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  1. Toonkey which MW beat writer do you think is better than Murray? He's certainly the most cited on this board.
  2. I agree he always has a ton of typos. But the amount of content he writes is amazing, and IMO he's easily the best MW writer.
  3. https://frankthetank.me/ I remember thinking this was an interesting take back in the day. Essentially, most graduates of big 10 schools end up in NYC, DC, Chicago, LA, or the bay area. The first two were a big part of why the added Rutgers and Maryland. Maybe they want to complete the domination of Americas most economically important markets by adding USC and Stanford as well? I'm sure their alumni would love being able to see their teams out west more often. But yes as you said, Covid likely shut any possibility of this happening down. It would be fun though to have USC in the same league as Ohio State and Michigan. And other than maybe Stanford and UCLA I don't think USC is really that attached to the Pac 12.
  4. It seems like this has been a long time coming, and the coronavirus will likely be the trigger to make it happen. There have been a lot of articles lately on their possible merger. A merger seems a bit crazy, they should really just have one conference for the eastern team and one of the western. https://krod.com/conference-usa-and-sun-belt-could-combine-in-pandemic-recovery/ From this article: There have been a handful of suggested models for how to merge the two leagues. I would be happy for NMSU if this realignment allows them to finally join a conference, and one that has UTEP at that. That would definitely create some questions about the survival of the WAC though. Ultimately, this makes too much sense not too happen.
  5. I certainly see your point, and agree on a personal level. But are you advocating that the US shouldn't have any friends or allies outside of the Western Europe and East Asia? Women's rights outside of these places are much basic to non-existant. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't align ourselves geopolitically with other countries.
  6. Idaho State had some great teams back in the day as well.
  7. Every region and culture of the world has different values. Doesn't mean that you should isolate yourself geopolitically to keep a moral high ground.
  8. Completely agree with this. The average young person really doesn't care enough to choose between Trump and Biden. And the far left ones feel completely betrayed by the Democratic Party and won't show up. Biden isn't a candidate that is going to inspire any group and drive massive turnout. This election is simply about Trump. Do enough moderates have Trump fatigue, and do enough average people hate him enough to show up in large numbers and vote against him even when they don't really like or support Biden.
  9. They have basically become Nevada's mini-me: HC Dedrique Taylor- Was an assistant at Nevada under both Fox and Johnson Associate HC Gus Argenal- Assistant under Muss Assistant coach Brandon Dunson - Was an assistant under Muss Vincent Lee - transferred from Nevada Josh Hall - transferred to CSUF, originally played for Nevada Cameron Carter - the son of former Nevada HC David Carter, went to high school in Reno
  10. Is it too late to steal Josh Hall from Fullerton? We desperately use a senior wing or pg. Even if they're just a role player.l
  11. Grad transfer needs to be priority number 1. I'm definitely bummed to see Harris go, but definitely understand the decision and wish him the best. I'd love to see him land in the NBA somewhere.
  12. I'm sure players will get infected, we're all going to get it eventually. But yeah, it will be very interesting to see how they handle testing.
  13. Just like SDSU, you guys will have the advantage of having plenty of room for social distancing in the new stadium haha. It would be sad to have the brand new stadium and no one able to use it.
  14. Yeah, but ultimately even if Thompson did offer Wichita, they still would've gone to the AAC.
  15. Honestly, I'd go as far as saying they're a darkhorse to win the west. I think the fact that SJSU and Nevada are the only west teams returning our coaches will be a much bigger factor this year due to limited practice.