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  1. The picture of the 'cigar' on CNN's website has a lot of imperfections on it. If this is an actual photo, then I'm be more likely to believe that it's not a spaceship.
  2. I’ve been to Mexico many times and never once saw a Mexican dressed like that.
  3. RamSack

    Update on SJSU’s Facility Upgrade.

    I stopped reading at eh.
  4. I agree. At worst, make them pick up garbage on the side of the highway for a few hours. No need to fire them for it...unless they do it again.
  5. RamSack

    Do you have issues ?

    I'm not really following the OP. What are you getting at?
  6. and I wonder who would play Alec Baldwin... https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/alec-baldwin-arrested-over-parking-spot-altercation-report
  7. RamSack

    Explain this to me..

    He'd probably advocate for more Americans to pack some heat too.
  8. I see nothing wrong with the first picture; just some people dressed in Mexican attire. The second one is political though which is a no-no in today's world.
  9. RamSack

    Is BYU dead?

    I wouldn't know because I don't even watch BYU play; not once this year.
  10. Work in Wyoming doing what? Making meth?
  11. Maybe they'll get another escalator next. https://www.kgwn.tv/content/news/Cheyenne-Regional-Airport-offering-alternative-to-DIA-498957471.html
  12. RamSack

    Is BYU dead?

    Or they could just join the MW in all sports.
  13. RamSack

    I dropped off my ballot last night...

    Is Polis projected to win? I have no idea. I've become less radical in my views over the years. This year, I voted for members of both parties for various positions, voted for amendments and statutes based on my own views (rather than trying to figure out which party supported it) and left others blank where I didn't think I had a good enough understanding to make an educated decision. I spent over an hour reviewing candidates and researching the issues. Yeah, not PhD research, but probably more than the average person.
  14. I completed my ballot this past weekend, then dropped it off at the ballot box last night. It feels good to be done with it knowing that "the caravan," #MeToo, mailed pipe bombs, or any other news can't have any effect on how I vote. I'm done and glad to be done.