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  1. The climate constantly changes. Why people think it is static is beyond me. Climate has, is, and always will be "changing", and fairly significantly, always. Anyway, much of the supposed warming that has recently taken place is due to the Urban Heat Island Effect and dishonest reporting and manipulation by those in charge of the temperature record. Since 1920s the climate hasn't actually warmed much, if any at all.
  2. Oregon @smltwnrckr is up @TheSanDiegan on deck
  3. The drought is caused by La Niña, which is what? Abnormally cool Pacific Ocean waters along the equator. The cool ocean means less evapotranspiration which means less precipitation for North America, which means hot temps. La Niña is caused by low solar activity. Abnormal cold causes the heat. It’s life. It happens sometimes
  4. K dude. lmao. You are freaking out about weather. Please learn the difference between weather and climate.
  5. Dude. You are a prisoner of the moment. There is a yin to every yang. So because it's really +++++ing hot right now in one area of the country that is evidence of a crisis? It's never allowed to get hot anymore without someone shouting GLOBAL WARMING CLIMATE CHANGE? lmao
  6. lol. Talk about a cult. You belong to the cult of the mask. Don't you believe in science and your vaccine will protect you? lmfao.
  7. You know what's funny? You live in your mom's basement.
  8. Conservatives value freedom of choice. If you had your way you'd strap everyone down and give them experimental vaccines against their will like a totalitarian psycho.
  9. Good one! Bornonthe blue is a straight up libtard. It's been interesting watching his devolution. He is your team now. Congrats
  10. Natural immunity, you science-denying retard.
  11. Tell all white people they are racist and America is an illegitimate, evil country and intend to indoctrinate children. White people get angry. That about sums it up
  12. CRT is something so complex that only elitists in academia can truly understand it.
  13. We need to give poor countries reliable access to fossil fuels. The west has benefited from them, now it is the developing world's turn
  14. I read this as ‘pornography’ thread lol
  15. So you think it's cool that Warnock, Warren et al get to call half the country racists, bigots, cry "new-age Jim Crowe" and then all the sudden, after it's revealed in polls, overwhelming support for voter photo IDs, do an about face on the issue? What does that say about these assholes? maybe a glaring lack of integrity at the very least?
  16. Remember when everyone on the left lost their collective shit about Texas reopening? yeah. Remember when CA kept onerous and senseless restrictions three full months longer and it made NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER? lol. Leftists and their "experts" were wrong, as usual https://ianmsc.substack.com/p/the-great-reopening-mystery?r=6a3x3&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email&utm_source=twitter
  17. Lmfao, you stare blatant hypocrisy in the face and this drivel is all you can come up with?
  18. Have you flip-flopped on this issue, too?
  19. Because he and the dems have done great damage with their rhetoric.
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