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  1. Yeah they're on the other side of the bracket so it would have to be the championship. Looking at the field though I think that is very likely.
  2. Just like the Pac 12 moving their HQ to downtown San Francisco would get them an excellent media deal...
  3. I think that was the beginning of the end for him in Cincinnati. That would've been his first time making it to the sweet 16 but he couldn't make it. I think both him and the fans were ready for a change.
  4. Lol Boise and Fresno academic smack, really must be the off-season now.
  5. Not a bad payday game. Very winnable and probably received $1+?
  6. That definitely would have to hurt for Caleb who is used to being the more highly recruited and sought after brother.
  7. Great news, if Brown returns then we definitely have a chance to be a very good team. I really hope the Lindsey is able to get healthy and have an excellent year!
  8. True, but I think they're expected to take a pretty big step back this year (although I guess so are we haha).
  9. Looks like another weak tournament for Nevada. Hopefully someday we're able to get into a prestigious one...
  10. Such an awesome game winner, Kawhi definitely takes to another level in the playoffs. It will be really interesting to see what he does this offseason. I'd love to see Toronto win it all.
  11. Nevada still has a chance to make the tournament if they sweep SJSU
  12. Iowa and much of the midwest are much more Germanic than most of the country. So it is surprising to see Williams towards the top. I'd imagine it is partially due to the fact that many of the German names were Anglicized and misspelled.
  13. Sad to hear, he did a great job at SJSU and seemed like a great guy. RIP