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  1. Utah is going to road grade the zoobs. 49-0, Utes.
  2. To express my congratulations to our USU brothers for playing fun and exciting winning brand of football. Now ranked 18 in the AP, and 20 in Coach’s. Well done Aggies! Exceptionally well done indeed. I give you the coveted Chad Sexington 👍
  3. I have no idea whether the PAC will or will not expand, soon or ever. I must say, all of these rationalizations for why it should are funny as hell. People hoping beyond hope that media money proves to not be as important as it clearly is in determining expansion candidates. Consolidation is as likely as expansion. There are schools that have no business being in P5 leagues. The day of the Super Conferences is nearly upon us. Big schools, with big alumni bases that are willing to spend and support the programs, will all be grouped together. A league with somewhere between 40-60 teams in four to six divisions will emerge, modeled on the NFL system. That will be that.
  4. Eight years from now? Sure, maybe, but not likely.
  5. So does every team outside of the historical or legacy programs. Each P5 league has two to three teams that the other leagues would pursue. Aside from maybe ten to 12 schools, every school has to always worry about being on the outside looking in.
  6. Don't be surprised to get a geyser back at ya.
  7. This is the heart of the problem. There is no expansion candidate in the current climate that makes any sense to any of the leagues. Exceptions are in other P5 leagues, and there are only a handful of those. Really, there are only 2 or 3 that make the effort worthwhile. Stasis, get used to it.
  8. Already done. Now you can die in peace.
  9. Pay attn SGF, that was a response to Drudge.
  10. Eventually we'll all be dead.
  11. The same peers that declined to give a shit if the BigXII expands to get a CCG, or not? The peers that have no incentive to care? Those peers?