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  1. Better wear a mask. Wouldn't want to get plague or hantavirus
  2. Will you ever go into a Laramie Subway again without a mask
  3. We shall see. There'll probably be fewer possessions. AZ plays a very, very uptempo style.
  4. I'm not the one that said the Boise would be the best defensive team Wyoming has faced this year. My comment didn't just come out of the blue
  5. I look forward to UNLV winning one or two games next year. Like clockwork
  6. Compared to most MWC schools Wyoming is doing very well in the attendance department.
  7. Sure hope more fans go to the game than have been. Pretty sparse inside Taco John's arena from what I've seen on TV
  8. How many of you will never again ride public transportation or venture into a crowded space without a mask on.
  9. Ha ha ha ha. I wrote that to get you, specifically, to respond how you did. I am too good
  10. Why waste superior athletic talent on a lame ass sport like rowing. Or distance running.
  11. I would hate to see the angry, senile old coot have to contend with the press that Trump did and keep his cool. He calls the one token conservative allowed into the press room a jackass for asking an inoffensive question about inflation rather than the softballs served up to him. Biden's pathetic. he country deserves better.r
  12. But do you think it was cool for Doocey to get called a jackass in front of the whole world for asking an innocuous question about inflation? Biden is just like Trump but more phony. A different type of asshole, but surely just as slimy and just as repugnant of a human being.
  13. ha ha. Seems you forgot the pious screeching of every MSM outlet for 4+ years (as well as most on the MWCBoard) about Trump's lack of decorum and dignity. Biden would be different they said. No, not really How is Doocey ever inappropriate?
  14. So weird to me that The Atlantic has put out really good articles regarding kids and covid. Too bad their readership ignores them.
  15. If you don't see the hypocrisy then I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you are OK with hypocrisy.
  16. I wonder when he will resign? After all, he said that no one that was president while 200k died from covid should be the president. What a senile liar.
  17. Hey guys, I thought Biden was going to restore dignity and civility to the Oval Office? My, my what a temper the old coot has.
  18. Give me CSU, WYO, Fresno (no way NM can keep playing out of their minds forever), and SJSU.
  19. I just can't see how the Bengals can beat the Chiefs. Chiefs offense is literally unstoppable. They will score as many points as needed, even if it's 50.
  20. What do you expect from them with Merkel (a literal communist Stalin youth girl).
  21. insert a bitcoin for the picture and it's the same
  22. Bob

    Josh Allen

    Beat ut state twice. If Allen didn't get injured in 2017 Wyoming probably finishes 10-3 and 7-1 in the conference and tied for the division crown and might have played in the CCG for the second straight year depending on tie breakers. Allen was amazing at Wyoming. He elevated everyone around him. Wyoming lost to SJSU without him FFS. Don't give me that horseshit that he wasn't a great player at Wyoming. Everyone with two functioning eyeballs and half a brain could see it.
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