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  1. lol. the hyperbole never ends
  2. BYU got Nigel Williams-Goss-ed.
  3. Because of finances, fewer scholarships, less developed players, lesser coaching, etc.. All the reasons FCS schools lose to FBS schools most of the time. It would take Montana a few years to get up to speed.
  4. And when they finish 1-7 for three strait years in the MWC
  5. It would take 3 years of Montana not being competitive nationally to get attendance down to 15k. guarantee. I Having said that I think Montana belongs in the MWC more than Hawaii and SJSU
  6. Maybe it's actually a terrible place?
  7. I was watching a game that was @ SJSU and my wife thought that the spartans' shields looked like giant boobies.
  8. BYU basketball must suck dog ass to lose to Santa Clara
  9. Nice going, CSU! Way to head into the off season on the right foot.
  10. No one cares about BYU. Go away. Take BYU Jr. (Utah St.) while you're at it.
  11. Hawaii is..... not that bad!
  12. Bob


    not an impressive group
  13. WYO and CSU right next to each other.
  14. We know SDSU lacks fanbase support. If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it....
  15. If I were going to be homeless there would be no better place to do it
  16. Aren't 25% of people in Honolulu homeless?
  17. The hubris of SDSU is pretty hard to take. Good grief. A commuter school w/ no history that plays in a borrowed, run down stadium that commands crowds of 21k for the CCG! P5 watch out! You guys have strung together some decent football years. congrats. cool your jets
  18. Any talk of a MWC school dropping down is foolishness. Any talk of a MWC team moving to P5 is almost as equally foolish. The only school with a shot is Boise because of their football. Hawaii is laughable
  19. NDSU would get their asses kicked for a couple years and all their fans would go away then we'd be stuck with....NDSU
  20. SJSU is a crap hole of a basketball program. If the Hair cared so much about MWC basketball competitiveness he'd kick Joser out instead of slashing the MWC tourney down to 8 teams.
  21. One of Boise, SDSU and UNLV will get an at large (not sure who at this point) and someone else will win the tourney for a total of two teams.
  22. Shut up already. Kick UNLV out of this conference. Football is puke and basketball is headed that way.
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