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  1. MAybe Jeffrey City will experience a comeback? It's crazy that you know of all these obscure places in Wyoming
  2. Yeah. They're +++++ing ugly and ruin the landscape
  3. No it's not. The foothills by Cody are notoriously windy. Especially violent downslope winds
  4. Calling it now. Pokes win the regular season crown!
  5. 1) Wyoming 2) who cares lolololol
  6. MSM narratives lean left. Bill Gates got "fact checked" here. It's all a +++++ing sham https://twitter.com/ezralevant/status/1460956117559824388?s=20
  7. Boise is the end all be all. Ask any Boise fan on here. BEST CITY EVER
  8. not surprising. The biden-Harris regime has been an unmitigated shitshow
  9. Not going this time, but I went last time the Pokes played the Aggies. Should have won that one. It changed my opinion of USU as a whole. Not a bad place, cool stadium, great natural beauty and seems like an OK university (much much prefer UW's campus, but we have a really great one so maybe it's not good to compare)
  10. So Fresno stinks. Idaho is putrid and the dawgs didn't beat them by much
  11. The rainbow trout-eel is cool
  12. the only use for an air fryer is to reheat fast food
  13. Fact checkers are partisan. Same as the MSM. Trash. Most are left-leaning
  14. If Kyle had a father in the home he would have had more guidance and another concerned party to keep him out of trouble and help him make good decisions. I know you were being sarcastic, but this is the only good thought you've ever had.
  15. Wyoming: Defeat Utah state and win the rifle? Realizing defeating utah state would immensely help Boise
  16. If you want to read the most asinine thing you've ever had the displeasure of reading you can find it below: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2021/11/the-worlds-only-normal-until-you-test-positive/620653/ -His non binary 8 year old child hated him for getting covid and he thanked the vaccines for "working" after he contracted covid at a wedding of only fully vaxxed New Yokers and Californians while getting all the symptoms that you would expect for a healthy unvaxxed person his age to get. lmao. It's gold
  17. USU will falter and Boise will win out and capture the division and probably win the MWC championship game.
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