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  1. until we committed seppuku, just like they wanted. Remember the propaganda videos (how could you forget). People spontaneously dropping like flies from covid. People getting welded inside their apts?
  2. Bringing this full circle.... https://twitter.com/SteveDeaceShow/status/1482903497116987395?s=20
  3. No derogatory information? lol. Yup, no reason to keep an eye on people like this.
  4. seems like the DOJ was too busy busting republicans' balls to worry about keeping known Islamic jihadists out of the country and from taking hostages at synagogues.
  5. DAllas is really good at putting up big numbers against crap teams.
  6. Bob

    Josh Allen

    Yup. Bow down to Josh Allen. I remember when the debate was who better between that one Boise QB (can't remember his name atm) and Josh. We had a bunch of Boise st fans saying all sorts of stupid shit like, he's too dumb to make NFL reads and decisions, he is only a good athlete pretending to be a QB, JA would make a good TE, and my favorite,his throwing motion is terrible and has a slow release. ha ha
  7. What was the OC thinking with that play call?
  8. Ya, it's all been a mild inconvenience smh Why do you constantly bring up Trump? He lives in your head rent free. Trump +++++ed up BIGLY on his covid response. It was all downhill for him when he did the "two weeks to flatten he curve" malarky and when he let Big Box Stores stay open and shut down small businesses.
  9. What does the FBI/DOJ do other than go after the domestic enemies of democrats?
  10. Clear messaging? lmfao. How much more clear could Fauci, CDC, Biden, Pfizer have been when they said you will not get sick, will not pass the virus along, these vaccines are great against variants, etc. They way oversold... or lied. you pick. And then vaccine mandates, vax passports and all the authoritarian bullshit was based on this false premise.
  11. Not impressed with the sheep.
  12. Probably the worst I’ve heard at any level. Sound like two bitter, miserable, underemployed dads having midlife crisis
  13. They are. I called it a few weeks ago.
  14. lmao. please tell me more about how covid is killing all the children
  15. Kiss my ass. I take every weekend off from here. No way I would post here when I'm not in an office.
  16. lmao!!!! We are talking about a "sickness" with a statistically zero chance of dying to the person of reference. And having a kid with a 101 degree fever is NOTHING to fret about. I doubt you have kids, because if you did you wouldn't give me the sick kid malarky.
  17. lmao. Really? I obviously made a TIC comment about a kid of FRIEND of a poster, who again, is going to be just fine. Wanna know how I know? Because statistically all of them are. give me a break.
  18. Woah, I go to lunch, come back and I get a warning... for ...that? Weak. The virus has a 99.999% recovery rate for a person of the age I was was referring to. And a 101 degree fever?? My lord. Say it aint so
  19. Since the vaccines stop transmission so well?
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