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  1. Nevada gets 4 Star RB

    Younger brother of Vai Tuau (one of our greatest RBs of all time, played with Kap). Vai is also part of our coaching staff. Great addition, we look set at RB for awhile. Now if only we could've landed Sewell.
  2. Boise State @ Nevada

    I'm already looking forward to the next game. Boise probably needs to beat Nevada once, after the fall of Fresno, SDSU, and UNLV. Good wins will be difficult to come by.
  3. Northern Nevada Schools

    Looks like it won't be happening after all, at least not for a couple years. http://www.rgj.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/01/18/niaa-votes-against-proposed-5-class/1046755001/
  4. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    They transcend this league.
  5. Nevada Hoops OOC Watch

    I think 2 wins next week and we will either be in or very close. The Boise should be great. Hopefully we can sell out.
  6. Nevada Hoops OOC Watch

    Rhode Island, Texas Tech, and TCU all look very good. But unfortunately outside of that our OOC schedule is looking like a dud. We may not even have another win over a top-100 team. Luckily the MW is better this year than last.
  7. 4 Point Shot. Should the NCAA Add It?

    Don't like it at all. I can already see a bunch of wannabe Kobes taking way too many of them, and making the game suck for everyone else.
  8. Utah State @ Nevada

    Ouch, I really hope he's ready for Boise.
  9. Utah State @ Nevada

    Nevada up 80-52. On to SDSU/BSU, should be a great game.
  10. Utah State @ Nevada

    50-26 at the half. Looks like we're healthy again. Already looking forward to Boise next week.
  11. Two bid league this year

    Tweet from Seth Walder of ESPN analytics:
  12. Utah State @ Nevada

    Nevada up 40-24.
  13. Utah State @ Nevada

    Now 13-2, this is fun.
  14. Utah State @ Nevada

    Nevada up 9-2 early.
  15. JMU vs NDSU - FCS Championship Game

    I'd definitely take NDSU over SJSU or NMSU. But it won't happen.