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  1. Yeah SJSU and Sac State to the Big West, and then to the WAC for football only. WAC football: Cal Poly Dixie State Sac State San Jose State Tarleton State UC Davis maybe-NMSU Would be a fun league, and much better for travel for the California schools. You might even be able to convince schools like Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, and Northern Colorado to join as full members. It would be better in basketball than the Big Sky, and those schools could quickly rise to the top of the league in football. Sac State in the Big Sky is d
  2. I just don't see it. Both Wyoming and Nevada finished 5-7 the year before Bohl and Norvell arrived, and both records were greatly inflated by beating cupcakes: 2013 Wyoming (last year of Christensen): 5-7 (134 in sagarin) 2014 Wyoming (first year of Bohl): 4-8 (126 in sagarin) 2015 Wyoming: 2-10 (154 in sagarin) 2016 Nevada (last year of Polian): 5-7 (121 in sagarin) 2017 Nevada (first year of Norvell: 3-9 (115 in sagarin) 2018 Nevada: 8-5 (88 in sagarin) Basically they both inherited piles of dogshit, and it took Bohl longer to pull Wyoming out
  3. Yes he was, and we had a horrible start to the season (outside of the Purdue miracle). Those losses to Oregon and Hawaii were some of the most painful games I've ever witnessed. There is no doubt that we were really bad last season, and had a greatly inflated record. However, this was not the same team at the end of the season as it was at the beginning. Strong was a freshman QB that was playing injured with an absolutely awful o-line. While his stats for the whole season are pretty bad, by the end of the year he was playing pretty well. The win against SDSU was what really turned our sea
  4. Carson Strong, who will hopefully make a big leap as a sophomore. He showed some flashes last year, but having such poor pass protection made life difficult for a starting freshman. He has so much talent around him at RB and WR, let's hope the o-line is drastically improved or it could be another long season. At 6-4 195, he has the size and arm to be very good.
  5. And now we're down another starter: http://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/miles-beach-the-wolf-packs-starting-left-tackle-has-retired
  6. Wow, actual football talk! I can't wait, it seems like it's been years since I've watched any Nevada sport. Honestly, predictions for this team are all over the place. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up 7-1 or 4-4. We return 10 starters on offense, but had such an awful O-line last year that unless they improve we won't be any good. We changed coaches and schemes on defense, so honestly who knows what to expect. I have no prediction at all for this game, but it should be a great test for both teams in week 1. The winner of this game could very possibly make the c
  7. IMO this will help the MW a lot more than it will hurt. We've had a lot of great players who transferred in from the P5, but not that many who have left (except for SJSU, hopefully they're able to turn it around). If someone is a stud at this level, it's more of a risk to transfer to a P5 school in most cases.
  8. Yeah obviously my post was sarcasm. we need all the homeless shelters we can get, and I like that it’s out of downtown and in an industrial area.
  9. Yeah, I hope this is the year we finally make the championship game. Pretty sad considering we’ve almost been in the league 10 years, and the west has sucked for quite a few of those.
  10. Do you think they'll allow non season ticket holder fans? The 10% capacity order of Sisolak would still allow a lot of fans in the new stadium! I'd love to make the trip and attend the first game with fans in Allegiant.
  11. We're even being forced to turn our beautiful parks into emergency homeless shelters: https://www.kolotv.com/2020/09/22/governors-bowl-park-could-be-turned-into-an-emergency-homeless-shelter/ Please Boise we beg you to come back. We never would've pushed your grandmas had we known the truth...
  12. Also without ooc games we might have fewer eligible teams.
  13. Considering it’s one of our 3 IOC games as a conference you better win this AF. Our computer rankings will greatly suffer if not haha.
  14. So many bowl games are basically made for TV these days, I hope that a lot of them stick around.
  15. That's pretty awesome, I think Linder iwll be great for you guys. The future of MW basketball is looking pretty bright.
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