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  1. I think Trump wins easily if the economy is still as strong as it is now.
  2. It’s not about what the new conference would bring to UNT but what UNT would bring to the new conference. It would provide 1) the Dallas market and 2) Texas recruits, more so than today for the conference schools.
  3. Didn’t they try that with John Robinson?
  4. RamSack


    My wife and I did the timeshare thing on our first trip to Vegas because we were broke and naive. We didn't buy anything. Never again.
  5. This is why I think he'll be re-elected.
  6. Yes, right between Wyoming’s 2 escalators.
  7. Are you celebrating with other Boise St fans?
  8. Lots of good advice in this thread. Maybe the next step is to absorb these ideas, then get away by yourself for a weekend camping or something and do some soul-searching about who you want to be in the next phase of your life. Only you can change yourself.
  9. I think McElwain cited that the possibility of a new stadium and Bobo used the new CSU stadium as a reason for coming to CSU because it showed them that the administration was committed to the football program. So, I think it helps recruit and retain better coaches too.
  10. Preseason Expectations on the rise! Next year's preseason will be entertaining in the state of Nevada.
  11. I guess that's better than Trent's Johnson.
  12. I didn't realize Dave Rice was worth that much.
  13. Did it make you jizz in your pants?