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  1. I hope so as well, even if it's not the Montanas or Dakota States. I know Market wise we bring little to the table however in terms of all the field play I feel all four teams could compete in the MWC very well. Seems to me in the large-scale of things if teams are very good it doesn't matter how big their Market is, same applies to conferences
  2. Exactly my point, the AAC lost alot of leverage and $$ by losing 3 of their best teams to the Big 12. Would make 0 sense for any MWC to make the move. The best thing the AAC can hope for is raiding the C-USA, Independents and maybe the Sunbelt but it seems the Sunbelt is potentially in the process of ensuring they won't get raided. If the JMU, So Miss, ODU and Marshall plan works I'd argue they'd be a better overall Conference then the American.
  3. Think it would be very foolish for any MWC team to go to the AAC, even Football only. The logistics on travel alone are insane considering the majority of the Conference is in the East. Plus the MWC has comparably matched up well vs the AAC despite their shrieking of them being a P6 conference which I feel is a moot and empty claim now that all but one if their best teams is leaving. Give the MWC a better commissioner and they would have just as good a TV deal or close to what the AAC has
  4. Most definitely, they have been updating their Stadium recently similar to Wyoming they added an athletic complex
  5. I can agree that in terms of Market Texas would be the best choice, however when it comes to actually having fans in the stands which looks a hell of a lot better on TV the Montana schools have that in the bag. On field product I feel would be comparable on top of having the Flagship Schools for a State.
  6. When looking at it from a market standpoint Texas would make the most sense. UTSA and Texas state would give you the San Antonio/Austin market and UTEP gives you El Paso. After that it would come down to if SMU would want to leave the American but a more likely probability would be adding another c-usa Texas school like UNT
  7. Just a fun fact: Montana Attendance: 25,238 MSU Attendance: 19,797
  8. Don't necessarily see the weather as a huge argument what with Boise State and Wyoming and Utah State being Northern teams and having little to zero issue. And I never discredited to Texas idea as part of my argument is rooted in my desire to see Montana in the mwc, at that point though Montana state would have to come along as well
  9. I can totally see them moving to Texas over adding FCS teams, as mentioned my opinion is partially rooted in the desire to see Montana in the mwc. End of the day any mwc teams moving to the American makes zero sense especially when taking travel into account regardless of the larger markets involved. If they want to go all in on Texas then I feel SMU, UTEP, UTSA and Texas State would be the best options
  10. I've looked over there Forum myself and there are quite a few delusional people over there. At the end of the day personally I feel universities that are the flagship of their state carry a hell of a lot more weight. Tulane and all of those are small fish considering all the other teams they have and they stayed with them
  11. If SDSU are complaining about the geography of going to the Dakotas then going to Maryland totally makes 0 sense.
  12. Which in the scenario I provided they would be in opposite divisions so they wouldn't have to travel to Fargo every year for football, in fact with that lineup they would have to play the bison or the jackrabbits once every four years. Montana state is there because Montana would not leave without Montana State or vice versa and credit to the Bobcats they've had our number for the last several years and have become a pretty solid FCS program.
  13. Only reason I mentioned it is if I remember correctly their budget is paid by the government directly so they have more money to spend and could travel easier then other teams. It's also not a hundred percent an idea, could easily replace Utah State and Air Force in the idea I proposed or even Boise if they'd prefer California exposure.
  14. Marshall in the proposed Division would make perfect sense. Would have ODU and all their division games located in either the Carolinas or Georgia which isn't terrible for travel. EAST JMU, App State, Costal Carolina, ODU, Marshall, Georgia Southern, GSU (States: VA, WVA, NC, SC, GA) WEST Troy, USA, UAB, Texas State, Arkansas State, ULL, ULM, USM (States: AL, AR, LA, TX, MS) Have to admit that is a solid looking Conference and probably proposed or being fast-tracked with the AAC being raided, it's a good idea to keep members from leaving.
  15. Saw this going around a few FCS message boards. If this does happen could very well affect the American and their expansion plans. I'd tagged Marshall and App State as options for the American, they lose them they very well could go after some MWC schools. And I have to say this would be a very smart move for the Sunbelt.
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