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  1. I'm definitely rooting for Chang, I hope he's able to keep the locals home and build Hawaii into the powerhouse they have the potential to become.
  2. I hear that Hawaii's AD is quite the up-and-comer. Maybe he could step into the role to replace Hair.
  3. Definitely embarrassing the way it was handled, but hopefully it works out. Honestly, a lot of times coaches coming back doesn’t work out and there are no guarantees Jones would’ve been successful. Hopefully Chang is able to keep some of the locals home and build a program.
  4. That's why we're hoping there's more to the story. The 100k has to be part of some bigger deal that has yet to be announced, it makes no sense. I also wish we could somehow manage a h/h or even a two for one with BYU. Knuth's scheduling has been good financially for the most part, but it's been many years since we've had a P5 at home. I'm okay with the NMSU h/h, they're old conference rivals. In normal years I wouldn't be a fan of our OOC next season, but it's absolutely perfect for a new coach and new roster. Even if we're in the bottom ten next season, we could potentially go 3-1
  5. Yeah, this sure seems like the ideal outcome.
  6. Yeah NMSU is a H/H, we paid them a similar amount for the game this year.
  7. There has to be more to the story, or that is ridiculous. Say what you will about Knuth's scheduling, but he's done a good job of getting us money games against beatable P5 opponents. Unless this will be a home and home, or we're making some agreement with other parts of BYU's schedule there's no way we'd play this game for $100k.
  8. bigd

    Josh Allen

    Yeah and that record still holds as the most rushing yards for a QB in any NFL game, playoff or regular season. Such a fun game to watch, the rest of the country experienced what we got to see for four years. Back to the topic though, Josh Allen is an absolute stud. Great to see MW players doing well at the next level.
  9. Actually only six after this season, but who's counting . Hymes was actually a really good 3 point shooter last season, he just hasn't been able to develop a rhythm this year due to injuries.
  10. Yeah it's pretty incredible how quickly Linder has turned them into a contender. It was just a couple of years ago they had something like five wins, Alford's first year I think... The MW is stacked this season, it's going to be interesting to see who pulls away at the top.
  11. Such a frustrating game for both teams. Tre Coleman is such a great defender, it's too bad he's been completely unable to find any offense this season.
  12. Yeah Jeffries has been on fire. Should be an interesting 2nd half.
  13. Always fun seeing Texas tears and the Cowboys lose, especially to the Niners.
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