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  1. Nevada beat UCF in the Hawaii Bowl years ago. But honestly, I don't think any team will really travel to that game. BYU will definitely create more of a buzz and has more fans on the islands, but only a few die-hards would travel from the mainland.
  2. No free trial, but seems like a solid deal and my girlfriend will be happy we have Disney... Wow, brutal game though. These team has a long ways to go...
  3. Haha I went ahead and took the plunge just to watch this game...maybe a bad choice haha.
  4. Its only on ESPN+. Nevada down 32-40 at the half. Our first true road game of the season, and Davidson is a solid team. I'm still bummed that we skipped this game last year, it would've been a good reunion for the Martin's.
  5. Both Nevada and Utah State finished last season ranked in the top 25.
  6. BYU/Hawaii should actually be a fun bowl game. Better than playing the MAC or Sun Belt.
  7. Its sad that the first thing we do in all of shootings is look for the identity of the shooter so that we can decide which team they're part of...
  8. I do think at least one 6-6 mw team will be left home this year. The conference should have a ton of bowl eligible teams.
  9. Yeah, quite honestly Georgia's basketball program and history are worse than Nevada's. They've won 3 tournament games in the past 30 years. But Fox certainly did well for himself financially. And its cool to see him and Trent Johnson working together again, I'm surprised they didn't bring Carter on as well. Either way, I'd much rather have Alford than Fox.
  10. No that will be us next year!
  11. Yeah he is a good (but definitely not great coach). Georgia isn't an easy place to win, and he is now their 3rd most winning-est coach in their program history. He'll probably get Cal back to winning 20 games consistently, but then plateau. Either way go Rebels, this would be a huge win for TJO.
  12. Should be a good one, I'm definitely intrigued to see how Fox does at Cal. Most of their fans hated the hire, but he'll at least bring them back to being respectable. Doubt he'll ever take them to the top of the conference though.
  13. Really sad story, its heartbreaking to hear of college age people dying from preventable deaths... Frats are definitely struggling to adapt to these "modern times". I know at Nevada most of them stopped their affiliation with the university, because the university was trying to force them to have live-in "house dads".
  14. I do think that Appalachian State should be in over one of the 1-loss AAC teams, but you can't blame that on East Coast bias.
  15. The only MW team worthy of the top 25 is Boise, and I think the AAC teams deserve it at this point. A lot of them will knock each other out, but as of now the rankings are fine. The MW is deep this year, but we don't have that much firepower at the top.