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  1. lol at your outdated article that mentions Mongolia as a success story, which had the highest case rate in the world a couple weeks ago despite 98% mask usage. Nice one! fail. covid virus size is .06 -.125 mcrons. N-95 mask holes are .3 microns. water vapor molecules are as small as .1 microns. The margins of a mask along your face are ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE larger and freely let water vapor molecules in and out. It's not rocket science. Where the hell do you think all the air goes after you exhale and where do you think all the air comes from that you breathe? Why don't people get c
  2. What you said was mindless and didn't address the point I made, but good for you
  3. masks do not work to slow the spread, but whatever. Spread by aerosols mainly, as is painfully obvious, which masks are not capable of stopping, whatever, ugh. It's not about that. You danced around the original point. The vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus very well after just a few months. If you are vaccinated you are a vector for the virus. The only reason one would take the vaccine is to protect oneself from hospitalization and death (great do it if you think you need it and are comfortable with it), which protection also wanes with time. The virus will run unimpeded over
  4. BuT YoU ShOuLd Be MaDe To LoSe YoUr AbiLiTY To FeED yOuR FaMiLy If YoU Do NoT TaKe It AgAiNsT YOur WilL EvEn IfYoU'VE HaD CoViD!!! DuRR
  5. All I ask is consistency from your tribe.
  6. It was political from the get go. Democrats and other feckless lunatics demanded lockdows and life to be cancelled while more rational conservative people said we should learn to live with it. The line was drawn immediately.
  7. He said the word "gyp". how are you all not horrified and disgusted to the point he should be cancelled.
  8. My dad can beat up all your dads
  9. Think of how many grandmas and children they are killing. SMH
  10. This was my experience. Felt pretty fine, been much sicker at various times in my life, but it hammered my bowels for a few days.
  12. 9/11 terroists killed thousands in hours, instigated a 20 year war on terror costing the taxpayers trillions, but they are just like the rioters that also killed thou…… oh wait, killed no one and got one of their own murdered by a cop. stupid drivel from dubya
  13. How? They suck way more often than not
  14. Wyo had over 27k last week vs FCS Montana State
  15. Yup. He uses the term "victicrat" a lot. He hates people that use the victim card. He practices what he preaches. He's a cool, cheerful man.
  16. Not something the MSM is interested in making a big deal of. Imagine if Trump were president and this happened.
  17. First of all, hope all those that are sick get to feeling better soon, but it's not surprising that so many vaxxed are getting sick. Efficacy seriously wanes with time. People are going to lose their collective shit once again. Australian-style lockdowns coming. i saw stuff online that Jill Biden wants this, so there's at least one person in Biden's ear crowing this nonsense. Should have let it run its course from the very beginning and we'd be out of it by now. Some vaccine.
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