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  1. Spring season could be good move for many FCS schools mainly no competition for viewers Maybe ESPN or other networks could put many of their games on the air
  2. I'm really excited, the color scheme and logos are amazing Space Needle at the tip of the anchor really sells it
  3. I was SHOCKED the Patriots passed on Jordan Love
  4. Here's an idea: Keep the 40 minor league teams Get rid of Rob Manfred
  5. Sam Merrill Wow! That was really impressive
  6. Sam Merrill got hot at the end of the first half
  7. Huge win by Creighton over Seton Hall They now finish tied for 1st in the Big East regular season Helps the Aztecs.
  8. I’m sure they will change the name to whoever the corporate sponsor ends up being
  9. Football is literally the greatest thing that’s ever happened to EWU
  10. I'm so glad SDSU West passed. Soccer City was a bad plan for the city form the beginning
  11. Come on Mike Leach, we all know the real reason there is not a 16 team playoff is because the corrupt NCAA has not figured out how to make the most profits
  12. problem with Conference USA they have a terrible TV package.
  13. Would be great for Wichita State. Great programs, good coaches
  14. The new Las Vegas stadium could host other sports events like NCAA final four
  15. the Raiders have been trying to get a new stadium since 1982
  16. I gave up on Sportscenter. It became more about player personalities. I now watch highlights on Youtube and check box scores
  17. the holiday bowl would be better at petco park