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  1. I switched it over and was confused...weird watching a game on tv with no commentary. Boise nailed a few threes in a row to get the lead...similar to their hot three point shot at the Pit earlier in the week.
  2. Do You read the Lobo message boards? lol. That’s what we’ve been saying. Too many Lobos have a “me first” attitude. When they play as a team, their potential is high. Percy plays as a teammate and not a solo player out there doing it all on his own.
  3. Yup, very frustrating at times.
  4. Ugly game. Man, sorry Wyoming, your team looks baaad. Lobos are playing horrible and still up 13.
  5. I was at the game and sat in the end that the double tech occurred. After the double tech, The ref was separating the players and the Boise player kept going off. Sucks for Boise and I would be pissed if I were you, but a player needs to keep his trap shut...especially after you have just been whistled for a technical and you are still going off while in the spotlight. Rather than be mad at the ref, I’d be more upset that my player lost his composure and lost sight of the goal (play a basketball game). hell of a game, Boise. It was fun to watch. Felt like every three you guys shot went in. Good luck until we meet again.
  6. Oh cool. I’m at the game, but wasnt sure what it meant when it said “special Stadium presentation via Facebook”.
  7. Says stadium via facebook. Good luck figuring that one out!
  8. Lobos seemed to have coasted against Wisconsin-Green Bay in a 93-78 win; looked good at times, but careless with the basketball and defense seemed to be optional at times. Should have won by 25+ IMO. Overall, another game in the 90’s for the Lobos. McNeese State on Saturday at the Pit and then things get more interesting with a road trip to UTEP and NMSU followed by the Legends Classic in Brooklyn against Auburn (for sure).
  9. $17,000,000.00 buyout!! And UNM is worried about Davies’ $800,000 buyout. Yeah, I know “P5” money and UNM is broke, but still... Where can I sign up to get 18 million dollars to do nothing
  10. That should be the game. Lobos’ secondary is no match.
  11. Missed fg...daaaaaaamn. Getting interesting. 👀
  12. Defense cant get stops when they need it.
  13. Of course a penalty (Potentially) kills another drive.
  14. That’s how all Lobo fans feel right there lol