. I am curious if the MW does decide to get rid of divisions and how it might work, as it is not realistic to play an 11 game round robin conference schedule. I would think the MW would need to create a pod system. Pods would consist of 3 teams. Play an 8 game conference schedules where you play your pod every year and 2 of the 3 teams from the other pods. This way everybody plays everyone in a two-year cycle. IMO, playing an 8 game schedule helps with non-conference scheduling especially for AF which has two OOC games built into their schedule . The top two teams make it the MW champio
  5. I am rooting for an undefeated season, but unless we get a more dynamic passing game I think it is unlikely. I love our D and ST, but if we get behind in a game and have to throw it to come back that is an iffy proposition at best.
  6. I could be wrong but I thought MUG sold the board recently.
  7. it should be a good game today as both team are evenly matched.. The team with the fewest penalties and turnovers will win.
  8. I think SMU and Memphis are waiting to see what the next move is by the not so B12. If they don't make it in, then they will look to the MW for a lifeline to get out of the AAC/CUSA 4.0.
  9. Right now with what schools are available to add. I am sticking with the concept of "Less is More" Unless we can a add quality basketball school like Gonzaga or Wichita St.
  10. If you fire Bohl, who are you gonna hire?
  11. How is Jedd Fisch doing in recruiting? i know the AZ team is struggling, and It may take a couple years to flip the roster and build depth. Just curious.
  12. I hope Schaeffer becomes the new voice of SDSU when Leitner retires as the lead PBP. He does great job promoting the Aztecs.
  13. it is nice to be ranked, but the only ranking that truly matters is CFP in about 3 weeks. Gotta keep winning!
  14. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/32360557/san-jose-state-university-president-resigns-amid-sex-abuse-fallout
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