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  1. You've been living in your mom's house your entire adult life.
  2. How many people are even registered voters? How many people register within two weeks like in Switzerland? How many illegal immigrants got ballots. How many dead people got ballots? It's all bullshit. As always, you totally missed the point. And the point is we're a transient society and not surveiled like they are in Switzerland so doing universal mail in voting DOES NOT MAKE SENSE FOR US.
  3. Every time you move you register with your local government? You must be a registered sex offender.
  4. Nothing say that like the stuff they chose lmfao .
  5. Furthermore, in order to vote you should want to vote. You people want low info voters? You want someone who doesn't pay attention and doesn't care voting? +++++ing crazy. Absentee voting is good. Universal mail in voting to encourage the maximum amount of people voting just 'cuz is stupid.
  6. Sounds nothing like what happened in the USA where ballots were indiscriminately barfed out upon the population. See the bold. Do we have anything like this in this country??? But, nice try. Fool. What happened in the last election was blatant fraud by the left.
  7. It's history! History is what it is. A time capsule is stuff that people thought was significant at the time and they wanted people to see in the future. It's there for others to consider, analyze and discuss. Does zero good to cancel it. Doing this doesn't even give others the opportunity to reflect on how far we've come. Absolutely pathetic and Orwellian.
  8. 7th Grade. History teacher had the news on. Didn't get let out of school. Very weird and sad day. Remember gas prices skyrocketed.
  9. LMAO. This should be a Babylon Bee article, but it's real life.
  10. Can the aztecs score enough points to win this game?
  11. I don’t care about the rest of it, but banning unsolicited mail in voting is huge. No other serious, civilized country does this
  12. Like putting people in concentration camps. If it were up to people like you and your kind, we'd be doing the same thing here in the USA
  13. P4 1/2. They have no marquee teams. A bunch of solid - average/poor teams in the P5 sense. Quite a bit above G5 level. Will they ever get a team in the playoff. Heck no.
  14. So, yeah, this story is completely made up. Literally. Do you feel like a moron for posting it?
  15. I know I'm on the right track intellectually and morally when I get such an overwhelming and varied negative reaction from those that have reacted to this post. Thanks, guys!
  16. Barack Obama and Kamala Harris upon hearing this proposal:
  17. Literally the most retarded and douchiest thing I've seen in ages.
  18. lmao. CNN is patrioteagle.flag.boner for lefties.
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