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  1. What the phuck are you talking about? With all due respect can you interpret a simple diagram? The mass gain/loss of the Greenland ice sheet is above average, meaning no unusual melting is occurring. http://polarportal.dk/fileadmin/polarportal/surface/SMB_combine_SM_day_EN_20210718.png
  2. Lol. Nothing is amiss in Greenland. No meltdown. No unusual warming. Stupid http://polarportal.dk/fileadmin/polarportal/surface/SMB_combine_SM_day_EN_20210718.png
  3. Tell me about all the field hospitals that got used
  4. Masks don't work, dude. It's laughable that you think they do.
  5. Let's see - longstanding and universally accepted norms and laws about public decency and public health vs forcing an experimental vaccine on children that have a such good chances of surviving and not incurring harmful effects from this virus that it could be said children are not affected, and, oh, tens of millions of people vehemently disagree with forcing covid vaccine on children and young adults.
  6. hospitals have largely NOT been overwhelmed with covid patients. Sorry, it's a fact. The hospital my brother is a resident at in Denver was beyond ICU capacity just this week and had zero covid patients. Hospitals periodically get busy.
  7. I don't see many parallels between public decency laws and the covid vaccine
  8. lol. Since hospitals have been so overwhelmed with dying covid patients throughout the pandemic.
  9. Except it's not you, you +++++ing, twat with abortion. It is someone else you are killing. 100% of the time. How you cannot understand this makes me think your mother dropped you repeatedly on your head as a child.
  10. Wow you vaccinated your kid with an experimental vaccine against something that he has a 99.9999% chance of surviving. Good for you? I guess? There's literally a better chance of having a serious adverse reaction to the vaccine than your kid getting hospitalized
  11. I already has covid, you +++++tard. Got mildly sick for like a day a two. Beat it with my own immune system. Just like what I knew would happen.
  12. How many vaccines are approved for children under 12 you +++++ing moron retard fool clown. This has nothing to do with vaccines for kids. It has everything to do with you and your ilk being feckless pieces of shit. Why do you and your ilk want to maim and abuse children? You make me +++++ing sick
  13. Boom. You +++++ing dickweed democrats are so +++++ing full of shit.
  14. LOL! you are a +++++ing fascist Nazi. You hate freedom of choice. You big government nazi fool
  15. Yep. This is all anyone that refuses a vaccine has ever wanted. F the fascists that want to control you and your body/health/choices
  16. Picking on a town of 32k for not having an outstanding food scene is low. What are your favorite places to eat in Foco? Serious question And where is Idaho on these lists?... oh. they are D-II now
  17. We have Taco Bell and Arby's right by the stadium. Fake news!
  18. Why is the UK experiencing a surge in cases as bad as any they've had when they are the most vaccinated major country on earth?
  19. Look at the UK. If the vaccines don't help prevent the spread of covid why should the invulnerable get them at all? It appears vaccinating large percentages of the population makes no difference in the transmission. Children are at basically zero risk from actually getting sick from covid and would still transmit the virus (what little they are able to). So difference does it make to those that are not vulnerable?
  20. Why do you suppose apprehensions are that high? It was the message (or lack thereof) by the Biden regime that every and all immigrants are welcome no questions asked. That is what the leftist message is. That is what Latin Americans understand. It was SILENCE for months. That is my point and you've missed it. And as soon as some Cubans fleeing actual communism want in America they send a stern message that they will be caught and sent back. Probably because these people will vote Republican
  21. you know you're a douche if you ever used this phrase
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