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  1. Congrats Nevada!

    Congrats Woof Pack. Now, hit your free throws against Cincy.
  2. Parker still has friends in Laramie. He would be a 3-point sharpshooter this team could really use. I would be a little surprised if the staff was not in contact with him again.
  3. Syracuse vs. ASU

    I was thinking the same thing. That 1st half was a train wreck. The Pac12 is looking pretty lame. UC-Davis is up by nine right now on Utah (2nd half).
  4. Wednesday's musings regarding Gonzaga (and more Utah media cheerleading to ride Zag coattails): Audio: http://www.1280thezone.com/dick-harmon-believes-byu-would-consider-a-return-for-basketball-to-the-mwc-but-would-opt-leave-football-as-an-independent/
  5. As I recall, Shyatt had mentioned at one point that he had contacted EVERY "Power 5" school in the country for a potential home-and-home. No takers. CU is also too skeered to play WYO H&H anymore. That's why I'd love to see Gonzaga join (signs look good) and go to a 20-game conference schedule.
  6. Big 12 Wrestling Champions

    Congrats to coach Branch. Well deserved. While supporting the MWC and Gonzaga in the Big Dance, fans can also watch the NCAA wrestling championships on the ESPN networks:
  7. I know this picture has made the rounds, but please tell me that this is an authentic photo taken at Slade Elementary in Laramie.
  8. Zags, please pay attention to this Aztec's comments. Playing on the road in the MWC will be much more difficult. And please focus on Aztec sentiments concerning the AA in Laramie.
  9. 2018 MWC tournament attendance

    Injecting Gonzaga into the conference equation will hopefully bump those figures moving forward. Wyoming repped very well in 2015 when they won the tourney with Nance and Adams. Don't know when the Pokes will be back, though. This conference has needed a spike in enthusiasm since losing solid members like Utah and........TCU.
  10. No MWC teams in the CBI

    And, thus, why Edwards mentioned this to the media prior to/during the MWC tournament. If I remember correctly, there were at least four teams in the bracket last year with losing records. Big time.
  11. Welcome GU! BYU --------> AAC?!! #JustSayNoToTheNewWAC14/16 #StayAt12
  12. Will the Zags fans come in force to the MWC tourney? I would suspect so: Another article with Zags fans comments at the bottom: Gonzaga and Mountain West Conference rumors are picking up steam The Zags are a top 10 team in all advanced analytics, they are a top 10 team by the AP and coaches polls, but they won’t sniff a high seed in the NCAA Tournament this year, partly because the non-conference slate had some woofs in it, but also because the WCC was utter trash this year. Add in the fact that the power conferences are expanding to more conference games, which in turn means less non-conference games for Gonzaga to try and schedule against. This further compounds the problem of a craptastic WCC. If Gonzaga struggles to schedule high end teams because the dates just aren’t there, and the WCC is the bottom of the barrel, what in the world can the Zags do? https://www.slipperstillfits.com/2018/3/8/17095196/mountain-west-conference-expansion-rumors-gonzaga-bulldogs