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  1. cardrater

    ESPN’s Too Early Top 25

    If all three come back and Nevada gets Brown, top 5 sounds good.
  2. cardrater

    Fresno State Professor

    Exactly, if she is flaunting her salary and throwing out suicide prevention numbers pretending they are hers, this is also part of her act.
  3. cardrater

    Fresno State Professor

    Fat liberal rascist cow.
  4. cardrater

    R. Lee Ermey Has Passed Away

    For some reason I find this scene funny as hell.
  5. cardrater

    Any MWC coaches turning down Suns?

    I think Dan was an exception because of his local ties. I doubt the NBA will pursue any other college coaches and will instead go after a young assistant in the NBA.
  6. cardrater

    Nevada 2018-19 OOC Basketball Schedule

    Also, the Myrtle beach invitational is looking for and 8th team. Already have Wake, WKU, WVU, Valpo, and UCF just to name a few. Would be an amazing tourney for Nevada.
  7. cardrater

    Nevada 2018-19 OOC Basketball Schedule

    My guess is Nevada may be in the works with another team out east maybe from a power conference. If that’s the case, no need to make multiple trips all the way around the country. URI will be in a complete rebuilding mode and I think In the contract it says that Nevada will return to thier place either this year or move it to next year. same for Davidson tho I suspect they will be favorites in the A10 which is puzzling on why we would move them to the year after. Again my gut tells me there’s a bigger name out east that Ruta was able to dig up.
  8. cardrater

    Need some help.

    I should clarify, besides the cost of diesel, I also want to get a little put put car as my daily commuter. Last thing I want to do is pile on miliage on my truck.
  9. cardrater

    Need some help.

    I just won a 2018 Polaris 900 RZR. I’m not really familiar with outdoor toys though I do like to camp and go fish. I recently bought a new truck and still owe about 13 grand on it. I’m debating on whether or not I should turn around and sell the RZR for about 11K or so or just keep it… I figured I could put a chunk into my truck(3-4K) and also buy a little car 4k or less since my truck is a gas hog. Maybe buy another gun And then put the rest away in different suffixes. I know those are toys guys usually get In their late 30s and in thier 40s. I am 27 and if I take care of that thing it could last a good 10-15 years. The MSRP for the razor is around $13.5. Has the windshield and roof cover on it. Just need some advice...
  10. Coaching Muss brings that energy and passion. I love Johnson but I believe Muss is the best coach we have had. Edge- 2018 PG Oakeson is shifty but the length of Cody and the physicality of Cooke would shut him down. Edge- 2018 SG Gary Hill Thomas was a do-it-all workhorse but I do believe his hands would be tied against Caleb. Edge- 2018 SF Snyder has such a pure shot and was notorious for taking and making difficult shots. Containing him would be Cody’s responsibility. The physicality of Snyder would draw contact and possibly put Cody in foul trouble. Then again, Cody is a phenomenal defender and can also get his shots when need be. Focusing a physical defender on him opens up his teamates. Edge- TIE PF Fazekas was just a freshman yet still put up great numbers. During the tournament Stephens really showed up defensively making great stops. I do think Stephens would get into early foul trouble against Nick. Edge- 2004 C Pinkney is a high riser with long arms and tremendous bounce. With his size and weight I do think Caroline would struggle to defend and even score but his footwork may be enough to beat Kevin to the basket. Both are relentless and came up big during the tournament. Edge- TIE Bench This is not even close. Kemp,Washington, and bruiser Paul contributed significantly during the tournament. Hall made a great finishing play but that was it. Edge-2004 Overall I think 2018 guard play may be enough to get past 2004, but would struggle tremendously against 2004s bigs and bench. Close game I think.
  11. cardrater

    Number of high school referees falling in Idaho

    And this is in Idaho!! Go to games in the LA-area or inner cities of Memphis or Chicago. Brutal.
  12. cardrater

    Gonzaga vs current MWC teams (Few era)

    I think a top 3 finish every year is a given. If Gonzaga comes next year, I could easily see 3-4 conference losses for you guys.
  13. cardrater

    Shakur Juiston

    If there was any player I could pick in the mwc to be on the Packs team it would be Juiston. Love that guys motor and his toughness. I think he will have a professional career whether it’s with the NBA or overseas.
  14. cardrater

    What’s the furthest Nevada can go?

    I thought the same thing before the Cincy game. Cincy was a matchup nightmare for Nevada and for the first 30 minutes, they were better than Nevada’s 5. The difference in the game though is Cincy crumbled under pressure. Texas crumbled under pressure. Nevada as a veteran team does well when their backs are against the wall. I do think Kentucky could very well trounce Nevada. But I also wonder if Kentucky’s freshman will be able to handle a close game or a comeback. How will they react when so much is on the line and they are in a seesaw battle with the Pack? Nevada’s proved why they are such a dangourous team. I guarantee you a small run by Nevada will make Kentucky players nervous.