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  1. Stew is LDS, but not practicing. At least that’s what he said when he was at CSU. I agree that he’s long in the tooth, but maybe he wants back in after taking some time off, especially for the right opportunity.
  2. Could Stew Morrill come out of retirement?
  3. BYU BB has fallen since leaving the MW. Dave Rose's record at BYU.
  4. Won't he need to go on a 2 year mission?
  5. Pussies. Those are some of my favorite blocks.
  6. True, but I fully expect Bob Kraft to 'get off' too. I wonder what strategy his attorneys will take?
  7. We promised my daughter $1000 when she graduates HS if she never touches drugs or alcohol by then. It’s obviously on the honor system but I think she’s going to make it. We’ve been incredibly lucky with her.
  8. Teams should be required to be at least .500 to play in the NIT.
  9. It would not be a violation of physics, but rather the discovery of a new form of physics. There are limitations to the the theory of relativity just like there were to Newtonian Physics. Einstein said “God does not play dice” which is what he spent the last years of his life trying to figure out.
  10. I’ve been there, but now my daughter is a senior.
  11. I’m not either, but it gives schools like Norfolk St, etc a chance to play them when they normally wouldn’t have a chance.
  12. Expanding to 64 is too much. I think it would be better to expand to 40 or 48 with the new spots being play-in games for the first round.
  13. Air Force makes up for it in Football. Wyoming is up and down like most of us. San Jose St is the one that sucks everyone's tit. They need to be kicked to the curb.
  14. At least you got Wyoming and SJSU in the right spot.