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  1. You let the conference down with an embarrassing display of defense. Thanks. Unfortunate that you have most of your players back from this abomination. This is where you belong. Or in the FCS after you fail to build your own stadium. You're lucky that you get to play in the worst D-1 division in America. Inflated records are what you're good at. A lot like Boise for 15 years in the WAC
  2. I guess both Kiper and McShay don't know what the hell they are talking about because they both have him in at least the first round if not top 10
  3. Some team will fall in love with his size, speed, scrambling ability, elusiveness and of course his ability to throw it 85 yards and overlook the flaws. He'll go top 10
  4. Oh man. Can you imagine Hawaii's Oct and Nov schedule? 5 strat FCS games would suck.
  5. Time for Hawaii to go indy.... in the FCS.
  6. I bet you take depression meds like your boy Mangrum Also: 57 year old freshmen.
  7. I say if you have sex with dudes you are off the board. Sorry Warbow, #1 Stunner
  8. No way. PH is 1,000,000 x better than Former Frog
  9. unless you are UNLV or New Mexico you have a shot at the crown next year.
  10. LOL yes it is. I bet that NV doesn't win the MWC next year
  11. Worse, worse and probably worse. No way NV is as good. The MWC is anyone's next year.
  12. Yeah FF does a good job of deflecting CSU futility in the only two sports that matter
  13. Or you could be like CSU and lose perpetually
  14. CSU fans may want to check into the burn unit
  15. Lavar himself has got Caucasian ancestry obviously
  16. That's what you get for ''carrying the torch'' and being the ''premier program'' in the conference lol
  17. What the hell are you even talking about
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