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  1. You would have to convert to the Pokes. Rules are rules
  2. They need to send some damn carpenters to Larmamie. Can't find a +++++ing framer right now
  3. So according to you there can not be a communist government because there literally cannot be a government in communism?
  4. hmmm. Communism is where the workers control the means of production. Government controls prices. Government controls wages. Government controls outcomes. Equality of income and wealth. Of, course, things like unemployment belong in the realm of what leftists like to call "democratic socialism".
  5. oh. In communism you actually have to work
  6. She should be wearing two or three masks, a face shield and rubber gloves.
  7. Democrats call for communism
  8. Poor Jordan. He is supposed to be the savior of the Packers. It's going to be rough for him.
  9. @lakesbison@tenbobnoteWho does NDSU play this weekend?
  10. Not sure I agree that depopulation of the earth is a good thing. The only thing that makes anything on earth significant whatsoever is the presence of humans. What is the ideal number of humans and why?
  11. Yeah, for this issue I'll side with the "cult" that is in favor of children receiving an education, freedom of religion, and not violating civil liberties and basic human rights and freedom in general. cool
  12. Sperm counts are down by half due to plastics(?) according to this article. Might this bear a small amount of the blame? https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/may/24/toxic-america-sperm-counts-plastics-research
  13. Or how about write your governor, representatives, senators, city council school board and tell them to end it.
  14. If only everyone could be like you then the world would be perfect. You condescending liberal asshole.
  15. "The first people in human history to demand more restrictions from their own government". LMFAO so true.
  16. +++++ing retards. Mask wearing is a cult
  17. Trump had it right. Help working women have more children. But orange man bad and he did mean tweets so it never got much traction
  18. I am not responsible for the decreasing birth rate ­čśÄ
  19. What do these people interrupting other people's meals at restaurants think they are accomplishing? Stupid as F
  20. I was going to buy some as a joke, now the jokes's on me.
  21. That is you when I write anything. Pathetic.
  22. Looks like Chauvin got a fair trial. not. Seemed like a textbook case of manslaughter to me.
  23. Sounds like she digs you
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