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  1. Nevada to play @Penn State in 2020

    Plus it was a home and home, the payouts are much different for this. That USF loss still haunts me, that was the beginning of the end for Ault. We could've been ranked if we would've won that game.
  2. Jase Herl named Interim Coach for CSU

    Becky Hammon would sure be an interesting choice. CSU would certainly receive a lot of national publicity.
  3. Bracketology Update Feb. 12

    Haven't both Utah State and Saint Mary's been left out of the tournament while ranked in the top 25? The rankings have nothing to do with tournament seeding. They have a very specific set of metrics they look at.
  4. Bracketology Update Feb. 12

    Plus Trent Johnson is their assistant. That would be a really fun game!
  5. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    For this reason I'm hoping Boise pulls it off. Even though it would give us some separation.
  6. Caleb Martin out indefinitely

    This season could turn quickly if we aren't careful.
  7. UNLV at Nevada

    The median home price in Reno is $150k more than in Vegas, we could come up with plenty of revenue.
  8. To be fair, if they had an offer from both us and the AAC there's no way they would've chosen us. But still Craig Thompson publicly saying they don't have an offer was ridiculous.
  9. UNLV at Nevada

    Are we helping? I thought it was from Clark County hotel room taxes? Either way, I'm all for the Raiders being in Vegas. But it won't help UNLV athletics.
  10. UNLV at Nevada

    Way to bring up pro sports on a college message board... UNLV might as well join the Big West is Vegas ever gets an NBA team. Commuter schools in pro sports towns don't belong in this league, you'll become SJSU.
  11. UNLV at Nevada

    Alright, congrats on winning your super bowl. We'll send a postcard from the NCAA tournament.
  12. UNLV at Nevada

    Damn this one hurt, good game Rebels. We'll get you back in Vegas.
  13. UNLV at Nevada

    Wow Juiston is killing us. The McCoy/Caroline matchup is definitely interesting to watch.
  14. UNLV at Nevada

    Sloppy start, and we're taking too many threes. Tied at 7-7. Hopefully this VCU/Richmond game doesn't go to OT.
  15. They already have Navy as a football only member to offset Wichita State. Although I'm sure they'd make room for Air Force if they wanted to join (they'd probably do their best to get Army to join along with them, and have a 14-team football conference).