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  1. Italy looks good. They are the team to beat.
  2. Fook. That is a brutally harsh red card from the ref. Someone really wants Spain to win
  3. How do you explain european countries whose vaccine rollout was way behind ours that have the exact same curves. Mexico, anyone? Same curve, but with no vaccines.
  4. How many vaccines were administered as on Jan 1? like almost none. It started going down before a significant number of vaccines had been administered. Also, our curves looked exactly like those countries that administered few or no vaccines. Keep trying, though.
  5. lmao. Seriously? all you have to do is look at the daily charts to see what soup said is true.
  6. Do they learn how to paint cars at that school
  7. If you are going to transition into a woman (this is not possible, but play along) do you have to cut your dick off?
  8. That’s why I picked them! Home team
  9. Texas! @Desert Wolf @Billings in ze hole
  10. Before I was on DECK, I was in the hole... of your lady.
  11. My pick, England, is looking good.
  12. Why was the Ukrainian player wearing a sports bra?
  13. Environment - undoubtedly. Climate - lol.
  14. Derp derp.. This has been debunked so many time.
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