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  1. This is actually wrong. Most private schools don't offer higher tuition rates for international students (publics are significantly higher though). University of Tulsa is $40,000 per year no matter where you're from. https://www.collegesimply.com/colleges/oklahoma/university-of-tulsa/price/ However one major factor is the likely give fewer scholarships and grants to international students.
  2. bigd

    Raiders training camp to Reno?

    Not going away, they're converting it into a career/technical charter school.
  3. bigd

    Nevada Football

    Its still a funny quote, particularly looking at what's happened to the programs in hindsight. Boise and Nevada grew up together, and are similar in a lot ways. Its a shame that we only get you at home every 4 years now, hopefully our offense is good enough to actually make it a competitive game this season. Sadly, there may be more Boise than Nevada fans in attendance.
  4. bigd

    Money Magazine's Best Colleges 2018 Rankings

    Yeah California public schools are relatively affordable, and located in regions with high wages. The rankings definitely make sense.
  5. bigd

    MWC FB Pre-Season Notes and such

    Nevada is 21-27 in conference play, not 11-27.
  6. bigd

    Nevada Football

    We had a pretty solid run in the WAC, but it essentially comes down to the fact that no coach has had success here in the modern era outside of Ault. I like Norvell a lot, and am hoping he can end that trend. However, losing at home to Idaho State killed our attendance, although we started to play much better at the end of the year. I think we have a decent chance of ending up 6-6 and making a bowl this year.
  7. Yeah true, I was looking at it just through a football lens. Though if you're looking at the combination of football/basketball they're still competitive with the bottom. Oregon State was one of the better football programs in the Pac 12 for awhile under Riley, and WSU is starting to come alive (both are among the worst P5 basketball programs though). Northwestern, Boston College, Rutgers, Iowa State, Mississippi State, South Carolina etc are all very similar. But yes, I absolutely agree that if the Pac 12 were to form today than both would likely be left out (although honestly I don't know who would be added instead of them).
  8. This, Oregon State and Washington State have stronger programs than schools like Iowa State, Kansas, Wake Forest, Duke, etc. Every conference has its deadweight.
  9. I absolutely agree with every point that you make, but I think the one thing you left out is simply name recognition (particularly for western schools). While perhaps not a big deal or worth the cost, it is certainly a factor. If it weren't for UNLV basketball or Boise State football, no one outside of Vegas or Boise would even know that these universities exist. I think the athletic program at Nevada has bought a lot of recognition, for what is honestly not a very well known university. When I tell people that I went to Nevada, there are certainly people who don't know anything about it or even that it exists, but sometimes people will bring up the basketball team or Colin Kaepernick. While not necessarily for the best reasons, it does put the name out there and that is worth something. Particularly for a land grant, flagship university like Nevada in a quickly growing state. If it wants to align academically with schools like Oregon, Utah, Arizona, ASU, etc then just getting the name recognition is a big part. Athletics can significantly contribute.
  10. We're already at over 8,000 sold (not including students), and Lawlor only seats 11,500. We'll be fine.
  11. bigd

    New Expansion Candidate

    Haha maybe they'll put the academy in New Mexico or Texas with the other spaceports. Could be an awesome annual rivalry with Air Force.
  12. I'm still holding out hope that we can add them in the future, either way I really wish we could've played them this season. Would've been a great game.
  13. bigd

    5-star LB Ale Kaho

    I feel bad for Pete and Washington, they obviously got screwed here. It honestly sounds like tampering from Alabama.
  14. bigd

    Oakland Raiders and CSU

    Damn CSU is producing all the female coaches.
  15. I thought this is worthy of its own thread, but mods feel free to add it to the Nevada recruiting thread. https://www.rgj.com/story/sports/college/nevada/2018/08/07/nevada-football-mix-sign-top-local-product-ale-kaho/926659002/ The 5-star recruit (highest rated recruit ever from Reno), who committed to Washington recently had some family issues and had to return home, it sounds like he's lost weight and is really struggling. He recently met with Nevada, and there are rumors he could join the team. Obviously, you wouldn't wish this on anyone, and I hope he's able to land on his feet somewhere. But it would be great if Nevada could land him. https://247sports.com/player/ale-kaho-45572710