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  1. +++++ing hypocrite, flip-flopping, pandering clowns. +++++ 'em
  2. I don't even know what this is. What do I do?
  3. This settles it, Billings better stay at home double masked for the rest of his life.
  4. You don't get any bananas. Just nice to look at, so kind of pointless from a practical standpoint.
  5. I've always wanted to grow a musa basjoo, a small ornamental banana.
  6. I tried CC. It was even better than honeycrisp. Loved it. Damn, I would love a homegrown Fuji. What growing zone are you? It looks like the Norland (have you tried this one?), the other apple I have in my GH, is giving up the ghost. Perhaps I can find a Fuji to replace it. There are soooooooooo many apple varieties and like .01% are available in stores. Kinda sad
  7. @Posturedoc@happycamperhave you tried Cosmic Crisp apples? And damn, I would love to try Lucy. My favorite apple is Fuji. Texture is most important to me. Can't stand soft or mealy apples
  8. Some road bikers have a death wish. Riding on highways with no shoulders.
  9. Who has only a bike and no car? Hobos?
  10. The dude said noting of value or substance in his minutes-long campaign ad. Only platitudes and playing on emotion. He is a nice example of a family man, so if he gets elected then it wouldn't be the worst thing.
  11. What if no black people wish to be part of this yacht club? They don't have any racist policies and don't seem to discriminate. What are they supposed to do? Pay a black person to be a token member? I don't see the issue and I hate this asshole.
  12. Ah, I noticed that the roof doesn't let in as much light. Makes sense. My shade cloth arrived just today. Hoping that makes a big difference.
  13. Thanks!. yes. This is my own design and construction. I was thinking about adding vents. How do yours work? There are these hydraulic arms that can be attached to vents where they extend when the oil, fluid, wax or whatever the f is in those cylinders heats up to a set temp it gets more viscous and extends and opens the vent. Yours is awesome, as well. What percent light does your plastic allow to enter? Yours seems more opaque than mine
  14. What did this guy say that has you guys all excited? He is smart and has a nice family. Cool. Told some neat personal stories. Neat. He said the word 'science' a lot. Democrats LOVE science and stuff. It's a buzzword. He also said "girl dad". Holy shit! Also, notice the capitol "riot" footage, but no footage of BLM burning cities to the ground, so he's a partisan hack. AND a whole bag of platitudes with no concrete way to accomplish anything. You guys are suckers and simpletons. lol
  15. One more question. Is it important that sunlight reaches the fruit? The apples are buried deep in leaves
  16. OK good to know. The honeycrisp did weird, weird things. It leafed out super uneven, taking three full months to leaf out from the bottom up. The top is not growing well, but the lower branches are going gangbusters. Some shoots are 18 inches or more so far and growing fast, which is strange because it's grown like 2 inches in four years having previously not been in a GH. The top had lots of blossoms, but did not set fruit well despite having lots of crabs in bloom to pollinate. I think I let the GH get too hot and that affected the setting of the fruit. Anyway, I have about 50 apples, but I'
  17. Here is my greenhouse. I’m having a hell of a time keeping it cool. It got up to like at least 110 one day and fried the shit out of things. Ugh. I am installing a shade cloth that I can draw.
  18. @Posturedoc If I have, say, four apples growing on a cluster should I thin two of them? I was watching Monty Don and he said you want no more than two.
  19. Joe Biden calls people like Chris "storybook" black people
  20. This sounds like hell on earth to me. I couldn't be happy around so many people
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