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  1. Wins against PITT, Cincy, Temple, and Memphis are pretty impressive. The AAC took care of business ooc while the MWC got beat in games that mattered. I do think UCF would be ranked and going to the conference championship game if they were in either MW division.
  2. Postgame comments from UNLV should be... “Thanks Gangi!”
  3. Damn Gangi was throwing to wide open UNLV defenders. Wtf was going on? Like right into their hands. Credit UNLV for being there at the right time but Gangi was making complete boneheaded plays that cost the team the game.
  4. Time for Mack Jr. to step up. He will have a big game coming up but the Fr. is capable of getting a win with his supporting cast. GO UCF!!!
  5. Aztecs missed a ton of open looks and bunnies. Wonder if nerves hit them or if they will be so-so on offense again this year.
  6. I don’t think the SJSU or NEVADA should be an option. That game should have never been played or at least moved to Mackey. The smoke was awful and I think it definitely affected both teams as far as performance. That said, I’m going with UNLV for letting HAWAII storm back in the 4th quarter after owning them 3/4s of the game.
  7. Sometimes teams have shitty games. Hell look at Alabama and Citidal at halftime 10-10.
  8. Nevada will have 6 losses come selection Sunday. Go in as a 4 seed and gets bounced in the sweet 16. The Aztecs will be ranked at some point this season. CSU and FSU will both get 20 wins. UNM will underachieve. Nevada snags a huge recruit.
  9. I think your full of shit. That or you didn’t really pay attention to the game
  10. Temple has really thrown a wrench into the AAC. Wildcard to steal some more “bids”
  11. And Fresno couldn’t hang on to beat Cellar dweller Minnesota... Boise, SDSU, And Nevada at one point got curbstomped in an OOC game. The AAC took care of business as overrated as you think any team is from there, they got it done.
  12. The MWC will have a chance to climb if Fresno and USU win out. Would set up for a nice Champ game. UCF still has to go through the best of the AAC .
  13. Did you just look at the final score or did you actually watch the game. It was highly competitive until midway through the 4th....
  14. Yet Fresno and Utah State haven't beat anyone of note... for all we know they could be overrated also. Houston can at least hang their hat on a win against an unbeaten ranked opponent in what appears to be a tougher conference.
  15. Probably some group on the left who knows where all the left lives. Trying to gain sympathizers before midterms to stir the pot.
  16. A combination of both maybe plus we have 6 players who have never played a Nevada game on the court tonight. Feeling things out.
  17. I’m glad it’s not being streamed. Kinda defeats the purpose of a fundraiser/charity event if people can watch it from home for free.
  18. I’m going to say that is not accurate at all and most likely a wishful Aztec fans rumor.
  19. I think separation between the P5 and G5 is pretty evident this year.
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