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  1. Hymes is playing great, hopefully he can continue to develop some post moves. We desperately need it.
  2. I think the 2nd half is gonna be a battle. UNLV starts the half with 4 free throw attempts, and brings it to 33-30.
  3. Should be a great game! Definitely a must win for Nevada
  4. He’s the walk on from Galena right? great start, maybe we can hang around and surprise them at the end.
  5. Would Stutz be good hire? It seems to be quite jump hiring someone who wasn't even a coordinator, we did that with Polian and so did SJSU. Might as well hire Timmy Chang...
  6. No the only reason is because it was Knuth's first year as AD. Groth was notorious for under-reporting even Butts in Seats, let alone tickets sold. We used to have nearly sold out games reported at 18k.
  7. June Jones would be the better choice, and more apt comparison.
  8. 56-67 with about 5 minutes remaining. If they lose then SDSU will be the only remaining undefeated in the country.
  9. Minor correction, it was 11 years not 21. They played Nevada in the 1996 Las Vegas Bowl.
  10. Well that was rough, but SJSU is a pretty solid team. We just had no energy tonight.
  11. Really ugly first half, no doubt we're looking forward to USU.
  12. SDSU has done well with former Michigan coaches before...
  13. And because there are no dominant teams this year. SDSU is a legitimate national title contender. Dont screw it up like we did last year. I’d love to see a mw team go past the sweet 16 for the first time ever.