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  1. cardrater

    In Stormy's words

    People will gobble this up and help the Hooker get her 15 minutes of fame.
  2. cardrater

    Rank Em

    1- Boise 2- USU 3-FSU 4-SDSU 5-Hawaii 6-Nevada 7-UNLV 8-WYO 9- UNM 10- AF 11-COL ST 12- SJSU
  3. cardrater

    MWC West Division goes 3-1 against the PAC-12 today

    Shows you how terrible the PAC will be this year.
  4. cardrater

    Investing In Valuable Vintage Vehicles

    not considered a muscle but i have always liked these cars.
  5. cardrater

    Nevada @ Vanderbilt

    Lol Nevada is going to get annihilated. 30 yards so far today. Offense looks like garbage and they can’t give their D a rest.
  6. cardrater

    The UNR Martin Twins ....

    Every fan base has some trash in it. I don’t think it was an exaggeration, as I said, the fans Martin was referring to was the student section where Nevada’s bench is. So unless the Bronco posters above were sitting in the student section, there’s no way they can determine if one or multiple people made negative comments. The game is on YouTube and you can’t see any extra activity as Drew’s injury happens right at the buzzer, then there’s music, then commercial break.
  7. cardrater

    The UNR Martin Twins ....

    Nah it happened right at the buzzer then went to commercial break so there’s no recording but is anyone really surprised? It happened at the student section where people say stupid shit all the time.
  8. cardrater

    Reno Gazette's top 40 MWC players

    Incognito mode
  9. cardrater

    Basketball preseason rank ‘em

    I think you need to broaden your spectrum and get out of your safe space. Aztec Mesa and Blue turf Board have that sh1t down to a T.
  10. cardrater

    Basketball preseason rank ‘em

    Salty little b1tch.
  11. cardrater

    2018-19 Basketball Schedules are coming out

    It looks pretty strong. USC and/or ASU will finish in the top half of the Pac12 while Loyola, BYU, and South Dakota St are predicted to win and/or finish second in their league. It would be nice if they could get one sure fire top 25 team and I think the biggest blunder on this schedule is the tournament. Hufnagel put Nevada I’m the wrong one from what I hear or else they’d be playing against some crazy competition. Gonzaga still has one game left to fill.....
  12. Careful, your about to invoke the wrath of the pink pussy hats and commies. Put your MAGA hat away you patriotic racist!
  13. cardrater

    Nevada vs. Arizona

    Josh Hall was another Eric Cooper Jr. Saved us and some games but made a lot of boneheaded decisions and was really weak in some games. As far as Brown getting under 30 minutes at AZ, it’s probably going to be the same at Nevada too. 🤷🏻‍♂️