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  1. 2 hours ago, #1Stunner said:

    It's called China and Russia creating chaos.

    They did it in 2016.  Mail in voting is an easy, low hanging fruit for 2020.  You saw how they tried to screw with the election.  Now you think they won't do it again??

    Not just China and Russia fraud, but the small scale fraud you just articulated.  That could be huge in a swing state, right?

    An easy solution is expanded, early in-person voting.  Make it possible to vote over the course of an entire month.

    But... For some odd reason, most Democrats think that mail voting gives them a huge strategic advantage.  They are passionate about mail voting and argue that masks won't help with polling locations  They also argue that China and Russia lack the technology to print fake mail in ballots.

    I'm not sure why...?

    I like the idea of one entire month of early in-person voting. I also like the idea of voting by mail. 

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  2. 12 hours ago, aztech said:

    Yeah, I've been thinking about this when the rescue bills started. From what I've heard, had it not been for WWII FDR's CCC program would have run out of money and the Depression would have continued. 

    When George Dubbya gave each of us $100 checks, I asked myself how could we afford this?  Now look. 


    I’m glad about 1/3 of my retirement is in Roth IRA and Roth 401k accounts.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Bob said:

    Are you kidding me? Biden would take 100% credit for "getting a black female into the Oval Office". Nothing would be a bigger feather in his cap. He fancies himself as a benevolent civil rights activist and in his perverted mind  he would have "changed the world" or some shit and it would be 100% because of him all because he ceded his position to a black woman, half-black, whatever. He's so stupid i can see it

    Man woman camera...

    Who’s stupid?

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Maynard Delecto said:

    If you don't vote for Kamala then you ain't six percent asian!

    I wouldn’t discount the Indian vote. There are a lot of them in the US and many of them are highly educated. I could see many of them voting for Biden/Harris just because of the Indian descent.

  5. Just now, Aslowhiteguy said:

    Which has nothing to do with Biden's of plagiarism, lies and exaggerations.  

    You do remember why he dropped out of the race the first time he ran, right?

    Probably because he didn’t have enough votes?

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  6. I’ve been using mail in ballots for a a few years and put them in the drop box at the city hall each time rather than mailing them and I always see others doing the same. I think you can also drop them off at the polling sites on Election Day too.

  7. 3 hours ago, Nevada Convert said:

    The US Postal service just changed its mind and stated that they won’t be able to handle the influx of mail voting without delays. There are STILL Dem primaries that aren’t decided yet closing in on 2 months. These people couldn’t handle the number of mail in ballots. Most states don’t have the resources to deal with massive mail in ballots, and some admit it. 


    They won’t be able to just count them in time, let alone, do investigations of fraud and re-counts. We’re going back to the Stone Age on counting votes in a timely manner. Not only will we not know who wins on Election Day, we might not know on Inauguration Day which would put us into a constitutional crisis. Lawyers on both sides will be challenging votes in the battleground states. 

    Worst of all, Protestors and Rioters are used to getting what they want as of recent times, and they’re going to hits the streets demanding that Biden be declared the winner regardless if the count looks good or bad for Biden. This is going to make Floyd look like child’s play. China, Russia etc. will be helping rioters and chaos to make our form of democracy look like a 3rd world country joke. But we have too many thugs in this country that don’t care about our system and law/order. 

    So my prediction is massive protesting/rioting in an attempt to influence whatever legal avenues are being pursued by both sides on the counts. Imagine 30 states with the equivalent of hanging chads, and massive rioting over it. And I predict the legal challenges won’t be resolved by Inauguration Day. I’m going out on a limb a bit on that one, but if it’s close, I think it could happen. 

    What’s your Election Prediction?

    The loser will try to drag it out, but I doubt it will be anything close to resembling the picture you paint above. 

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