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  1. 16 is definitely the way to go, but this is moving in the right direction. A 16 team bracket with all conferences getting an autobid would get so much more attention than the current system. It would be a mini-March Madness where everyone fills out a bracket and enjoys watching for upsets. With 11 autobids and 5 at-larges it would be the perfect balance of letting the little guys in, along with the SEC/BIG 10 potentially getting 3-4 teams in during good years. College football is one of the best sports out there, but it's postseason absolutely sucks. I would probably watch most games of
  2. Glad you guys are staying. Plus we wouldn't want this board to be owned by an AAC guy . I haven't followed closely, but did the AAC get a permanent waiver to hold a championship with 11 teams? Or are they going to be forced to add someone else? I wonder who their other targets are? UAB? Liberty? Buffalo?
  3. Yeah as a Kings fan, it would be cool to see the Maloofs as owners again. While many have complaints about them, they owned during the only golden era for the Kings.
  4. Yeah I'm with you, I'm more excited about this years schedule than I have been in awhile. Love games against Cal, and have so much family in Kansas who attended K-State I'm hoping to make the trip. The team is setup to be so good this year as well, hopefully we're able to live up to our expectations.
  5. Definitely not a starter this year, but with a chance of Strong going pro after this season he could be in the run next year.
  6. Wow, I’m sure Self and Boeheim won’t be far behind. A new era of college basketball is beginning, one that I think the MW can do well in.
  7. Norvell likes going for these guys. Cornwell from Alabama, Henry from FSU and maybe Martell now? Maybe third times the charm.
  8. Wow, that's great! Stealing a Texas recruit from Texas Tech is pretty awesome. I was just commenting in the other thread how Nevada and CSU might be fighting for the championship next year before I even saw this. Although some may not like the new normal, I think that the increase in # of transfers is going to be great for MW basketball long-term.
  9. Yeah, maybe our answer for Roddy... It wouldn't surprise me if Nevada and CSU are at the top of the league next year. I'm already looking forward to it.
  10. This was huge for us after losing Patterson. We will be an incredibly deep team next year: C-Washington/Baker/Davidson PF-Bramah/Hymes/Henry SF-Blackshear/Coleman SG-Cambridge/Huseinovic/Weaver PG-Sherfield/Foster I don't think there's ever been a time that I've been this excited about football and basketball season (hell, and baseball for that matter).
  11. Yeah it's pretty amazing that we're 3-9 OOC yet ranked 28th in the RPI and 22nd SOS. Quite the contrast from where we usually sit with a couple, with a couple of MW regular season titles but left out of the NCAAs. 2015 still hurts, when we finished the season 41-15 but lost in the tournament so we didn't make regionals. Then our HC left for Arizona after 2 seasons. It's been quite a crazy year, early in the season I think most of us were ready to start looking for a new HC. But we sure turned it around quickly. Now, I'm just hoping we don't blow it vs SJSU this weeken
  12. Great post and some interesting insight. I've always wondered the same about the Desert Research Institute? Does anyone have any background of why it was formed independently of the universities?
  13. Toronto has been a basketball hotbed as of late. Jamal Murray, RJ Barrett, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, etc. Not sure what your definition of inner city basketball is, but they produce a lot more talent than any city out west besides the greater LA area.
  14. Maybe so, but I really enjoy watching Armus play. He has a nose for the ball, and some great skill and footwork around the basket. I think every team in the conference would love to have him.
  15. This is definitely a realistic goal, similar to how we set a goal to obtain the R1 classification through Carnegie within 10 years and ended up gaining it in less time. Nevada (the state and university) is growing exponentially, and will continue to do so. With more and more tech and manufacturing companies moving into the area we will continue to foster public/private relationships. The NSF hasn't updated their numbers in a few years, but when they last posted in 2017 Nevada had the 149th ranked research budget of $105 million (compared to UNLV's $66 million). Consider how
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