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  1. cardrater

    2018-19 Basketball Schedules are coming out

    It looks pretty strong. USC and/or ASU will finish in the top half of the Pac12 while Loyola, BYU, and South Dakota St are predicted to win and/or finish second in their league. It would be nice if they could get one sure fire top 25 team and I think the biggest blunder on this schedule is the tournament. Hufnagel put Nevada I’m the wrong one from what I hear or else they’d be playing against some crazy competition. Gonzaga still has one game left to fill.....
  2. Careful, your about to invoke the wrath of the pink pussy hats and commies. Put your MAGA hat away you patriotic racist!
  3. cardrater

    Nevada vs. Arizona

    Josh Hall was another Eric Cooper Jr. Saved us and some games but made a lot of boneheaded decisions and was really weak in some games. As far as Brown getting under 30 minutes at AZ, it’s probably going to be the same at Nevada too. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. cardrater

    This is unacceptable

    In other news… Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in gave each other a hug. The audacity of those two… But in all seriousness… I find it hilarious that CNN is in full meltdown mode during the summit. Wonder what else they’re going to dig up. I’m sure their eager to bust another load.
  5. cardrater

    This is unacceptable

    Trump also shook Kim Jong Uns hand...THE HORROR!!!!!!
  6. cardrater

    Muss is the best.

  7. cardrater

    2k8 college hoops Roster update

    I hope so too. Some tweaks would be: add a CBI tourney recruit transfers talk players into staying Expand conferences
  8. Hi everyone. I am updating rosters for 2k8 and need your help by providing info for your teams. What I need is name, height, weight, year, rating and state. Please be realistic in your ratings for example, if I was creating Nevada’s roster, I’d rate Caleb Martin at 88 , Josh Hall would be 73, and David Cunningham would be rated 63. 13 players Max. Any players over that limit have to be specially designed into the rotation. I am working with some others for the 2018-2019 year. Anything helps. Thanks a ton. And I’ll share the finalized rosters with you all to see what you think.
  9. cardrater

    Welp, we missed it.

    I’ll pretend I’m a girl for a day and there ain’t nuttin they can do about it. Plus they get to see big D!
  10. cardrater

    Who is Coach Muss going to kick off the team

    I like our chances with them. On the Costa Rica trip they stood out a ton IMO.
  11. cardrater

    Everybody Is Coming Back!!!

    That’s huge news. He is a monster under the basket.
  12. cardrater

    Everybody Is Coming Back!!!

    I think they they are gone. Still there’s rumblings Nevada is a top 15 team with Caroline returning.
  13. cardrater

    Ranking the top transfers in hoops for next year

    Last year those 3 averaged close to 40 minutes a game. Towards the end of the season all were beat up. Nevada had many games where the were blowing up their opponents yet Muss kept them in due to lack of depth. This year will be different. When Nevada is up 20 or so points subs get more playing time. Even if the Martins and Caroline are cut to 30 minutes a piece. That leaves 110 for everyone else. 25 for Brown and 20 each for Truman and Porter. That's 45 minutes for the remaining 6 players. Which is about 7 minutes a piece. Some will be implemeted more in some game than others.
  14. cardrater

    Ranking the top transfers in hoops for next year

    I’m thinking Harris and Lee will be gone which puts us at 13 if the Martins return. Muss will change his style and if I had to predict what will happen, starters play a majority of the first half with a couple of subs. Then the second string plays the majority of the second half with starters subbing in occasionally.
  15. cardrater

    Jordan Caroline

    I want the twins to have success, But I’m not so sure if they are NBA quality players. I do think they would have a terrific time playing overseas while still playing together and earning a good check.