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  1. I like the idea of one entire month of early in-person voting. I also like the idea of voting by mail.
  2. I’m glad about 1/3 of my retirement is in Roth IRA and Roth 401k accounts.
  3. Your responses to this thread makes me think that Biden actually made a great pick in selecting her.
  4. So your argument is that we should vote for the dumbest person to be president?
  5. I wouldn’t discount the Indian vote. There are a lot of them in the US and many of them are highly educated. I could see many of them voting for Biden/Harris just because of the Indian descent.
  6. It will definitely motivate all the racists to vote for Trump, but I thought he already had their support?
  7. “Brokeback Mountain isn’t my favorite movie.”
  8. “My relatives who could afford it didn’t move out of Wyoming “
  9. “My relatives who could afford it didn’t move out of Wyoming “
  10. “We aren’t jealous of CSU.”
  11. “My trailer is paid fer.”
  12. Probably because he didn’t have enough votes?
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