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  1. San Jose St fans - New Mexico Lobo fans know exactly how you are feeling 😒...our basketball team is still trying to figure out a home. I hope you guys are able to get it figured out and finish the season as you're having a good one.
  2. Man he had it if he could’ve just held on to the ball. Good game Nevada. It’s entertaining to watch Lobo football again (well at least until half lol).
  3. Lobos up 7-0 after the 1st quarter. Likely not going to last, but man it feels good to look like an actual football team compared to the last several years.
  4. lobo81


    I think, regardless of one’s stance on Covid, the notion that the NM United soccer club was able to practice and play (all away) games yet d1 college athletes in (only) New Mexico cannot rubs people the wrong way. NM United’s owner was/is part of Gov Lujan-Grisham’s Economic Recovery team for the state...regardless of whether NM United actually received special treatment, the optics dont look good. I agree, the number of daily Covid cases in NM and the country is alarming, but it seems like there has to be some common ground that they could agree on. Already, athletes are tested three t
  5. You have to allow that your location isshared.
  6. Lobos passing game looks better than previous years. Yeah, I know, that’s not saying much lol
  7. Lobos moved the ball early on offense and picked up a few first downs before a missed field goal. Now it’s the defense’s turn...
  8. https://t.co/sff0F0xBro Damn, Not looking good...
  9. Not sure if this was posted already (did not read too far back in this thread)
  10. Congrats to her and I hope she enjoys retirement!!
  11. I’m a teacher as well. Our state education department (NM PED) recently said that all public schools in the state will be going to a hybrid model to start the 2020-2021 school year with schools at 50% capacity. (example: Monday/Tuesday = Group 1 and Thursday/Friday = Group 2 while Wednesday is said to be online for all so that schools can disinfect). Several questions have been brought up over this Hybrid model with very few answers at this time. How will schools be split? How will this be equitable to all students given NM has a large number of families at/below poverty? What about te
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