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  1. You still spread the virus if you are vaxxed
  2. Yup. Pretty hilarious it's the unvaxxed fault when there is a positive correlation with vaccinations and covid cases worldwide. As long as there are cases there's a pandemic. It's the rules. Don't complain about the rules, lib libs made them.
  3. Whatever. The media was all over Desantis for offering easier access to this. Everyone hated Trump for using this treatment. Why did it just barely get FDA approval? You are wrong again
  4. Monoclonal was vilified by Fauci until it was praised by fauci a couple weeks ago. It was Bro Science until very recently.
  5. He recovered in three days. Pretty good for his age. His "Bro Science" won this round.
  6. Had Joe Rogan died @UNLV2001 would have been all over that like flies on shit
  7. I read an article that blames most obesity on all the plastics we consume on a micro level. It said everyone eats the equivalent of one credit card a month of plastic. It was concerning. Domestic pets, zoo animals and lab animals are getting fat along side their human overlord.s
  8. lol. 9/11 was a direct consequence of immigration failure. I guess people like you don't learn from history
  9. You obviously don't remember the name of the school so, yeah, no you don't
  10. I have a hard time believing Rams are gonna lose..
  11. I guess you didn't read the thread where it was stated that Ivermectin has legitimate antiviral properties, and has been proven effective against covid-19 in other mammals, but is unsafe for humans because it can't be safely administered in the high doses that would be needed. It's not like people just decided to shoot up "horse dewormer" just cuz. And yes, there are "human approved" uses. The makers won a Nobel FFS and cured a terrible disease known as river blindness. Plus in many studies it has proven somewhat effective, but I guess they were not strong studies. Oh, well. No harm, no foul.
  12. lmao. Right after the drunks, fat asses, druggies, people who participate in dangerous activities. pathetic./
  13. If you had a confirmed case of covid and recovered it's better than being vaxxed. Add that, too.
  14. The government will subsidize a new blade. No biggie.
  15. Proof that fossil fuels OWN wind energy.
  16. Ivermectin, like hydroxycloroquine, certainly will not hurt you if dosed properly, so why is the media going batshit crazy over it? That also doesn't add up. I mean, I would take neither if I were genuinely concerned about covid, but I don't give a shit if someone else takes it.
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