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  1. Play OOC games for one. We didn’t deserve any respect this year.
  2. After watching Colorado get destroyed tonight, maybe we should invite USC and UCLA? Crazy how far the PAC has fallen. Just a few years ago it was one of the top 2-3 leagues most years. It’s only going to keep getting worse IMO.
  3. It appears the only thing worse than the AAC is C-USA. It’s amazing how far they’ve fallen, the Sun Belt appears to be much stronger.
  4. And it’s funny because they fired Applewhite after winning 8 games a couple years ago.
  5. It’s obvious that the Sun Belt was much tougher this year than the AAC. I would suggest poaching Houston and SMU, but I just don’t think they could handle the better athletes and rigorous travel in this conference...
  6. I used to be against it, but NMSU would be a nice addition at this point. Not sure how the UNM administration would feel about it though.
  7. I’d absolutely love to, but there’s no way in hell it’s happening for Nevada. I just hope we’re allowed to have fans in 2021.
  8. Interesting, the Southland is almost like the old WAC-16 that diluted itself by adding too many members. It will be good to see WAC football survive, even if it's mostly Texas programs. NMSU football could probably become a consistent winner at the FCS level, and they would have a lot more regional programs on the schedule...just sayin.
  9. He took K-State to the elite 8 just a few years ago, I was really looking forward to matching up against them until we lost to Loyola Chicago... K-State isn't the easiest job and he's had some decent success.
  10. I definitely came away impressed after watching him against Nevada. Wherever he ends up, he'll likely be very good.
  11. A lot of Media Guides on the sports website have past letterwinners listed.
  12. I don't think USD will be any good this year, but this is our last OOC game. Nevada is up 22-17 early. Good to see both Henry and Huseinovic getting it going early. Here's the stream: https://watchstadium.com/live/nevada-at-san-diego/
  13. And 25 in the AP as well. Congrats Spartans, now please destroy Boise for all of us!
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