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  1. The unicycle for Utah is funny. I have a mormon friend who has one that lives in Ft Collins.
  2. I thought it was to safeguard your meth factories.
  3. Prices and locations within the stadium listed here: https://stadium.colostate.edu/events/?hq_e=el&hq_m=1291345&hq_l=13&hq_v=a421aaa2e0 Meanwhile, if you want to corral a herd of cattle, just go up to War Memorial Stadium.
  4. When a game is only on the internet, I use a HDMI cable to connect my laptop to the TV. It's not that difficult.
  5. I'm guessing yes. ESPN will pay big for a P5, but no one else. Besides, they offered the MW peanuts a long time ago which led the conf to walk away and go with Collegesports TV. Whatever we end up with, I just want to be able to watch CSU at a reasonable price and if I don't need cable to see them, we'll very likely cut the cord in our household.
  6. Whenever I do stuff like this, my neighbor's cats use it as their litterbox.
  7. In Men's BB. The article also mentions that CU has home and home with Xavier and Portland. Maybe Musselman should call CU. http://www.ralphiereport.com/buffaloes-basketball/2017/3/31/15124926/colorado-buffaloes-basketball-to-play-denver-pioneers
  8. Update: "An Arkansas House committee advanced a measure Tuesday to exempt college sporting events from a state law allowing guns after the Southeastern Conference appealed for guns to be banned from facilities such as football stadiums." http://www.waow.com/story/35016773/arkansas-panel-backs-gun-ban-at-stadiums-after-sec-plea
  9. Using that logic, UNLV should be kicked out of the MW for both FB and BB.
  10. Because they're always good at Football.
  11. I agree. Expanding the pool will mean we'll see more shitty, non-deserving P5 teams get in.
  12. I'd be ok with keeping it as-is if 18-14 P5 teams weren't allowed in over 25 win, 30 RPI non-P5 teams like it used to be. For the record, I also like the NIT.
  13. Basically what LE is saying is that unless you're from a P5, you almost don't have much of a chance of getting an at-large. We see that with 18-14 teams from a P5 with a losing conf record over teams with higher RPI's from a non-P5 conf. There were only 4 at-large spots that went to non-P5's this year.
  14. Where else are MW fans to go where they can debate issues relevant to the MW? If you don't like a topic, don't read or comment about it.
  15. ...by adding the NIT teams. Do you support this idea? I assume he means to allow regular season champs and whatever other criteria the NIT uses in their selection process. http://www.reporterherald.com/sports/ci_30884138/eustachy-bullish-future-colorado-state-basketball-mountain-west
  16. If I were interning for Hairball, I'd be doing nothing or shooting to add some C-USA reject.
  17. My OP is not advocating CSU to the Big 12 or anything like that. It is really to see 1) whether MW fans think the MW is a desirable destination for a school like K-State (culturally, academically, geographically), and 2) how MW fans perceive the AAC in comparison from a long-term standpoint.
  18. Good. Now we can invite someone who actually competes in FB and BB.
  19. Doesn't Hawaii already play BB in the Big Sky?
  20. And got left behind because the Big 12 ceased to exist and no other P4 conference took you, would you join the MW or the AAC?
  21. We need you on to weigh in on all these expansion threads. Seriously, good luck.
  22. I hate this shit. Why would WSU have any interest whatsoever in joining the AAC? Do you not think they are perfectly content in the MVC?
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