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  1. My last post was in reference to the Lobos inability to finish off close games under his tenure. Sounds cliche, but his teams do not know how to win.
  2. Of course it ends without UNM even getting a shot off. Typical under the Dr...
  3. This Lobos team is causing me to drink...so pathetically unsound on fundamentals.
  4. This is flat out embarrassing....though the Lobos arent getting blown out...yet 👀
  5. And the season before that with Dr. Weir coaching the Lobos. 🥺
  6. After watching every UNM game this season (though very little of SJSU), I have a hard time believing SJSU is worse...guess we will find out this week.
  7. Yes, at UNM - BA major: seconday education/minor: Social Studies.
  8. I dont think, under Weir, the Lobos even realized they were playing zone 🤣😂
  9. UNLV, you all are the latest to view this Lobo train wreck in person...enjoy the slaughtering.
  10. I wish this was near rock bottom...but it keeps sinking to lower levels. How much lower can it get?!...a once proud program and great fan base is now the laughingstock of the MWC. I really think San Jose blows Los Lobos out.
  11. Halftime. 18-45 😂🤣 can the Lobos be Team Tank to maybe quicken his inevitable firing?
  12. This is brutal to watch. UNM is permanently in the cellar while Dr. Krebs is “coaching” this team.
  13. Hell of a comeback Rammies.... you mind lending UNM your coach? lol. in all seriousness, congrats. I thought it was over when CBS cut to the game and it was like 28-4.
  14. Lobos are 2-35 in n 2’s if that makes you feel better?! 🤣
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