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  1. Need some advice from those who have maybe gone through this and we’re able to get out of this funk I’m currently in. I’m a person who has treated women like objects, failed his marriage, hasn’t graduated yet and is 28, fallen away from religion, making mistakes at his job, views himself as ugly inside and out, disappoints those he associates himself with, and lacking any self esteem right now. I just want a hard reset. Looking at running away or something and doing some soul searching. I don’t know if I’m hitting a midlife crises at a young age but I hate the person I am and what I have been for years. It’s taking its toll as I never go out and when I do people alway mention I look tired and never smile or talk. I need help and I know I’m not a regular here on this board and have said some stupid things... but I just need any advice right now and need to share what’s going on before I finally break. Please delete or remove if not appropriate
  2. Yeah… UCLA has totally looked like a giant turd this season and off-season.
  3. Why would a player follow a coach who had him ride pine all season?
  4. I may be the minority here, but I don’t think Muss would have been able to sustain The success that he’s had the past couple years if he stayed at Nevada and that’s only because he seemed bored. Expectations fell short, the players were burned out, he seemed burned out, or someone who does addition problems over and over and is ready to move on to a different operation of arithmetic. Muss is a vagabond. His history shows it and his previous contract details showed it also. He had every intention of moving up and out it was just a matter of time. He needed to sell himself, market himself and quickly build on transfers to win right away. He had to strike while the iron was hot. He failed to make it past the first round And would basically have a new team full of unknowns next year. 29 wins again seems like a reach. But 20-25 still sounds about right tho that probably doesn’t generate much interest from a SEC school. I do wish him the best, I am a little salty with how the whole thing was handled this past week and thought it definitely could’ve been put together better on all sides but im happy for him and he needs to do what’s best for his career and family. The next coach still gets a solid but incomplete roster that if he keeps most everything in tact, an impact transfer and another freshman could still make Nevada a threat in the MW. Time will tell.
  5. You know… I can agree with this. During the Mountain West tournament and during the NCAA tournament he just looked tired. Like he was bored with Nevada. The energy and emotion that he usually showed was just not there and he would sit on the bench with his hand to his chin. I just had a feeling that he was ready to MoveOn.
  6. Just get the trolls there a moment to gloat that a successful coach is leaving a program and kept the conference from total collapse the last couple of years.
  7. Guy has a punchable face.
  8. A.k.a. this is a sock puppet
  9. Definit proof that these are scheduled a few years in advance... A lot of the Mountain West teams that have been irrelevant the past 2 to 3 years are still getting into big-time tournaments.
  10. I’d put up with that shit too if I came home to that bod every night.
  11. Well… It was a fun ride but now let’s see what Knuth can pull out of his hat again!
  12. Unfortunately… It’s both sides that act like this. I was dating a woman who was black and her brother was pissed because she was dating someone Who in his mind would never understand them. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. I think a lot of opposing fans are hoping for a melt down and failure but most of the Nevada fans expected Muss to eventually leave.
  14. I may be in the minority… But I would love for Nevada to go after Johnny Jones. Part of the Sweet 16 team, helped tutor Musselman, took over Texas Southern and they are still dancing grant it it’s a lower tournament, and knows how to draw talent. Plus he’s older so maybe looking to settle down to a long-term with a program.
  15. Wyoming will be in the MGM resort heavyweight Bracket and will most likely be worse than this year. Clemson , Colorado, and TCU must be pissed.