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  1. Haven't been keeping up too well. What is the rational for mandates for healthcare workers being upheld which struck down for businesses?
  2. That is one ugly ass human.
  3. have you seen Biden's approval/disapproval ratings? Nearly everyone in the country thinks he's a +++++ing joke, which he is. He's done this much damage to the country in one year. Three more to go, buddy!
  4. +++++ing Australia. It's not Djoko's fault that Ausies let themselves get walked on for two straight years like little pussy ass bitches. Their ire should be directed squarely at themselves. And with a million active cases, Djoker really presents a clear and present danger to Australia's zero covid policy. lmao. Compliant little bitches live Down Under.
  5. Was not aware of all his injuries. That makes me nervous
  6. The graph shows the opposite of what pfizer, moderna, cdc said would happen.
  7. With each dose of the vaccine the waves get bigger and bigger. Just saying
  8. the 90s called and want its hairstyle back, Gavin
  9. HR just goes for two slices of pizza, a corndog and leaves.
  10. CDC is starting to sound exactly like the Great Barrington Declaration.
  11. walking into wal mart with a n95 mask on?
  12. You missed the gist of my post. You likely do have some level protection based of prior infections of flu, coronaviruses, etc..
  13. Wyoming is one of the most if not the most expensive state. Yeah. I have a family of 6. My wife gets ins through her work, but the rest of us do the Christian Healthcare ministries program. We don't have a lot of medical expenses, but the one that we could actually turn in they paid very promptly. Very pleased.
  14. Disagree. Josh made big strides in between year one and two. Josh worked with Jordan Palmer and it was Jordan who turned Josh into the QB he is now. He still would have had that had he gone to the Broncos. Broncos fans are cocksuckers, but Josh would have overcome them.
  15. @SJSUMFA2013Maybe you can get one of these for your mother in law or whoever you think is going to kill your kids
  16. To get healthcare on the marketplace for my family was well over 2k month premiums. Don't even remember, honestly. 2.5-3k? Insane.
  17. I think the Bills got a favorable matchup vs the Pats. Much better than the Bengals or Chargers.
  18. Should not have fired Flores. Big mistake. He's a good coach
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