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  1. All they do is drink shitty beer and cook meth.
  2. One of the best drummers out there. So glad I got to see him in concert twice.
  3. That’s one digit off from my zip code.
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/world/brazil-president-says-journalist-has-a-homosexuals-face
  5. My teen daughter and her friends play it all the time
  6. I hate this hire. I would’ve been 1000 times happier if we hired Ed McCaffrey.
  7. It’s funny when your bowl game is vs the conference you left.
  8. If they only give one G5 bid then have a play in for it among the highest ranked G5’s.
  9. If the G5 are awarded a guaranteed spot, then would it make sense to add a +1 below it where the 2 highest ranking G5 meet? This would mean more money for the G5 and give more representation to G5 members/conferences.
  10. This thread should be titled “CSU has never fired a black coach...”