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  1. Again the I feel one of the biggest issues is not being addressed. NDSU or Montana will not leave without their in State Counterparts. If the MWC were to lose another team then I could see it but in order to add the Bison they'd have to add SDSU, then yall would be right back scrambling for a 14th school.
  2. With Tom Herman available I could see Boise going after him. He made Houston a powerful G5 program and wasn't terrible at Texas
  3. I think NDSU would be a huge gain for the Conference, similar to Boise State they have a lot of national recognition compared to any of the other schools mentioned to join the conference if the broncos leave. However once again the Bison will not consider the move if South Dakota State is also not included in the package. It's the exact same scenario for the Montana schools as well, if the P5/G5 split does occur I would love to see all four end up in the Mountain West.
  4. The issue with NDSU is the same for Montana, neither will move up unless their rival does as well, if I remember correctly it's one of the reasons why Montana didn't move up to the WAC. If you want to get NDSU you're going to have to get SDSU as well which would then leave the conference at 13 teams and unbalanced divisions you would then be forced to look at adding a third team to even out at 7 teams in each division which might be too much of a hassle. The positive in that regard however is that South Dakota state is a pretty good ball team and they have good facilities to fit in at the MWC
  5. I am biased but would love to see Montana and Montana State in the MWC someday. Would be a great geographic fit and instantly would have 2 of the largest fan bases attending games in the Conference.
  6. Looking forward to all the excuses from the AAC, every team has had issues this year
  7. MWC over the AAC this year for sure
  8. Going after Chris Peterson again I don't think would be a bad idea, the Pac12 is crap right now. Wish Utah and Colorado would try to get into the Big 12
  9. Now official: https://www.facebook.com/25902406772/posts/10158326847211773/
  10. Maybe a Dark Horse pick but why not Choate from Montana State? He has turned them into a repeat playoff team and has connections to Boise, not to mention beat us several times in a row
  11. Yup been in the works for the last few months all over the FCS boards. Alot of the Texas schools in the Southland are upset with how the Conference has been catering to Louisiana Schools at their expense. They want to add the above teams and kick out Chicago State which overall boosts both Basketball and brings back Football. Projected FCS FOOTBALL CONFERENCE: -SUU (Big Sky Transfer) -Dixie State (D2 Move Up) -Tarleton State (D2 Move Up) -Abilene Christian, Lamar, Sam Houston State, Stephen F Austin (Southland Transfers) If they get Weber that will be 8 FCS Football Sc
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