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  1. Congrats to her and I hope she enjoys retirement!!
  2. I’m a teacher as well. Our state education department (NM PED) recently said that all public schools in the state will be going to a hybrid model to start the 2020-2021 school year with schools at 50% capacity. (example: Monday/Tuesday = Group 1 and Thursday/Friday = Group 2 while Wednesday is said to be online for all so that schools can disinfect). Several questions have been brought up over this Hybrid model with very few answers at this time. How will schools be split? How will this be equitable to all students given NM has a large number of families at/below poverty? What about teacher’s children along with working parents’ kids? How are teachers expected to do, essentially, two jobs daily (plan, instruct and grade for in-person classes along with online students) for the price of one (we are getting a 1% “raise”, but our insurance is expected to go up 6%)? Also, NM’s educators average age is around the fourth oldest in the country (I’m nowhere near this range...yet lol) so what measures will be in place to protect the elderly teachers? Last week, New Mexico’s governor (Democrat) halted our state’s reopening plans citing increased numbers. She stressed that if Covid numbers continued to rise, she would close things down again. NM’s numbers have been climbing by about 250 daily (previous week’s numbers were around 150. She is expected to make an announcement this week on her weekly press conference about schools. I would not be surprised if she reverted to starting the year online as she has been extremely cautious in the reopening of the state. Regardless of how we start school, us teachers would like to know ASAP as my district is set to return August 3 and students start classes on August 7. My 8th grade students ended up hating distance learning this last Spring and I worry that if we start the year online-only, student participation (and learning) will continue to decline.
  3. I see it right now in ABQ, but it is not a big deal.
  4. Albuquerque here. The governor mandated that all public schools in the state be closed for three weeks. Since I am a teacher, I have plenty of time on my hands.
  5. Just got news that the NM PED has mandated that all schools close for three weeks starting Monday. As a teacher, we don't know if this means kids work from home, or what. Local Costco near me looks like an end of the world episode. Crazy times.
  6. Same thing for UNM spring sports. NCAA indoor track and field championships are in ABQ this weekend and are restricted to family, etc. NM State high school basketball tournament here this week in ABQ at the Pit and is still on as regularly scheduled. NM HS State basketball tournaments no going on without fans. I get it, but would be very upset if I gad a child on a team.
  7. Lobos need to drive it. Queta has 3 fouls and are in the bonus. Dont settle for outside shots because the Lobos arent a good shooting team.
  8. After the first ten minutes, I was not expecting much. Glad Lobos tied it half with basically only Lyle with a good half. Hoping Vance and a few others get in a groove to sink some open shots. queta could gave been called for a few more IMO, but we all see things in a biased way. Merrill attempting to impersonate a few Lobos tonight with the pouting toward the refs lol.
  9. Lobos are so much better when they share the rock and play as a team.
  10. Lobos win!...after this roller-coaster season, this win is very satisfying as a fan. This game was glimpse of what this Lobo team was capable of; even after all of the deflections. Shoulda-woulda-coulda. good game Aggies. Good luck in Vegas.
  11. Lobos wait until the last game of the season to show some energy. Better late than never I guess.
  12. Man you hate for a game to end like that...if it does end.