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  1. bigd

    #6 Nevada @ San Diego State

    Alright 9 points, lets do this...
  2. bigd

    #6 Nevada @ San Diego State

    Alright, lets get it to single digits. We can do this...
  3. bigd

    #6 Nevada @ San Diego State

    At least when we lose, we don't leave any doubts. UNM, SDSU, and the Washington scrimmage have all been blowouts.
  4. bigd

    #6 Nevada @ San Diego State

    Hasn't he scored in double figures every games this season?
  5. bigd

    #6 Nevada @ San Diego State

    SDSU is just our kryptonite... How is this the same team that lost Cal? Dutcher seems to always have them playing well at the end of the season, which is good but not when you bomb OOC. If we lose, this will be 2 bad losses on our resume. Not a good look.
  6. bigd

    #6 Nevada @ San Diego State

    So many charges.
  7. bigd

    #6 Nevada @ San Diego State

    Haha thats more like it...
  8. bigd

    #6 Nevada @ San Diego State

    And more importantly it likely stole the chance for us to get another Q1 win...
  9. bigd

    Niko Medved

    That formula has worked for Musselman so far, it can be done. It doesn't seem to be working as well for UNM.
  10. I'm still really hoping for Pitino to UNLV, it seems like a perfect match and would be huge for the conference. If Muss sticks around for a few years, the rivalry would be absolutely epic and relevant nationally. Its honestly been a bummer to have our banner year in the same year that the conference was so down. I wish we had games against top-25 UNM/UNLV/SDSU teams.
  11. Its honestly flattering to have SDSU fans trolling us considering how douchey they were during their very short period of success in both sports. We have a few outliers, but I feel like most Nevada fans are pretty realistic and down to earth.
  12. I'll probably get blasted for saying this, but for the upcoming negotiations Thompson should go to Gonzaga and BYU along with ESPN and see what kind of deal they would desire and if it would be enough to get them to join. Then push SJSU back to the Big West or CCAA where they belong, and we'd have a well balanced 12 teams for both football and basketball and much stronger lineup that could earn us much more TV money and national recognition. As far as tier 3, yeah let each member have rights to their own.
  13. Haha alright big guy... Even without Musselman, our roster will likely be the best in the conference next season. You're sounding worse than PH.
  14. bigd

    The only place more F’d up than us

    Nativism is a problem in all of Europe. The only reason it isn't in Asia is because there's no diversity. China is 92% Han Chinese and they're putting over 1 million Muslims into camps. Other than maybe Canada, the US is by far the easiest place for immigrants to assimilate.