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  1. There is something similar to this on ESPN boxing. I only watched once, but didn’t participate.
  2. Does the President have the unilateral power to do this? I just don’t know the US rules and process for buying and selling territories.
  3. I’d take USC’s Olympic sports in the MW if given the chance.
  4. They left because of Texas. They’re not going back unless the Pac12 implodes.
  5. This is true for most Buff fans I know here in Colorado. I can see the Big12 reaching out to CU and CU using that as leverage if they need it for something but I doubt they leave the Pac12 unless it’s falling apart.
  6. Yeah but, does Baylor sell caffeinated beverages on campus? BYU does.
  7. I’m fine with the confederate statues. As a history buff, I see them as points of interest. Why can’t we also add other statues of “good” people that made a difference in the various communities? Harriet Tubman, the many slaves who outwitted there owners and were crucial spies for the Union, etc?
  8. I guess the Senate can’t say the House didn’t do anything which is exactly what they would say if they didn’t.
  9. No. We should enslave them all.
  10. This annoying “do not sell my data” thing shows up on the lower right. It only shows up on this site for me, but I’m afraid to click it...
  11. He’s also from Boulder which is the most liberal city in Colorado.
  12. Cory Gardner (R) is the incumbent from Colorado and he’d lose big if the election was today. He’s going against former 2 term governor John Hickenlooper (D) who is a moderate. I think Hickenlooper wins in November.