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  1. Matt Wolff, Colin Morikawa, Viktor Hovland all played college golf last year. They decided to turn pro and have won on the PGA Tour already. If you are talented you can do it through sponsor exemptions and then head to Q school if you don't earn enough money through the sponsor exemptions for the PGA Tour.
  2. If both teams win games and advance, it will help with perception of our league. So yes we should be Aggies and Aztec fans.
  3. Good game... Congrats on the win Aggies.
  4. PAC 12 is having their conference championship in Vegas for 2020 and 2021. https://sports.yahoo.com/pac-12-football-championship-game-215234054.html
  5. I would love to see an SDSU and Kansas match up. Azubuike is beast, we will need a healthy Mensa to defend him in the post. First team to 60 wins.
  6. Per Football Scoop it is down to Bielema or Calhoun. https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-colorado-nearing-a-hire-of/
  7. I honestly don't think the MW will be asking any team to leave any time soon. But l will play along. However, I think SJSU should drop football and send the olympic sports to a more competitive conference for their athletes. I would also have Hawaii go independent in football with an MW schedule agreement similar to ND and the ACC. The MW would commit to 5 or 6 games a year and drop the travel subs, and allow Hawaii access to our HI bowl slot if eligible. This would leave the MW as 10 conference and we could play round robin in olympic sports and still host a MW championship in football.
  8. IMO USU is a tournament caliber team... That loss to Boise being up 18, and at Air Force are the ones that have them on the bubble. USU got some help today as Indiana and Minnesota both lost.
  9. IMO that if a team is not at .500 in their conference they should not be included for an at large birth.
  10. Same bundles here but I have 11 year old son who wants Star Wars and Marvel from Disney+. Very happy with Hulu, as I forced to switch from Playstation Vue as it shut down.
  11. Most rankings are relative as it is depending on how many player sign. Teams have different amount of scholarships available. UNLV signed around 26 players while others signed around18. I prefer to look at the average ranking of players signed, and not there total score.
  12. FYI .. SDSU went undefeated in conference in 2015 and winning the MW.
  13. The Big 12 can host a championship game for having under 12 teams as long the league plays a round robin schedule. It works because they have only 10 teams and each team has 9 league games. Round robin with 11 teams would be 10 league games and not enough room for OOC games. The AAC has a 2 year waiver as they are at 11 teams currently.
  14. Many thoughts and prayers to him and his family and godspeed on his recovery.
  15. Historically, SDSU Basketball under both Fisher an Dutcher try not to travel far in the non-conference as they prefer to play on the West Coast if possible. Travel in the MW is brutal compared to other conferences which are more regional. This is why the preseason tournaments they chose from are usually in Anaheim, Vegas or Hawaii for either the Diamond Head or Maui Invitational. The feeling is it helps recruiting local talent to commit to SDSU, as it not far for family to travel whether it is high school or a transfer. Most of our transfers over the years have been SOCAL kids coming back. (e.g Tony Bland, Max Montana, KJ Feagin to name a few. The exception has been when it is a grad transfer like Yanni Wetzell and Josh Davis. The hard part has been high profile teams wanting to come to Viejas lately, but I will hope that changes and we can get some home and home with a couple of blue blood programs.