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  1. I was correct. This Lobo team is so undisciplined both on, and off, the court that it is difficult to watch. That comes down to coaching or lack thereof. good game, Aztecs. Hopefully the Lobos can get together, but not holding my breathe on that one.
  2. Lobos keeping it much closer than at the Pit. Not pretty, but Only down 2 at half. Lobos are vulnerable to succumbing to droughts. Hope I’m wrong, but I have seen it too much this year.
  3. Jesus Wyoming cant buy a free throw.
  4. PSVue is ending at the end of this month. Sony had the streaming service for 4 years, but they have decided to get out of this rat race. An email sent to PSVue customers recommended users turn to Youtube.
  5. I looked up Vidgo today and it has all 6 of the PAC12 channels if you pay for the higher tier...huge downfall for me is the lack of CBSSports since that is what a lot of MWC games are on. fubol lacks ESPN channels but has pretty much every other sports’ channel. I have PSVue now that, which has everything I want (CBSSports, like 8 ESPN channels, FS1 and 2, NBS Sports, Big 10 channels, ACC and SEC Networks along with NFL Network (no PAC12 Network). With Vue going adios in January 2020, I have been looking for a replacement, but have yet to find something that offers everything I am currently getting with PSVue.
  6. Article says a jump to around 3 million payout per school though nothing is concrete.
  7. Take it for what it’s worth...
  8. This is bad basketball. 12 points at home with less than 1:30 left at half? Luckily Colorado is not much better.
  9. I have PSVue, too. Bummed they are bowing out of the streaming race. I have had them since the beginning. I am going to go with either Youtube or Hulu Live, but need to do the trials to see what I like better...only use them for sports really anyways.
  10. I switched it over and was confused...weird watching a game on tv with no commentary. Boise nailed a few threes in a row to get the lead...similar to their hot three point shot at the Pit earlier in the week.
  11. Do You read the Lobo message boards? lol. That’s what we’ve been saying. Too many Lobos have a “me first” attitude. When they play as a team, their potential is high. Percy plays as a teammate and not a solo player out there doing it all on his own.
  12. Yup, very frustrating at times.
  13. Ugly game. Man, sorry Wyoming, your team looks baaad. Lobos are playing horrible and still up 13.