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  1. RamSack

    Problems at Covington High

    Wasn't the confederate color grey and the Union blue? This "colonel" is wearing blue.
  2. RamSack

    Problems at Covington High

    I'm embarrassed to say that I just learned this TODAY!
  3. RamSack

    Problems at Covington High

    It could be Colonel Sanders dressed in his church attire.
  4. First, I don't have a beef with Trump's decision to recognize Venezuela's interim president. I'm just trying to learn more about the situation. Second, I was in Brazil about a year and a half ago and one of my hosts said something to the effect that they really had no place to comment on what was happening (politically) in the US because their government is really corrupt. Aside from Canada, the others on the list are probably more corrupt than Brazil.
  5. RamSack

    Problems at Covington High

    It would make more sense if black was one of their school colors instead of Blue and White. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Covington_Catholic_High_School
  6. Is it a good move because others have done it or because of some other reason?
  7. RamSack

    #7 Nevada vs Colorado State

    I'm ready. Lube has been applied.
  8. RamSack

    Trump grounds Pelosi

    He probably gave her herpes.
  9. RamSack

    The New Democratic Party

    That's easy. It's exactly opposite of the Republicans...on every issue.
  10. RamSack

    I'm border wall would have stopped this

    No to the first question. I think the answer at this point in time is shoring up the wall in some spots and giving the border agents more money and tools to work with. To the last point, I'd rather spend some of the money Trump is suggesting to use for the Wall to spend on the US "citizens not receiving medical care, has homelessness, has US citizens in need of help."
  11. Well it's a good thing ISIS has been completely and totally destroyed so we shouldn't have to worry about the "dangerous middle eastern folks" any more.
  12. RamSack

    I'm border wall would have stopped this

  13. https://www.steventituslaw.com/blog/livestock-accidents-and-the-law-wyoming/
  14. Probably from someone with a conscience.