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  1. LSU is terrible.

    Post a pussy meme first.
  2. LSU is terrible.

    You come to me cunty.
  3. LSU is terrible.

    You, is who I meant.
  4. LSU is terrible.

    Ok, but you suck, and your team too.
  5. LSU is terrible.

    I would love to meet these two. My garden needs fertilizing, and I don't have any more bullshit to do it
  6. LSU is terrible.

    I haven't killed anyone this week. A couple of cunty Boise fans could almost suffice.
  7. LSU is terrible.

    What can I tell ya? 10Watts with keyboards.
  8. LSU is terrible.

    Tell ya what, when you start a conference that threatens the power structure such that they take your top teams, let me know. This thread started as a joke, a shot at zoobs, but a couple of 10W Boise bulbs got confused (big shock) and here we are. You want satisfaction? Let me know. Otherwise +++++ off moron. Either way, I have no more patience for you or your dim witted friend.
  9. LSU is terrible.

    +++++ you
  10. LSU is terrible.

    There ya go bitch. That's what you got. Pussy
  11. LSU is terrible.

    You think I'm concerned that a couple of idiot cunty Boise fans didn't get the joke? F*ck you and anyone who looks like you. Post another pussy meme.
  12. LSU is terrible.

    Pound sand. OP was s shot at the zoobs. Wanna make it something else? Start another thread Or, GFY, couldn't care less either way.
  13. LSU is terrible.

    That usually happens when dealing with lesser intellects, or as I like to say, cunty little douchebags.
  14. LSU is terrible.

    Just remember who started it. And, like I said...
  15. LSU is terrible.

    You're welcome to try at your convenience.