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  1. I like the idea of one entire month of early in-person voting. I also like the idea of voting by mail.
  2. I’m glad about 1/3 of my retirement is in Roth IRA and Roth 401k accounts.
  3. Your responses to this thread makes me think that Biden actually made a great pick in selecting her.
  4. So your argument is that we should vote for the dumbest person to be president?
  5. I wouldn’t discount the Indian vote. There are a lot of them in the US and many of them are highly educated. I could see many of them voting for Biden/Harris just because of the Indian descent.
  6. It will definitely motivate all the racists to vote for Trump, but I thought he already had their support?
  7. “Brokeback Mountain isn’t my favorite movie.”
  8. “My relatives who could afford it didn’t move out of Wyoming “
  9. “My relatives who could afford it didn’t move out of Wyoming “
  10. “We aren’t jealous of CSU.”
  11. “My trailer is paid fer.”
  12. Probably because he didn’t have enough votes?
  13. “I was just helping that sheep over the fence.”
  14. What would Biden do if Trump did come out and do this? It would probably be smart to just say that he supports legalization too but not via an EO.
  15. I could see him wanting to do that, but won’t he need GOP support? If so, I doubt he’d get it.
  16. I doubt CSU consults with Urban Meyer for the next HC.
  17. I’ve been using mail in ballots for a a few years and put them in the drop box at the city hall each time rather than mailing them and I always see others doing the same. I think you can also drop them off at the polling sites on Election Day too.
  18. The loser will try to drag it out, but I doubt it will be anything close to resembling the picture you paint above.
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