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  1. Here is Tark's quote: The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky they're going to give Cleveland State another year of probation.
  2. He was forced to withdraw because of the PGA tour safety protocols that were established when they resumed play last year. Rahm was not fully vaccinated, I believe he has had his first shot but not his second. He was exposed due to close contact with someone with COVID. PGA Tour requires testing daily and his test on Sat. came up positive. They checked the sample twice to make sure it was positive. It was an unfortunate situation as he was playing well, and likely would have been the winner but the PGA Tour has to follow its protocols so they can compete.
  3. Individual schools don't make the tourney bracket, the tournament selection committee sets up the bracket. Every team then plays the game on their schedule. Each team has to win and advance or they go home. Houston is a really good team and doing what they are supposed to do, wining and advancing. This is what makes MM the best tournament in the world as Cinderella's and Blue Blood's all have the same chance. Most people don't remember who everyone beat to get to the Final Four or the Championship, they just remember who won and got there.
  4. I think Pitino stays at Iona.. He is a New Yorker and likes living there, plus he is a horse owner and Saratoga is right there too. Also, he just bought a house on Winged Foot golf course. Lastly, I doubt he wants to coach in the same conference as his son, now that Jr. is at NM. My bet he uses this for a bump in pay at Iona before retiring in about 3 years.
  5. Lavin is salesman and SJSU needs a coach who can pimp the program, he would need a few years to upgrade the talent but it could work with the right assistants. IMO Lavin is not a great X and O coach or player development coach, but you can overcome that with good assistants.
  6. If Muss leaves Ark for another college job, it will be for other reasons than money. Minn is going to go after Muss and Dutch as both their fathers have a history their as at the head coach. Dutch and Medved also went there for school. Could be interesting times for MW coaches this off season.
  7. Both games at Viejas were competitive this year. I see another tight game tonight. It comes down how well SDSU defends their guards and controls the boards. If the Aztecs do both they should come out on top.
  8. Personally, I think this is gonna be a close entertaining game, and could see either team winning. These are type of games I stay away from betting stand point. So I went for some outside help and both the coin flip and the Magic 8 ball both picked Nevada, so I guess they are a lock.
  9. I think tomorrow night will be a closer game than most predict. UNLV has nothing to loose by playing this game and will be loose and play with energy. I believe the Aztecs need to come ready to play tomorrow. It helps that Boise lost tonight and coaches can drive that message home to the players, don't take games for granted.
  10. I agree on the concept if you earn the tourney credit you get a larger share of payout, same with bowl payouts. Reward the programs that earn it. IMO it should 1/3 to the team that earns and 2/3 for the conference pool to be shared evenly among all member institutions. This way the team get closer to 40% of the money for their 1/3 share and conference distribution combined. Secondly, I get the idea of wanting to give the automatic qualifier to the regular season champ. The problem is what if there are co-champs or even tri-champs. Who gets the bid? Theoretically, the bid could go t
  11. Currently Avery is an announcer for CBS Sports. He would definitely bring stability to program and ultimately be successful in NM if given time. He would have to decide if he wants take on a reclamation project or wait for a better opportunity. Whoever gets the NM job needs at least a full 4 years to right the ship. I just not sure admin and Lobo fans are patient enough.
  12. It would be a nice present for MUG before he sells this this thing.
  13. I agree, The game of basketball is played inside out. You get inside the key either by a post entry or off dribble penetration. Teams that can do it consistently are hard to stop offensively. Most teams D have to collapse to stop penetration or double team the post. It creates open 3's were shooters can set their feet and get good looks and shoot a much higher percentage. If teams don't stop dribble penetration or leave the post in single coverage, teams get high percentage shots around the rim. Watch Gonzaga play offense they are so good it is like watching a clinic every night.
  14. Currently, Michigan is a 1 seed and SDSU is in the 8/9 match up on most NCAA brackets. I see the NCAA setting up a possible Fab 5 match up between Dutcher and Howard if both advance.
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