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  1. Hahaha not a good sign when half of the conference is offering their ciaching staffs to the aggies.
  2. bigd

    You Thought San Jose Football Was Bad

    I wasn't talking as much about competitiveness for recruiting, but just fan support.
  3. bigd

    You Thought San Jose Football Was Bad

    SJSU students as of 2017 are: Asian-41.4% Hispanic-27.5% White-17.7% African American-3.2% I don't mean to open a can of worms, but I honestly think that demographics are one of the big reasons that Pac-12 is falling behind athletically. Culturally, college sports tend to be favored by caucasians and african americans. As they both continue to become major minorities on California's campuses, college sports will continue to become less relevant. Most students at places like Cal, UCLA, and Stanford (3 of the anchor schools of the conference) couldn't care less about sports.
  4. bigd

    You Thought San Jose Football Was Bad

    How is SJSU still in this conference? I feel bad for that guy that just donated 2 million dollars.
  5. bigd

    SDSU vs USD

    I don't think we're really that much worse than last season. Fresno, USU, and SDSU all look like top 100 teams. Hopefully one of them is able to rise above everyone else and become a borderline at-large team.
  6. bigd

    SDSU vs USD

    Yeah looks like Gonzaga made the right choice. They get a better conference and better money and exposure. Hopefully we're able to change this in the future. What appeared to possibly be our #2 and 3 teams (USU and SDSU) both lost to WCC teams tonight.
  7. bigd

    SDSU vs USD

    Damn, I know USD is improved this year, but a loss like this would hurt. San Diego up 65-59 with 2:19 remaining. Hopefully they can make the comeback.
  8. Damn, I spoke too soon. South Carolina is within 3, 63-60 with 2:05 left.
  9. Looks like Wyoming will actually pull it off. Good job, also impressive getting South Carolina to come to Laramie. Is it a 1 for 1?
  10. bigd

    UNM/NMSU game thread

    Tough loss, its amazing how NMSU is always able to reload with a new coach. Maybe someday they'll actually win a game in the tournament.
  11. bigd

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    I'm not as opposed to NDSU as others, I'd definitely trade them out for SJSU, but there's just no real reason for the MW to expand at this point. They have a proven track record in both football and basketball that is better than most of the MW. They're just really far away. But yeah, I'd definitely prefer them over UTEP, UTSA, UNT, Rice or anyone else.
  12. Yeah, Knuth is one of the best things to ever happen to us. Honestly, maybe I'm crazy but I think its more important to keep him than Muss. Every hire and decision he's made so far has been gold, and the facility improvements have been incredible after a decade of nothing. I'd imagine our football team will take a slight step back next year and end up 6-6/7-5, but after that the future looks very good. Norvell has been an incredible recruiter so far, hopefully our staff sticks around. I know people have been critical of Mumme, but we have a great group of assistant. As far as basketball, I'm most worried about UCLA this offseason, UCLA already has two losses and I bet Alford is gone. Musselman will likely be at the top of their list. I just want to enjoy every moment of this season, because we may never have a year like this again.
  13. bigd

    Football Transfers

    Yeah, honestly the difference between FCS and FBS is really shrinking. Just look at Idaho this year, and how many of the teams who moved up to the Sun Belt have become consistent bowl teams at the top of their conference.
  14. Honestly, even under Ault most years we ended up 7-6/8-5. As a G5 its hard to really move the needle unless you have some really good seasons, which outside of 2010 we never really had. If we win our bowl game this will be our highest win total since Kaepernick's senior in 2010 which is pretty sad. We don't deserve a better bowl than this, and Arkansas State will be a tough matchup.
  15. bigd

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    I really hope Thompson has a plan. Our bowl tie-ins are bad enough as it is. If he can replace it with the Holiday, Sun, or Redbox Bowl it would be okay. I guess the Cactus Bowl would work too. I just hope we don't get stuck without any of those against some bad team for our champ. Our champion is almost always ranked, you'd think some bowl somewhere would want us. Even if we have to go east. More games against the Big12/Big10/ACC would be great.