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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/uconn-planning-return-to-big-east-with-football-programs-aac-future-uncertain/
  2. Appears to be happening according to various reports on twitter.
  3. lobo81

    Final Four

    Hair Thompson is front and center at the Final Four. Anyone else see him at the score table near Tech’s bench?
  4. For UNM, Lyle, McGee, (transfer) Zane Martin, and Manigault have been on twitter saying they are excited to come back and play in the pit yada yada yada. Granted it’s Twitter, but better than saying they're out.
  5. Mug, Did you see how many more damn free throws they had?!?!?! 45 free throw attempts lobos couldnt capitalize on most of the turnovers and the out big fouls out with 3 questionable foul calls. Our coach cost us 4 points (and the momentum) with that bonehead move to get the technical. Good game Utah State. Best of luck going forward. Hope you get inti the tourney.
  6. Wish the Lobos could have gone into half with the lead, but great energy and effort by UNM that half. No doubt, USU will make adjustments.
  7. Bragg’s last two fouls were BS. The refs sure as hell know how to blow their whistle, just not in travelling I guess.
  8. Merrill lucky to not have pucked up his third.
  9. Lobos with good energy, but cant hit shit from the floor. Aggies rusty. Maybe the pressure is getting to them early?
  10. Lobos could win, but could easily lose by 30. So infuriating as a fan to watch.
  11. And we are the only MWC team to lose to SJSU this year lol.
  12. Yeah, but he is VERY streaky. Vance is a transfer from UCONN who, while big, prefers to play on the perimeter.