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  1. Nevada @ the Baggies

    I was yelling every time the aggies shot fts... I received some death glares throughout the game.
  2. Nevada @ the Baggies

    Are you at the game? First time in the rectum. Crazy how loud it is even with it being less than half full.
  3. Nevada @ the Baggies

    Dinner and drinks involved?
  4. what to do if......

    I always carry my 9mm. If there was ever a situation where my life and those around me are threatened/lockdown, I would never go and look for the shooter but instead protect those with me at all costs if the shooter came in the room.
  5. Nevada @ Boise State

    Anything against Nevada right?
  6. Bittersweet victory tonight, emphasis on bitter

    Even if it was a partial tear he is done.
  7. Bracketology Update Feb. 12

    If Nevada wins out and goes let’s say 30-5. A 5 seed seems like a lock.
  8. Nevada @ Boise State

    You know Nevada is getting respect when a non power team outside of Gonzaga/Wichita St. is still ranked even with 5 losses.
  9. The MWC Tournament

    I can still see 3 getting in. (1 auto and 2 at-large) Nevada takes 2 losses and goes 27-7 in the semis. Boise finishes the conference season undefeated but loses in the finals. 27-6 Fresno and UNLV seem to be the most consistent and the biggest threat to win the tournament outside of Reno and Boise. Fresno has the easiest schedule to finish out. If either make it to the title game, they will have 25+ wins and a decent RPI.
  10. SDSU vs Nevada

    I didn’t see any fire in Dutcher last night. He sat the whole game.
  11. What are the chances that Trump Isn't banging

    I would too. She is fine
  12. UNLV at Nevada

    While it while it’s easy to be all doom and gloom, I would say last night was a great test for Nevada. Even without Caleb playing and Moorings insane performance, Nevada played wire to wire until the last minute of the game. Hopefully Caleb is ready to go by tourney time and even if they go let’s say 5-2 then lose in the tournament, I think the committee will give some leeway. Even if Nevada is 26-8.
  13. Who's boycotting the Super Bowl?

    Hilarious right?
  14. Who's boycotting the Super Bowl?

    Don’t really care for the NFL anymore. Prefer college sports as I get older. The kneeling pisses me off and it may have made me more disinterested in the NFL? I don’t necessarily think I’m boycotting, my family and I will be renting Dunkirk instead.
  15. Nevada @ CSU

    Very poor performance by Nevada. Glad they got the win but against anyone else in the top half the conference they would have been routed.