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  1. After being projected to finish last, Nevada has actually started I the year 6-3. Granted against mediocre competition, but hopefully we can keep it up.
  2. bigd

    Records vs P5

    I should have noted that I included Notre Dame as a P5, and the rest of the independents as G5.
  3. Just going off memory it seems a lot have fallen. Wasn't Fresno actually ranked last year?
  4. bigd

    Records vs P5

    Yeah the Sun Belt has done an amazing job. It used to barely be an FBS conference, now its consistently one of the top g5s.
  5. Didn't think of that, would be an excellent hire for UNLV.
  6. bigd

    Records vs P5

    The MAC is consistently the worst conference in FBS. They're 7-29 in bowl games since 2013 (not sure what their OOC is, but its much worse than the Sun Belt). The whole conference should move to FCS and have the Missouri Valley Replace them. The MVC is better in football and basketball.
  7. bigd

    Records vs P5

    Yeah and Maryland sure surprised against Syracuse. They always seem to have a dominant game OOC (I remember they killed Texas' dreams twice), but the BIG 10 East is just so tough. Both them and Rutgers are stuck in a nearly impossible situation to build a winning program.
  8. bigd

    Records vs P5

    They can thank Tennessee for 2 of those losses haha.
  9. If he's interested that would be a decent hire.
  10. CONFERENCE Total vs FBS Vs P5 Vs G5 BIG 10 18-3 2-2 16-1 ACC 10-5 2-4 8-1 BIG 12 6-3 1-2 5-1 SEC 13-7 5-3 8-4 PAC 12 9-6 2-2 7-4 MWC 8-7 6-5 2-2 AAC 7-8 2-8 5-0 SUN BELT 5-8 2-5 3-3 C-USA 2-14 0-8 0-6 MAC 1-13 0-12 1-1 At this point, only the MW and SEC have a winning record against P5 schools this season. It will be short-lived, but impressive nonetheless.
  11. Bump... So what names would UNLV like to see? Sarkisian? Jim Leavitt? Who's coaching at Gorman these days?
  12. 1. Boise State 2. Hawaii 3. San Diego State 4. Wyoming 5. Utah State 6. Fresno State 7. Air Force 8. Nevada 9. Colorado State 10. New Mexico 11. San Jose State 12. UNLV
  13. Damn, TD OSU. Come on Hawaii, if you and Fresno can pull your games off it would salvage some of today...
  14. Based on tonight, or the past 40 years? Or however long NSU has existed...
  15. Obviously your friend didn't know UNLV, or he wouldn't have asked the question...