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  1. Crazy how well Marshall was handling Boise Almost wonder if there's a hangover from the Tallahassee trip
  2. I do wonder if Andrew Luck does TV work for the XFL
  3. Santa Clara seemed like an odd Choice to host the Pac 12 Championship, kind of like the Big XII hosting the Championship Game in St. Louis
  4. I feel bad for the WAC! They can't get a solid core group of schools
  5. the Final Four in Vegas would be AMAZING!!
  6. It’s still crazy to me that Chris Beard was supposed to be coaching at UNLV and now he’s going to the Final four
  7. I love the AAF and hope the league survives
  8. AAC schools have to be happy with deal ESPN also gets what it wants
  9. My choice for the next UNLV coach now that I have had a chance to think about it would be Fred Hoiberg
  10. Have to make a HUGE splash with this hire UCLA basketball needs to get back to an elite level
  11. I'm so glad SDSU West passed. Soccer City was a bad plan for the city form the beginning
  12. Come on Mike Leach, we all know the real reason there is not a 16 team playoff is because the corrupt NCAA has not figured out how to make the most profits
  13. problem with Conference USA they have a terrible TV package.
  14. Would be great for Wichita State. Great programs, good coaches