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  1. Yup, I saw feelers were supposedly put out that Oklahoma and Texas are interested in going to the SEC. The article was from the Houston Chronicle(?), which requires a fee that I was not going to pay in order to read the article. Texas/Oklahoma supposedly interested in joining SEC
  2. Former Kentucky qb that originally signed with Oregon is coming to New Mexico. Has 1 year remaining. Coach Gonzales had said he was on the lookout for a qb this offseason. UNM gets former Kentucky qb
  3. #15 Oral Roberts takes down #7 Florida to reach the Sweet 16.
  4. Boise is dropping the hammer...damn lol
  5. Lobos may be running out of steam with Fresno up 8 with 9:53 left.
  6. Lobos playing w a fired coach and 7 scholarship players (no bigs over 6’7” are playing) and they're playing w more fire than they have all season. regardless of the outcome, at least they didn't just lay over.
  7. Lobos with a solid start. Fresno has closed the gap.
  8. Yup. Grew up in northern NM as a huge Lobos fan. I knew from a young age that I never anted to go anywhere else. Went to, and graduated, from UNM.
  9. After watching every UNM game this season (though very little of SJSU), I have a hard time believing SJSU is worse...guess we will find out this week.
  10. Yes, at UNM - BA major: seconday education/minor: Social Studies.
  11. Man you hate for a game to end like that...if it does end.
  12. Lobos, in stretches, look pretty poor on both sides of the ball. Hope they gel ASAP since our next three are away from the Pit. Next up - at 6-1 Bradley.
  13. Dru sprained his ankle prior to last week’s opener at CSUN. that is why you hear the reference about bringing him on slowly.
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