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  1. Yeah I tend to agree, they should have at least kept them the same. But we sold them out last year, so they must have figured even if we lose some we will get an increase in revenue.
  2. True, but its not like UNLV, CSU, SDSU, or Hawaii are much different than us attendance wise yet they all will have shiny new stadiums. But I do agree, the money should be spent elsewhere.
  3. Didn't see a thread for this, and figured I'd update considering that Norvell is absolutely killing it so far. Just today he landed a commitment from WR Isaac Jernagin who has offers from USC and much of the Pac 12. Here's how the class looks so far: http://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/analysis-of-every-player-in-the-nevada-football-teams-2020-recruiting-class https://247sports.com/college/nevada/Season/2020-Football/Commits/
  4. Thats incredible, does baseball really bring in that much revenue at these schools?
  5. Nevada hire's Troy Buckley, long time LBSU head coach, as an assistant. http://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/nevada-baseball-hires-long-beach-states-troy-buckley-as-associate-head-coach
  6. Chris Murray did a breakdown of the most expensive tickets in the MW: http://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/murrays-mailbag-is-a-cheesecake-a-cake-or-a-pie-and-nevada-season-ticket-prices Most expensive seats 1. Nevada, $5,000 2. New Mexico, $3,205 3. UNLV, $3,000 (not including Gucci Row, which comes with a "suggested" donation starting at $50,000) 4. San Diego State, $1,750 (courtside seat prices not listed) 5. Utah State, $1,125 Cheapest seats 1. Nevada, $299 2. New Mexico, $199 3. San Diego State, $199 4t. UNLV, $115 4t. Utah State, $115 Median seats 1. New Mexico, $1,112 2. Nevada, $1,100 3. San Diego State, $937.50 4. UNLV, $600 5. Utah State, $425
  7. True, but its hard to really justify when football is averaging like 14k a game or something. Hopefully we're able to turn that around. But at the moment we're definitely a basketball school.
  8. Great news Hawaii, this conference will have lots of nice, new stadiums. Now if only Nevada could get on the bandwagon...
  9. I'm not a campus historian, but I can't really think of anything worse that has happened. It sounds like the building could potentially be condemned and forced to be rebuilt. It was the center of on campus life with the campus dining hall and home to 750 students. Our campus is already way under capacity for student housing and this will make the crisis much worse.
  10. Haha exactly... I think the joke comes from resentment that they were forced to stay home for college and miss out on the campus life experience, unlike many of their Vegas peers who were schedule to live in Argenta...
  11. Yes they would actually compete, but would ultimately just be playing against a bunch of very random schools in the WAC or Summit. If there was a west coast Patriot League (I don't think the WCC would add them), then they would likely consider it. But I don't think they want to drop all of their sports that far just to be in a conference with Navy (If Army joined as well that would be pretty cool and I could see the appeal). They actually did very well in the Director's Cup this year (though that was unusual). During the last round of expansion Air Force's AD was quoted as saying that they like being in a conference with their front range rivals as they always have been. Honestly, it really doesn't matter to me. If we lost Air Force and added NMSU our football would take a step back, but our basketball would take a step forward. Whatever they think is best for them I understand.
  12. UCLA @DestinFlPackfan you're up @Lobo Amor on deck