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  1. The libs can’t make up their mind if they are cool and welcoming to the illegals or outraged
  2. Hey this is great! Let’s send all illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard
  3. Give DeSantis the Nobel Prize.
  4. Were any of these immigrants vaccinated against covid-19????!!!! Why, oh why, does no one care about these things? But Djokovic can't come play the US Open.
  5. Do the people of Martha's Vineyard hate diversity? What gives? DeSantis made their community better. Diversity is strength!
  6. Martha's Vineyard resident to the immigrants: GTFO No room for you here.
  7. Send all the immigrants to Martha's Vineyard. They welcome them. They even say so!
  8. LMAO the reaction to this has been gold. Pure gold. The rich assholes in Martha's Vinyard are losing their shit over this "humanitarian crisis". Shouldn't you progressives be HAPPY for these immigrants that they are now in one of the wealthiest zip codes in America that has the means to deal with and support them? I mean, they don't have to be into the alleged flaming shit dumpster that DEATHsantis has turned Florida into.
  9. That sucks. That would royally piss me off to have pests like that. I have been growing roses for four or five years now and they attract deer like no other plant. If I don't drench them in the stinky putrescent egg mixture they are as good as eaten. The damn deer wait until they are just about to bloom to nip them off. +++++ deer. I am going to try motion-activated sprinklers to deter them. I have read it works like a charm.
  10. I listened to my father when he said don't give your DNA to those people. Glad I listened.
  11. Excellent information about buds on the apples. Thanks. I am going to go home and look for flower bud vs vegetative buds at lunch lol I doubt I could grow Glenora. I saw zone 6 for it, so that's a no go. I think zone 5 is all I could get away with since in the winter my gh gets to within a couple degrees of the outside temp, but I believe the protection from wind and the considerably elevated daytime temps helps. Sounds like grapes need to reach a critical mass before they begin producing. The wait has been difficult! How many pounds do you get from your vines per year?
  12. There's no difference between a supposedly immutable characteristic and actively doing things (harmful things) to your body to attempt to change your sex? OK
  13. Huge difference between being trans and gay. Apples to oranges
  14. Pretty sick stuff. You know, what I've noticed is that progressives, no matter the place, no matter how red the state/city/county etc. are the ones that are enthusiastic about running for public office and especially schools boards. They have authoritarian tenancies and desire to tell you and your children how to live your lives. They think they know better than you and lust after the power to control you. They want to make your decisions for you. It's sick.
  15. Thanks. So last fall I spread probably too much extremely high nitrogen fert 38-0-5 throughout my greenhouse. I later learned that that could cause apples to not blossom, but the honeycrisp being biennial is a more likely explanation for the lack of blossoms this spring. OK, so I've got a Swenson Red seedless grape from a three or five gallon bucket that I planted in May of 2021 in my unheated greenhouse. It grew some that first summer and this year it has really taken off. I had maybe four canes survive the winter in good shape as well as a few new canes grow from the crown. I know that grapes flower off of old wood, though I'm not sure I understand exactly how a grape should be pruned. Anyway, about 8-10 clusters of flowers emerged this spring, but from those I got two, yes two, solitary grape berries from those flower clusters. Would you say this is normal for the age of the vine? Do they take a few years to produce well? Or did something or some factor in the greenhouse cause the fruit to not set? What do you think And what are your favorite varieties of table grapes?
  16. @Posturedoc Do you grow grapes? Also, do apples "take a year off" from flowering? I thought they were not supposed to do this. My honeycrisp did this and I got nothing this year.
  17. Or how about just take the government out of markets and let them be. Govenment got into university financing and prices sky rocketed. Government got into health insurance and prices shy rocketed. Hmmm I see a pattern.
  18. Desiring to work in an industry, but not being able to unless you join a group that limits certain rights and privileges including the ability to negotiate your pay sure sounds like capitalism!! This is aside from all the other negatives about unions including introducing inefficiencies into markets that cause goods and services to cost more. Why do you hate the middle class? Then you end up with literal pieces of shit unions like teachers unions that refuse to do their jobs for months and years on end and +++++ over children and society.
  19. You have described everything wrong with unions. Thank you. Unions are anti-capitalism. So, it's not surprising that most on this board love them
  20. Are you people aware of the cushy gig that UPRR workers and the like have? Holy shit, what a good job compared to other transportation jobs and really any other blue collar job out there. You act like these railroad workers are in poverty or something. These are highly sought after jobs that pay well. AMAZING benefits, lots of paid holidays, lots of time off and an unbelievable pension. lmao
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