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  1. Try going in the afternoon when no one else is there.
  2. Alcohol only helps to fall asleep, but makes for a more restless night of sleep. Try not drinking at all and see how much better you sleep.
  3. I just got back from an hour long walk. Whoever doesn’t like it can blow me.
  4. Celebrities and those with money and power will be at the front of the line just like we’ve seen with test kits.
  5. This article talks about the effects of covid19 on the 2020 election. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an effort to postpone it. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/28/politics/coronavirus-2020-election-challenges/index.html
  6. Yes, what a prick if true. Pissing off Michigan voters won’t help his re-election chances.
  7. Most of those high volume medical supplies are made Mexico to begin with in Class 6 clean rooms at facilities that are occasionally inspected by the FDA.
  8. I’m sure Massey is an a-hole, but I don’t think politicians should go around calling each other names publicly. Trump is obviously the biggest offender of this.
  9. It’s supposedly over 800 pages...
  10. Liquor stores and dispensaries are still open.
  11. All registered voters in Colorado can vote by mail. There’s no reason every other state can’t implement the same system by November.
  12. While one part of the government is trying to figure out how to get through the pandemic, another part should be trying to figure out how to hold elections in November so all registered voters have the opportunity to vote. I wouldn’t put it past politicians to try to delay the elections.
  13. I think that is both illegal, yet encouraged in Wyoming. 🙄
  14. I’m having some injection molds made in China and there was only a 2 week hit to the schedule due to the shutdown over there.