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  1. Or they could just join the MW in all sports.
  2. Is Polis projected to win? I have no idea. I've become less radical in my views over the years. This year, I voted for members of both parties for various positions, voted for amendments and statutes based on my own views (rather than trying to figure out which party supported it) and left others blank where I didn't think I had a good enough understanding to make an educated decision. I spent over an hour reviewing candidates and researching the issues. Yeah, not PhD research, but probably more than the average person.
  3. I completed my ballot this past weekend, then dropped it off at the ballot box last night. It feels good to be done with it knowing that "the caravan," #MeToo, mailed pipe bombs, or any other news can't have any effect on how I vote. I'm done and glad to be done.
  4. I was thinking Wyoming fan, but asshat works too.
  5. I'm sure Craig Thompson is on the phone trying to convince the rest of the MW that adding Rice and UTEP would be a good thing for this conference.
  6. If I was in Vegas, I’d put $20 on CSU to win.
  7. Well, the MW has some shitty teams like SJSU, AFA and WYO...
  8. We'll end up in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl vs Kent St...thanks to CT.
  9. I will send Rolo a thank you note if Hawaii pays the postage.
  10. Is that a pentagram in the middle of campus? effn devil worshipers!
  11. It's good to see that they finally replaced the ladders with stairs.
  12. Looks about right for women's gymnastics only.
  13. Unfortunately, Thompson has a major hard on for Rice and I'm not talking about Condoleeza.
  14. Not saying he won't be good, but very underwhelming hire IMO if true.
  15. A good commissioner would be able to convince the Presidents by stating, "this is what we need to do to be successful and this is how we're going to get there" and then be able to follow through with it. Craig Thompson hasn't proven he can do either.
  16. I've said this in other threads, but adding Gonzaga is a must. If it takes adding BYU for Olympic sports to get Gonzaga, then we need to make it happen.
  17. Mugtang, where is the countdown clock for the first MW game? CSU hosts Oregon St on 8/26. Not sure if there are any other MW games before that.
  18. it's that the Raiders suck whether they're in Oakland, LA or Vegas.
  19. Please take Boulder with you. http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/should-california-oregon-and-washington-join-canada-calexit-talk-envelops-west-coast/
  20. Good. Now go into your temple, close the door, do whatever you do in there and quit knocking on our doors.
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