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  1. I think Nevada matches up really well with Michigan better than Florida. Throughout the season I was dreaming of a scenario where both may get the chance to play each other. Florida is a monster and reminds me a lot of Arizona State moreso than San Diego St. I think Nevada edges Florida and runs past Michigan then faces Buffalo in the 16 in a slugfest but loses to Gonzaga in the elite 8. With how down the PAC has been, Wash is still legit and I think they will catch USU off guard and roll them. I just don’t see the aggies getting out of their first round funk that’s haunted them every time they make the ncaas.
  2. Women’s basketball is a joke... it’s like football playoffs on steroids.
  3. The CBI field actually looks pretty good. When Nevada played there was no power teams in it. This year there’s three. Shame Fresno didn’t play.
  4. I think people are giving The Mountain West Way too much credit. Nevada’s the wheels have fallen off and the mountain west teams benefited from that. I think Nevada gets bumped to a seven seed well Utah state gets a 10 seed
  5. No way in hell they get that. I think 9 is tops and that’s even be gracious. My pick is 10
  6. For the MW it was pretty bad. Small contact equals instant flop. I watched quite a bit of SEC and American games and it’s nowhere near as bad with officiating compared to the MW. I think Nevada will pretty well again I’m the NCAA tourney cause there will be real refs officiating and not the scrubs the MW uses.
  7. Maybe committed takes into account Caroline was out.
  8. Um your kidding yourself if you think the Aztecs are even remotely good.
  9. Wow the Aztecs finally miss a FT!
  10. It would have... but With Caroline out Yiu probably would have smoked us.
  11. Aztecs who are terrible from the ft line are nailing every FT. Just one of those games where the crappy team catches every break in a game where Caroline is out. Sheesh
  12. Damn ncaa needs to do something about these flops. Get bumped and fall over and your rewarded.
  13. Yikes Watson comes out and hits lucky shots from half court... one of those nights for Nevada where the shitty team has everything going for them.