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  1. That should be the game. Lobos’ secondary is no match.
  2. Missed fg...daaaaaaamn. Getting interesting. 👀
  3. Defense cant get stops when they need it.
  4. Of course a penalty (Potentially) kills another drive.
  5. That’s how all Lobo fans feel right there lol
  6. I have...have you watched this Lobos team play? CSU would be winning by at least 17 minus they fumbles.
  7. Just end this already. CSU will end up winning about 38-17...at least that’s my guess.
  8. Penalties galore. CSU fumbles and Lobos do their best to have the penalties offset the Rams’ issues.
  9. CSU receiver was a man amongst toddlers there. Seriously, this script could not be made up.
  10. This has been the longest half ever. Between the penalties and the 10 minute reviews, it’s hard to watch.
  11. Congrats Spartans!! Great win!!
  12. Cant let the piggies score too quickly or it’s a new game. Errrr as i typed it they scored lol