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  1. Oh, yeah? OK. Lose an NBA talent and get better. Makes sense.
  2. Don't be a snob. Hot dogs are delicious
  3. sorry, I was asking who the twins are. Who are the Martin twins?
  4. Just like Kevin Love Hayward could be the third best player on a championship team
  5. ? Oliver is a tremendous talent. Hope he's all there mentally and I hope he hasn't fallen in love with his jumper.
  6. And salt and pepper. Meat w/out salt tastes like nothing
  7. The only thing heartwarming about CSU basketball is Omogbo.
  8. Slightly OT, but I bought half a pig this year from my buddy and I got a few cuts called "arm steak" and omg it is bar non the best cut on a pig. Phenomenal flavor. I had never heard of 'arm steak' before, but it's delicious. btw, the meat from my buddy blows away the grocery store stuff and it's tons cheaper. I'm going to buy 1/2 a beef and 1/2 a pig and call it good for meat for the whole year.
  9. Nice October and Nov schedules lol
  10. even if you win out til the championship game and lose?
  11. Is this assuming NV wins the conf tourney? Or is NV predicted as an at-large?
  12. It would be a different story if Wyoming's player didn't go down. Congrats, Rammettes
  13. There were a lot of questionable and 1s. I will give you that, Bronco fans.
  14. Me, too! I couldn't even finish this exciting game
  15. Yes. I thought so, too. weird
  16. Didn't that blocked shot hit the rim? The shot clock should have reset and the shot should have counted? My stream sucks so I def could be wrong, but it looked like it hit the rim to me before that buzzer beater. I love Duncan tbw
  17. The flag was held rigid by a rod that ran through the top. The "waves" are actually creases from when the flag was folded. Fine then.
  18. uh I'm pretty sure there's a wikipedia page that debunks all the hoaxes.
  19. Seems like the Kings could have gotten more for him.
  20. When fresno has their whole roster they are as good as anyone. Is Edo back yet?
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