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  1. That’s what I thought, clown
  2. I got the rona a few weeks ago. It made me feel exhausted for several days. .. don’t worry, I stayed home and didn’t go to work or church. Did the right thing Def not getting the vaccine now
  3. That’s what someone says who can’t refute the info. LMFAO
  4. +++++ing stupid Here's a great video that shows how government agencies cherry pick and tamper with data to manipulate you. Global warming is all bullshit meant to take away your freedoms and make ill-gotten money.
  5. I was reading about Lee Trevino because I know nothing about him. Sounds like a remarkable dude. Grew up in a Mexican family in Texas in abject poverty (I thought he was like Italian or something), dropped out of school at an early age and was a caddy and shined shoes and became an all time great. Guess he had a great sense of humor and is a Mexican-American icon. Also, watching Phil yesterday made me wish I didn't suck at golf. Wish golf took 1.5 hours, not three+
  6. Agree 100%. The games have changed so much. NFL with passing, too.
  7. 1. Tiger 2. Jack 3. Palmer (I guess) 4. Tom Watson 5 Player - Phil - Faldo (Tie)
  8. Nah. Phil's wins are not even comparable in difficulty to Ben +++++ing Hogan. Plus Phil is one of the best short game players of all time. Not sure what you are talking about. He has skills you can't teach; he grew up with a green in his yard
  9. Phil is better than the ancient guys. Competition is so much more fierce and international
  10. This makes Phil a top 5 all time golfer
  11. Two put and he’s the champ
  12. Phil needs a +++++ing bird on 16
  13. Rudy Hoosiers Rocky Honorable mention :Heaven Can Wait
  14. Maui is the most geriatric place I have vacationed. Im not a foodie, but Mama’s Fish House was the best place I have ever eaten. My lord sooooo good
  15. I snorkeled at molokini crater and then tried this place called Ahihi on Maui and I thought Ahihi was just as good... and free. Was incredible. I saw a moray eel
  16. What soup said is true. They are among the most virulent racists
  17. Baseball sucks now. Walk, strikeout or home run is lame. Pitchers are too good, and batters only swing for the fences. Very little action anymore, which is a huge problem
  18. Calm down. Parents get the say in everything, yes of course, but grandparents also get to wonder where they went wrong raising their own kids that made them want to wrap their kids in bubble wrap.
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