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  1. you either haven't been paying attention or you aren't too bright.
  2. If Larry were a democrat this would have been the lead story at CNN, MSNBC, etc. You are disingenuous, as usual.
  3. Yeah I do. I've followed Larry Elder for years. He's a remarkable human being and it's sad that some racist bitch treated him like that.
  4. Your devolution has been interesting to watch. You're probably going to start wearing dresses and change your gender next.
  5. Don’t want to hear a peep from @bornontheblue when he can’t travel and is put in a concentration camp. Fascist
  6. People don’t like being lied to. Biden is a bald face liar. And an old demented asshole https://www.yahoo.com/news/four-times-biden-officials-said-193700863.html
  7. Left wing silence. They don’t care unless it’s one of their tribe. Despicable
  8. Lol. They should just do what they did before covid. Oh, and newsflash, if everyone were vaccinated covid would not magically disappear. Vaccinated people still get it, get sick from it and die from it. Animals get it. It’s NEVER going away.
  9. No. Not anti-vax. I have all the vaccines that actually work. Did you miss the part where the covid vaccines are not that effective at controlling the transmission of covid? It's basically nil after 8+ months. Hence endless boosters. So what the phuck does it matter if you are vaxxed or not. Are you willing to take endless boosters for the rest of your life, because that's where this is headed. Why are you submitting to this? Biden is not a king. He is attempting to quash all opposition to his regime. He's a tyrant.
  10. OK, you're right. It's totally OK taking away an individual's ability to feed their family, just because they won't subject themselves to an unwanted "vaccine". Especially when it doesn't even protect you from contracting the virus very well. Completely moral and right. Not fascist at all.
  11. Violating civil liberties and freedoms in the name of 'public safety'. The more pussies like you guys give up your rights and freedoms, the more government is empowered to seize more of them.
  12. lol. This is a slippery slope. I don't want to hear a peep from your stupid mouth when they steal your guns in the name of 'public safety'. Or when they ban the internal combustion engine, leisure travel, plastics, etc.. in the name of climate change and public safety. This is a terrible precedent.
  13. wtf, dude. You still are a vector for covid if you are vaccinated. You pass/contract covid if you wear a mask. Why do you give a phuck if someone else does not wish to be vaccinated.
  14. Yeah, but you and your kind want, like, everyone, everywhere to get a ballot. Like send ballots to every house. What if someone doesn't even want a ballot Need me to draw it in crayons for you?
  15. In most states you can register same day at the poll, tard. Sorry Oregon is backwards.
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