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  1. Most Aztecs fans know that our QB situation sucks and our OC was trying to pound a square peg into a round hole with the offense all season. He also failed to adjust at halftime of games and just kept pounding that square peg. We had our opportunities and came up short and didn't really expect to go bowling this year. Personally, I don't think we deserve to go to a bowl this year. In addition, in a year where records don't matter, we are not enough of a draw to warrant an exception, which is why teams like TENN and S. Carolina will end up in bowls with shitty records because they are lo
  2. I know records don't matter this year for bowl games, but Tenn (3-6), Miss St (2-7) and South Carolina (2-8) are likely to go bowling.. Man it is good to be the SEC.
  3. Tomorrow's Weather Report for Provo Day - Snow during the morning will give way to some clearing during the afternoon. High 31F. Winds NW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 80%. About one inch of snow expected. Night - Mostly clear skies. Low 11F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph. Should be some some good football weather.
  4. Once ESPN takes over the SEC deal, it may open up some national Sat. CBS games to broadcast for the MW.
  5. It should be a competitive game tomorrow night. To win we need to contain ASU's PG Remy Martin, as he can fill it up.
  6. You might want to read the article before posting since it is from 2008.
  7. I am looking forward to good game Friday night. As always SDSU ground game will dictate how the game goes, if the Aztecs run the ball like they have been they should be able to control the clock and game. I think the Aztecs will be able to stop the run and make SJSU one dimensional forcing Sparty to throw the ball. I am truly interested to see what kind of pass rush the Aztecs can get. Can the the DL get to the QB or will have they have to blitz and put the CBs on an island in man coverage. I would expect the Aztecs to give some big chunk plays if they are blitzing a lot. Also, I am n
  8. Same here with HULU but I did upgrade and pay the extra 10 bucks for no adds.
  9. Stadium size is not important. The trend in stadiums is to go smaller or the term "Right Sized". Fans want more activities at stadiums like club and stadium boxes, beer gardens, party decks, etc.. All the amenities help create a better fan experience. Stanford, UCF, and Baylor are examples of schools that went to smaller stadiums. The goal is to fill the stadium and create demand, the higher the demand the more you can raise ticket prices. IMO whether a stadium is 40K, 50K or 60k is irrelevant, it is about the game day experience. More and more fans are choosing the their couch and big sc
  10. No the the Q is still upright but barely. We need to play there until the new stadium is ready.
  11. We won't know any actual voting data until after the polls close at 8pm. Most people think it will be close for Measure G to pass. The Measure E backers who have a competing initiative for the SDCCU site have heavily campaigned against Measure G. The Measure E polling data is low and that group's best chance at this point is if both measures fail. If both fail the city will start over again with an RFP process, and we go down this road again. We are hoping that city of San Diego residents see this tactic and Vote no on E and Yes on G, so the University can grow and prosper.
  12. Here is quick synopsis of both plans. Both plans call for a new smaller sized stadium, but the rift is who gets to control the development, and revenue streams along with how the surrounding space to the stadium is used. Measure E: SoccerCity The goal: La Jolla-based FS Investors wants to redevelop the Qualcomm Stadium property. Its plan emerged amid concerns about the Chargers’ departure. FS Investors is asking voters to force the city to lease the land — along with the Murphy Canyon site of the former Chargers headquarters — to it so it can build an urban district centered
  13. I expect the Soccer City folks to go crazy with ad blitzes all over these last 3 weeks. The SDSU West group needs to be ready and counter it to keep their momentum.
  14. I agree, the only reason ASU was ranked is they beat Mich St. which in my opinion was overrated. Both those teams will go bowing this year but they probably win at best 8 games and will not be rated at the end of the season. I am starting to feel better about our loss to Stanford, especially if the Tree wins their next two against Oregon and ND.
  15. The California Supreme Court has removed a major obstacle to new local taxes. Proposition 218, passed in 1996, requires two-thirds of voters to approve special taxes (on schools or a specific industry or for a specific purpose). But in a 5-to-2 decision, the justices ruled Proposition 218 only applies to taxes proposed by government officials — that voter initiatives need only a simple majority. This is why the "Friends of SDSU" is leading the initiative and not SDSU directly. Friends of SDSU makes the proposition a voter based initiative versus a government referendum for tax inc
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